1995-01-06-Great Expectations

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Topic: Great Expectations

Group: Pocatello TeaM


Teacher: Daniel, Tomas

TR: Rutha, Gerdean



Opening prayer

DANIEL: Greetings my friends, I am Daniel, your guide and teacher. Welcome to this group of seekers of truth, followers of the highest Source, soul searchers in the quest for knowledge and understanding. I am a teacher from the source known as the schools formed by Machiventa Melchizedek to bring forth greater understanding and knowledge to those willing to allow God's will/presence to be their life's desire.

It is, and has been, a great honor for me to serve not only Christ Michael and, through Him, serve the First Source and Center, but it has been thoroughly rewarding to serve you, my friends, in this capacity as a teacher. Anyone who has ever been a teacher in any form understands that in teaching more is learned by the teacher than the student. Therefore at this point in our relationship I thank you for the understanding you have afforded me in this Teaching Mission.


Adventure, the Unknown

In your time span this day does, indeed, mark a time of a new beginning from the past and so it is appropriate not only from the standpoint of your year time but also from the standpoint of the formation of this Teaching Mission group. New beginnings are times when there is great expectation, great hope, and great joy. This is the upside, the side which all wish to join in new beginnings. However, in reality there is also the down sides of new beginnings, a time when the normal reaction by individuals is that of fear, that of not knowing, that of a desire to run away and seek the security of that which is already known.

As you witnessed in your own life, these reactions, the positive and the negative, have been your companions with new beginnings. It is hoped that as you continue to seek the silence, to pray to and worship the First Source and Center you will increasingly become aware of the fact that new beginnings are times when the ominous dread of the unexpected, the unknown, does not seize you, but rather calls you into action, into a mode that you can serve and be about His will.

Stillness, Inner Life

Through the quiet you are nurtured and your temperament is stabilized so that the rapid changes of the outside are not able to affect this ability and the steadfastness thereof in the inner. Those who continually seek for God-consciousness become less aware of temporal restrictions. At this time, in your careers you are at a threshold of beginning to comprehend and understand the support that the inner life gives through the realization that in true worship and the after silence you are afforded the luxury of understanding God talk. As you well know it is not in thunderous booming but rather that small quiet urging, that small, quiet, comforting knowing that fills your being.

And so at this point I would challenge each of you and ask each of you to accept any new commitment, any new start or beginning with great expectation, with the desire that through this new beginning you will be able to serve, you will be able to understand, you will be able to know that which is necessary to move forward. I ask that you seek to put at bay fear or the lack of faith. Rather take up the adventure and seek it with a joyous and expectant heart. Our friend Tomas is here and has some words for you this evening also.

Opportunity, Growth

TOMAS: Good evening, I am Tomas, and indeed I am pleased to also greet you and add my welcome words. Your New Year is always an opportunity to review your goals and accomplishments and it affords us the opportunity, then, to take advantage of the point in time where you look upon your lives with perspective and anticipation.

This occasion of a clean slate, so to speak, is akin to the lesson regarding potential and actualizing, for in greeting tomorrow with the mind frame of seeking your potential and augmenting the potential of others, you step into the actualizing process of bringing your faith to fruition and also to the furtherance of spiritual evolution.

The phrase, 'spiritual evolution', is only adequate here, for the reality is that you are revealing spiritual reality by your acceptance of your sonship/daughtership and putting into your arena with faith and confidence of your worth and value an extension of the living, loving Parent. Indeed, these occasions of new beginnings are eagerly sought and anticipated, for life in its routine can become dreary and worn. Therefore these respites, these holidays do renew your strength and enthusiasm for yet a new beginning.

It is a privilege to acknowledge one year of association with this teacher base; and I am amazed at how much can be accomplished in your timeframe, even though it seems to me more like a millennium. Indeed, the wisdom which you have collectively and individually secured over the course of these several months has and does carry the weight of many, many years of growth; again a testimony to the accelerated merits of revelation as compared to its fellow, evolution. We are, as a Teacher Corps, honored indeed to participate in this process of spiritual enlightenment and development for you individually and for your world. That is all.

DANIEL: The floor is open to questions.


Kent: Greetings my friends, Daniel and Tomas, it is, indeed, nice to be back. It is good. You do us honor this evening and we are grateful. Perhaps when I am in your position and I can look back on this I can realize how great this is. My love to both of you and all present. This evening we have two guests here, one of whom I will introduce. Brian has joined us and is, as you know, a long time reader [of the Urantia Book]. Will you please greet him?

DANIEL: Brian, it is with great respect and admiration for you that I, Daniel, and Tomas welcome you to this group. In the course of one's lifetime there are many steps, many levels of knowing, of realizing, of intuiting. There are many ways in which the First Source and Center affords His love to bestow gifts in one's life. Often when one is given a gift it is misunderstood until a time later when it is actualized and understood. To you, my friend, may I say that there have been such gifts in your life. And to those, such as yourself, who are willing to allow and to be open to Spirit, truth does prevail. The alignment with the First Source and Center does make connection. Welcome, Brian.

Brian: Thank you.

Leetah: Good evening, Daniel and Tomas. I would like to introduce our second guest, Beverly, who is with us. Jane was the first one who put Beverly in contact with this book we have been reading and so she is a new reader as far as the Urantia revelation is concerned. But I think what is true of all of us is that 'when the student is ready a teacher will be provided.' That's why we are all here and I am sure that is why Beverly is here; and I am glad to introduce her to you tonight.

DANIEL: And to Beverly, my friend Tomas and I extend our welcome. To you also can be said that God's will is that all His children, all of His creation can find that source, that place where the reality of truth can bring forth great joy. And to those such as yourself who continue to seek and search is the answer on the horizon. Indeed does there need to be foundations and the layers cemented in place in order for the student of truth to understand and know when the greatest of truths is revealed. Your willingness to lay that foundation has not been unnoticed and will continue to shower you with the comfort of the knowledge of the eternal and lasting love from the First Source and Center. To you is extended our welcome.

Leetah: Daniel and Tomas, I just want to say 'thank you very much' for being a part of our lives these three years, and to you, Tomas, this last year. I can't believe it has been a year since Tomas has joined us to be our teacher. We just thank you both for the words that hopeful, as you keep saying, we are unconsciously growing spiritually. And that is certainly consistent with our book. I just appreciate very much the words that you continue to give us that encourage us. Thank you.

DANIEL: Thank you for your words, Leetah.

PamElla: Daniel and Tomas, I too would like to thank you. As I'm sure you are aware I have been transcribing all the old material from April through August and I'm just really struck, again, by the help that has been there for me. And I want to thank you both for that.


And then also I have a question from the lesson tonight. My original question, Tomas, you answered in your part, so this second question remains. Many people say that they desire not to have any expectations because they don't want to be let down, they don't want to be hurt. Daniel, you are asking us to face the newness with expectation and anticipation. What do we say to those people who are frightened of having a positive outlook because that could lead to disappointment? And can't it, in fact, lead to disappointment?

DANIEL: Indeed your question is welcome. In this aspect of desiring to want a positive outlook you are coming strictly from a human standpoint. And if all of your endeavors came strictly from the human side then, indeed, fear of the unknown is natural and undoubtedly would be a correct stance, for in any endeavor one never knows the outcome. Indeed even the greatest of motives can backfire in terms of human accomplishment or the achievement of goals.

My friends, in this statement of being expectant I ask you to approach this from not just the human side but rather from the divine and spiritual nature of your being. For if motive is placed in that stance of being willing, desiring, and wanting to follow His will then the expectation is always going to be in the realm of progress, in the realm of righteousness despite the outcome in human/material terms.

And so be expectant, be jubilant, be hopeful in terms of your spiritual side, but know that even if there is an undesired ending on the human side that because of your lack of understanding, of perception, of knowing, that in some vein some good has been redeemed and is forever saved, is forever a part of the evolving Supreme. Are you seeing?

PamElla: Yes, Daniel, I am. Thank you.


Brian: This is Brian, Daniel. I have asked a few times about what my heavenly name is [Ed: spiritual name], the name I will receive after fusion. I wonder if I might be permitted to know what that name is at this time?

DANIEL: This name is forthcoming and will be revealed in the near future. It is asked that you work to perceive this name in the silence. However, it is not far from your understanding of previous perceptions. Whenever possible, it is desirous that individuals grasp these personal aspects during their own prayer, meditation, and worship time. You are very close.

Brian: Thank you.

Isaac: Daniel and Tomas, this is Isaac. And I also, want to just reiterate my gratitude personally for your patient, effective, persistent willingness to teach us and be our guides and friends. Perhaps you say you have learned more than we have. I know that is the teacher's experience. But I also understand that we have been accelerated in our learning. And at times the pace has been almost such as to take your breath away, so to speak. But I'm glad that we have all had a rest, we are back here, and we are looking forward to the next timeframe of this coming year.

I also want to say that I am honored to be permitted to have the job of transcriber because I get to ingest your teaching personally in a very meaningful way. I consider that a real honor. So, thank you both. That is all.

DANIEL: Acknowledged. Thank you, Isaac, for your kind words.


TOMAS: It is important to realize how much you have to do with this process. It is fine for you to acknowledge the presence and guidance of your teachers and spirit helpers but do not overlook your own role in this ongoing spiritizing process. I do not mean this vaguely but in specific instances it would do you well to accept and acknowledge those fruits of the Spirit which you have manifested on a daily basis or in a trying situation when you have manifested loving kindness to children or the aged, and in many and myriad ways have you contributed to your own upstepping and upstepping of your peers.

It is truly critical that you accept your own role in this spiritizing process and for those contributions that you make individually on a fairly consistent basis. We thank you sincerely, for your efforts contribute to the success of Michael's mission and therefore to our success as well. It is truly a society of mutual admiration. And lest we run the risk of being called overly sentimental let us all now acknowledge the overcare of our higher-ups and communally thank those essences of love and light which have afforded us all these radiant and promising experiences.


DANIEL: During the next timeframe, a time when you will encounter new horizons and new beginnings, seek first the silence. Turn over and allow God, the First Source and Center, allow Michael, the Creator Son, allow Nebadonia, the Mother Spirit to be a part of that new beginning. Our love and peace go with you this evening. Good night.

Group: Good night.