1996-10-20-Faith Healing

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Topic: Faith Healing

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Elyon, Lantarnek

TR: Mark Rogers, Jonathan



Elyon (Mark): This is your friend Elyon. I would speak to you this morning as your friend, and I wish to express how inspired and how proud I am to be in fellowship with you. The sincere desires of your hearts are so beautiful and pure and true that I am humbled at times to just be in your presence. These altruistic desires and goals that you have are given extra special attention and concern because they arise from individuals such as yourselves who have to extend your faith boundaries far beyond what other normal developing spiritual beings have to do. This is what makes your actions so inspiring to me and to others, that you can extend so far beyond yourselves at this point in your development. At points in your development further on these steps will be more routine and more regular. But at this point it is especially powerful that you choose to do this.



Know that your sincere desires and your extension of faith will all bear fruit. These desires that you have to benefit others are the most altruistic of all desires; they carry the most weight when considered by the Father.

I urge you to press forward; I urge you to unfold even more your faith blanket to extend out beyond your current boundaries. I cannot convey to you adequately the power and strength that faith brings to you. Motivations and intentions, while these may be noble, without the exercise of faith may never come to fruition. Faith is your catalyst; faith is your biggest and most effective tool you now possess. Faith and your conviction to act on this faith truly separates and enhances your effectiveness over other individuals with worthy desires but inadequate faith stores.

For beings of my order and beings I am familiar with it is particularly inspiring, beings of your order and in your stage of development exercising and extending and reaching with this faith. You reach out in darkness, and we and the Father reach back in light. This faith is a gift you exercise to us, to Michael, to the Father which can then be used, turned back on itself and given back to you through the same channel you have opened up. That is why it is so very important, this exercise of faith which you all demonstrate; it is the most pure channel we have to communicate on. Your election through your freewill choice to open this channel and exercise it means a great deal to all of us as well as to yourselves. I wager to say more to us than to you because you are not in full realization exactly of the ramifications of this extension. That is why I am so impressed with you individually and as a group for your demonstration of this quality, for your support of each other, for your willingness to look outside your group for where you can be of assistance. These are qualities that build very strong character traits and which impress me and those around me very much.

This TR is emotional because of the experience of the great love that I pour out to you all. I truly do consider you my friends and my family. One day we will greet each other and embrace each other, and we will recount these formative times, these learning times for the both of us. These relationships we develop will be continuing and ongoing as the relationships you develop among yourselves.

The foundations that you are so painstakingly building brick by brick at this time through your diligence and efforts at stillness, at awareness in relationships, at acceptance of the Father's ways, these foundations are being completed in a very strong, very stable manner. It may seem to you as though the work may at times be slow and painstaking and the results tenuous and hard to tell, but I can tell you that the foundations are rising sure and strong and sturdy and that you will rest solidly on these foundations for the rest of eternity. That is why it is important to insure that they are strong, that they are built well with no seams and cracks, no weak spots to give way later. Each brick in the foundation must be inspected, must pass the test of sureness and stability. It must be mortared into the foundation carefully and securely.

It is so much my pleasure to be with you at these times. Know that increasingly I am with you; I am available to you as are many others who remain observing most of the time. We all are chomping at the bit, as I know you are at times, to move on, to grow in capacity. This will all come to pass; we will all work together far into the future.

Thank you once again for your time and for your effort. These gifts that you give to us and to yourselves are cherished. We know and appreciate all the efforts made, not just the meetings but throughout your lives, throughout your weeks, your subtle efforts during your days. We are aware of these, and we appreciate all energy devoted to your spiritual growth and enhancement and to working with us to accomplish this.

That is all my remarks for today. I am, as usual, available to you for questions or simply to share your comments as well as other teachers are available to you.


Jonathan: I want to share an image I had when you mentioned spreading the blanket of faith. At one time you told us of the sheet of the mind and how we get tangled in it. Now the blanket of faith. I got to thinking how our bedspread is the love comforter that lays upon our faith which is upon our mind.

Elyon: Those visual imageries are very helpful in establishing a uniform thought in the minds of all in the group. As you know I often refer to metaphors that I feel can be related to by all the individuals in the group. So I appreciate your efforts to do the same.

Healing, Prayer

Evelyn: Would you comment on our efforts to send healing energy or comfort to this friend of Tom? How can we be more effective?

Elyon: One key to being more effective in focusing and channeling healing energy to someone is to know as much as possible about this individual as you can. It is often difficult to send this energy to an unknown individual. I would encourage you to remember back when you were attempting to communicate and send energy back and forth between two people or two study groups. I mentioned at that time that it is often helpful to have firsthand knowledge of individuals to conjure up a picture in your mind of this person to go with a name, to go with a personality. This helps direct and focus the energy more than randomly putting it out there. However, all attempts to pray for an individual are given ear by the appropriate council. So, never hesitate to do this. However, you are asking how to be more effective, and this is one way to be more effective.

Another is to do as you have done and all focus simultaneously on this individual and on this malady. To concentrate your energies indeed gives you far more than the sum of its parts.

Mary: I can relate, Elyon. Not knowing personally any of the three individuals Tom spoke of, I found myself focusing on them through the stories Tom has told. I envisioned their families and tried to send my compassion and love in their situation. I tried to imagine how I would feel if I had some of those things happening to me and used that as a connection between us. So I experienced what you are explaining.

Elyon: The power of thought and the power of healing are very real and significant forces. When you send this desire, this thought of healing, out to your brothers it can then be directed by the powers-that-be in control of healing. If you then couple this thought, this desire, with like thoughts and desires in a group, the effect is amplified and enhanced. If you then as a group and as individuals couple this with the sincere desire that the will of the Father prevail, this gives added potential to this energy force. This energy can then be utilized by the forces of healing, can be channeled and directed to the best benefit of the individual, which may not be the benefit that you as individuals have in mind, but rather more likely the best course for this person as the will of the Father deems it.

So you are all going in the right direction with your pursuits. I would encourage that the increase of faith is also a powerful potential. The more faith you have in the process of healing, the more likely the results will be profound.

Tom: This is more specific than philosophic. If there was a teacher who was with me when my friend and I were talking yesterday, would you address this question: Would it be beneficial to have him sitting here with us, based on what you know about this individual, or would it be best done from a distance?

Elyon: This individual has dug himself into a rather deep pit; you can visualize that. He is in desperate need of a rope to be thrown to him. He keeps digging and digging, but there is no escape from the pit by digging. This individual's higher self needs to be reawakened, and there is no substitute for personal contact in this regard. Your desire to have him fellowship in this group, to share the good energy in this group, is sincere and worthy and not out of the question, by any means. However, this individual needs your personal ministry at this time. He needs YOU to throw him the rope, not a group he does not recognize at this time. He has a relationship with you and a certain trust with you which only you can cultivate and grow and extend to him. At this time I feel that is the best course. This is an opportunity for you to exercise these ideals we have discussed, an opportunity for you to grow as well as to minister to those in need. I encourage you to pick up the gauntlet, to assume the challenge, for, as you stated earlier, what do you have to lose?

I would speak frankly with you if this would be acceptable.

Tom: Yes.

Teacher Contact

Elyon: The teacher energy that you speak of in our recent sessions is all around you, is literally bubbling up about you and, I will affirm, is indeed within you. Your prompting to reach out to your brother, as you stated earlier, was your following the leading. You must grow to realize that these leadings which you follow are dual and perhaps at times even triad in nature, that is to say, you, yourself, your personal being, is quite capable - indeed, longs - to bring forth higher spiritual values and truths. It is there within you of your own accord. It is also there within you as the gift from the Father in heaven of the Fragment of Himself within you. It is also within you at times through the interjection of myself and of other teachers who you have made your desire plain to over time.

I say this to you today to empower you and embolden you that there are multiple sources within you for spiritual truths to flow through you, that this course that is within you simply desires to be recognized. I wish to point to the example of your prompting as stated by you when it fairly bubbled out of you almost without your control, but not quite. This is simply an illustration that it is within you, it is within you in several ways. Perhaps you could extend your personal faith blanket slightly over your individual person more. Realize that this is a normal standard of operation for you. This is not an unusual occurrence to happen only in the presence of others, that I am with you as I am with the others, equally.

I trust my attempt to bolster your confidence has come across to you? (response inaudible) I will go on to say how much I appreciate your efforts and your desires. You are, indeed, all that a teacher could desire in your sincere and honest attempts to incorporate lessons and to grow spiritually through these lessons. These aspects about you bring me great joy and great hope for all the future.

Lantarnek (Jonathan): I am Lantarnek Melchizedek. I have three points to make. First is the headpats, as you refer to these. But they are not directed to you; they are for Elyon. Two, in this I seek to demonstrate the use of prayer petitions by even those of my kind. Three, I will address the phenomenon of healing.

Michael, while you stood upon this world, you expressed that there is no greater love than for one to lay down their life for their friends. The teacher of this group, Elyon, has suspended his ascension in order to be in active service for this mission. He has demonstrated a love for his fellows. Though we realize the benefit gained in the process will accentuate his ascension, he chose to minister to these few without further thought for his welfare. I make known to you that he even would have undergone the Melchizedek school training without having been accepted as a teacher of assignment.

We pray the prayer of assurance in the success of his efforts as our hope has been transformed into assurance through our observation of your human activities as they have been affected by your receptivity to your teacher.


Now, point three: You know that love for the Father leads to worship and love for your fellows leads to service. Healing is unique; it is both. When you lay your hands upon another in service to heal, likewise lay your hands upon the Father. You are the conduit for the transfer. Reach deeply toward Him as you reach equally toward your fellow in distress. All your spirit guides, the Life Carriers, Midwayers, and others may partake in healing from the standpoint of service. But the grace gift of the Father flows from your worship connection, your prayerful attitude, the focus upon the Giver of Life. It is a twofold process, the inner focus will clarify questions in the arena of your outward service.


I have completed expressing my intentions. I thank you for your attendance.