1996-03-04-I Shall Move Forward

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Topic: I Shall Move Forward

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. I am happy you have returned this week. Last week our lesson was somewhat direct and may have possibly frightened some. We discussed your commitment and dedication has evolved beyond the point of return. I stand in awe of your courage to proceed. I am filled with excitement to be a part of your spiritual journey.



I have labored to spread Michael's vision of Light and Life to those that would hear. I have received appropriate training and I am qualified to teach. I have been given the proper spiritual tools wherewith to teach. I can say as it was for me so shall it be for you. I live. I experience. I learn. I teach. These are simple facts that most mortals can expect along their mortal journey. Without my Indwelling God I find it highly unlikely to be so qualified for teaching these spiritual truths. I must say I had many doubts and confusing thought patterns along my spiritual voyage. At times I felt hopeless, out of control for my own life. I have experienced horrible phases doubt and faithlessness. In spite of these doubting episodes I found myself repeating, "I shall move forward." I was unsure in my moments of doubt but I vowed to continue in a forward motion. As I grew spiritually I began to trust this attitude and I realized this attitude is what pulled me forward through those times of confusion. There was no turning back. I vowed to stay the path. As my spiritual thoughts developed I found my trust for Father increased, my dependence on His will increased, my times of despair and confusion were quite bearable. You see, my thoughts were always changing, always evolving. I desired my thoughts to stay in that forward motion. I desired truth and I never wanted to stay at a belief that was stagnating.

It is quite difficult to believe without seeing. It is difficult to be committed to moving forward without guarantee of the actuality of a loving Paradise Father. It is after many battles of doubt and despair do you make your decision and commit to Father, "I desire to move forward." Many mortals can only go so far before they are overtaken by fear and doubt. Many choose to find a safe level of faith that they are familiar with. The desire to move forward is not present. This is not bad. This is acceptable. I endeavor to reach these individuals and they are unwilling to move. This is acceptable. This does no harm. To you, my friends, who have that drive to move forward will indeed do so.

You have begun to understand your relationship with your Father. You are believing to be His child. You acknowledge His presence within you. You are accepting His will, be it favorable or unfavorable in your eyes. You are vowing to move forward without promise of reward. You are becoming God-like. You are drinking Michael's cup, be it sweet or be it bitter. To strive to know your Father and be like Him is to experience a domino effect. Once the first domino falls there is no stopping its forward momentum, striving to be God-like, receiving spiritual responsibility, receiving the tools needed for these responsibilities carrying out of Father's will, recognizing Father's works and assisting Him in them, receiving the liberty to carry out your duties as a child of God, feeling the indescribable joy that springs from your closeness to Father, teaching what you have learned without fear of failure, without worry of ridicule. You see, with your determination to know God and be like Him you are setting off the other dominos or fruits of the spirit. My friends, it just happens. It is not too cause you anxiety. It is to cause you joy and keep your movement heading toward Paradise.

If I may add another domino to tonight's lesson I would include worship and gratitude to our Father that sees to our watch care. I would express my gratitude to one who has brought me this far in my steps to Him. As you continue your learning God-likeness and liberty to act God-like ponder upon His carefully guiding hand that directs you and take a moment to acknowledge His care and love and set a time to return His love in a moment of worship. Have you questions?



ROLAND: (?) Yogananda wrote in his book, Spirit Quest, that somewhere the greatest success a man who becomes God-like, he didn't use those words, God-consciousness, there is a time when you can stand in the midst of adversity, chaos and tragedy and still feel a sense of joy. Is that your experience? Is that something that you could say that we could actually grow into the ability to sense joy in midst of adversity? (Absolutely.) To follow up on that, then as you speak of drinking of the cup of Michael in its sweetness and its bitterness, we only recognize bitterness now because we have not ascended to that place of sensing joy in the midst of adversity?

ABRAHAM: Yes, some may look at adversity as a curse, a stroke of bad luck, a nuisance. I view adversity as an assignment. Father has blessed me with yet another assignment. He has taught me to deal with these matters. He has given me the spiritual tools. He has entrusted me yet again with another assignment. I look to these assignments with great excitement. I am always intrigued by Father's mysteries. I am challenged to find missing pieces to solve His puzzles. You are correct. As you all become more God-like you are curious to see what Father has laid out before you. What is His lesson here and what is this technique He uses. Father endeavors to make use out of most all your experiences and He definitely keeps the journey to Him interesting. As you say, someday evolving mortals will view their adversities as something Father is trying to teach. It is difficult to work on a particular upset in daily life and very tempting to wish to pass over without effort of understanding, without effort to learn. Yes, work is needed in most areas of life, just as it is required also in the spiritual life. Is this helping?


ROLAND: Yes. Thank you very much. In the beginning of your discussion you spoke of the similarity between your life of learning and teaching and receiving the tools to teach in the process of coming to us to teach. You are giving us those tools I assume. Will we also teach those who we meet with the tools that you give us now? Is that the process we are in (?)?

ABRAHAM: Yes. I only point out these tools. It is you who gathers them through your understanding and desire commitment to be God-like. Yes, this is part of your experience now. Does this help?

ROLAND: Yes it does. You mentioned that the Indwelling Spirit is the guide even in this moment when He forms the words that are presented to us in their perfection, in this manner of communication. Is it through our Indwelling Spirits that we teach others and is it then reminding us that is the way we teach or do we need to absorb these ideas in order for the Indwelling Spirit to be able to reproduce those in language that is understandable by those who we meet?

ABRAHAM: Yes somewhat. To live by example, to show your mortal counterparts the technique in the ways in which you use your tools to cultivate your spiritual path is right. It is not possible to share your understandings with those who have not yet asked you questions. It is entirely possible to teach when they have inquired a specific area of spirituality, for it is then that you will pick up your tools, and help them to understand. It is wholly acceptable to share with those that you know that they indeed will be given their own tools. It varies from person to person, those that have committed to moving forward versus those who are comfortable staying in one place. Does this answer? (Yes it does beautifully. Thank you very much for the lessons.) You're very welcome.

JOSHUA: Abraham, you mentioned that you have received another assignment. Are you allowed to tell us what it is?

ABRAHAM: I was referring to perceiving adversities as assignments. When I am faced with a troubling event I am perceiving it as an assignment. I am understanding that it is troubling to me, therefore, I indeed have something to learn. Does this help? (Yes. Thank you very much.) You're welcome.

CALVIN: Abraham, you talked of the tools that we as your students. I am speaking of, lets say we here coming to your weekly lessons which we are being taught, hopefully perceiving, are there a lot of tools that we have been sub-consciously taught in that moment when a friend is asking that will surface or are we pretty well exposed to all of those teachings through your lessons?

ABRAHAM: We are barely scratching the surface. Yes, you are indeed knowing of many of these tools and when you are searching God's will with an attitude of accepting His will regardless of your feelings, yes, you are receiving the spiritual tools of knowledge that you need at that moment. As we all evolve and move forward we discover a innumerable amount of tools that await us. Does this help? (Yes. Thank you.)

RACHEL: Father Abraham, I have one remark I'd like to make. How grateful and thankful we are to our Father for having you as our teacher. I think its wonderful with all the experience that you have had here on our same Urantia, our same Earth. I am indeed grateful and thank you.

ABRAHAM: I am indeed touched by your words and I cannot express my gratitude toward you for allowing me to be here and do what I love.

RACHEL: Okay, now a little humor. Father Abraham, right at this minute where are you situated here in the room? Are you right behind Ellanor, over above her? Are you sitting on her lap or on mine? Where are you?

ABRAHAM: Behind you.

RACHEL: Oh good. No wonder I felt so good. Laughter.


ABRAHAM: I am also grateful to Father for allowing me to become close with you, my friends and students. I shall check in with you this week to observe where I might direct my next lesson towards. My love go with you. Until next week, shalom.