1996-11-18-Renewal Through Worship

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Topic: Renewal Through Worship

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. My greetings to you here this evening. I wish to express my gratitude for your trust and dedication to our cause. As I watch and listen to you, my friends and fellow co-workers, my heart is full. It is now so apparent that you are allowing Father to express and serve you, His children. In your willingness to step aside and allow Father His expression I also learn. I also am served and for that I am made glad. You each are discovering that spirituality is not out of reach, not wishful hoping, not game playing, no. Spirituality is becoming as necessary as food is to fuel the body. Spirituality is to rekindle that flame within the spirit.


Some years ago my fellow co-workers on the teaching staff set out to begin our Mission, to bring the Correcting Time to mortal consciousness. Time after time we met with difficulties and witnessed such unspirituality that we found it hard to keep filled with that light of hope. We perhaps viewed our positions here within this teaching staff as a sponge attempting to wipe up the ocean. After many discussions with Michael, He had us convinced that Father is deeply in love with this world's inhabitants and is not about to forsake any one of them. Michael had poured out His courage upon us and we have endeavored to go forth, endeavored to carry on.

My fellow teachers and I have seen great change within many areas of mortal living here on Urantia, improvement in the rearing of children, improvement of marital relationships, financial justice and equality, concern on the part of mortals for the planets environment and the watch-care over all forms of life. We have witnessed intelligent and loving acts of kindness. We are so blessed so as to witness our students look to us for Mission instructions, and I can say with this fullness within my heart, thank you to our Universal Father. In loving gratitude I am filled with your love and I am so blessed be of service to Father to witness His great works, to view firsthand Truth, Beauty, and Goodness in action.

It is almost without words that I can be this full of the Father's joy. I am re-experiencing such a reconnection with the Spirit, my feelings of rejoicing make me to believe I have been renewed, mind and soul. I am trusting that my students also feel this renewal from time to time, to take a moment to comprehend our Father's awesome works, to be witness to Truth, Beauty, and Goodness in action, to feel the breath of God breathe through you, to hear with the ears of God, to look into your own eyes and view your Father looking back at you. I say this is absolutely possible, from your mortal standpoint, it is your cosmic right as a universe citizen. To serve takes much energy from the Spirit, from your spirit, from your soul. To daily recognize your Father's hand in your life brings about a renewal within your soul and mind. Your recognition of His loving attributes is to know God and desire to be like Him, to acquire His loving attributes, to produce the fruits of the Spirit. Is our Father not kind, patient, forgiving, loving, forbearing, enduring, peaceful, confident and joyful? I say with authority these fruits are your birthright. They are attainable. Are there question?


CALVIN: Abraham, you just said awhile back the teaching staff began this project on this world. Are you referring to this last five to ten year period or way back in early century or beyond that it seemed quite hopeless to get things started?

ABRAHAM: I suppose I speak of sometime ago when I was fairly new to my position. I had little experience in this area, and I suppose, I did not know what to expect. It was overwhelming to view such devastation such as war, world hunger, racial segregation. I must confess that working with Michael as I did, I learned to begin with small steps, to learn as I experienced, to take moments of time to recognize our Father and His all powerful works. I learned that in this I was more inclined to follow the leading of Father and produce more fruits thus producing more joy and compensating for my feelings of being overwhelmed. You see, as time went on and this Mission evolved I also evolved. I also learned to take on the Master enthusiasm and good humor to complete those tasks which Father assigned me. Is this helping?

CALVIN: Yes it does. The thought crossed my mind that you probably have great understanding of what Adam and what he went through, days of how are we going to turn things around here. I can relate to my feelings of thinking the world was an unchangeable mess. Just a change of my attitude seeing now its a beautiful place instead. Thanks.

ABRAHAM: Yes, understood. I also studied the plight of Adam and Eve, but you are correct. My experience within this Teaching Mission has brought me to even greater understanding. It is easy to lose sight of Father's works and that is always highly possible when worship has been omitted from daily living, yes. Good comment. Another question?

RACHEL: Father Abraham, was the mortals of New Zealand your first group that you taught on Urantia in this forum of teaching? Was that your first experience with mortals?

ABRAHAM: No. There has been several other groups and individuals that I have worked with over the years. It is difficult to work with those mortals and not interfere with freewill thinking, but our methods have greatly improved and the re-encircuitment of the planet has enabled us to reach many more efficiently. Does this help? (Yes it does.) Another question?

CALVIN: How is our relationship forecasted to pick up stronger with you and the other teaching staff? Will we see our connection with you similar to what Michael had with the hosts and with His Father during His stay? I know we are nowhere close to His status, but will we become more naturally connected with you? It seems right now in the room that we know you are here and we trust you are here and we trust your lessons, but for my own experience, it seems like you are in some other realm or something that I can't quite get a hold of. I would like to know that someday soon that we can grow to where we are just like one in the same room in the same purpose here. (RACHEL: He wants to physically hug you Father Abraham.)

ABRAHAM: Yes, these feelings are known and understood and returned, but our purpose within our Mission is to make the connection between you and your Father more easy, more accurately. We will always be friends, but one day you and your Father will become one and that is cause to rejoice. I am aware that you are skilled in this method of communicating and as we all work together my presence will be more easily recognized, but our main goal is to connect with the source of all knowledge, all love, our Universal Father. One more question.

MIRIAM: Abraham, when you were sharing that the Father is deeply in love with this worlds inhabitants, that is such a full phrase. Its so tangible. As you were talking about these things are attainable, they are ours in our grasp, sometimes when I'm in what I call the flow or I guess you guys would say experiencing the fruits of the spirit, the process to me is almost like a remembering. When I feel like that it feels very natural and then I guess the part of me that feels unloved and unworthy thinks no, I am learning for the first time as opposed to remembering what's natural. I don't know if that makes sense, but could you clarify or shed some light on that, that knowingness?

ABRAHAM: Certainly. Man by nature is at animal status. It is through the receiving of the Father Fragment within that begins our soul growth and as the Adjuster teaches, the soul learns and grows, experiences and knows, and I would say, you can call it remembering. It would not be inaccurate to identify with your Indwelling Father Fragment and be open to His leadings. It is likened to possibly reading a book you have already read. Yes, you can refer to it as remembering. We would also call it allowing the Father to express Himself through you and remembering your status within the Kingdom, your son or daughtership with the Most High, yes. Once we are believing in our son or daughtership with Father we are moving in and of the Spirit. Yes. Good question. Does this answer?

(Yes. Thank you.)

You are most welcome. I would suggest you continue your study on worship and Father's attributes. Are you yourself able to recognize any of these attributes within your own personality? Are you able to receive the Father's spiritual energy from worship and reach out to your fellows in service?


I would express my confidence and faith in you, my friends. I would leave you with my love until next week. Shalom.