1996-08-19-Spiritual Liberation

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Topic: Spiritual Liberation

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Welcome my friends. I am happy to once again meet with you. I must say I can certainly feel your loving thoughts towards me. Know that I also return those thoughts.



I ask you from where did you notice your greatest amount of spiritual liberty? Some find their greatest feelings of freedom come from time spent in solitude. In your solitude you are furthest from the ego. In your solitude there is no judgment of your possible mistakes. In your solitude you find your Father who you know to be understanding of your thoughts, actions, moods and mistakes. You find your Father to be a source of comfort, humor and spiritual insight. I say wouldn't this wonderful feeling be of great benefit regarding your liberation from human definitions, to walk as if it was only you with your Father, to move freely without fear of personal ridicule, to move freely without doubt of who you really are. This material world does not yet accommodate this idea.

It is difficult to be yourself as a child of God with the steady stream of onlookers who constantly attempt to manipulate you for their own benefit. This seemingly immature action is in actuality quite detrimental to those who strive to be God-like. The harm comes from a person who is pulled from their God-self toward a more material animal-self. It is your challenge to not let others wound you, but to become strong with a greater pull towards your real God-self. Do you see, in your liberation you are at times met by individuals who wish to attain your freedom. They know not how to other than to berate or possibly say critical innuendoes that could reduce your level of spiritual energy. I say that in your education on utilizing your spiritual vision it is important to view yourselves with a fair amount of love and compassion, but when they tread upon the waters of your particular course it is acceptable to profess your dedication to doing of Father's will and striving toward God-likeness. It must be professed in understandable terms, but if there is one single thing that you don't have to tolerate as a mortal it is those that appear to confine your spiritual wings and try to place definitions upon you. No, this does not have to be tolerated.

You are knowing of your spiritual status in Father's kingdom and it is important that you continue to take advantage of your spiritual liberation, and by all means, be that child of God, your true self. If your true self makes acquaintances fall away, I say as the Master said, so be it and be about the Father's business. Spiritual liberation is not a license to be self-seeking, but it is permission to be your true self. I say there is not a better thing to be. We all must learn to abide in peace with one another.

Let your spiritual liberation attempt to liberate others from their life burdens, past regrets, unforgiven, unforgettable experiences. Attempt to minister to your fellows with the knowledge that their true self is in reality the most God-like self that they can be. Let not the lures of self-seeking glorification block you from the wonderful liberty that Father has bestowed upon you. I would ask you to look within and discover who are you in relation to the Father and his vast universe. Who are you when you think of yourself being closest to a child of God? What would you note that liberty does regarding your spiritual vision capacity for worship and level of joy? A few questions.



RACHEL: Father Abraham, I don't hardly know how to explain this, but you asked to begin with had we noticed, anything as far as our spiritual freedom was concerned or any happening. I don't know how to put this into words, but with Christ Michael being our Creator Father and also our Brother--this was what I was thinking about and concentrating on, and I have known within my mind and I thought was in my heart and within my soul, but yes, He is also our Brother. But this last week what came over me I can't describe, but I felt like 'oh wow' is He ever our Brother. I could sit down right here and feel so comfortable and talk to Him just the same as I could Joshua or Walt, my other brother, a mortal sister or any of them. I felt like I could just feel that comfort zone and I don't know how to explain it any further than that, but it was wonderful and its still wonderful.

ABRAHAM: Understood. Yes, I too experience that closeness with Michael and I would say that your spiritual vision allows you to converse with Michael on a more personal level. Not just creature to Creator, not as a lowly mortal just beginning to ascend that spiritual ladder, but relate to Michael as a personality. To surpass all previous expectations to be flexible within your belief system enables you to experience Michael personality to personality. Yes, your description is very familiar and doubt not that this is a real experience and progress concerning your spiritual climb. Does this help?

RACHEL: It certainly does and I thank you. You are certainly a blessing Father Abraham.

ABRAHAM: As are you. Thank you. Another question?


WILLENA: Father Abraham, I had an experience recently that I would like to ask for verification in terms of having heard an actual voice. It was a male voice, particularly tuning into Melchizedek was my sense. I would like to ask if I was actually hearing from Machiventa and if so if I was hearing accurately?

ABRAHAM: One moment. I am aware that this was indeed Machiventa in an effort to further your training as an apostle and minister to those whom you need to be a little more assertive with. Understanding, yes, compassionate, yes, but at times the Melchizedeks will teach on putting spiritual ideas into action. Does this help?

WILLENA: Yes and I was being welcomed into training and so now I wonder are we proceeding on the planet with regard to the Melchizedeks coming?

ABRAHAM: I am under instruction to limit any discussion on Melchizedek material manifestations. Perhaps a more specific question Willena?

WILLENA: I suppose a more specific question is training obviously is underway in all of our lives and something about just feeling a calling. I liked the communication. I would like more of it--no other questions.

ABRAHAM: Understood. Yes, all training is proceeding according to plan and I would say the Melchizedek training schools are fully operational and functioning according to our Creator's plan. Another question?

Teacher Contact

VICTORIA: I have one Father Abraham. I have had several people ask me over the last couple months since I have been on the Net and also with the class here in Woods Cross, and also the people in Idaho, who my personal teacher is. Over the course of my life I feel that I have had many teachers. And for me to ask a name as to who you are that is teaching me has been uncomfortable for me. Is it appropriate to ask you who my personal teacher is now or do I have many of them and what is a personal teacher specifically, being new to this defined world? I feel its like a Canary brings a song to me and that is a teacher of a song. A hawk brings a lesson of soaring and that is a lesson of height. I don't ask them what their names are. I just observe them and take in the lessons. Is that different with our personal teachers? Are we to know and identify them and talk about those personal teachings to others? It feels ego based many times the way it is asked and that feels inappropriate for me.

ABRAHAM: You are correct in your perception of receiving spiritual insight and I say it would matter not to know specific names, just so long as you recognize the spiritual message. You are correct. (Thank you. That helps.) In my many travels you have indeed provided me with a wonderful place in which to sow the seeds of spiritual knowledge. I say your open attitude and desire to be free from the bonds of ego is an invitation to numerous teachers who teach subjects in which they are specialized in that particular field. You see, you're correct. I do say many teachers at times, Christ Michael at times, Mother-Mother Spirit, but I say your greatest teacher is with you always to provide all things necessary for you to know. Does this help?(Yes, very much. Thank you.) Another question?

CALVIN: I don't know how to put this one. It is kind of like you were saying, you students in this Teaching Mission should realize, yes, we are apostles and stand up with that. Its a little bit--I don't know if its ego based at all, but you just can't come out and say to your fellow brother that you're an apostle. I gather what you are saying in the doing of our daily actions we display that attitude?

ABRAHAM: Yes. At times when you are attempting to operate your God-self you are met with those who are not understanding of your commitment and could quite possibly deter you from your true self and I only say that your spiritual liberation allows you to carry on with your divine nature. I do not say this to be so literal, rather to perhaps take upon the attitude of the Master. Many of His apparently harsh sayings were only a confession of His faith and dedication to His Father in Heaven. Does this answer?

CALVIN: Yes, It brings to point a circumstance during the week where I said something that came across harsh to the one it was directed to and even more harshly to the one standing by listening. He said to me, "wow, that was harsh how you said that." I kind of leaned to the way he said it--took his advice as maybe as good, but I thought of what you just said there. Many times the Master said some things that was harsh too. So I learned from that lesson. I think he was right. I see what you are saying now.

ABRAHAM: Yes, the Master did not condemn His fellows so much as He was attempting to live by example. Jesus did much to rally the energies of His apostles to go forth and proclaim His teachings with wisdom. Yes. Another question?


CALVIN: I have a quick one if no one else has one. Joshua asked me to help him in healings. I have never asked you. It just felt okay to go ahead, but I am scratching my head over these healings. Is there still a lot to be learned in how these healings work and what we should do in giving healings to one another? Am I okay to proceed with this?

ABRAHAM: Certainly proceed. The learning comes after the experience. Yes, there is much to be learned about healing. What a mortal may deem as a healing may be quite different than Father's definition of healing. Yes, in all healings stay detached from results, but continue to use your energies in this way. Does this help?

CALVIN: Yes. When you say use your energies are you meaning allow yourself to be a conduit of energies or is there an actual focusing on the part of the healer to concentrate the movement of energies or something?

ABRAHAM: Your love for the healing recipient is important to concentrate on and your personal wish results should remain aligned with Father's. I would say that healing is much more simple than was once believed. It only required your love and care for the healing recipient and your dedication to the doing of Father's will.


If there are no more questions I should like to take my leave to prepare for the upcoming celebration of our Brother/Father, Michael's mortal birth. I would leave you my love. Until next week, shalom.