1994-08-24-Being More Aware of Your Cosmic Citizenship

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Topic: Being More Aware of Your Cosmic Citizenship

Group: Arcadia TeaM


Teacher: JarEl, Machiventa, Alantia

TR: Douglas



May the power of God protect you. The love of God enfold you. The presence of God be with you in your hearts and mind. It is I, your teacher Jarel, who greets you with love and respect. Great joy and admiration for your coming together in this setting. For your determination and devotion to the cause of Christ Michael. I greet you with peace, love, truth, and beauty this day.


Joe: Greetings Jarel, this is Joe. As I was indicating my feelings during this weekend, feeling that somehow we are at a standstill as far as our growth is concerned. Nothing really new is happening. But just coming together again here renews my energy. This is fortifying and refreshing. I feel a heck of a lot better now.

Jarel; This is good..... Continue.

Hal: Greeting Jarel Yes . The warmth and love of coming together revitalizes our spiritual feelings of the Father. I am sure all have wandered off into material activities too heavily. We need this more often.

Jarel: This is true.

Betty: Greetings Jarel. There is no place like home. I have had a wonderful trip. I want to thank you for being with me there. I feel that I had prayed for God to show me the spirit of man, and I truly feel that I have experienced that on my trip. Walking where Jesus walked . Visiting Ellis Island, knowing that in every human being beats the same desire for freedom, worship, and to be able to experience his potential. His faith is God. It was in many ways a very powerful experience. Very enchanting in many ways to see all of the gluts and glitter; but all in all it was a wonderful experience. I feel much more connected since I have been back. Time is moving more slowly, It isn’t whizzing by without my notice.

Jarel; This is wonderful. You are realizing your cosmic citizenship. You are not just citizens of this realm , but citizens of the Grand Universe. This is enlightening and heartwarming to know that the development is such. Thank you.

Stella: I have a question to ask. There have been a lot of strange sudden changes happening this past six weeks especially in my family, and of course all around the world. Do these changes mean that you are to go in another direction. Were these changes brought about by my prayers for my children. Now all three of them are unemployed. . This doesn’t bother me too much, but it just seems strange that my husband died last month, my three children will have to take different paths. Does this require soul growth for them as well as for me ?

Jarel; I had not anticipated answering questions at this time, but just to share greetings. However if you will hold that particular question until later, I believe your answer will be forth coming. Let us proceed with Lucille.

Lucille Greetings Jarel. We have had a fantastic week or more, with all of our family together for the first time, with many relatives. It has been a wonderful experience, with lots of love with our friends. We have also had some tense moments with our granddaughter again. The other night I was outside in my quiet time. I felt a wonderful being beside me. It was a chance to get acquainted with the unseen world. I really felt a peace descend upon me.

Jarel; Greetings , Lucille. Yes. Peace is characteristic at this time around the planet, and you who have been attuned and granted this experience are indeed blessed and fortunate.... Marlies. ?

Marlies: Greetings Jarel. Happy to hear from you again. I have had challenges also. Not so much in spiritual, but in my physical situations, because I am in the middle of having to relocate my home, and there are other things that have happened that have needed my attention, which I didn’t count on. So I am very grateful for my spiritual life, as if this had happened to me a few years ago I would have been very upset and wondering why. Now I just feel that everything is in God’s hands and the best will come of whatever happens.

Jarel: Wonderful, dear one. Your growth is phenomenal. I thank each of you for your sharing. And this one who transmits today is equally a bit, disconnected, shall we say. He has concerns concerning his spiritual development and growth. His dragon still lingers in the background. but the overall experience of each of you during this time and that particularly of Betty and Donna will do much to enhance and confirm the truth of the mission and the development of each participant thereof.


Perspective, Humility

I wish to speak to you briefly as there are others here who we shall yield to their presence and allow them an opportunity to address you, and give greetings. But briefly we would like to confirm your discussion earlier of crossing the line between arrogance and humility. The word humility is a great virtue, but we will preface the word humility with the word true. True humility originates in the heart. In the spiritual portion of each individual. It is a heart felt emotion, a heartfelt realization of your place as a cosmic citizen of the universe that is created by the First Source and Center.

When you as humans, as mortals of this realm, started viewing yourselves, it was from your own individual universe. Each of you represent a universe unto yourselves. For example, here today there are seven of you. And each of you could very well represent one of the seven superuniverses. But this room that you find yourself in represent the grand universe. So you may speak from your own individual perspective. But that perspective is broadened when you realize that to your right and to your left, and to your front and to your back there are indeed other universes . And when you look around and find that each of you are gravitating around one another. In this larger setting , of this grand universe your perspective broadens. Here is where you are in your spiritual growth. You have viewed yourself only from the smaller perspective and now your experiences are showing that there is indeed a larger picture, there is indeed a larger perspective. Your spiritual development brings to your mind a concise consciousness of the larger perspective. You see yourself as cosmic citizens, as such it brings about another level of understanding , ,that greater understanding that puts you more in tune with the Will and desires of the First Source and Center. Some of you are having difficulty in bridging that gap, in going from the smaller universe to the larger universe perspective. The difficulty lies in that area of true humility.

When you visualize the larger setting you are in awe. Your feeling is, as this one, worthiness. Am I a benefactor of this grand plan. Am I worthy to participate. Am I worthy to receive these blessings. Am I entitled to receive these benefits of the grand plan of the Father. These are elements of self doubt, the issue of self worth and self esteem comes up as a dragon and holds back your growth. It stops you from leaping forward to the grand universe understanding. So again you must cope with these problems.


You, dear ones, must find your strength in two areas The first being that of the stillness and the Father. The second being that of your fellowship with one another and to extend that fellowship further to those who are not part of this setting. First the stillness and the Father. It is similar to a bank account, a savings account, you must put away a consideration for times that are lean and difficult. You must in your spiritual account put away , thru practice of the stillness, the peace and understanding of the Father for times that are difficult ahead. You must practice the stillness daily and put into your spiritual account the growth that the Father allows you. Then when you are away from this source you have in your account great materials of spiritual growth to aid you during these difficult times. I believe this is what some of you are experiencing now. The fact that you have not participated as much as you would have desired to. Not as much as the Father would like you to in seeking the quiet of the stillness. I am not to say that your account is empty. No, it is far from empty. It is that you do not have as much as you could if you participate more . So, dear ones, again we urge you to fatten your spiritual account (chuckles) Increase its value, increase its worth, draw upon it in times of leanness and spiritual difficulty. It will be your sustenance. Secondly, the fellowship that you share with one another is of great importance to you individually and collectively.

You, dear ones. are a very unique group. You are each dependent and in need of one another. You should always remain in fellowship as much as you can, because each of you have become an integral part in the life of one another. In the absence from one another you are reminded of the presence of one another. Here is a true sharing of love and caring for another individual. You are sorely missed by one another, and by your humble teacher. So, again the lesson is to show you that fellowship is important to your growth. Fellowship is very important in helping you overcome the difficulties in your lives. So continue to nurture and assist one another with words of kindness and encouragement, with acts of love, this will cement further your bonds with one another and the mission as a whole. We have often mentioned to you that each group of the mission is an integral part of the whole. All of you have value,. all of you have great worth. I cannot impress you enough with this fact.


Often we as teachers sit in awe of the pronouncement that each of you are able to make in understanding the text and understanding the transcripts of the various missions. The purpose is to expose you to the literature , to the knowledge, but yourspiritual growth is such that you eagerly absorb the lessons, and through that understanding is coming about more rapidly than we had expected. We rejoice in this, but we are sometimes caught back by the fact that you understand so greatly. I guess I would attribute it to the work of Christ Michael and His Spirit of Truth. We applaud you.

This dear ones will account for the fact of the great growth that is happening throughout the mission. There are indeed leaps and bounds in all of the groups, and yours is one that is exceeding our expectations. So rejoice with us in this great time.

Celebration continues on Urantia, as many of you are aware. The presence of the visitors is apparent throughout this planet. celebration is but one day for us. We are not counting the 23 hr. 56 minutes and 46 seconds of your Urantia time. The celebration continues and all celestial beings are rejoicing to be here for it. So, without any further delay I will yield to those who are gathered here today to participate with you and to extend greetings to you the Arcadia Teaching Mission group of C Christ Michael. Each of you will be able and impressed to receive the greetings of those visitors that are attuned to you. Be open. Prepare yourselves for this experience. I thank you. ( long pause).

Jarel: A Messenger of Light sends greeting. Acknowledge our presence.

Group.: Yes. We welcome you, and await the contacts

Alantia; (Joe) Greetings from Alantia

T/R: (Doug): I am a seraphim. I wish to add my greetings to that of those others present. We rejoice in this wonderful occasion of the birthday of our Creator Son. We send love , greetings of peace and happiness. Joy to your hearts. Rejoice with the universe that Christ Michael is the Master Son of Nebadon. Rejoice with us that communication exists between your world and ours in this mission of Christ Michael. Thanks be to him for our existence and the love that we share with you, the mortals of Urantia. My peace and joy be with you. Thank you Fare well.

Group: Farewell.

Hal; Welcome Seraphim . Are you the one that touched our T/R on the shoulder. We appreciate your ever watchful care.

Seraphim: There are many of us here and we work with all of you to assist . to guide. to enlighten, to do the will of our Creator Son, and that of the Father. It is an honor and a pleasure for us to participate and interact with you. Open yourselves to the great possibilities and potentials that are becoming more aware to all of the world in this the Correcting Time. Thank you., Thanks to your teacher for allowing these few words of greetings. Farewell.

Group: Farewell and thank you. We are all in the service of the Father and Michael together

Jarel: Visiting students desire to speak.

T/R Betty: Greetings . I am a student assigned to a midwayer in the service of his circuitry, and manipulation, and ever loving service to the teachers. I wish to extend my greetings and my love and admiration for these Melchizedek schools of higher learning. It will be my pleasure to be assigned to this world for the future. I am learning very much by observing your presence. Farewell.

Group Farewell.

Jarel; Dear Ones. Please allow our celestial brothers and sisters to speak to you and through you. They are eager to share a few words with you . So we ask that you relax. Listen for their voice and impression. I will remain with you to assist in this effort. There are ‘star students’ present.

T/R Joe: Greetings from the delegation from Olantia. There are a large number of us here after the grand celebration of Michael’s birth on your planet. We are here as observers, as laboring tourist, as you might say, following the grand worldwide celebration such as you had recently in your nearby city. We are presently here as observers and also hopeful of future assignments either on this sphere or close by ones. for the mission to elevate a large number of worlds into the state of Light and Life. We bring you greetings and send warmth to your hearts. Our thanks to your teacher for having allowed us this grand opportunity to observe and to commune with you. Farewell and joy to you.

Doug: We feel the warmth.

Group; Farewell and thank you for the visit. . ...

Lucille; does Marlies have a message from some body. There is a bright light over your head.

Marlies; I am feeling the energy. . .. I am having a visual picture of many beings in this room, but I am not hearing words. I see joy and love and peace and celebration....

Doug; Do others of you see the bright light and feel the warmth ?....

MACHIVENTA: (t/r Doug) Greetings of great joy to you faithful students. I am Machiventa, and I add , to this setting of celestial beings, my greetings of peace, happiness, and great joy at your presence. At your growth, and your devotion to the mission of Christ Michael. I take this time to send greeting to you. To encourage you to continue in this fashion, in this sharing of study,, and of fellowship with one another. I encourage you to seek further the stillness of the Father. To help yourselves to this great phenomena of communication and sharing of the presence of the peace of the First Source and Center. You , dear ones, are the backbone of this mission. You are the encouragement for us who have been given the charge to bring about Light and Life to Urantia. You are the helpers that we need. Great events are taking place, and are formulating for the future. You are the materials thru which these great events will materialize. So it is that I ask you to rededicate yourselves at this time of celebration to this cause and mission. Great will be your reward in your sincere desire to assist. We thank you for all of your efforts thus far. I look forward to participating with you through the teachers and personal visits to you. please note that I am with you as is Christ Michael, and the presence of the Father. Please know that we have great hope for your continued success. We know that from which we speak. We see your bright luminosity. We know that you will be stars here on the west coast of the United States. All of Urantia is coming about in the teaching mission. Your presence is known, and will be felt throughout. So rejoice. Feel confident. Step forward and claim the reward of eternity thru seeking the stillness of our Father. My peace, joy, and love be upon this mission and upon each of you individually. You are fortunate, and are blessed by Christ Michael himself. His love be with you. Let if fill your hearts. Let it give comfort to the discomfort of this mortal existence. Let Him be your guide to the Father. Peace be with you all. Much joy and love in this celebration. Farewell.

Group: Farewell. Thank you. Our rededication goes with you from us. We are working on the 100% faith to follow your lead. Thank you again.

Jarel; Dear students. All is well. Wonderful visits indeed. Let each of you be encouraged by these events today, and the perception that each of you are experiencing in your individual lives. Please be encourage to come more often to the Father and there to rely upon His wisdom and assistance in your lives. There are difficult times for all. But it is thru the stillness, and the account that you have built up that you may draw a good portion of security, faith, hope, and trust to sustain you thru the difficult times. Take this day the lesson that you have experienced here in your fellowship. That each of you are a part of the great warmth that comes f from this mission. Each of you must not only contribute, but each of you must take a part of that warmth and warm yourself. There is great love from us to you. There exists great love between you all. Allow that love to assist you in your growth. allow that love to sustain you thru the difficult times, the discouragement that normally comes from human existence.

Dear ones, I will take my leave of you. at this time , allowing you to further share with one another. Allowing our visitors and observers to participate with you.

This week try to be more conscious of other celestial beings who will observe your spiritual development and will add to it by their presence and attempts to communicate with you. This will be of great assistance to you individually and collectively. Look for announcements from other areas of the teaching mission forthcoming. This will be all for now, but I look forward to our next setting to see how you have grown, indeed and how keen your perception has become. So I say to you much peace , joy, and love be with you. Be of happy hearts for you are the agondonters of Urantia, and we your teachers are proud to be of association and interaction with you. Peace and love . Farewell.

Group; Farewell Thank you for the spiritual boost

Hal: A lot of visitors today. I saw a very bright light when Machiventa showed up. I was all wrapped up in my own thoughts and all of sudden this light developed at the top of my vision.


Lucille: At the very beginning I saw bright lights all over, I knew something big was going to happen. Marlies you had a bright light over your head as though someone was working on you... I would like to know who was sitting with me the other night.

Marlies: You didn’t ask. I felt getting swished against my ear. Like if something was swishing by, but I didn’t get any word impressions.

Doug; Did you guys feel that warmth ? We all got the feeling of warmth and light at the same time,.

Betty: The light was around the edge was going shk- shk- shk.

Lucille; The student midwayer had a whole group of students around him, and there was the seraphim with them.

Joe; Yes. where is this Olantia ? There was a whole group from there.

Doug; I certainly feel better. A soothing experience.

Betty; Did you ever have that feeling of where time has slowed down

Stella: Yes. That was the way I felt when I came back from China

(This was the essence of the chatter after our communication with our unseen friends ended) ]]Category: Alantia]]