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Topic: General

Group: Tallahassee TeaM


Teacher: Will

TR: Eric

Session 1


Our God is a great God. We marvel at His wisdom, His insight, His consistency, His thoughtfulness, His rectitude. He has planned well and thoroughly for the progress, not only of humans, but also for other ascenders. The speed of your lives is not the speed of all lives on all planets. Just as a day on Jerusem varies from a day on Urantia, so too do days on other planets vary. The very pace of life is completely different as well as the concerns, the traditions and the approaches.


All paths lead in the same direction ultimately. Our Father has thoughtfully provided that even in the process of change from the most base components to the most rarified and pure components, transition is preferred. Never forget that our Father is eternal, that He never violates His own plan or the laws of nature even at the extremities of the universes. Neither do His Sons violate the laws of nature. One of the laws that is not violated is that progress shall be sound and steady. It is clear from everything that we have observed that the Father prefers substance over speed. You will note that even that the passage from the material life to the morontia life provides nothing in the realm of revealed knowledge, no challenges to overcome, no information imparted. All that occurs in the transition from the material life to the morontia life is the fact of the survival of the material death. In all other respects you pick up your life again at the exact point that you laid it down in the material realm only the knowledge of the reality of survival has been added and you go on from there.

Compare to this scheme. What can we look for in this life to indicate our progress? You should approach your challenges the way a rock climber approaches a steep rock face. The rock climber doesn't have time to think about how glorious it will be at the top. He or she must get there first. And getting there is what being a rock climber is all about. It is not possible to skip over any of the steps, neither the easy ones nor the hard ones. It's not possible to think your way up or to have your way drawn up with good intentions, or to clamber up through the use of outside devices. You must climb the rock face yourself and it is a matter of small things, tiny toeholds, rock ledges, finger holds and cracks, some of them perilously temporary, yet they will all be traversed in time. And the ascent is a slow and difficult process requiring great fortitude, great opportunism, planning and courage and the reward is worthwhile. Skilled climbers can do the apparently impossible and they make it look easy. But there is nothing speedy about the process. There is nothing flashy about any of the moves.

It is the same story as always, step by step, opportunity to opportunity. No rock face, no matter how sheer, is a total blank. They can all be scaled. The lives in front of each of you meeting here tonight present varying degrees of difficulty. No matter the degree of difficulty imposed, it is still necessary to scale to the height. Each of you is on your own. We think that each of you has the basic tools and the range of skills necessary and your technique gets better. In fact, it gets easier. But it is not speedy and in order to gauge your progress you must look back. You may be surprised how far you have come, inching along, exploiting those opportunities which have presented themselves to you. Taking advantage of those opportunities which you have developed for yourself.

We are not offering sweeping change. We are not offering dazzling revelations. We are offering solid, laborious progress. But the result is good and the passage is not nearly as dangerous as it would be if we were attempting something foolish, whimsical or immature. When you look back at your lives you can see what great progress we have made in only one year, it will be something like that. This is my lesson for you tonight.


The Melchizedek says, we thank you for your work with the shelter people and commend your efforts in that regard. This week, more challenges. Keep climbing. The Adjuster works inside always to assist you with your thoughts.


Session 2

  • December 20, 1992


WILL: The love of God surrounds us. The love of God enfolds us. The love of God supports us. Wherever we gather, He is.

Communication, Urantia Book

Greetings to you all and good evening. I am your teacher, Will, who loves you. Over the remaining days of this holiday season each of you should have ample opportunity to come into contact with those who, for reasons ranging to superficial to deep, are open to the communication of the Heavenly Father's love and devoted intention. That is what I would like to speak about tonight.

We have been meeting now for some time and it is worthwhile to discuss the purpose of our continued association. In the past the concept of the Indwelling Adjuster had nearly disappeared from this planet and, for that reason, as an experimental move, the text now known as the Urantia Book was revealed having that as its primary purpose and, secondarily and most productively, to teach the lesson that every normal person man, woman or child can live a life in complete harmony with the Heavenly Father's desires. That the life of His Son, Michael, known among you as Jesus of Nazareth, proved that this was ever and forever so. Each of you has found the teaching presented in the [[Urantia Book]] to be a solace, an anchor and a base from which to make forays out into daily life. To represent and exemplify your highest understanding of the Heavenly Father's wishes.

Teaching Mission

Now we have this effort, this communication which has as its purpose the schooling of individuals in a group setting with the aim of preparing each individual to better deal with timely challenges placed before you by the fact of material life in continuing to reveal to your brothers and sisters the Father's love and beneficence. Some of you are eager to be about your own private ministry. Others pale at the suggestion. This communication is designed to accommodate both extremes. People will graduate from our group. New members will arrive. It is conceivable that some may lose interest. But it is thought helpful that we should continue to talk and to meet, to firm up your understanding of what it is the Father asks. It is so simple, yet so difficult to put into action.

The Father stands for everything good. How, then, shall you conduct yourselves? In accord with your knowledge thus far gained. You should treat each other fairly, with good humor, rewarding the higher thoughts, not challenging people's backward beliefs some of which you also possess. The Father stands for love, kindness, justice, mercy, concern for the children, concern for relations between antagonists and the preservation of old friendships. The Father stands for harmony of the marital home. Harmony between neighbors, nations and planets. Harmony between competing and contentious ideals. But we state now, and positively, that each of you is capable of living your life continuously in the Father's love. We ask, as always, that you devote a minimum of ten minutes of daily silent prayer.

Although your world suffers from tragic consequences of others' past activities and choices it is not we who will overhaul your world. You will. And the only way to competently do so is in accordance with your highest understanding of the Father's essential nature. You cannot go wrong. That is all I have to say. Until our next meeting, God go with you always.


Session 3

  • December 27, 1992


WILL: The love of God surrounds us. The love of God enfolds us. The love of God protects us. Wherever we are, He is.

Good evening to you all. I am your teacher, Will, who loves you. As we gather together this last night of our year together, it is important to remember all the things that we have accomplished. For in this year we have made great strides in our spiritual development. Much has been asked of you and you have been good stewards of those requests. It has not gone unnoticed how hard you have worked. There have been times when these requests have been difficult to carry out. Sometimes they have been easier. Some of you forge ahead with much courage and others lag behind doubting their own abilities to carry forth what is asked of them. And yet you all have the same abilities from God. You have the love flowing through you that He has given you to carry forth to others. Some of you are just not yet aware of it as much as are the others and, as such, it is a little more difficult for you to carry out the activities which you have been requested to do.


Over this next year you will be given more assignments. And you will be given even more courage to carry them out, for only in this way can you truly find the Father and the Son and, through the Holy Spirit, begin to forge ahead and carry out whatever is asked. You do not yet realize the strength you have but it shall be made known unto you. You need not fear, for whatever you need, you will have.

Many are the times when I look upon you and, even though you are spiritual children, you grow day by day. Our Father looks upon you with loving eyes and sees how hard you work. He sends you all the spiritual help you could ever need and then some. On down through the lines from Havona the spiritual teachers come and now as they are being spread throughout your country and throughout the world, much more spiritual help will come as more and more groups will be found. More and more teachers will come and more receivers will be opened up to help those who will be rounded up and brought together. I use the term "rounded up" for I had anticipated Eric being here tonight and that is a term that he would use.

The teachers are very proud of the work that they have been able to accomplish. It is a step by step process and, yet, in the long run there is so much yet to do. They are being trained on a new level for as they witness the successes and failures within certain groups they find ways that work and expound upon those ways. Just like with any other organization there are procedures that work and procedures that don't. We too have had to take a firm look and an honest look at where we are and the things that work for one group don't work for another.


This group, for instance, is a very rare exception. You are family and within that family is a great deal of love and trust. Not all groups are like this. Some groups are just a group of people gathered together and really no more than that. They don't have the spiritual connection with each other that you have. This is why some of them disband over time. We don't see that, we don't anticipate that happening with this group. You shouldn't worry about these other groups for, if they disband, they will use what they have gotten out of the group and take it on with them. There will be other groups formed and other successes will be made.

No group, even if it fails to remain intact, is a failure in itself. Everything can be used as a success. So you see, even though you worry, some of you, about these groups, you needn't. They will all do well and within those groups are individuals who are very much loved by our Father and they can carry on their individual spiritual work on their own. Their handiwork will be shone forth by the love of the Father which shines through them. Then all the world will know of their spiritual strength.

Now to our lesson for tonight.


As you go forth this next week and on into the next year, I want you to remember one thing. You are to remember how much you are loved, how much you are cared for. You are to remember how to care for each other. Take that love on to your extended families, to your workplace, to those you meet, to those at the shelter, for those of you who go back, to the strangers on the street. These are not lessons that are new. They are things we have talked about throughout the year. But it's good to be reminded of them because, from time to time, its easy to slip back into old habits. If we keep ever mindful of God's love, then it is so much easier to pass that love on to another. It's so much easier to get through a difficult day, when we think everything around us is falling apart. Some of you have had difficult years, a difficult year, but that's now behind. And, as always, staying centered in God's love will ease the pain of whatever you are going through. It's easy to get upset and forget to stay centered but remember to pray each day. You've already been asked many times to spend that ten or fifteen minutes with the Father. It's so vitally important both for your spiritual health but also for your emotional health. Your society is much too busy to give you the support that you need and you have to pull away from the world in order to maintain your balance in it.

Lean upon Him. Call upon Him. Trust in His love, for you are His children, those He loves. I ask you now to take a moment and as you are sitting here with your friends and think about how much they mean to you and send those feelings throughout the group. For within this group you will find your strength, your companionship, and your help when you need it.

This next year we will forge ahead. We may even bring new people into the group and, just as with our newcomers this year, they will be loved and accepted. They will be good additions to our group. It is my privilege and it has been so over the last year or so to be your teacher and I will remain with you as long as I am able to serve you for we will work together for the common good, that of finding God and bringing Him forth in our lives.


I bid you this evening a very happy new year and, from the bottom of my heart, a very kind and happy shalom.

WILL: Good evening to you all. I am your teacher, Will, who loves you.