1997-03-23-The Gospel & Prayer

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Topic: The Gospel & Prayer

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Elyon

TR: Jonathan



Elyon (Jonathan TR): Friends who gather in honor of Michael, we greet you as those who likewise assemble to provide the ministry he has enlisted each one of us to perform. You have on record his saying, to "go forth into all the world and proclaim the gospel." Imagine how extensive this charge is to us who have a universe in which to take this gospel. But the task is truly no greater or less be it a world or universe, for the proclamation of this gospel is to be extended individually, one to one. It would be just as accurate for us all to be told "go forth to another and proclaim the gospel."



In every effort you make toward extending the awareness of the kingdom you can be assured of Michael's full comprehension through his experience as a human of your challenges, your insecurities. Although he was never reluctant to express his understanding of truth and the reality of his Father, he did personally come to know many who were more timid, and he understands when reluctance is encountered. As he ministered to those who encountered this fear, he likewise will do so for you. Just as certainly you are aided with his spirit presence throughout your efforts to be of service; likewise does he stand beside you during those moments when you feel you have fallen short of this charge to proclaim this gospel. Rest assured that never in any circumstance wherein you feel you fail that Michael would ever abandon you nor will he ever deprive you of a greater lesson, that being the attainment of the ability to effect such ministry in a future episode. The beauty of the ministry of Michael is that his evaluation of your efforts is always towards improvements in the events to come rather than an evaluation which depicts your efforts as a portrayal of the maximum of which you can perform. In other words, any failure or shortcoming on your part does not limit you to an arena of function less than you would idealize, but rather exposes the courses to be undertaken that will broaden your abilities in the future. I say this to encourage you to make effort and be willing to fail, for this will expose the ministry for yourself. Any effort made does not result in a report card in conclusion but results in a "to do" list, action items.


You have discussed prayer. I would include prayer in the same method I express here. Be not concerned at each prayer what your expression is in an ideal sense, but pray sincerely, listening for the Father's response, for in these times it is the laying bare of the soul to Him which brings the ministry. You may refine your prayer standards, philosophy, but fret not during your praying times. Let your intentions be true. Expose your heartfelt longings, your deep desires. These, though expressed imperfectly, are understood. Since Michael has lived in the very form in which you live this life, he knows the origins of the human heart; he knows the intentions of the human being. He likewise fathoms the depths of deity, and in the intersection of these two states of being, he knows what you pray for and how to provide you with the divine response. Both in service ministry and in prayerful , the skills at which you succeed or fail do not limit you but always serve to expand the potentials for higher attainment. This is why we encourage you continually to be bold and to express yourself, for to do so you come to believe in and trust your skills and to reveal, to begin to develop the necessary refinements in light of your shortcomings.

I am Elyon, and I will pause to allow you to respond and to provide an opening for others to speak with you.


Evelyn: In terms of our conference plans, in the future I know we will be asking for more of your input, but I would like to ask if there is a topic you would like to see addressed; I would be willing to present some-thing. Any suggestions along that line I would find helpful.

Elyon: A word I present this time is interactivity. The theme you have chosen incorporates this well, for, not only do individuals in a group have the opportunity to interact as a group in your presentations, but likewise you have defined a cluster of groups who can interact one with another, not simply a mass collection of all of you, but distinct levels of your joining together. It would be interesting for me and my associates to observe your expressions of yourselves to others who attend and in reverse and to see a group react to and with another group in a sense as its own entity. You all are aware of the uniqueness of the individual personality, and you in this mission are sensitive to the entire community. I would at this time encourage you to magnify the special qualities of the intervening collectivity of the local groups, for here is emerging an expression of the Supreme. Just as no two worlds are alike, likewise every group is a family of its own. By maintaining this integrity when you gather in a larger grouping, you are revealing to one another this community. On a world like yours, so bent towards borders and differentiation, you do well when you reach for unity and share in the commonness as brothers and sisters. But you can also witness this supreme beauty of teams who work together. To maintain some of this definitional boundary would reveal to each of you how spirit is ministering to one another as you spend the rest of your months apart.

I would be pleased if you provided our assigned Melchizedeks time to express to you information that would prove helpful to all in attendance. Otherwise, I am under the guidance to allow your full and free expression of what you would care to share with others.

Your comments?


Mary: When you say you would be pleased for us to allow space for the Melchizedeks to convey information, are you saying to set aside time now, in our local groups? Or are you saying set aside time at the conference for them specifically?

Elyon: Your second question is what I request. It would delight the four, even the five, Melchizedeks who attend you regularly to be on line simultaneously, with various TRs, to make a combined presentation. This may unnerve your TRs, but it would allow these local universe ministers a chance to express on a broader base with more TRs functioning and several Melchizedeks engaged in an effort to.... Correction: This expression of the Melchizedeks collectively with several TRs is in pattern the same as your groups exchanging group to group. It is another level than one to one, individual to individual, single teacher/TR.

Does this help?

Mary: Sounds interesting.

Soul, Stillness

Ginny: Someone had a question this morning about the permanence of the soul. Does it exist forever or not?

Elyon: Your soul is embryonic at this stage in your ascension. It is a collection of experiential values that you have acquired and is a reflection of your morontia nature that transcends your animal origins. It is ever enlarging. That which it becomes is eternal. One way of perceiving your soul is to cease to perceive it as separate from yourself. Embrace it as yourself. Its relationship to eternity is to the Supreme as your personality's relationship to reality is to the Divine Fragment. The doorway to the comprehension of the Supreme in finite reality is the soul, just as the doorway to the understanding and eventual fusion of your Thought Adjuster is your personality's willful selection to do so.

In the ages beyond your attainment of Paradise the function of the soul becomes less certain to our universe philosophers. As to whether your soul ceases growth at the completion of the growth of the Supreme, or whether your soul emerges and begins the development of itself as a supersoul, we do not know. But at this time in your career the greatest important function is the experiential expansion of your soul through the attainment of eternal values and cosmic meanings, the experience of the love of God in oneself and its flow to others.

Does this fulfill your request?

Ginny: It was Tom's question!

Tom: Yeah, it does, thank you.

Anne: Can we consciously tap into those values of the soul and have them be expressed with more power through our daily lives?

Elyon: Yes, that which you know as the term "fruit of the spirit" is the reflection of the soul. The soul is the fruit of the spirit's efforts. The best technique for tapping into this source is your stillness, for in the practice you sharpen your sensitivity, you develop the skill whereby in a moment's notice in the dynamics of the day you can touch home and bring to the surface this connection that it may pour forth as ministry. Yes, it is stillness that is the greatest technique.

Anne: Thank you.


Elyon: Although we reckon time differently than you do on this world, I would be sensitive to your schedules and offer to disband this meeting. You are a joy to the Master. I know you have heard my expression of pleasure in your efforts, but today I wish to express that Michael is equally and even more so pleased with all you do in his name. I take my leave.