1996-12-09-Healthy Balance

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Topic: Healthy Balance

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. I would welcome you each here this evening. It is my supreme pleasure to speak with you. We have built a strong and lasting friendship that leads me to be at liberty when I communicate with you. I very much appreciate your friendship. I promise to always be as truthful with you as possible. Friends have everything to learn through each other. I am grateful for what you have taught me.



As you have discussed this evening, petitioning to Michael for His understanding, I also have benefited by our Brother/Father. Michael is a warm and understanding friend. He knows you and judges you not. Michael knows this mortal path and is enthusiastically awaiting to assist all those who seek Him out. I must say that through my association with Michael I have better understood the true meaning of worship. Michael has showed me His heart. He has nothing to hide. Through my friendship with Michael I have learned His definition of worship, and I must say, it is truly beautiful. I would have you know that through your relationship with Michael He can also reveal to you His heart and the meaning of worship, the appreciative value of your son or daughtership with the living God.

Many can understand that worship is moving, living, growing and certainly know the problems that present themselves when worship is absent. You must sense that some of your daily living is efficient and flowing and there are times when you feel small in the world and walked on unnoticed. Do you see that your worship connection reveals to you your eternal son or daughtership with Father and the absence of worship tends to make you forget your status of son or daughtership with Him? To forget your status is to lean towards your more raw animal-like tendencies. To forget your status is to feel small, inadequate, unloved, forgotten. Do you see? Worship is not for Father's benefits, not for Father to gather praise to Himself, not for Father to gain power or numbers within the kingdom, no. Worship is acknowledgment that you are a child of the living God who most definitely adores you.

Spiritual education is quite incomplete without the worship, for worshipping is your acceptance of Father as your Father and you as His child. We find that worship assists us in the area of service to our fellows. It can replenish us with new energies. With these energies we are not only able to serve our fellows, but to serve them cheerfully. Worship is a living energy also that when its affects rain down upon us we are filled to distribute this as truth, beauty, and goodness.

I would ask that you take an extra minute to sit in worshipful meditation and attempt to feel the Father's energy. Look for that change in attitude. Just as one goes without food there is malnutrition, illness, weakness. On the other hand there is those who to tend to overindulge in feeding the material body. This is the same with meditation, too little is not nutritious. Too much can be over-burdening. A healthy balance is where meditation will fill you with new energy and enthusiasm to serve and feel Father's peace and comfort as a universe citizen. Have you questions?



JOSHUA: Abraham, I don't have a question, but after those months of being in health care unit, this is just wonderful to be in your presence again. Thank you. I appreciate it.

ABRAHAM: Joshua, you are entirely welcome and I must say your presence within this group adds a balance of wisdom and good humor and inspiration. It is most wonderful to be here with you also. Thank you. Another question?

HONOREY: Father Abraham, I can't let tonight go by without thanking you for your lessons and for your hospitality to all of us. No matter what we do you seem to understand and be patient with us. I really appreciate the time you have spent with me this last week. I want you to know that it meant very much to me. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

ABRAHAM: You are very much welcome and have been a wonderful host to be so gracious so as to open your home in service to your fellows. We would also thank you, as we would also thank Joshua. It is your generosity that enables us to unify our students and teach collectively certain spiritual lessons. I would thank you too. Another question?

MIRIAM: Abraham, I have been in meditation a lot lately. I have been meditating about an hour a day and reading the Urantia Book and enjoying my experience with worship. I am wondering if there is balance, maybe too much meditation. Could you explain that a little bit more to me? I am thinking maybe I am imbalanced. I am so excited about where I am.

ABRAHAM: Understood. An hour a day spent in spiritual learning, reading and meditation, is balanced, but I would say that an hour of meditation is too long. Perhaps 30 minutes would be more sufficient to receive the Father's energy and be uplifted by it, rather than to have overmuch and be weighed down, diffusing this worshipful energy. Very insightful question, yes. You are correct. It is helpful to begin with some reading to find that worshipful place within, some would perhaps listen to music. There is a period of about 10 to 15 minutes that the mind must find its spiritual foundation from which it proceeds into worshipfulness. The clearing of ones thinking takes a few moments to feel a real connection with Father. So I would say your format is good, just a bit lengthy. Does this help? (Oh yes. Thank you.) Another question?

TETRA: A follow up question on that Abraham. Are these guidelines for Miriam herself or is this kind of a general guideline that you are giving? I know lots of people that meditate for hours and it seems to really help them. They are in a really good place with that format. Can you speak a little about that and like Yogi's and others that meditate a lot and come to new awareness in their spiritual being?

ABRAHAM: Certainly. I suppose it is a general guideline for everyone. I am aware that the first few moments of stillness are the purest and most tangible connection with Father. This is where Father's energy is noticed. There have been many who meditate for long periods, and I understand that this serves them well in what perhaps they are seeking, but as for our Mission purpose it is not necessary. But for those it serves to spend hours in meditation is perfectly acceptable for them. In our morontial lessons there will come a time when meditation will be lengthened to serve the spiritual needs of an individual. The knowledge beyond this world is indescribable and lengthy meditations are practiced for universal understandings. Perhaps those individuals who have reached morontia levels are inspired to meditate for lengthy periods to attain these universal truths, but I would not recommend it as a general rule. This lengthy period of meditation is perhaps is the exception. Does this help? (Yes. Thank you.)

RACHEL: Well I'll tell you what Abraham, I am surely glad that you said that shorter period of time is good because if I tried to meditate for an hour I either be climbing the wall or I'd be snoring. I don't know which.

ABRAHAM: This is quite common and will be so as long as you possess your earthly frame. It is a wonderful notion however to imagine what the possibilities would be without the burden of the material body. Yes. (But right now a little dab will do me, huh?) Laughter. Yes indeed. Another question?

CALVIN: Abraham, a couple weeks ago Melchizedek came and he said, I'd like to clear the air on a few things, so to speak. One of those still in my mind--a few years back and it has to do with the universe broadcasts circuits being reestablished and the work that VanEl, we were told. Did we get carried off in a tangent on the VanEl thing or is he still going or was he ever? Can you give more on the VanEl subject?

ABRAHAM: It is my information, and that is in itself quite sketchy, that the information on VanEl was somewhat accurate and a bit blown out of proportion. It let it be understood that natural evolution in understanding is always best and your experience in this has led you each to be learners within our vast universe. Your experience has led you to your exceptional group honesty and friendship. Any intentions that may have cause some exaggeration are innocent and a part of your natural learning.


I am slipping. I would confirm to you each that the answers you sincerely seek are within and I have much faith in you each. My love go with you. Until next week, shalom.