1996-03-31-Integration of Heart & Mind Circuits

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Topic: Integration of Heart & Mind Circuits

Group: Tallahassee TeaM


Teacher: Will

TR: JoiLin



Will: The light of the Father showers down upon this world, as a spark, lighting the tinder that lies within the hearts of all mankind. The love of the Father touches the hearts and minds of all who live upon this world and is no respecter of persons. The power of God upholds all the universes within the firmament of heaven and indeed, holds the tiniest sparrow within His hand lending support to all, both great and small. Where ever we gather, He is.


Greetings dear ones. It is I, Will, your teacher who loves you. Oh, you fill my heart with such joy, such pride, for you are indeed beloved children of all who know you, of all who look on, and become parts of your lives, though you know it not. And there are times when each of you are able to perceive, on greater or lesser levels, (this might be analogized to a day in the life of any on this planet), times when you are full of energy, times when you are lethargic, times when you are optimistic, times when you are less so. There are many things that go into the fabric of your everyday lives, creating waves of energy that ebb and flow within your physical persons. There are times when your minds seem to expand, making you more able to take in intellectual data, and other times when it seems as if your brains are scrambled, for want of a better term. So much has to do with the state of your world, much is in flux at the moment, so much is changing, the energy levels are changing with each moment. And so there will be times when you seem to be, as my student likes to say, ‘tracking’ and other times when it seems as if you’ve been derailed a bit. Recognize, dear ones, that this is normal on this world and will be ongoing for yet some time.

Teaching Mission

Understand as well, that as you develop on different levels, as you work and develop your ability to work with we who teach you, here too, are many levels that affect your ability to perceive correctly. For instance, one here among you tonight perceived what he termed ‘big guys’. Indeed, there are many ‘big guys’ involved in this little group, coming and going within your lives. Often are you visited during your week by one of these visiting observers. Much that they do here has to do with administrative measures and are not designed or meant to be shared at this point in time, much the same as a teacher in a classroom prepares her lessons and yet has her ‘big guy’ telling her what to do, yet the principal doesn’t ordinarily avail himself within the classroom and such is the case here tonight. So while you may all individually perceive at different times many of the beings that observe this classroom, they will not, many of them, ever join in the teaching level of this class. For their job is a step above my own. And yet the practice is good, for in stretching your perceptions do you open the door a bit wider for tomorrow when more will be given.


Vision, Integration

I spoke last week of perhaps adding a bit more to the exercise of the last two weeks, so I will at this time ask you to add yet one more layer to this exercise. Continue please, as an ongoing part of this classroom these lessons you are now being given; continue them throughout each of the future weeks. The level I ask you to add now is an effort to help you integrate the heart circuit with the mind circuit. At some point during your day I would encourage you to sit in the stillness and consciously open the heart, feel the opening. You might want to visualize a light or even a balloon within the heart and push it or fill it with love, expanding it. Visualization often helps students with this exercise. So once the heart center is opened, now, visualize a channel from the heart to the mind, and expand the mind in the same fashion, creating, for the sake of visualization, a balloon that has the air filling it on both ends, one being the heart center, the other being the mind, with the channel between, a passageway. Once you have done this, (and I encourage you to do this, please, at least daily), visualize within your mind someone with whom you have an already established heart connection. Work with them, ask them to participate with you in this exercise. And now for approximately 15 minutes after opening the heart and the mind, attempt to send your love to them. They in turn will be sending you theirs. Take a pencil, paper, and write down whatever impressions you receive. This is an exercise that will, in all likelihood, not bear fruit quickly. Unfortunately that is a mentality that upon this world is prevalent. We want it now. We want fast food and fast sex and fast money but the tomorrow that we begin today will be built on patience, love, and kindness, perseverance, all of the fruits of the Father’s love. And so I encourage you to try this exercise as an ongoing exercise within your classroom.

And now I leave you, dear ones, with the love for each of you filling my heart. Shalom.

All: Shalom.


Dennis: Will, I have a quick question for you, if you wouldn’t mind answering.

Will: Certainly.

Dennis: I’d like to thank you for the exercises. The exercise that you described tonight, is that something that can be done with, say, more than two people? Perhaps the whole group?

Will: Most certainly.

Dennis: Ok, that’s my question.

Will: There is a movement on this world today from groups of people that are not at all connected with the Urantia Book or the Teaching Mission, and yet indeed they are helping to promote light upon this world. And one of the ways that your people will realize a step up in consciousness will be through those that actively, consciously, pursue this movement upward. And it is this that we attempt to promote.

Thank you for your question.

Loren: Will, could you give a more specific example of the practice of this last exercise you mentioned?

Will: Yes, Loren. You might choose to pick one of your children, someone that you are particularly close to, explain to them, if they’re open, the process that I outlined, that of opening the heart, and synchronizing that open heart with opening the mind. You are indeed creating a circuit from your own heart to your own mind. And once that pathway has been opened and established, and you learn how to access it, then you can project outward through that circuit to others, and access their hearts and minds. You will one day have a direct link with many on this world. Yet it will not happen through wishful thinking. Is that any clearer?

Loren: Yes, thank you.

Will: You’re welcome.


JoiLin grows weary. Yet if there are any other questions, we will take one or two more.


Then I’m wishing you all a blessed and safe week until next we meet. Shalom.

All: Shalom. Thank you.