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Topic: Humor

Group: Nashville TeaM


Teacher: Ham

TR: Rebecca



Greetings. I am HAM and I am happy again that you have decided to confer with me this evening. This altogether is one of my favorite groups of human beings who are lighthearted, and also, serious concerning our work. It is important for all involved to have a sense of humor and feelings of gaiety, for you often tend to be serious and sober minded in your work.



The function of laughter is to adjust the emotional balance when emotional stress has taken over or been stretched. Laughter is the window of opportunity in which one can view oneself and ones situation in perspective. Humor is universally employed in this local universe. Your Creator Father had decreed that humor is essential to all levels of His creative beings.

Laughter breaks the tension of uncertainty and deflates the ego concerning awareness. I find your laughter refreshing and stimulative, for often the truth can be revealed in a humorous light which is greatly less threatening to the egos assumptions. Truth can be readily accepted when couched in a humorous fashion man if it is seen to be a serious matter. Humor can ease away the self-defenses which are erected toward the intellectual argument. Therefore, I suggest that you may all use humor for your benefit in many ways.

The need for laughter is as universal as the need for acceptance. Laughter can facilitate acceptance as well. Humans feel at ease when tension is broken with laughter during interactions. When the tension is especially high, the need for laughter is greatest and jokes seem funniest. With the strategic use of humor, you can facilitate the acceptance of your ideas. It is important when you are seeking acceptance on a serious level not to appear to be taking yourself so seriously.

Human beings are ready to reject new things, and because your ideas are new to them, they will want to reject them. Laughter and humor eases this transition where you can get past their initial rejection and are allowed consideration through humor.

This is not to say that you are self-deprecatory. No, the humor involved should be off the subject. It does not need to be concerning yourself or your ideas. Something unrelated works better. This is just a little advice for you in your increasingly public situations.


Q: What do you think of satire as a form of humor?

HAM: Satire is a useful humorous device which can be used for wider social issues than other humor. And it is destructive also as often as it is constructive. Your humor base is very poor and so often the humor is a forced thing. We have observed that your humor level though has remained roughly constant through history. Although the Adamites were originally a very humorous crowd and used the intricacies of humor for their own enjoyment. Racially you are all endowed with a wide strand of the Adamic humor and could appreciate a more advanced humor than culturally is available. Humor is needed always in this stressful and confusion ridden world. We would like to see an advance in all your artistic areas including humor.

Q: Is slapstick a pretty low form of humor? (Yes.)

Q: Would you consider Will Rogers one of the funniest people to live on this planet?

HAM: There have been a number of exceptional humorists on your world and your idol is among them.


Q: Would you comment on sarcasm as humor?

HAM: Sarcasm has several levels. However, the main thrust of it is as a put down to someone else. Sometimes this can be humorous when it is turned back around on the human who is exhibiting sarcasm. Humor can be elaborately intricate and employ many different agents of laughter.

Q: We've been dealing with starting to prepare some humor for this video. I was wondering will it be the kind I've always done, that is in my book, that I have done on me stage, or will it be different, similar to what I have done at the Bluebird, and what I have always done on the stage? I wouldn't know any other way to do it.

HAM: You've answered your own question. Yes, experiment with humorous anecdotes and levels of interaction with the audience. Personal stories are the best.

Q: Like the thing about hanging around shrines?(No comment.)

Q: Are practical jokes something unique to our planet?

HAM: Not at all. The fun-loving beings on many worlds employ harmless practical jokes.

Judgment, Materialization

Q: Has a new dispensation started yet?

HAM: The technical dispensation has not occurred. However, there have been resurrections and some other adjustments which would indicate that technically you are due to experience a major dispensation soon. These dispensations are usually timed with the arrival of a Son. However, on your world there may be some delaying factors before a divine arrival. The Correcting Time is a time factor which is allowed for adjustments and corrections on this world. You are all to play a part in this Correcting Time. You will all aid the Melchizedek government in its task of employing a number of means for planetary advancement We are continuing our quest for those who have the stamina, the courage, and the commitment to Machiventa Melchizedek and those whom he represents. Many will not walk forward, some will decide to wait on the sidelines until the pieces fall together for them to comfortably adjust to this mission calling. But there are those of you who must decisively take steps to lead forward when there is only uncertainty and a lot of resistance. All your decisions are recorded in heaven and your decisions are respected and aided when possible. Don't be afraid to use your own judgments, for even if you are denounced by the world, your decisions are upheld in the higher realms.