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Topic: Intuition

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. I am your friend and teacher. In keeping with the course of lessons on mind, I should like to say a few words on intuition.



A man who cannot see, his hearing becomes more intense. He learns to recognize certain sounds and becomes extremely sensitive to these sounds. A person without sight or sound has but to rely on the feeling of touch. This person knows that touch alone cannot assist him properly in his daily dealings with life. He learns to go deeper within his mind to rely on instinct or feeling.

Imagine yourself such a person without the necessary five senses. Could you imagine a world that could not rely on these five senses? Where would you turn? What choice would there be?

As animals become adapted to certain climates, so does humankind learn that beyond what you can see, hear, touch, taste and smell, is there a sixth sense. Some have said it to be instinct, perhaps a gut feeling. Somehow you just know. Somehow you have listened and you just know.

The Indwelling Father Fragment does indeed play a role in the area of intuition. You could say He is somewhat like a transmitter helping to guide you in certain directions. With the spiritual circuits becoming more open, this feeling of knowingness will become quite natural. It will seem quite ordinary to experience a certain feeling and act upon that feeling.

Yes, those who have been severely injured learn that they are much more than their material body. They are perhaps forced at times to turn within and listen and trust that there is a God who loves them like no other can. Yes, some do discover this gift and they go with it and find it helpful. Some have feelings of intuition and their feelings seem to be in error. I would say there is nothing lost if you are to follow feelings of intuitions if logic is applied.

Yes, the Infinite Mother Spirit and the spirit of intuition are busily teaching and instructing on how best to utilize the resources of intuition. As time passes you will discover certain steps you can take to further this gift. I would perhaps like to suggest a few now:

1) One who is intuitive has a good grasp of humility, knowing they are still a student in the vast cosmos. A humble attitude opens the door to intuition.

2) Trust, the trust a child gives to a parent is the trust you would bestow upon your Indwelling Father Fragment. To truly believe you are a child of His and He has your best interest at heart, you are trusting that He is in control of your world.

3) Faith, faith not only in your Universal Father and His array of vast hosts and helpers, but a deep and understanding faith in yourself as a child of the one God, to know that Father has full faith in your abilities as His child, to be unafraid to take a chance, to be unworried by looking foolish, to have confidence in yourself and know that Father has enabled you with His power which is also known as love. This faith, inner faith and confidence, in not only Father - but yourselves as well, opens the door to intuition.

4) Liberation from fears and anxiety. Yes. To be free from fear is to set the mind in a flight mode. To free yourselves from worry and anxiety is to set your spirit soaring. To understand you do not carry the weight of the world is to open the door to intuition. A mind filled with useless worry is to feel incompetent, is to close the door to intuition.

5) Ask. To have an attitude of asking. “Father, what is my focus”...is to open the door to intuition and inner knowledge. You will see as you become consciously aware of Father's leadings that these experiences are quite normal and you will understand you have already been experiencing them quite frequently. But I say, to recognize and witness Father's creative works in action is cause for praise to Him and rejoicing within your heart. A few questions?


C.: Abraham, thanks for the lesson. I feel it tons of insight for myself. Sometimes I wonder if I am being a little over-anxious or a little bit too lazy. So maybe I am being both. Your lesson gave me some insight to analyze that. Maybe not lazy, but unsure.

ABRAHAM: Yes, some leadings can be difficult to interpret. I would suggest to you, weigh them with your logic and attempt to foresee an outcome and then decide if this would further advance the kingdom of God or the brother/sisterhood of mankind. Always go to Father with a humble attitude.


E.: I have a question on awareness. I personally feel like awareness comes as an result of spiritual growth. It is not based on five senses. It greatly exceeds that. Is this right?

ABRAHAM: Yes. On various worlds throughout the universe, local universe, there are others with many different environments in which they live. They are designed, so to speak, for that particular environment, as are you designed for this environment on your world. Yes, the spiritual senses do exceed your physical senses and you shall see with the passing of time more and more of the higher senses will be available to mortals.


A.: Abraham, I have a very personal question that has to do with work. The woman I was living with recently died. In the past months I have had considerable difficulty in applying myself to work on a daily basis. I am now coming to the point that I feel that I have healed enough that I can do that, and yet, I am still having difficulty in applying myself to the hours that I need to apply myself. Can you give me some suggestions, some direction, some advice as to how I could focus to be productive in the business that I do?

ABRAHAM: Yes. May I ask you a question? (Yes.) What is the end results of your labor? What do you work towards? (Assisting people buying and selling their house.) Beyond this what does it do to benefit you? (I am not sure.) Beyond financial assistance I wonder if there is a deeper meaning. Perhaps all the hours you think you should work should perhaps be spent on something else. A man should choose a job that would not only benefit him financially but assist him in the deeper spiritual meanings in this short life. If your heart is not in a particular task then your level of desire to perform that task with quality is not there. Perhaps you are needing to explore other avenues. A man is not his work, but a man is his life, his deeds done, his actions taken. Be not afraid to explore. Does this help? (Yes.) One more question.

HN.: Abraham, it is hard to have faith on a daily basis when your income is in jeopardy. I try to stay away from the worry and stress of the money lost. I keep thinking Father must have something else in mind. I am having a hard time finding balance. Am I in denial here?

ABRAHAM: Yes, your faith is quite strong I perceive. You do possess much faith along with much intelligence. You are in understanding that these two must be integrated to discern the path that Father would have you choose/take. No, you are not in denial, but you are hoping to not experience the feelings of financial burden. This may cause you some worry. Yes, the Father will certainly lead you, but I say, even the apostles made time to fish so that they could sell it for money they needed. Yes, I am certain that you do quite well and when it is time for you to fish you will know it. Do not dwell upon this. This is not too important. You continue to follow your intuitions and filter them through your logic system and you shall be empowered with the correct decision making. Does this help?

H.: Yes it does. Thank you very much.


ABRAHAM: You are quite welcome. I am so happy and so honored to be with you tonight. I wish tonight to truly and sincerely express my deepest love for you each. Until next week, shalom.