1993-09-21-Elyon Introduces Self

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Topic: Elyon Introduces Himself

Group: Corvallis TeaM


Teacher: Michael, LinEl, Elyon, Nebadonia, VanEl, Sharmon, Daranadek

TR: Unknown


May 4, 1994


Michael: Beloved, I am most pleased with your progress towards the advancement of your world. I send my love to each one of you and am anticipating your moves in the future mission which is in progress now. To each of you I send my encouragement that you are on a correct path for you at this time. Know that I am always with you and have many helpers with you as well. To each of you I am thankful for you.

Linnel: Greetings. This is Linnel. Dear friends, each time we receive a message from our dear sovereign, it is new, it is wonderful. We share this joy with you. This evening is special. You are forging bonds of friendship. There is an alliance of a larger region that will one day come to pass, and you are already threading together the patterns. You are foretasting now the joys of fellowship that you will know in a more complete unfolding of this mission.


I greet each one of you. I am always glad when we have guests, friends. Rick and Barbara, you are well known to me and to all the teachers, and we welcome you completely. I am available to you as I am to others. This mission is moving sometimes in ways that seem peculiar to you who have different methods of patterning, planning, and are not used to the unfolding and somewhat experimental nature of our approach. Nevertheless, your faith is bringing you through, each of you. When we hear you discuss together, reading the Urantia Book, speaking with one another about differing reactions to details of the mission, we encourage this. There is no problem with different opinions and beliefs. This is part of the unfolding. This is part of the honesty you share with one another of your own personal reactions. It is from this openness that we learn better how to serve you in this process. Please do continue to be honest with one another, and seek even deeper. You will not suffer for this, and your faith will only grow. We are tremendously proud of every one of you. We feel confident that despite the difficulties and upheavals which are always attendant upon mortals working together, you will, yourselves, come to a position, to a recognition, of your accomplishments in this task. I will for the moment cease and allow others, of whom there are many present, to speak if you so wish. Thank you.

Dedication, Doubt

Elyon: May I introduce myself? I am Elyon. I am glad to be here with you this evening and once again in association with my good friend Linnel. I revel in your levity. I am thoroughly pleased to witness the work, the progress that you make for my students. You make my work easier. And when I witness the presence of our sovereign I am humbled, and I realize with His presence all of our work becomes easier. There is much to be gained in this relationship we have with you in a two way direction. As we restore this planet to its rightful dignity we will all discover the beauties that will unfold, the greatness that lies dormant. All the magnificent events that are to transpire, that are planned to transpire on a world untainted by rebellion, these will unfold. I am dedicated to the outworking, and I see within you all that very same dedication. Trust your dedication, and know that the doubts that you may entertain are only strengthening your dedication. Please do not fear them. They do not weaken. They help you shore up where you don't understand. They help you gain trust where you are uncertain. And where you are certain, apply that certainty with vigor, with the full force of your volition, knowing that you are attended by a vast number of celestial help. Whatever you undertake to do in the name of the Father is a certainty only to be played out in time. It is my pleasure to be with you, and I will now allow my other friends to speak.

Nebadonia: Good evening, children. This is your Mother Spirit. Your light hearts attract us to you. Know that you are all beautiful to us and so precious. Your dark world needs a mother very badly. Know that she is here. I am here, and with your help and with your love, hope is alive today more than ever before. Keep faith in your hearts that these things shall pass. We shall bring peace; we shall bring the garden; we shall build a beautiful home here for everyone. There is much work to do, but you are so enthusiastic, and there is much help from everyone to participate in any level that their heart desires. It is a wonderful awakening. It is a wonderful time to be alive. Know that we are always with you sharing this adventure in beauty, in love, and in the Father's will. Peace to you all, my children.

Communication, Circuits, Telepathy

VanEl: Hello. This is VanEl. As some of you may know I work with the circuitry. I come with news that many groups, once again, are attempting direct awareness communications. I feel that I would like to directly appeal to this group to also participate, and this appeared to be an appropriate opportunity with several groups represented. All that is required of you is to attempt sending thoughts, ideas, to friends wherever they may be. At this stage it is most appropriate to inform them of your attempts and possibly arrange group attempts at focusing on energy coming and going from other groups. This is entirely for your own benefits, in the end to subsequently benefit the entire mission. This is a normal occurrence on worlds with established circuits. Not that all people in these worlds are capable of this form of communication, and not all on this world will be able either. But your Internet system is a wonderful example of what can be with these inner connections. We suggest attempting one step further-going directly.


Group member: VanEl, do you have any suggestions of what kinds of messages that perhaps we could participate in?

VanEl: Some people do well sending greetings and encouragements. Others seem receptive to images and feelings. It is entirely up to you what you feel you choose to send, and we should all be open to anything coming from other groups or individuals. At this point I would suggest simple, brief messages, simple images.

Group member: Are you talking about like a group deciding to send an image to another group and then all of us take that thought?

VanEl: This has been attempted. It appears that at this point the most effective mode is to gather together but reach individually. The joint effort focuses energy for each individual.

Group member: So it's not that structured, but the energy works to help each individual thought.

VanEl: Yes. And in the effort it allows us the opportunity to connect more circuitry.

Group member: Actually connect more circuitry?

VanEl: Yes. This is nearly a material manifestation, eventually will be visible to some. It is a great tool for connecting with distant friends, as some of you have experienced with teachers over the circuits. It is virtually the same circuitry.

Group member: Do you midwayers provide assistance in that communication?

VanEl: Yes, we do very much so.

Group member: Thank you for that assistance.

VanEl: You are welcome. We enjoy the opportunity to raise the awareness of our brothers and sisters, and look forward to more direct contact and awareness both ways.

Group member: Thank you, VanEl. I would like to take a moment to thank all of you for everything you've done for all time. Sometimes I forget to appreciate things like that. Thank you.

VanEl: Your appreciation is accepted, and we extend our appreciation to our mortal counterparts.

Group member: VanEl, are you possibly the presence that Bill felt last Tuesday but wasn't sure who it was?

VanEl: No, I am not. I have been nudging him with awareness of circuitry, interest in circuitry, along with Wenslo and Linnel the last few days.

Group member: How does this communication differ from any thoughts we might have about a distant friend? Is it our intention of sending that thought that causes it to be involved with the circuitry? My first thought is that it sounds like prayer, but prayer goes to the Father or to what ever agency is appropriate. What particular thoughts are working on the circuits and what are just our own thoughts about our friends?

VanEl: The difference is that one is for your own personal growth and benefit, the holding of friends in kind thoughts, concerned prayer. The other is the same only adding the direct contact to them. It is as if your have sent a greeting card that they may read and respond to, or a compliment over a telephone line that they hear directly and can respond to. The successes at this point are fairly few but are beginning to occur. It is the direct communication, two sided that makes the difference.

Group member: So it's our intention, our mental effort to mail that message to that person that involves it in this?

VanEl: Yes.

Group member: And we should tell them? They should know that we are going to do this?

VanEl: At first it is best to have both parties focusing at the same time.

Group member: Would they possibly get a delayed reaction that maybe it would occur to them later, or is it only considered successful if it is synchronous?

VanEl: With this form of circuitry it is synchronous. There are other pathways that have the end result you have described through angelic and spirit avenues. I suggest you discuss this among yourselves, and possibly choose partners in this area to attempt this with or long distance, possibly other groups.

Group member: Does distance have any effect on this?

VanEl: It is a little more difficult, yes. Eventually it will not be the case with the increased interconnectedness of the circuitry.

Group member: Will the receiving party need to be in the Teaching Mission?

VanEl: No. They only have to have faith and be consciously attempting to use this for growth rather than novelty.

Group member: Will this establish permanent circuits between permanent people? (Laughter)

VanEl: Yes, in a manner of speaking. Once the possibility is established that pathway is open and relies on your efforts to make it a reality. Yes, it is permanent.

Group member: Is this similar to reading minds then?

VanEl: Not involuntarily. Most messages at this level are sent and received not merely perceived. As you increase in your ability to perceive a person you will meet with the same natural barrier that spiritual teachers observe and are unable to cross, as our freewill only allows access to those thoughts we choose to allow access to.

Group member: Thank you, VanEl, for your sensitivity to our communication process with the tape machines. (Tape was flipped)

VanEl: Bill appreciates this, so he is the facilitator. I will take my leave now and allow room for others. Thank you very much.

Sharmon: I am Sharmon. I am a connector. I join lines of communication. I work closely with Elyon and his group of teachers to keep informed with the others throughout the mission. My task is in the transference of messages from afar for those teachers who would like to communicate and yet are in another location. You may call me the switchboard operator. I would encourage you to practice VanEl's admonition to work on connecting with each other. I promise to do what I can to make these circuits available. In all that I do I require your assistance on each end to make the connections complete, for as these are quasi-material circuits, freewill is still the overriding reality that makes this possible. I make myself known to you to help increase your faith and to support VanEl in his efforts. Thank you for listening.

Group member: Are you still with us?

Sharmon: Yes.

Group member: So VanEl is kind of a supervisor? Are you also a midwayer?

Sharmon: I am. I look to VanEl for my assignments. He co-ordinates the activities of others like myself. I am somewhat constrained to the efforts of the teaching group under Elyon, but I act as, well, as a pony express, a homing pigeon.

Group member: We appreciate your humor.

Sharmon: Thank you. Therefore I come and go from a home base. I'm not as free roving.

Group member: You said that you required our assistance, and you mentioned freewill. What can we do to facilitate this specifically? For example, would it be by being regular about this, for a long period of time? How best can we co-operate?

Sharmon: I call to your attention VanEl's previous remarks about arranging with each party ahead of time so that the consent is mutual. And to the instruction about simultaneity, make the time the same for both parties. These will go far. We can transfer messages and hold them, but this does not work that well in the mortal to mortal transfer. You recall in your revelation the message that did not make it to Van. (67:6.9) This was a circuit that is of a different nature than the one you will be connecting and working with.

Group member: Should both parties send at the same time? Or should one send and wait? Do you understand my question?

Sharmon: I do. Think of it as far superior to fiber optics.

Group member: I think of our minds as capable of either sending or receiving only.

Sharmon: This is true, and this is something that I encounter all the time in trying to bring a message forward. You will grow used to the instantaneous reception and transference in time. Do you recall those times in your life when you have been about to say something to a friend, and that friend immediately utters the same phrase, the same idea? This may illustrate the process.

Group member: This suggests to me that when we have a relationship with a person, that that relationship of love between us is part of this circuitry in some way, and as that grows that communication capability can grow. Is this true?

Sharmon: Yes. It is.

Group member: So we already do this some. This is making it more conscious.

Sharmon: Yes. When we, as midwayers, united we gained greater ability to work in harmony and to intercommunicate. This unification is our common love for each other and our devoted allegiance to the Father.

Group member: Does this circuitry have anything to do with what we call deja vu?

Sharmon: Not to my knowledge. I am not as experienced in this realm. However, I would offer the observation that this is a mental function related within your mind endowment that is not exactly like my own, and so I would ask you to ask another being who thus knows. I thank you for your interest, and I would say, over and out.


Daranadek: Hello, my friends. This is Daranadek. I am enjoying this evening. It is good to see guests visiting and the spread of the good will among members of this mission. I have not visited through transmitters as I have been watching and doing many activities in attempting to bring group members together. I do not always make this coming together easy. Part of my job is to give you challenges. When things go too easy you do not learn how to deal with disappointments. I do not mean to cause upset, yet this is part of growth and change. I sincerely hope that you continue in your ways of faith and your willingness to work through the upsets that come in life. I am very pleased with the efforts that I see in this group. It is heart-warming to watch you come together and bring your faith, bring your desire for growth, bring your love for each other and to allow those attributes to lead you, to dominate your interactions such that when difficulties do come up, you can see your way through them. They do not block you from moving ahead. Again I wish to tell you I am most pleased with your efforts, with your progress. You are doing quite well. I want you to know that, to hold on to that. I want you to keep doing what you have done. Know also that you will come to points when you stumble. You are human. But talk amongst yourselves. Keep the channels open. You will find your way through any difficulties. And as always, keep your heart open and your hand held up to the Father who is the true channel towards which you grow, towards which you make your efforts. Thank you. I will be watching and waiting for new opportunities. Good night.


Linnel: (Tape flipped)...truly enjoyed the evening . .(static).. for you to ponder and discuss. As the hour is growing late I would suggest that if you wish we bring this time together to a close to give yourselves some time to share with each other these experiences. I am proud to be the teacher of my group. I am proud of the students of all the teachers in this mission. I am honored to serve you, to serve our dear Michael, to serve the Father. I am happy to know that we are all becoming friends together, working together, loving together, laughing, moving our way with the currents of the universe ever upward. These circuits are, indeed, circuits of love. They bind you closer and closer. They weave you into the very fabric of the Supreme. You are each responsible for your own part in this. Any participation will increase the beauty of this tapestry for all. I encourage you to continue in your efforts, to increase your efforts, and to know that when you face challenges and difficulties, what you bring to meet those challenges is also a beautiful part of this handwork of the Supreme. I love you all. Remember you are always in the embrace of Michael and the Mother Spirit, always in the hands of the Father. Everywhere you are, everything you are, is within His loving keeping. I will be with you and look forward to our meeting again. And I also look forward to time with our guests. Love one another. Farewell.