1995-10-22-Council of Five Speaks

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Topic: Council of Five Speaks

Group: Tallahassee TeaM


Teacher: Will

TR: JoiLin



All hail the Father as His glory encircles the earth, the universe and indeed the universe of universes. His beneficence knows no bounds; it reaches out to both the greatest and those who are seen in the least light.


Teaching Mission

You who participate within this Mission, are much blessed. We are pleased to be among you; we are a council of five who have been participating in this Mission as it unfolds here, within this geographical location. We have attempted on many occasions, to reach each of you individually.

You will have recognized us perhaps when the words coming through you indicate that there are more than one; usually signified as "we". We ask that you continue seeking and opening as we would work with each of you individually in days to come. There is much work to be done yet on the individual level. Many of you are already moving along the path leading to higher universe understandings as well as are you doing the work that will facilitate your becoming a more integrated human.

As we continue to work with you, and attempt to move you into these new times, you will discover that much has been given to you...lies within you...waiting to be discovered, they will perhaps be presented to you as insights. You will suddenly discover that you "own" something, some new piece of understanding, some new means of processing information that was not yours in the past. We ask you, even beseech you, to continue opening your minds as much and as often as you can. It was mentioned this evening that there is or are permissions that you have within your power to give us, those who work with you, and that these permissions must be given on a daily basis, if that is your will to allow us to help up-step you, and this is so. Mankind's freewill may not be interfered with on any level, neither conscious, nor subconscious. That is your gift from on high and is inviolate! That is your guarantee, if you need one, that all that transpires in your life as regards this Mission, transpires because you -will- it, as one of His apostles.

Recognize dear students all, that you do indeed hold the key to the transformation of this world within yourselves, each individually.

You are receiving much appreciation and blessings from on high for the role you have accepted. You will one day have the eyes to look back and see what you have given, what you will give to this world in the Father's name. Know always as you walk this path that there will never be a time when you cannot turn away, again, humankind's freewill is inviolate. You are the masters of the good ships that are your very lives...you are the pilots, the captains, and yet through you, the storms upon this world will be calmed.

Much that is dysfunctional will become less so, through your efforts, and through your willingness and ability to allow the Father to move through you, touching the lives of your brothers and sisters with His gentle touch. We encourage you, when looking at your siblings, to open the eyes of your heart and look at them as your Father looks at them...see within their eyes, His eyes...all of your siblings regardless of station in life, culture, religion, creed...none of these things matter, they are children of your Father, as are you, and only through this process of reaching out through your hearts will this world be changed.

We know you know this...and we've seen you act on it, and it lifts our hearts each and every time we witness the Father working through you. We will on occasion visit your classroom, as will Michael be coming again to honor you with His presence.

I thank you for your kind and loving attentiveness to my words this evening. Stay always dear students in His light. Blessings on you. Good evening.

All: Good evening. Thank you!


Council member: I thank you dear child. But you are quite welcome.

Will: Greetings dear ones, it is I Will, your teacher who loves you.

I had a lesson prepared for this evening that I will hold until our next meeting. I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated the way in which you received my associate LinEL, last week. We are attempting to foster inter-group relations...communications, and so on occasion, we will switch places. I want to ask you if you have any difficulty with this?

Analeise: None at all, I welcome it.

Helen: I'm sure the Corvallis group will be very happy. They've expressed great appreciation for you; most everybody has.

Will: Yes, they are indeed a dear group of students and very close to my heart, as are all of you,and in fact, LinEL himself speaks very highly of you, my students, as well. And that of course, fills my heart with pride. Pride is something I strive to control; I am not yet perfect, however, it does creep out on occasion. What did you think of the format used last week?

Loren: We appreciated it.

Analeise: The sharing you mean?

Will: No I was referring to the teacher time, specifically.

Helen: But sharing by the teacher?

Will: Yes.

Helen: And then the questions:

Will: Yes.

Helen: I thought it was great, and if we're going to do any bonding, I really appreciate that.

Analeise: I liked it too.


Will: I appreciate your bringing that up Helen. This bonding issue is very important, is very important for you as a group to become more firmly bonded. I have brought this issue up on numerous occasions over the years, and now feel more comfortable in discussing it at greater length. I sometimes feel at a loss at bringing a clear understanding of the importance of the bonding. Think for a moment if you will of a group of military inductees, all of them coming from different walks of life, different intellectual levels, different emotional levels. Not really wanting to be there...thrown together in a barracks... black . .. white... red, what have you. The room now filled with various different levels of dis-ease if you will, prejudices. There needs to be a catalyst, something to throw out, that will somehow wrap around this unruly, disorganized group of people, and draw them together as one unit, and any of you who have been in the service, or even watched movies about the service, as I'm sure you all have at one time or another, will understand that the sergeant is just that catalyst. He becomes such a figure of authority, wielded almost with extreme dislike, bordering on hate sometimes, that creates the bond among the inductees. They now have one thing in common amongst them, their deep dislike for their sergeant.

We need a catalyst. We have one, in fact, perhaps, more than one. We have love, as it moves in you and through you. We have your commitment to the Father. These are indeed ties that bind, and yet if you do not do anything actively, in order to foster the commitments that you have to this group, to one another, it remains in stasis. Nothing can happen until you actively pursue, until you actively create the ties and begin to pull them closer. Can you think of anything, and I'm asking for suggestions from each of you please. What can we do as a group in order to foster these bonds between us? We who teach you, all of the personal teachers, all of the teachers who come here on occasion, to share, or even just to watch, we all yearn to be a part of the bonding process, for there will come a time when we will need to depend on this very close knit family, that we are endeavoring to build and foster. Can any of you bring forth ideas that would foster this bonding?

Helen: I have a question if you please. Uhm, bonding, I'm confused perhaps on, because in my framework it happens on different levels. There's the social bonding that happens in the office, and there's the deeper bonding that happens in a spiritual group where you may not be social totally with each other, but there's that level of commitment that if any of us had a need, we would be very willing to be asked to help out, and I see just because of our different hectic lifestyles, a problem with the social bonding within this group, because each of us have social bonding areas out there. So can you be, with me, for me, a little clearer on what exactly...the bonding in the barracks is not a social bonding, I don't think...I'm just...I'm sorry, I'm just not quite getting the picture.

Analeise: I think perhaps, that's one of the problems Will, with the bonding. I am like Helen, I have not a clear picture of what that involves, one of the patterns that I have identified from my early childhood is a lack of bonding within my family. So there are times when I feel I don't understand the concept and yet to me the receiving messages from teachers, has been a bonding within this group, at least within the smaller group. To me another thing that made me feel closer and perhaps that's bonding, was the work we did in a real small group on identifying patterns. We did a lot of personal sharing and that gave me an understanding of other members of the group that I did not have prior to that, and I felt closer to them as a result of the sharing exercises that we were doing. But the problem to me is an unclear conception of what the bonding is that you're talking about.

Loren: In other words it's ambiguous a bit.

Will: Do we have any other comments or suggestions before I....

Helen: I have a comment. In that very small group we were willing to step on each others toes and say things about what bothered us about the other person. And I keep going back to that barracks thing and knowing that all these people sometimes got into fisticuffs at least in the movies I saw! And I think that maybe we have to come to a point of trusting each other enough, the core, of who we are, and who we are in Christ, to be willing to vent with each other saying to each other, "really, this bothers me about you". I don't know if that's important or not, or if its too petty to even mention.....

Deanne: Before you resume Will, I have a comment also which was, just as you asked your question for suggestions, my mind was racing thinking...bonding...I'd love to bond more with these people and I guess I was thinking socially, yet the first stumbling block I ran into was time. I don't seem to have enough time to bond with my own family sometimes, and I'm just a little stymied as to a good suggestion, and to find times outside of Sunday nights or whenever to find time to form stronger bonds with the people here.

Vincent: The question I have is in this process, are we here to bond with each other or are we here to bond with the Father and then go out as individuals to spread the light? Which is what I thought the idea was, not necessarily a group of individuals who would go out in teams.

Will: It is all of those things. It is primarily the bond you have with the Father certainly, and then there are secondary levels. It is the bonding between you as a group. The bonding between you as individuals, one on one, one on two, and so on. There is a level of social bonding that to my way of thinking is more superficial.

When I speak of bonding, I speak of it on a more emotional level, involving the heart, not the mind. Helen brought up a good point, in that, in this process, in the evolution of this group, as I'm sure you all recognize as a process, when this group, and it is still becoming, becomes stable enough, with enough trust between each of you, that you can indeed approach one of your group-mates with a difficulty that you have and be open with them and honest with them, not as a means of attack, or ridicule, or put down, but as a means of reaching understanding, when this level of growth becomes evident in this group, as it is now beginning to be, then will this bonding process become more integrated, stronger, more deeply felt among all of you.

Always there are levels. And now you may think to yourselves, well as Helen mentioned, if something happened to one or the other of you, and you thought there was a need, you would be there, and I know that well...you would be, provided you knew. You aren't always going to know, as things are now. Hopefully, in the future. Remember that you are changing, your mental and emotional processes are undergoing change, as we speak. You, if you pursue as I am asking, to strengthen the bonds between you, you will recognize in days to come, and I can hear you already thinking, what does she mean by days to come!" but I'll leave that for the moment, the mental pathways within your minds will mesh with the circuitry that is in place now on this planet.

Remember that the circuitry is also between you as individuals, it is between you as individuals here in this room, it is between you and others on the other side of this world. For whomever you have reached out to through your open heart and connected with, you are now connected to those people. Count on this, strengthen this, these connections are needed, for the process that is ongoing on your planet depends much on your willingness to pursue what we ask you to pursue. And so the bonding that I refer to is initially, or primarily bonds that become melded through your hearts. If one of you and I won't pick a name, one of you, any of you, had a problem, would you know about it? And if so, how would you know about it? Do all of you call each other during the week?

I'm not attempting to devalue the work that you have done; you have done much. I'm simply asking that you do more (laughing). Analeise spoke of her difficulty in feeling bonded with others. Many on this planet child, have that difficulty, you are not alone!

Analeise: I understand that.

Will: This is part of the dysfunction that is your legacy from the default, from the rebellion. I feel so helpless (ED: said with much emotion!) sometimes, like a mother with a child, I suppose, wanting so much to change the course that has been put in place and it is this that Michael and the Father are now attempting to do. But it cannot be done without your concentrated help. Oh it can be done, over a much longer period of time, and perhaps I shouldn't be impatient, but it is my love for you that causes me to feel so. And I ask that you bear with me and forgive me my impatience.

Helen: May I comment Will?

Will: Yes, of course, please..

Helen: I think I have a confusion between bonding and commitment and if that's the case, it's probably blocking me somewhat, because we each have a commitment in our lives, an overpowering commitment, many of us, to spouses and family, that is if not openly contradictory, somewhat in conflict to the commitment to this group. I don't really see a solution to be committed...I don't know what would take precedence...it's very confusing for me.

Will: You're asking...

Helen: Perhaps the nuance is between commitment and bonding, because a commitment within a family is sacred, as far as I'm concerned.

Will: Certainly.

Helen: And the bonding within this group perhaps will at times take second place to the earlier commitments or to the dominating commitment, because of lack of time, because of conflict of interest is one way of putting it.

Will: Most certainly. The work that takes the highest priority between your responsibility to your family and your responsibility, if that is the correct term, to this group, always will be your family, your prior commitments, take precedence. Now in future times, if there came a need, and I don't foresee this so don't misunderstand me, but if there came a need where the Father required, needed, you to do a task, that might take some rethinking.

It is easy perhaps for me, to say that my commitment is first to the Father, first and formost to the Father, and yet I no longer have my family responsibilities and so as I say, easier for me to say that. You are here on this physical world and these questions are more difficult for you, but remember always that the life of the planet, this physical planet, the life you live, is to be lived well, and is the most important job that you can do. So I would hope that all of you would continue to see your family responsibilities as your first commitment over and above this group.

I was asking, and it won't be the last time, when I open the floor for questions; I'm looking for input, as much as anything. But also hoping to move you into thinking about this in different ways. When Analeise spoke of the work that you several did, some time ago, beginning to look at patterns in your lives, we were very excited about that small group. And in fact hoped that it would develop into what it begins to appear that this group here now, is turning into.

As you begin working with The Artist's Way, if you do decide to do that, you will be accomplishing the same goal, the same end that the work you began months ago would have accomplished. And that is a very good means of developing the bonds as you work together on a project, as you work next month together on the project of building habitat for humanity, this will be another avenue of bonding for you. Everything that you do together, whether it is in twos or threes or the entire group, or the whole big group, all of these are means of bonding. A telephone call is also a means of bonding, anything that allows you access to another through your heart and theirs creates bonds. I feel like I've taken up much more time than I had intended to with this question. I much appreciate the input from all of you.

Helen: So, could we, since it's been somewhat rambling, could we have a synopsis? Uh, that it's Father first, family next, and this group third. Stop me when I get off track.

Will: That is the most perfect scenario, yes.

Helen: And within this group I've heard two proposals that would enhance our bonding. One is daily or weekly contact, telephone or whatever, and another is cooperative endeavors, such as the habitat or whatever, and if there were more of of this kind of thing. Is that correct?

Will: Yes, it is.

Helen: And you would propose those two activities and group activities as well as the telephone calls.

Will: Yes. Thank you Helen.

Loren: Will the group of the Most Highs talk to us again?


Will: They will return on ocassion, yes. And if that is all the questions there are, I will close for this evening. Thanking you once again for you attention, for you willingness to share with me.


All: Shalom.