1993-08-01-Share Love

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Topic: Share Love

Group: Arcadia TeaM


Teacher: JarEl

TR: Douglas



Sharing, Love

JarEl: We are all pleased to have you here for these few moments of fellowship. We desire that you take these moments of fellowship very seriously for it is as some of you surmised, an opportunity for sharing; for knowledge; and for growth. There is much happening in this world at this day and time. Old hatreds are rising up anew. We are here to ease the sufferings; to enhance the knowledge; to bring those clear messages that will uplift all of mankind, but we are limited in our applications. Each of you is needed. Each of you is vital to the success of the Mission. Find yourselves; see your part; fulfill your role, however small you perceive it, for you are all part of the whole. Reassurance is what we offer you today. Reassurance and the validity of these messages, and the validity of your place within this Mission. How often have we conveyed to you the love of the Father and that of the Creator Son? How often have you carried love from this place into another? We ask the question did you give it out or did you take it home and put it safely in a box on your altar, there to worship it for yourselves?

It is the intent of the Father that you share this love with your fellow man. Start small. It does not require big strides and large efforts. Start small with yourselves. Share the love with one person daily. You will come to know that you are an effective part of this Teaching Mission. That you have power to do those things that will enhance this Mission and show it lovingly to the eyes of your brothers and sisters. Daily you have the opportunity to effect someone's life. Often times; numerous times throughout the day you are presented opportunities to share this Teaching. Do so! Avail yourselves of the opportunity. Begin in a small way.

Plant the seeds. It is incumbent upon the Father to provide the nourishment for it to grow. Be ye sowers of seed as you walk the fields of the Father's creation. Sowing seeds here and yonder. Be steadfast. You do not have to look back to see if they have taken root. And in the wake of your path are now plants. Keep your eye ahead to the next pasture; to the next field where the seeds you sow will nourish and grow. This is our message today that you should know you are loved, and we are pleased, and continue sowing seeds.

Happy hearts are there here. Our words find a pleasing place in you and this is good. This is love. It comes only from the Father. Continue to be happy for you have made a great start in this small group. Each may speak at this time. Keep in mind our guidelines.

There is solemnness. You have been so joyous. You have been so effervescent in your questions among yourselves. We have listened, and to our astonishment the answers that we could have given many of you have found them yourselves. Do you find this strange that at every turn we do not bombard you with answers to your many queries?


Remember the Scripture, "Seek and you shall find." When you pose the question, the answer is forthcoming. It does not necessarily emanate from this side. Often times it lies within your realm, but until you conceptualize the question you cannot see the answer.

So it is good for you to verbalize your questions, to bounce them off one another for each of you has talents. The answers may lie with one or the other, but the interaction. The fellowship and love will produce the correct answers. And if the answers are a little off track, it is at times like this we can assist to set it aright; to bring more clarification. So do you see this, my children.



Violet: Is this because we have been taking your admonition of stop doubting ourselves that you told us last week?

JarEl: Yes, this is. The doubt clouds your vision. Your spiritual vision. When you doubt yourselves, you doubt that you have the ability to solve your problems. And you look to others or you look to us. When in truth the ability lies within you. The Father has made you complete. All that needs to be done is to awaken the knowledge that you already possess. Sometimes to reinforce it, but most times just to call it forth.

Dora: JarEl, I think that your lessons on forgiveness have been appropriate in my life. And I'd just like to thank you for calling that to my attention.

JarEl: You're welcome. The greatest example of forgiveness is that of Christ Michael as he hung on the cross. He thought not of His own physical pain, but only of the emotional and spiritual pain of His persecutors. As he looked down upon their faces, he saw them as the Father sees them as beings with potentiality; as freewill creatures exercising their freewill. However, through exercise of their freewill, they deny the life of the others. But this is the pattern on this planet. In all their evil He sought their salvation. He asked the Father to forgive them. To punish them not for their transgression against Him. Think how great our Creator Son is; think how glorious His reign has been.

So likewise, we must forgive one another starting with ourselves. Erasing doubt through forgiveness for our shortcomings just as our Father will not remind you of your shortcomings. So you must not remind one another, nor yourselves once you have truly given forgiveness.


Dora;JarEl, I feel strongly you can speak much more clearly through Douglas or Betty. And that when you are speaking that it is not eloquent or as much as you want to express. And you would like to be able to express the same.

JarEL: Dear one, eloquence has no place. We look not for the eloquent voice. The only requirement is a willing heart; a sincere desire to be of service, and we are able to take what you have and use it in His service. So doubt not yourself. Doubt not your abilities.

Dora: What I have to give the Teaching Mission for you to use, I am willing to give freely.I feel that you are able to express a lot more through Doug. I know that sometime later I can possibly do the same, once I push out all those other things.

JarEl: We remind you, each of you, that all are capable of receiving our transmissions. All have the potentiality to be of service. And all will be of service from one degree to another. It may not be the same with this one as it is with that one, but it is service still. We are so fortunate to have so many willing vessels in this one group, who desire above all things the success of the Mission, and to be of service to your brothers and sisters. You are commended for these desires. We respect you, and we love you dearly.


Joe: JarEl, going back to forgiveness. I need to ask for practical exercises, if you will, on how best to forgive oneself.

JarEL: Dear one, when you are cleaning your dwelling, and you find that which is of no value, you discard it. Do you go back to find it again from the place that you discarded it? No? You go on from that point. The dwelling is clean. You will not bring back the dirt and place it back in the dwelling. Forgiveness is the same. In your lives when you find that element that needs to be removed; that needs to be forgiven; forgive, discard, forget it, go on. Is there confusion?

Joe: No, there is clarification. Thank you.

JarEl: This one asks that you close your eyes. He wants to know do you see the light. Is there illumination?

Dora: Yes, there seems to me. (Dora saw the waves of light.)


JarEl: He is once again looking for gauges. Yardsticks to measure by, which is unnecessary. He must learn to accept the fact that the transmissions are real. No apologies are necessary.

Yes, there are lessons that we shall seek to cover in anticipation of your future needs. All lessons in this Teaching Mission have been prepared by Machiventa Melchizedek. As your group varies in individuality and its needs, we will give the appropriate lesson to assist you. Some of you need to write with pen and paper your thoughts. We desire to prove to you the ideas and the concepts that we are sending you throughout the week. You are growing spiritually. Sometimes you need to see proof of this growth. So make it a habit to write down your thought processes of that which you receive. Wait one or two days and re-examine it, review it. Next week bring this paper and share these experiences with the group as a whole. I think you will find it quite illuminating.

If there are no further questions, we will take our leave of you.

Joe: I have a brief question. I have read bits and pieces in relating to the Teaching Mission in relation to other groups. I was wondering if you could give us a little bit more information as to time frame, as it relates to our group, and what we can look forward to?

JarEl: How do you mean this " time frame"?

Joe: Some of the other papers indicate that the groups go through a two-year "training", subsequently a personal teacher is assigned. Is that the case with our group?

JarEl: That is very possible, but keep in mind this is the Correcting Time. This is a time of change, and what has been established in one area of this country may not be the same for this area. So from time to time at the direction of the Melchizedek we may modify and alter our teaching plan. Also, the needs of this group differ from that of others. You are ahead, in that you have so many transcripts from the other groups, and you can read for yourselves the struggles; the failures; the successes of these other groups. You can incorporate this knowledge and experience to ensure the success and longevity of this group. Does this help you?

Joe: Yes.


JarEl: Dear ones, I leave you with love. Practice this amongst yourselves. Forget not to pray for those who are away, and for those who are in need of your strength and love. Beautiful is the word that comes from this mind when I want to convey the feelings that you have for one another. Your coming together for the purpose of healing, this is a beautiful thing. Keep your faith strong; your belief in God the Father, His Eternal Son, and the Infinite Spirit. Practice the Stillness. And practice love and harmony, not only with yourselves, but with your fellow men. Our blessings be with you, and the peace of the Father. Farewell.