1993-02-21-What Has Grown Faith In You?

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Topic: What Has Grown Faith In You

Group: Pocatello TeaM


Teacher: Daniel

TR: Unknown



Opening Prayer

Daniel: "Greetings, my friends. It is I, Daniel. I am happy to be back in this part of the country, to be back here with you my beloved students. As has been reported, I had been away. The break of last week was very advantageous in my being able to travel back to another group. Your friends in Indianapolis are like you, marvelous and wonderful people. The Teaching Mission has in its corps many, many people who are like yourselves, searching and yet willing to grow, willing to walk the path that is of the Father's will.


My friends, the times we have together are, indeed, precious. But let me say that the time you spend together in supporting one another as you have done in this meeting prior to my speaking is very, very important. For in being able to risk and share with your friends, you grow and they, also, grow. For you are becoming workers who will rely on one another as time goes on. Look around you to those whom you are with this evening. Realize that in this group there is solidarity, there is love, and there will be continued bonding of your being. Know that even though it may time to work around the circle and everyone share, it is not to be of concern. Rather share what is necessary for it is part of your growth, part of your coming into understanding of yourself, part of being able to let go so that you, the individual, can know self-love thereby being able to open channels to your brother and sisters; but most importantly, to be able to open up that channel to the Father Fragment within. One can never understand the true value of their own self worth unless you understand that as you value it, so, too, do you open up the spiritual doors to the Father.

I am always moved by your sincerity, your interest and your desire to be willing to listen to one another. Your humor also is marvelous! For in being able to laugh at yourselves you are growing. I have had many experiences over my many, many years. And the experience of coming to this planet to work with those who, despite so many limitations, still have faith, is such an inspiration to myself! And this is one of the many aspects that we as teachers comment on. And so you who have faith, garnish it! Nourish it! Protect it! Help it to blossom and grow. Do what is necessary to bring forth greater faith. Be willing to let go of those things which seem safe and secure. Be willing to risk a little at a time as you have been doing, for in doing this you are taking that core faith that you have and you are expanding on it. It is becoming strong. It is becoming that tree trunk whose branches will produce fruit.

This evening we will have a lesson that you, yourselves, will discuss. Please think now for a moment. What is it that has helped you to grow the most in your faith? What aspect, what attribute, what action, what response; what is it that helps you to continue to grow? Be willing to share with one another."


Growth, Faith

B1: "I wanted to share this from Alkon, but I didn't bring the transcript. He said to me that spiritual growth is like a garden and what is necessary is to be in contact with the sun in order for growth to occur. And that in the springtime with all the snow melting, frozen ideas, old habits, and old perceptions melt away like the snow in contact with the Father's love. And then he said that that's why daily time spent with the Father is so important. And when he said it to me, I knew that it was not a new idea. But my answer would have to be that the most important thing I am doing is the time that I spend in 'sitting with the Father' to use Daniel's terminology. In fact, sitting with the Father..I try to visualize, somehow, and I usually wind up thinking of Christ Michael..but just that experience of closeness. That would be my answer."

N1: "I think that what helps me in my faith, to deepen it, is the willingness to be wrong. That has been a hard one for me and I think it was in experiential training five or six years ago that that concept really struck me; not just making a mistake, but willing to just be wrong; to go out on the limb and be wrong. I think faith, for me, requires that, because faith moves us in a direction where we, like C3 was saying, can't see in front of us, so we could be wrong, you know. And so it's that. I felt things start to move in my life when I started considering that I could be wrong; that I didn't have all the answers; that maybe my positions were positions; and that maybe my perspective was just my perspective; and that I was open to that. And that is probably one of the hardest things for me to overcome, is believing that whatever I am knowing at the time is the all and everything. But even in that being willing to be wrong, that helps my faith."

V1: "I'm not sure that I can really pinpoint what has really helped my faith because sometimes I feel guilty that I want 'signs and wonders' still and forever. The other day when I was feeling this way I was encouraged by my teacher who said that we truly do have very little evidence of God's love on this planet. And just as you said, Daniel, we really do walk a lot by faith. And so I think that there has always been those steps along the way. But I know that the Urantia Book and the hope for Light and Life for this planet and that a positive attitude toward life has certainly helped me in my faith. And to have it affirmed through that book that, indeed, God is going to have His way on this planet has helped my faith. I think the Teaching Mission and the knocking on the door of something beyond that which we can really see has been very wonderful. The two lighted figures that I saw above R6's head [[[Ham]] and Daniel's auras] I constantly remind myself of. So there has been lots of things; but it certainly has all been encouraging within the last three years. I'm just very grateful for the little bit of 'signs and wonders' that Christ Michael is giving to us. Thank you."

D4: "I would like to say that that is an interesting question. It is kind of good to define sometimes. For me, my faith has been strengthened when I allow myself to trust that the power of God is, indeed, all knowing and all willing to help, and all loving. When I have been in positions where I have been very helpless and I have gotten almost frantic thinking, 'I can't do what I am supposed to do or what I am supposed to get through'. And I can think of several instances and I am willing to say, 'I am not doing this by myself'. I have a power with me that is definitely, you know, that it is God that is going to help me through this, then I feel a sense of peace, calmness, and strength that renews my faith every time I think about it. And also when I get out away from the city and surround myself with the earth and see this fabulous creation and think of our own bodies and how we are, it is just amazing to me. Those two things, I think, reaffirm my faith."

B2: "I think for me the most important thing has been the gradual realization of the nurturing support and every effort that comes from the different myriad beings that are here to help me and help others around me; just knowing that they are there always, and always more of them than us humans. It allows me to feel safe. It allows me to know that that's it OK to be here. It is not a cold, cold world. There is no judgment being put on my actions. I can just be who I am and gradually discover more and more and take on more responsibilities and gain more faith as I go. That has also been nurtured by humans, too, not just other beings."

C2: "I think what strengthens my faith is the assurance, the affirmation, the continuing story of my being God's beloved child. And that God has never failed me! Other people have failed me, other things have failed me, but I've never been left or abandoned, or never felt that way, anyway. That's Grace. And that doesn't mean that those who have [felt left or abandoned], that doesn't mean to deny that or discount that. But that as I reflect on the times in my life that have really been very, very difficult; that I can fall apart and hurt and be in agony, and still there is a core in there that's got to be somebody besides me, that keeps that all together. And that offers a kind of peace that is not equivalent to, you know, quiet. And should I say, like that comes through like the good shepherd sort of thing, of serenity. Not well being on the surface but the kind of just really solid peace that I know that I have been and will continue to be sustained for ever and ever. And I will be given whom I need and what I need and not necessarily when I think I need it.(chuckling) But it will come."

B3: "I think for me faith has come with my ability to 'let go and let God'. I thought when I was younger that frustrations went with control, that the more control you had the less frustrated you would be. And it has actually worked just the opposite; the more I am able to give up control the less frustrated I have become and the more my faith has grown."

S1: "I think my patience has come from my family. I remember an old friend, and we called her Aunt Mary and she would always tell us, you know, to have hope. I believe in above all patience, and the Lord will take care of everything." (Words were lost. S1 related a story of faithful patience about Aunt Mary in regard to a plane that was missed, but by patient hope it all worked out very well)

N2: "I think one thing that has made a difference and strengthened my faith is the fact that throughout a great deal of the 50 years of my life my search for a spiritual path has been somewhat lackadaisical; but nevertheless through various stages I have been nudged to the point where I was ready to..when P1 S... said, 'have you ever read the Urantia Book?', I was ready to grasp at it. But yet I hadn't pursued it actively, at least I didn't think so. But something, some outside force had been pushing a little bit at a time through various stages of learning and at a point in my life where I was ready to receive it. It also occurred to me, a funny saying that M1 Twain used to say about faith, that faith is believing in something that you know ain't so. (much laughter) I used to think about that quite a bit, but...and M1 Twain is still my favorite. I just have to remember in his later stages of life he was a man beset with a great deal of grief. But I've never been to Alaska either, but I know it is there. I mean, I have picture information, but what is it? It is a printed piece of paper. It occurred to me, it is the strangest thing; we don't have too much trouble taking our fellow man's word for it, distrusting them as much as we do; and yet we have more trouble with the word of God as it is presented to us. It kind of adds up. It is just about as easy to take the word of God on a particular spiritual matter as it is to learn indirectly about something that we have never directly experienced. So that's my adding."

B6: "I don't think I have a good idea of why I have faith. As nearly as I know I think I consciously chose to believe that there is a Supreme Being, because this is the only life I get to live. I prefer one with a Supreme Being."

C3: "The one thing that helps me in my growth with faith as well as a whole lot of other things too all at the same time..for about the last two month every morning I consciously and out loud commit or dedicate my day to Father and also dedicate myself to doing His will. And the experiences that have happened and the results of some of the actions that I have taken and the calmness and peace and the joy that is with me all day every day is just phenomenal! Just the fact that that happens when you do that, you just have to have faith. It's right there in front of you!"

B4: "It scares me too much to not believe that there is someone out there. That I would rather take my chances. You know at times when faith is kind of rocky it's like, well, what else? We could either be here for nothing or??.."

Daniel: "My friends. I love you all! Do you not see faith is a combination of all that you shared? Do you not realize that the experience that each of you have had, that your brothers and sisters have also had that same experience, only maybe with a little different twist? Indeed, faith is that thing which is so intangible, yet it is so real when you have it. When you don't have it, it is, indeed, abstract.

Faith has many layers. It is often intellectual as has been put forth, yet once it has been intellectualized, it cannot grow unless some other part of your being takes hold. It must become internalized and felt through your whole being, that will embody the whole of who you are, body, mind, and spirit. And once you have experienced faith in all of this, will you ever know and ever march along that path to increase it. Faith is your core. And it has an insatiable appetite once it becomes part of you. You can hardly wait to taste the next morsel of what the Father's love has for you. And the small beginning that you are now making is so magnified as you continue your journey.

My assignment to you this week is to thank the Father daily for your faith; to do those things consciously for a week that will help you to grow in that faith. When you can consciously think about this, in time and over time it becomes part of you. And you will not have to be conscious of your wanting and desiring to grow in faith, for it will be a part of you. And now I will entertain but a few questions, as it gets late. I welcome also C3 from Woods Cross and I am happy that our friends are back, C2, L2, and B1. B4 and D4, it is good to have you here again. And now questions?"


B1: "I would like to ask if you have any directions to tell us as a group, Daniel, or any advice in regards to the April 24th visualization of Machiventa. One of the problems that some of us are talking about is the expense of traveling there. Obviously the event is for a purpose. I have read the Welmek transcripts and I understand that. But I wondered if there was anything that you wanted to say to us as a group relative to that event?"

Daniel: "May I ask you a question? What was our lesson on today?" (much uproarious laughter)

B1: "Well, it was on faith."

Daniel: "Can you please, all of you, hold out and reach out in faith that this mission is [real], and will move forward and continue to grow. That which is ordained through Michael's words will unfold, will come about! This planet and the other rebellious planets are in the Correcting Time, that they may come into Light and Life. Let your faith dictate and guide you through these types of questions. It would certainly be easy for you all if I could say to you, 'Charter a bus and all of you go'. My mission is feed you spiritually that you can, through your faith, know God's will and the path that you must take to follow it. Do you see?"

B1: "Yes. Perhaps you don't understand my question exactly. I wasn't questioning whether or not this event will occur; I believe it will. I guess I was wondering . ..given the fact that it will occur, because I believe it will, is it something that we should take very seriously in getting over there and being a part of this? And part of my question is..because I understand there is the possibility of a couple other, closer to us in geography, appearances in the future. And that really was my question. Not a matter of doubting that it is going to happen. I have been assured by my teacher as well that this is true. Did you misunderstand me or am I misunderstanding you, perhaps?"

Daniel: "Those who cannot attend in physical accommodation can meet in groups and be there in spirit. And this is advised: that on the day of this happening, this Saturday, April 24, that you come together as a group, if you are here, and be a part of this happening, even though you are not there physically. It is hoped and planned that those not in attendance will be spiritually enriched, spiritually given further guidance. It has been stated that perhaps more enrichment of the person's spirit will be gained by those who sit in prayer, worship, meditation during this time. Does this help?"

B1: "Yes, that certainly does help. That is exactly what I wanted you to address... what we as a group should do. So we can choose to go if we can afford it or we can choose to meet together. Thank you very much."

Violence, Peace, Correcting Time

C2: "When I was in the Holy Land it even becomes more real, the contentiousness of peoples, and of society. And as I read our newspapers and experience in my personal life that contention, I wonder if it is really any more of a period of contention now than it ever has been or is it that once we are exposed to that we see it more? I hear your words that our planet is moving toward Life and Light and I believe that we are; certainly not by anything that human beings are doing, because that doesn't seem to be the case when I read and experience the contention between us; the Arabs and the Jews, the Palestinians and Israelites, and how we treat our gay and lesbian brothers and sisters, and how there seems to be such an encouragement of hatred and poison in that way. I just guess I need you to remark on that. I don't know that I have a specific question other than 'what's going on?'."

Daniel: "Indeed, it is very difficult to hold in faith that your planet is capable of being saved, taking into account the disarray, disharmony, intolerance, hate, and the mindset of many. Yet, if one can realize that the scope of the disharmony is not simply to a localized area as it was in times past, but because of technology and rapid communication it is seen on a global scale. And what is seen on a global scale is certainly magnified time and time again compared to what is seen in one local incident. And so while it may appear that things are getting worse, one must keep in perspective the global aspect and the knowledge that you have of events outside of your immediate environment.

Indeed, this planet does need much support and help to bring about more harmony so that those evil injustices of which we have spoken are given less and less meaning, are diminished. And this comes about through your prayers and through groups such as this, meeting worldwide; not just Urantia study groups, but all groups that work to bring about global peace, harmony, love, and things that work to bring about, also, environmental harmony. As you pray individually and as you pray in groups, that which is prayed for, that which is positive, will in time permeate if it can have much power behind it, those forces that tend to create the evil. That is to say, when the prayers become stronger than the evil, then those who are veiled, so to speak, in disharmony begin to have a breakdown in their being and seeds of love, tolerance, goodness, seeds of God-consciousness can be planted. You who are so very fortunate to have veiled yourselves in love are necessary to help your brothers and sisters, to help them lift the veil that they have imprisoned themselves in and have imprisoned much of the world in. When the evil is seen as the norm which is often the case, those who understand that the evil is not what is correct, indeed, have much work to do. And take heart and know that you, who are working to bring about change, are not working alone. Indeed, much, much help is being fed into these rebel planets. And it will take time for corrections to come about.

Hold in faith, then, that this will occur. Daily affirm love for those who are hardened of heart. Daily give to those who feel they do not need God. Daily support one another that you can be the seedplanter for your brothers and sisters. Once seeds are planted you have done great, great deeds. And the individual then will be supported by their own Indwelling Spirit. My friends, I ask you to take heart despite all of the disharmony and disarray; that underneath it all, above it all, on the sides of it all is the love of the Father and His overcare sees through the veil of all. Does this help?"

C2: "Yes, thank you, Daniel. It is always good to be reminded that...I really liked what you said, when the prayers are more powerful than evil then the goodness will prevail. I'm paraphrasing what I think you meant. I guess we just have to pray more. Thank you."


Daniel: "Right on! And now my friends I will draw this meeting to a close. Let us now join hands in a prayer that our brothers and sisters as well as ourselves, the individual, will experience, this week, more faith.

Christ Michael, our Brother, our Father, our Teacher, You taught us very well that despite all difficulty, all trials, that through faith all would take care of itself. As You were mocked, spit upon, and tortured, as you carried your cross and as you hung from it, in faith you cried out to the Father; that your love for your fellow man was so great that you asked the Father to forgive them. We know that we have been forgiven if we can only forgive ourselves and each other. We know that You, Michael, brought the Father's word to this planet and His Kingdom will prevail; that love, tolerance, forgiveness, understanding and a firm belief that there is more to life than this plane. You taught us all of these things.

And now we ask You this week to help us to grow in our own faith and to help all of those people on this planet, all Urantia, to experience somehow in their living a grain of faith this week. Let the seed be planted, and let it be nourished daily through our prayers and through the love of the Father and through your presence on this planet. Amen."

[Special quote included by request of group member]: "Richard Bandler suggested that one of the major blocks to creativity was the feeling of knowing you are right. When we think we are absolutely right we stop seeking new information. To be right is to be certain, and to be certain stops us from being curious. Curiosity and wonder are at the heart of all learning.

Our healthy shame (humility) which is a feeling of our core boundary and limitedness, never allows us to believe we know it all. Our healthy shame is nourishing in that it moves us to seek new information and to learn new things."

[Editor's note: what is the difference between intellectual certainty, i.e. dogma, and faith certainty? Daniel suggests it requires an integration at another level of our being. (see earlier comment in this transcript)]