1996-01-15-Listening and Understanding

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Topic: Listening and Understanding

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



Teacher Contact

I am ABRAHAM. My greetings to you. It is my privilege and honor to know each one of you. I am always looking forward to personal time with each one of you. Did you notice my presence during the week? Did you find you were unexpectedly assisted with a problem? Did you feel comforted at a moment when you expected anxiety? I say this is basically how we communicate with you. It is absolutely natural and nothing to be feared. Communication between us is not to be rushed, is not to cause you mental anguish. Spiritual conversation between you and I is to be of your benefit. I strive each day to meet with several students in the hope that Michael's work will ripple outward to those you know.


Listening, Understanding

As I have spoken before, the Kingdom of Heaven is like the ocean and all components make up the whole. I am a drop of water within an enormous body of water. I strive to assist the whole. In order to do my job I must take small steps to reach the few students that I can. The students that allow my words and learn spiritual truths and desire to serve, assist in serving the whole. You see, we are many small parts that create the whole. Mortals at times dwell upon their own unimportance, not knowing they assist in serving the whole. They feel there are so many drops in the ocean that one drop will not be missed. I can tell you our Father knows His ocean beyond its molecular level. Yes, one drop is deeply missed. It is this one drop that Father strives to bring back to His vast ocean. He is concerned with each and every part of the whole.

Mortals who can trust and move freely within their area of water are likely to attract the rays of the sun. They are likely to bring more light into their small area within this vast ocean. When you review your life, can you not observe Father's fingerprints along the way? Even in your darkest hours, can you believe that you were totally alone in our great universe? Always are mortals searching for proof that God exists. When you review your life and mark the Father's fingerprints, that is the only proof that you can record.

We have spoken much about trusting the Father and His legions of planetary helpers. We have been opening the door of truth very slowly so as to not blind you. Trust is the bottom stair in a great stairway of understanding. To risk your ego and take a chance on trusting that in which you cannot see is to open the door of truth a little wider. As you learn to trust you are given more responsibility along with the spiritual tools to perform your responsibilities. One of these tools could perhaps be entitled 'Listening and Understanding.' In the worlds history it has often been mortals talking about themselves. One and all are involved with their own life. Very few stop to listen. If very few stop to listen then very few understood. We have passed an era of mortal self-involvement. Yes, humankind is coming forth from the cocoon of selfishness into the light of service.

I have spoken before on the subject communicating with your fellows. I have said if you are not willing to speak then you cannot expect to be understood. It so goes with listening. If you cannot listen with an open heart then you are missing understandings that could help you help your fellows or yourself. Listening and understanding is helping to help the part to move the whole. Small components are like seeds blowing in the wind. Father knows who they are. He has enabled them with the tools to move the whole. An exercise in really listening to gain greater understanding would be appropriate at this point in time. You will see, many small things you miss frequently because failure to properly listen, without motive for serving self, instead of moving the whole. It is difficult at times to listen to others when you feel you are not listened to. Let this not discourage you in your desire to serve. I would remind you to return to the bottom stair of trusting in your Paradise Parents. It is Father that always has His ear open to His children. I instruct you in this lesson so that you will not miss the small understandings that will move the whole. Have you questions?


RACHEL: This evening we have Susan with us. She is a newcomer to our group, but certainly not a newcomer to you Father Abraham. We want to welcome her and also state that she has some questions she would like to ask.

ABRAHAM: Welcome to you.


SUSAN: Abraham, I would like to have some assistance in helping me make a decision in regards to treatment. And I wonder if this could be done through a personal session by you or possibly asking for further assistance from another healer that might be able to help me. Could you comment on this please?

ABRAHAM: Certainly. Are you concerned with medical material treatments? (Yes.) I am aware that the human medical technology is deemed useful. I ask have you other questions besides medical treatments?

SUSAN: One issue with this that comes to mind is, is this a hereditary issue that I am trying heal from my family or is this just a medical issue that I am dealing with just from me? I think that there is also hereditary issues that I feel I need to stop so that this doesn't continue on in my family.

ABRAHAM: I am attempting to understand if a personal meeting is needed. Do you feel comfortable asking right now, right here? (I feel comfortable.) I can explain to you this much, I am unable to foresee the future. I am unskilled in genetic possibilities. I am informed if your situation is genetic then is there not a lot you can be responsible for. I am understanding you are doing everything you need to do. You are concerned about others and wish to lessen their pain for you. This to is not your responsibility. This desire you feel to lessen others pain is not aiding in your own healing. My daughter, your greatest physician is within and you indeed hold His power in your hands. You assist in your own healing with your continued trust and belief that the Father that created all beings does indeed hold my destiny within His hands. You are indeed learning to trust. I would suggest in learning to trust, you dedicate your will to the doing Father's will. In this you will be accepting of the plan of divinity Father has in store for you. Yes, continue medical material treatment. I say your own feelings and your internal Father, internal physicians, advice that you need to heed. I would ask if you would feel comfortable receiving healings from those in this group? (Yes.) I would recommend healings weekly if possible at your convenience and I would ask Alawna if she is willing to assist in these healings? (Yes Abraham. Thank you.) Very well. Healings need not be long. Remember the more you believe yourself to be a child of God the more effective are the healings. Think not you have deserved this illness. No. Let not this weigh your heart any longer. Accept your wings from Father, and by all means, use them. Another question? (No. Thank you.) Is a private meeting still needed? (I don't think so.) Please be comfortable to ask me anything. More questions?


CALVIN: Abraham, I know your lessons are also in large part trying to get us to be more trusting and I don't know to what degree I am, whether its 10% or 90%, I just know I am not there. I know I need to look more than just trusting in Him to provide for our physical life. Other than say, Father help me to learn my lessons of life, to be more trusting, what else would be helpful? It doesn't seem like I am making any big strides.

ABRAHAM: You know a child that has not received education on the ways of the material world is so filled with faith and trust. It is so natural in children. It is the way that mortals should be born with. Over time our negative factors fed into the minds of trusting and faithful children, they have learned disappointment after disappointment. Instead of learning that disappointment is for a reason of learning spiritual truths, they are likely to believe that they have somehow wronged an angry God. God is completely responsible for His many children. He is unlike any man or woman you have known. If you could see His inner workings in nature, you would begin to understand how He is responsible. It is sad, but true, God has to earn the trust of His mortal children. His children witness His fingerprints upon the paths of their lives and they have seen, God has been there all along, but once again, disappointment has struck and they are believing that Father has forgotten them. This is not right. To believe that God is responsible, He forgets not the least of His drops of the ocean that is the Kingdom of Heaven. At times you must locate that child within that had not yet discovered life's disappointments. This child had all the trust and faith that they acquired upon birth. It is necessary to look deep within your soul and know that God knows you and He trusts you. He is asking that you not worry if He is with you or not, just assume He is, because it is so. He is always with you. He is always knowing of your destiny, one step ahead of you. You will see. Take a chance and know He is, and I can tell you, you will begin to witness change and be entrusted with those spiritual tools that are needed to perform your duties as a son of God. Another question?

LINDA: Father Abraham, I am afraid to ask you because I am afraid you'll say no. May I have my spiritual name and could I ask if you know my sons spiritual name? And if I use it when I pray for him does it work better than when I don't?

ABRAHAM: One moment. Amanda is as close as I can help you to understand. Your son understands your prayers regardless of what you call him. Your Father knows your heart completely. I desire to give you his name anyway. One moment. Randon, R-a-n-d-o-n. Yes. (Thank you very much Father Abraham.) You are entirely welcome, my daughter. One more question.

RACHEL: Father Abraham I'll ask are you going to be with us this week like you were last week individually?


ABRAHAM: Yes. You will see that my lesson is also involving my individual visits, listening and understanding. I look forward to assisting you in your morontial training. I will see you. Shalom.