1993-09-26-Participation In The Teaching Mission

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Topic: Participation In the Teaching Mission

Group: Arcadia TeaM


Teacher: JarEl, Verona

TR: Douglas





JarEl: (Douglas) I look not for observers, but for participants in this great adventure of the Teaching Mission. Machiventa Melchizedek has designed these lessons for the benefit of all. It is incumbent upon each one to participate in these events, and to contribute to the overall process. Each will be afforded an opportunity to participate on their level of understanding and perception. If you decline and not step forward, you may decline in error. The presence of God surrounds us. The power of God enfolds each and everyone of us. The love of God infuses our beings. Wherever we are he is with us.

I am your Teacher who has great love for you, and desires your wellbeing in all things. As the parent is the guide and the shaper of the children, so we your Teachers are your guides and shapers of your spiritual development. Often times the parent must lovingly correct his offspring. Likewise within this Mission your Teacher/Parent must sometimes lovingly correct you. We desire full participation from each of you who have volunteered to be a part of this core.

It is your freewill choice to be here, and by expressing that choice it assures us of your desire to participate. However, we are not experiencing the full measure of those desires. Each of you are impressed by us, but some withhold those impressions. Those who willingly speak up are rewarded in confidence and clarity of thought and understanding of those spiritual processes. This Mission is alive. It is active. It requires dedication and action on the part of all participants. We have told you in past times that all have a measure to give. Think not that you have nothing of value to contribute to this Mission. Each was called. Each of you are special, and an intricate part of this Mission.

We attempt to reassure all that you possess something of value to contribute. Like the giving of tithes, you must begin. It is in the beginning; the practice of doing, that ease of doing comes about. I say to you in all sincerity, stop hiding from your destinies. Relax in the process. Have trust in the process. Allow us to impress you with the knowledge of the lessons. Allow us to speak to your hearts and minds, and then to speak through you to others.

Know you not that others are in need of your assistance. Will you withhold that which the Father has given so freely? Will you not speak the words? You must have faith in this process as exhibited by your presence. However, you must also have faith in yourselves. How often must we assure you that you are chosen and loved much. Take this knowledge and act from this point.

I thank you for your presence and your efforts and dedication to this cause; to this time. I look forward in great anticipation to your participation more. Please continue in the Stillness daily. It may be of help. You should if you set aside a special time that all may enter the Stillness and fellowship with the Father as a whole. Distance is not a problem. Time is not a problem. Your willingness to commit to specific time frame we hope will not be a problem. Join us in this experiment. My peace I leave with you all.

Verona: (Douglas)

Greetings to you I am Verona. I am permitted to greet you this day. I wish to express my pleasure at being assigned to assist this group. I, too, look forward to your eager participation. It is as our learned Teacher has said all are called, and we anticipate all to participate. We have been here a great while patiently waiting the events of this time. A Correcting Time is upon all of us, and the need for comfort and assurance during this time is desired by your Teachers. It is part of our assignment to assure you of this processes. So we ask that you dedicate yourselves to the Mission, and with your sincere desires to help further the cause of our Creator Son. And the love and help from us we will help bring Urantia into Light and Love. We will bring about Light and Life in your individual experience. Accept our guidance, and our love. Peace to all. Seek truth, beauty, and goodness. Farewell.


JarEl: (Douglas) It is I your Teacher, JarEl. I thank Verona for her uplifting words. I urge you to be conscious and aware of these messages. Take them to heart and utilize their content. The vast resources of your Creator Son are at your disposal. You are loved by all beyond your comprehension. Do not just accept this fact; act upon it. Begin to move in a direction. We are willing and most able to assist you all. We anticipate each of you reaching forward, outward; reaching forward to your personal Teachers. This is our goal. Help us to assist you. That is all. Farewell.


After this followed a discussion concerning what time we should set to meet in the stillness. It was agreed that we will each try to pray and seek the stillness daily beginning at 5:30 am to 6:30 am. It was the general consensus that if we all did this with in this time frame it would have the effect of "all communicating at the same time". We seem to be impressed that somehow time would be effected in some way unknown to us that would allow us all to meet in the stillness at the same moments, although we may each start at a different time within that designated hour.