1997-09-09-Tomas, Emcee of Personal Teachers

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Topic: Tomas, Emcee of Personal Teachers

Group: Butler TeaM


Teacher: Tomas, Merium, Trieste, Philomena, Jasmine

TR: Gerdean



TOMAS: Good evening, my friends. I am Tomas. I am here with Merium and others -- many personal teachers. I am greeting you, albeit momentarily, for the personal teachers would spend a moment with you. One moment please.

TRIESTE: I am Trieste. I have come to spend a moment in time with my charge, Gerdean, and to offer a lesson, a timely lesson on a matter of deep concern, and that is reflected in Gerdean's approach to feeling good. It is allowed.



Gerdean, I would like to assure you that it is appropriate to have feelings of well-being. I have observed in my many years of knowing you that you seem to feel guilty when you find that you have enjoyed yourself, as if you have done something wrong, and I call to your mind the programming and conditioning of such a message, as many of you are impressed with, that, for example, you must eat your dinner because there are children who are starving, and so everything you do has a burden of responsibility that reflects upon life, even life that you are unaware of, and so your early programming of responsibility has lent itself well to stealing from you the riches of an enjoyment of life for yourself.

It is not selfish to discover that life is true, beautiful, and good and that your place in life is sanctioned. Consider your programming, Gerdean, and reprogram yourself, if you will, to allow yourself those very vital and necessary connections with the vibrancy of an enriched life, a life in the spirit, which is your birthright. Yes, all around you there are those who still live in fear, and your collective consciousness would have you all living comfortably in fear, but I call you forth to step out of fear, to walk in faith, in the radiance of goodness, truth, and beauty.

Enjoy your very existence, your very experience here. Enjoy the good as well as the more somber. Have fun. I know that that might sound to some an invitation to be irresponsible but that is not the case. You are responsible. Be responsible also for your acceptance of happiness. You know there is no happiness without intelligent effort and you have applied yourself, my dear; you have worked very hard to have attained the right, even to your human consciousness, your own rational mind, that you have earned the right to feel good and enjoy your experience here.

Much of this has to do with the general well-being of being detoxified from nicotine. It gives me great happiness to observe these fleeting realities within you. I encourage your embrace of them, that you may more radiantly advertise the love of the Father as you live the life He has given you. Good girl.


PHILOMENA: I am Philomena and I too would like to spend some time with my delightful mortal associate. Precious one, how are you this evening?

Ann: Just fine now!

PHILOMENA: I smile to hear you say "just fine now" for I know you well and I know that you were fine even before I came on-line, but you are such a romantic child. You delight to acknowledge the reality of your most cherished fantasy. I am here in truth and I have only actualized for you your hope, your understanding, and so whereas you were fine then, you are fine now, you will also be fine. It is also a joy for me to be with you. I am here to deliver a mini-lesson for you, for I know that you have been a very busy girl. As you have shared with your mortal friends, your lily pads have been laid out before you. You must introduce your friend Hunnah to your new song. But before I go too far afield, I have a message and a moment for you.

Be advised, little one, that you are busily growing, even though you may not be aware that you are growing. Most often spirit growth is unconscious. The seed that is germinating in the ground goes through much, much action before it pushes its head up out of the ground and looks around, and you too are being very busy in your growth. Many times you are not aware, indeed, that you have grown until you have already attained a growth level and turned around to look back to see where you have been, how far you have come, and from this new vantage point then you can say, "My! Look what I have gone through. Look what I have done! I have come a long way! How much I have learned!" and you are in a process of learning even now, although it may not be clear to you what and how your growth is.

When it is said that you will be experiencing a great growth spiritually in the near future, you must construe that, rather, as meaning you will become aware of your great growth, for the growth is happening even as we speak, and even though you may not be conscious of it, it is wonderful to see how eagerly you grow. You are indeed a courageous soul.

We are very happy to embrace you in our spirit family life. All of the friends gathered here this evening in the spirit and in the flesh embrace you, little sister, and cherish your kinship among us. You are a delightful little rabbit and we cuddle you with deep affection.

JASMINE: Hunnah, your . ..

Hunnah: Hello!...

JASMINE: Hello, hello. I am Jasmine.

Hunnah: Oh, I'm glad to hear it. Dear friend.

JASMINE: I am trying to say hello in the face of the scramble for pick-a-number as in your bakery or your butcher shop. Personal teacher night is upon us and I am glad to have a turn with you. You have been so busy! You have been growing by leaps and bounds. It is well that you have a holiday coming soon, not that we are fearful of your over-rapid growth, no, but that you can savor some of the attainment that you have reached in leisure and in reflection.

You have truly stepped outside of yourself to allow for a wondrous experience, not only for yourself but for many others. The example that you have shown by your living faith, your human reluctance and courage in the face of fear, has resulted in a statement of fellowship that is exemplary of true friendship, that you are so honest at heart and so eager to serve, so directed in your intent, in spite of your imperfections, your growth has now rewarded your efforts and we are very, very glad to be privy to the joy that you now know in your faith being realized. Not only have you brought much joy through your personal development, you have brought much joy in those who now can come to your awareness, the awareness of Urantia, through the circuitry that you provide.

I am rewarded myself in our many many years of association. These personal victories are some things that we experience in our association and in your ascension. There are -- what shall we say? -- private holidays, private celebrations that take place in your advancement. Your Thought Adjuster rejoices upon certain hallmark events and your personal teachers also take great delight in certain activities; your guardian seraphim have their own reward in company with you. In time these will be made clear to you. For now, you will just have to trust my testimony, but my testimony includes an expression of deep and abiding and sincere and devoted love to you which, my dear, you already fully know, but I choose to express it anyway because you have a right to hear and everyone has a right to know how deeply you are loved, how much I appreciate the work you have done, the efforts you have invested on behalf of the Master in your desire to serve and in your willingness to go to whatever lengths He would have you go in order that you may do the will of the Father in heaven. Amen, my daughter, and bless you.

Hunnah: Oh, wow. That was certainly a lei that you put around my neck that I want to thank you for that, for the strength in the face of what used to frighten me. I have a task to perform in service this evening. I have been praying that my partner will feel physically and mentally whole because he has been fatigued and I have asked for assistance with skills. In my transcripts in personal counsel I was told that I was to learn new skills for the sake of service, and this evening is sort of a maiden voyage in such a matter, and it would give me great pleasure to be able to fulfil my responsibilities in an honorable and intelligent way. So I really do thank you for this stature that you have allowed me and the private satisfaction that that brings, and I want to thank you for my loyal friends here and this wonderful and bewildering time of this culmination of characters that we have been, that we know we are rightfully yours and we are a divine pattern, and I do thank you for this tribute and this wonderful opportunity to show ourselves that hanging in there is really an opportunity to see the prize of community. Thank you.

TOMAS: I am Tomas. I am here. I am sorry if I cut short your visits with your personal teachers. They all were eager to come on-line and give you each a gift. Each of you have now savored the gift. I am only back here as an emcee, however. I am under the impression that this was going to be a light evening, that is, we did not come prepared with our briefcase and the lectern. Merium and I are here informally and affectionately and had to hold ourselves in abeyance for the scramble of the personal teachers who insisted on making their presences known and their sentiments heard.

But lest the personal teachers take over entirely, I usurped them with the authority vested in me as Teacher of this teacher base and decided to play host, Merium hostess. And so if there are questions we will field them and can bring your personal teachers back on-line or convey information if that's more appropriate, but be advised we will not be here long this evening. You have already indicated it would be informal and brief.

Transmitting, Names

Hunnah: In my transmitting recently I was given what appeared to be another dancing partner and I was wondering if you would comment and assist me with the name of the presence that came through for me. It sounded like, or it appeared to be Alkanon or Alcaynon?

TOMAS: Al'ka-non.

Hunnah: Is that correct?


Hunnah: Oh! Eureka!

TOMAS: And it was not error. It was not confused with Alcon, a noble teacher also. There are many many similarities of names, some of them are quite tricky, and the experiment at hand was to give you the opportunity to identify the name and you succeeded. I am confirming it for you, even though Alkanon confirmed for you at the time that that was correct. He however graciously assured you, as many of us will do in the beginning, that you have garnered the essence, if not the actuality. It is a "ploy" that we sometimes use in early experiencing transmitting/receiving that you feel at ease.

Be aware that getting names is really very difficult, particularly at first. There are some who never do wholeheartedly and enthusiastically allow these more factual pieces of information to come through because the chances of the fact being used to trip them up and "prove" the unreality of the teachers or the teaching mission is too great. The chance of error is too threatening for many to even venture a guess, but it is always offered and to the extent that you develop the fine-tuning that will allow for these identifications to come through, you have expanded your and our abilities to communicate.

Having experienced a brand new personality, a teacher from the spirit realms, the morontia realms, that to your knowledge has not transmitted here on Urantia before is an exciting experience. As Alkanon discussed with you, the reality of the teachers develops as you give yourself over more and more to the growth reality that results, the faith that opens up as a result of your conscious decision to trust the process. The greater reality is its own reality that will indeed lead you into further divine truth. Only as you look at it academically does it seem ludicrous, but as you see it through the eyes of an agondonter, you see the adventure of the ages. All of the spirit companions assigned to assist Urantia in Correcting Time are honorable and well-adjusted, highly trained individuals.

Hunnah: This has been a good lesson in listening. I must share with the reader that when Alkanon arrived it was as if someone handed me a storybook and it was almost as if someone was writing a story about Cinderella and Prince Charming, the stature of, the demeanor of the guest was very apparent to me, and it is my human nature, it seems, that I have this ability to fantasize, or creative when I write, so when this personality was coming forth in this writing, I was . .. part of myself was wondering if I wasn't up to my little short story, and then I could see that it was the way of the teachers to allow me to let this information come through, and it was very skillful, I felt. I was aware of the skill, even though I was transcribing.

So I'm looking forward to sharing him with our readers, and if I was a male and a feminine presence arrived on the scene, not to particularly rescue but to bring balance and a holiday uplifting manner in which one would be taught the truly beautiful and effervescent companion, a male human would be just as delighted in the companion choice of personality companionship that was revealed in that little bit, so I'm sure that all the readers are going to enjoy him and they will feel his strength and his light-heartedness. Thank you for letting me comment, but I find it very exciting. I feel that he will be a complement to what we have already brought through.

TOMAS: I would like to say, for your understanding, and for others understanding, that as you fall in love with one new personality, you bring vital reality to your life and to theirs, and in the spirit this is just what you have done: you have fallen in love with a new personality, a creation of the Father as you understand it, as the romantic aspects of you understand it. You think in terms of fantasy and fairy tales and so forth, but divine love truly does add a dimension, a refinement that elevates love and brings it into those realms of delight that make the heart soar.

It is not by accident that your new friend has become a dancing partner and that you have blushed and allowed him to take the lead. This is a delightful unfolding of the Father's, the Mother's Paradise in your own experience. Perhaps it is because it is your first encounter with a male personality that you "discovered" that gives it the heightened romantic nature. Perhaps always will Alkanon be in some ways your first love, but he will even so be your brother, your elder brother, and a teacher. As any one of us are, as you allow.

Hunnah: Well, I do indeed welcome his friendship and I am not about to -- hopefully -- misinterpret. I didn't mean to misinterpret, but I was fairly aware of the idealistic qualities that we all long to see in someone who is of the opposite sex here, and I had commented at our retreat about meeting a "man in Love" and if the readers can possibly meet this personality, just as we have in the wonderful qualities that you have delivered, they too will understand what they have to look forward to as they are released from their microscopic experience, as they develop. It's exciting.

TOMAS: Yes, daughter, it is exciting and we appreciate your sensitive expression of this, this observation, that you might share your impression with others. One moment.

MERIUM: I am Merium. I am not to be ignored. I am wondering what can I do this evening to contribute, to become one with you. I am not jealous, my dear, but I am impressed with your new infatuation with our co-worker, Alkanon. I have known him for a long time. As a matter of fact, I knew him first (group laughter), so there.

Hunnah: Merium, thank you for coming through Gerdean this evening. My human vessel has been tested sorely this evening and I did want to hear from you. An interesting thing that you said, that you met him first, amuses me because I related to him, his essence, as I would yours. You are far-out guys! (Laughter) and you're not heavy, you're so light, and when he came through this -- as powerful as it was -- it was a lightness of coming and because of the way you come through for me, I related a similarity there and I'm glad that everybody's been enjoying all so much. We're going to have quite a gang here after while, especially when these other guys get rolling -- we'll have a real fire going.

TOMAS: We have some great bonfires, indeed.

Hunnah: Bring the marshmallows, that's right.

TOMAS: Pep talks that go on into the night as the waves wash up on the shore and the fire burns low and the embers are hot. Yes, some great discourse takes place in these late night communions under the stars in company with the friends in faith.

Hunnah: Can I ask just a little light question here?

TOMAS: Surely.

Hunnah: We were -- Gerdean is considering an evening for stillness, and I want to continue the sessions that we have, so be patient with us please while we figure out what we're doing. We could be meeting every other night of the week to have dancing classes with you people -- pardon me, you wonders. Please help us to graciously work out something that will be for everyone. I hope we'll be responsive.

MERIUM: I think that what we could do under the circumstances -- and this is Merium -- is invite a social architect in to visit with you. You know Damalia is a social architect who has visited more than once and he has often wanted you to adopt a group project that he could help with, and so perhaps this is one of those group projects that he might like to help, hobnob with, or direct. I will put in a request for Damalia's assistance and overcare if that would please you.

Hunnah: That would indeed. Sounds good.

MERIUM: Then let us anticipate that he will respond to the request and sometime between now and then he will be making his rounds and contacting you each with some tidbit of insight and enthusiasm. When these come to your mind, do share them with each other. At the very least, be certain to jot them down, but better you keep them alive and share them as they are received, even if they sound bizarre, perhaps they are just one of the pieces of the puzzle that when put together will create quite the game plan.


Well, I am glad that I had an opportunity to take part in your evening's festivities. It has been a party; it has been rich. I return the platform to Tomas for his final comments. I look forward to seeing you in a couple days if not before. My love to you all. Good night.

TOMAS: And I too am on my way out the door. I am in the neighborhood, however, children, and always glad to have a late night chat with you if you are inclined. I, too, look forward to seeing you soon -- Thursday for sure. Be well. Be happy. Be. Farewell.

Group: Thank you.]]