1994-06-19-Spirit Fest '94, Share Knowledge

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Topic: Share Knowledge

Group: Spirit Fest 94


Teacher: Signa, Machiventa

TR: John Roper


Sun. AM. at Morro Bay Conference


Today you are embarking on a long journey. A journey into the unknown. A journey whose path has never been crossed, and you are the trail blazers. In all of the Universe experience in time and space adventure is and service are to be sought at all cost. For service to ones brothers and sisters is the most sacred.

I wish to lead you in a short meditation and then Prince Machiventa will have a few words with you. Please make yourselves comfortable. Take several deep breaths. Hold it slightly and let it out slowly.

Note the bright light that fills this room. And to those spiritual beings viewing from outside, the light is stronger than your sun. That light now focuses in the center of this room. In your mind's eye picture that light, shimmering, radiant. Shafts of love reach to each of you...


Correcting Time, Renewal

Children of time. This is your Planetary Prince. I welcome you into the service of Michael. The words of our teachers large and small are designed to inspire you to change. Urantia is now in a period of reconstruction. Many humans are desiring to know what you know. You must be willing to share that which is freely given to you. You are each soldiers in this struggle to redeem Urantia from 500,0000 years of error. What a glorious time to live on this planet, or any planet in the entire Grand Universe. To have the opportunity to reclaim Urantia for your Creator Son Michael is looked upon by the rest of the Universe in great envy. Your eternal careers will be indelibly marked by this struggle. It will succeed.

The human mind is ripe for a spiritual awakening to the teachings of Jesus. You must no longer hide your light under the bushel basket, and as I have instructed the many teachers who are now working with mortals of the realm, continue unceasingly to seek the Fathers Will.. It is the Fathers Will that Urantia enter into the age of Light and Life. This struggle is won by the saving of each individual person.. One at a time.. Love each other. Pray for each other as we pray for you. You have learned an important lesson during this gathering. The lesson that more can be done together than alone. Share your experiences learned from each other and go back to the firing line.

When I walked on Urantia life was different. We had no cars. We had no ability to communicate over long distances, but the struggles were the same. Bringing man to God. The luxuries of life that you have earned , through the struggles of those who have come before, can be utilized to assist you in your efforts. But the real battle is PERSON to PERSON. Do not forget that. The teachers are sent to you as a gift from Michael to help you in this struggle. Give them your attention.

Finally as the Master continually said. BE OF GOOD CHEER.


  • DECEMBER 1993

Judgment, Rebellion

Greetings to you all. I am Rayson, your teacher. This is a lesson about the recent celestial events which have occurred, the vindication of truth and of the faithful forces of good. Those being the multi-fearless hosts of, spirit beings, midwayers, and mortals, who have remained faithful to Michael and His government throughout the terrible times during the aftermath of the rebellion. Michael's government has triumphed over the forces of iniquity in the final disposition and completion of sentencing in the case of "Gabriel vs. Lucifer."

This should be thrilling news to all of you. Probably the full impact of what has happened has not fully reached many of you yet. This news should be shared with all true believers who hunger for the knowledge of truth, whether or not they are familiar with the Urantia Book,

On a simpler level of understanding the Devil and his demons are dead. The rebels have been removed and deposed, following their rejection of the final 'mercy offer', and executed. The rightful government of Michael has been restored to Nebadon. The final stumbling blocks have been removed and the way is clear for the restoration of the government of God on earth. Cleansing and healing have already begun. The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.

You who who are alive in the flesh today should marvel that you are living as mortals during the time when you have been able to live through and experience one of the most exciting and significant cosmic events to occur in the entire history of this Universe. The war in heaven, as spoken of in your 'word, 'is ended.

Just as you will recall newsreel footage of parades, marches, and celebrations which erupted in the streets of many of your world cities at the end of your last world wide planetary war, we only wish that we could convey to your mortal eyes the types of glorious celebrations which are occurring in our realm. The celestial artisans are especially active now, and will become even more so as your 1994 summer season approaches and we can begin another great celebration during the few remaining months leading up to and culminating on Michael's 2000 mortal birthday. I am permitted to tell you that something wonderful is going to happen on that day. All of you should begin making arrangements now for this event by preparing ahead, so that you can rearrange your work schedule and other task involved with your material needs, so that the day of August 21st will be completely free of any other obligations. This will be a holy day to all of you as well as to all of us.

I hope to be with all of you and join with you in the celebration of the 2nd millennium anniversary of the day that God became a man on your beloved but confused planet. This was Michael's gift to this planet and the rest of the inhabited universe. He has given it so that man and all other will creatures can realize the great truth of their 'sonship with God'. This realization of this great truth on a worldwide scale will in turn liberate man to discover that sublime and saving love of the Father that can only lead to peace and salvation thru right relations with his fellow sons.

And when men and women are quickened by the saving Gospel of the kingdom, they automatically become members of that great fraternity in the school of eternity, that fraternity is known as the 'Brotherhood of Man'. It is literally true that these two great universe precepts, the Fatherhood of God, and the Brotherhood of man, along with the faith required to believe them, and the willingness to live them, are the only requirements for entrance into the kingdom of heaven.

On that coming day, next August, your beautiful planet will cross that cosmic line between darkness and light. True, the waters are still churning from the residual effects of the rebellion, but the storms themselves have passed, and the flood-tides are beginning to recede. Each day during the next two millennia the sun will shine a little more clearly. The sweet renewed waters of the Fathers love will carry us farther away from sorrow as this world sails on into the age of Light and Life. Rejoice in that fact. For it IS a certainty.


Until the next time we meet may the Love of the Father abide in your hearts.