1992-08-30-On Group Retreats

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Topic: On Group Retreats

Group: Pocatello TeaM


Teacher: Daniel

TR: Unknown



Discussion of experiences of each group member during the previous weekend retreat was held before Daniel's transmission. Following a prayer of invocation Daniel began without the prayer of St. Francis.

Daniel: "Good evening. I am Daniel, your teacher. I am your friend and guide. We have dispensed with the prayer this evening because of time and because you have, in a sense, been praying. Your sharing and thoughts have been a well conceived plan for this evening as it is important for you as a group to share, to always come together and work through your experiences, whether they be joyous, or ones of tribulation and trials. Even Christ Michael, when he had gathered His apostles, gave them time to come together, to talk, to work and to think upon His words, while He Himself went off into the hills for His own quiet time with the Father. And so always is this a part of your plan, to come together and share.


This last week has indeed been one that has brought much healing, much upliftment; and has in fact been one of those weeks that across the plane of this earth, despite all of the human tragedies that have been going on, there was also an upsurging, an upliftment in spirituality. And so, my friends, I am very happy for all of you and the experiences you have had this week.

It is hoped that you, in your coming to terms with the message of last weekend, are being readied and prepared to accept your commission; that you do in fact reach out and walk with the Master. During the course of the next while we will be, as always, meeting and coming together to build foundations, to help you to grow stronger, to help you to better understand and see with more spiritual clarity that which Christ Michael will be calling on you to do.

Spiritual Pressure

There is, as you have witnessed and will witness, much spiritual pressure being applied to this plane. Much energy is being channeled in to help all. And those of you who will remain open and willing to participate, will feel this, will know it is taking place, will understand guidance as it unfolds.


I am, as are the other beings here and those who were present last week, very pleased with the outcome of this retreat. In time the real message of the weekend will become clearer to you. And you will become more accustomed to the presence of the celestial beings, and especially that of Christ Michael. Know for a fact, that yes, indeed, He is by your side, can be counted on and relied upon to be with you. When you are being called upon to witness Him for others, you will be strong. You will be able to handle those situations as you continue to grow spiritually. That which seems difficult and hard now will become much more accessible and easy for you to do. As you become more spiritually supported and feel the embrace of Christ Michael you will blossom with confidence. And you will know His presence, even though the world may seem at odds against you. You will be bolstered and supported from within and through the embracing arms of the Master who will be by your side. Yes!

Fear not the future. Fear not the past. Work now on your moment to moment happenings. Always be in consciousness awareness of your dual nature; that even though you are of two natures, you are essentially one, and these can be compatible, can be made even more cohesive in your life. And so while my message is one you have heard for months, it is one of review, that you will work on your life as it unfolds minute by minute, being aware of your dual nature and the best way to follow the Father. Do not let fear blind you from that which is real, that which is happening.

You, my friends, will be the ambassadors for this new age. And we are ever ready to be here and help you in this regard. It serves you well to study the book, to understand those things that the Master has taught. It serves you well to understand the universal cosmology for it helps you in spiritual understanding, in intellectual understanding, and through this you will be able to take life experiences and grow in soul development. Keep this all balanced; that you are, in fact, to continue your study of this book, the Urantia Book, for it will serve you in times ahead. The teachings will likewise serve you in times ahead as they do now. I will accept only a few questions this evening.

For next week my words to you are that you need to think about being an apostle. What would you change? How would you change? What would you do? And it would, as it has D3, help if you read the book on the life of the apostles. For it will help you to realize that even they are like you, human. Like you, they too did not understand how they could be chosen, could be part of such a wondrous plan! This will be an assignment for you this week, that you can have an understanding and bonding with those brave men of long ago and those brave women who are not spoken about as often as could have been.

And I will, of course, be with you this week. C2 and V1, your struggles are noted. P1 and John, my love goes out to you in the decision you will be making. All of you who are going back to work this week to be teachers of the generations to come, I am also with you. So know that there will be support from this side. And it is a wonderful thing to hear you ask for each others prayers, for my message last week was that you would be called upon to help one another. And so this is now a part of your being, of what you are called upon to do. I will accept a few questions."


B2: "I wanted to thank you for everything you did for us last weekend and always, I guess. It was a wonderful experience and I feel much more focused than before and hopefully will become more focused even yet. I just wanted to say I am willing to serve in whatever way possible, whatever God's will is. I wanted to ask..is everybody in this teaching mission, in general, not just in our group, being asked to be apostles?"

Daniel: "Your comments are noted and please understand it was our pleasure to be amongst you, to guide and serve you. Last week was very pleasurable indeed. And yes, most of you have felt this week a more intense alignment and viewpoint and focalization. This is hoped to continue and become more dominant as time progresses. The apostolic mission, of course, is one that will be made more known as time goes on. You have in your group been asked by Christ Michael Himself and you must understand that many groups are being formed and there will be different services asked of certain people. The apostolic mission will be very widespread for it is through the sowing of seeds, the planting of those ideas regarding the Father and His love, His mercy, and His forgiveness, of your calling to be a part of the brotherhood and sisterhood, and your understanding of service and loyalty, these are necessary ideas to be planted. And there will be more and more acceptance and more and more people willing to open their hearts that they, too, may know the joy that you are feeling. Is this helping?"

B2: "Yes, thank you very much."


F1: "Hello, Daniel. I love you and I thank you for everything. And I was wondering if you could confirm for me, have I been talking or hearing from my Thought Adjuster through my heart area? There has been some pretty profound things coming through from that area in a pulsating type way. And I was wondering what it is?"

Daniel: "Because you are all diverse, are all different, there will be many different ways of knowing/understanding and communication felt through for different people. No mortals have exactly the same experience. My words to you are this: that you know that you know when it happens. You will know these words of the Thought Adjuster, the Indwelling Spirit when they are spoken to you. And you have been sensing this. It becomes important that each individual comes to the reality of the communication on their own. If things have to be verified all the time, then you are having doubts, you are still struggling. My friends, when you hear, when you know, you will not need verification for you will know. And I would like to be the sympathetic teacher that says, 'Yes, your answer is correct!', but you see, you must come to this reality on your own accord. You, you my friends, who have been spoken to, have been invited by the Master Himself have been entrusted to make these kinds of decisions on your own. For when it does occur, you will know. This is not a condemnation on you, my dear F1. I speak in these broad terms for you all. For as you are being uplifted you will all be asking these questions. And for all of you the answer lies in yourself. You will know, yes. F1, you know! You know."

F1: "Yes, I know. I appreciate and I understand completely. Thank you."

Daniel: "You are most welcome."

N1: "Daniel, I was reading this morning and this might be one of my curiosity questions..."

Daniel: "I welcome them!"


N1: "OK, thank you. I was reading about the beginning of the Jesus papers when Gabriel goes to E2 and Mary and tells E2 that she will have a son that will be named John who will be the forerunner. And it brought up all of these questions about self will for me like..I can understand the Bestowal Son knowing His mission, but in terms of John knowing his mission and taking it on made me think there was some knowledge and heavy duty spiritual guidance for John to have lived the life that he did. And that made me think about us as apostles. And it made me wonder if we have been prepared for this since our birth. And I know I have asked this question before in a different form..if we have been especially chosen and trained differently than everybody else? I know that there is the idea of some of us going through doors that others have closed. John obviously had a very special calling that wasn't given to everybody. I'm wondering if we have a special calling that isn't given to everybody, that somehow we have been trained all along, and brought to this all along?"

Daniel: "Understood. Of course John had a special calling. His Indwelling Spirit was very advanced, very capable of exerting much pressure and he was also gifted with the personality given to him by the Father, that it was very conducive to helping him in freely choosing to answer the call. Even John had free will choice. And had he not heeded the call, the course of history on this plane would have been different.

And now for you. Many, many Urantians have been blessed with experienced Adjusters, those who have been well versed in this type of life as on Urantia. And as for each of you individually, you have been blessed. Others, likewise, have been blessed. All people in their diversity have been blessed. Because of your circumstances in life, the experiences you have had, the mind pattern, thought pattern that you have had and your willingness to open up to the influencings of the Thought Adjuster, as well as the influences that are given to you through your angels, you have walked through those doors. You have chosen well many times over your life path. You have made the decisions that have brought you to where you are.

There can be no ego trip for you here. The Father is no respecter of persons. That you have been chosen as apostles must not result in the conceit of pride, must not be looked upon as something that distinguishes you apart from your brothers and sisters. Rather, it should call upon you to be more responsible, to be more loving, to be tolerant, to be more forgiving, to be more understanding, to be more knowledgeable, that you can help plant seeds to bring others into this enlightenment as you know it. You will be guided for you have heeded the call. You will know what is right and how to follow through on your path. And guidance will come forth as you pray and seek it. You have been the hearers of the call. You must still continue to knock on the door that you can continue to seek and grow and come to the Father just as all the other brothers and sisters. Has this helped in your query?"

N1: "Yes, Daniel, it has. It stimulated another question and it may be that I should ask that at a different time?"

Daniel: Yes. This would be better spoken later."

N1: "Thank you very much."

Daniel: "You are very welcome."

B1: "Hello my good friend!"

Daniel: "Hello, B1."

B1: "I want to add my thanks unto you personally for all the work you have done with us that has brought us to the place we are today. I am overwhelmed with everything!..and I want you to know my love. And that's all I have to say. Thank you."

Daniel: "Thank you B1 for your words. And I understand and know all of you and your feelings. Your hearts, and your desires are very much in an emotional state now, as in one of transformation. For you see, you are at the fork in the road. And at this fork during the next time frame you must decide which path to follow. And this will bring you many hours of contemplation. All of you will be called upon to make the decision. And as you make this decision you will be overwhelmed with emotion, both joyous and sorrowful. It will be like the parting of the ways! Nevermore will you be able to backtrack! And this in itself brings about a state of almost fear for you. My words are this: He is by your side. He is the Way, the Truth, and the Light. You can walk in the light with Him even though the days may be gray, if you so choose.


My friends I will close this meeting on this note for there are many things you must be considering over the next time frame. As always I send my love and my peace with you. And a message from the Master: 'Fear not. My love is with you. My flock grows strong. Welcome to it. "Good evening."

Group: "Good evening."