1997-09-16-Depression & Despair

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Topic: Depression & Despair

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Greetings to you my friends. It is my supreme privilege to meet with you again. I would have you each be mindful that our lessons are ongoing. Worry not on rushing to absorb any and all things on spirituality. We are at the beginning of an adventure. The adventure is wonderful, and sometimes terrible, but always challenging.


We have been speaking on being reborn of the Spirit, remembering our primal feelings for Father, and His loving watchcare. To reconnect with this first basic feeling is an excellent foundation from which to build upon. These lessons on self-mastery will be more balanced when you can maintain direct contact with your Indwelling Father. I would say a few words on depression and despair.

Depression is not so much of a spirit poison as it is a result of spirit poison. Fear or anger can certainly lead to depressed feelings. In this age of instant gratification, depression is looked upon as a negative influence. In the days of old some had looked upon depression as a time for silencing the self to receive words from the gods. Philosophers had looked at depression as a slate for the recording of deeper spiritual ideas. Artists and writers used despair and depression to create a artistic tapestry of confused feelings.

In this age of instant gratification, self satisfaction, there is a panic when depression strikes. There are numerous medications, support groups, and various other avenues in which people fight off depression. I would say to you, my friends, that a re-defining of depression is in order. An uneasiness in the mind or soul is perhaps a calling for you to lift your eyes to our Father. Perhaps a feeling of despair is only a moment to touch the creativity within. Perhaps depression and despair is only an avenue to truly knowing and worshiping our Father in Heaven.

There are many in this world who sit in darkness, think in dark terms, create darkness, and in their moments of despair there is only the smothering of darkness. You, my friends, who have been born of the Spirit made a new creature, deal with despair with the light you have been given. You are not made to smother under the pressure of despair, depression and darkness, no. You who have your connection with Father are led to feel grateful that this light has been cast upon you to bestow its liberty. This is how our depression can travel to worship.

Spiritual enlightenment is not something we can feel proud that we have that others have not, no. Spiritual enlightenment is shelter from the storm, a rope cast to us in the waters of uncertainty. Do you see how depression and despair are not to last under your spiritual light? Know this, that all these feelings of extreme sadness are temporary. In a Father who changes not, always is changing the world. Your Father is knowing of your mortal feelings and can minister to you as only a Father could. Your Father is not about to lift you up out of your depression, but He is there to shine a light to show you the way. Through your deep and abiding love for Him, and Him for you, are you strengthened to always persevere, to go beyond just enduring, to meet each difficulty with a spark of determination in your eye. I would ask you to use your feelings of depression or despair. Know that these are helpful in your spiritual ascension. I would ask for only your most pressing questions to stay within our time allotment.


ROLAND: Abraham, to clarify on the lesson, are you saying essentially that our depression and our despair is instrumental to bring us to the Father in that need, that hour of need to seek His comfort, His counsel? Is that what it is about?

ABRAHAM: Yes, this is essentially what I am teaching, that even feelings of deep sadness are but a doorway to understanding what Father is teaching. Depression is like a tool to be used for turning up those complicated spiritual seeds. To be in the midst of depression is not a cause for panic or prescription, no. In our lessons on self-mastery we are learning to be led by our divine self. In not fearing depression we are dealing with it on a spiritual level being led by our divine self. Does this answer?

ROLAND: It does, and I see that in spiritual path for me some of the greatest blessings have come back to somewhat haunt me in a sense. I feel sometimes a little overwhelmed by the beauty of some of the things that have happened to me. And that brings me to a place when I am not in that state to be depressed about not being in that state. I don't know if that makes any sense, but I sense a need to clarify for myself. Its a greater thing to be committed and willing to do Father's will. Even in the process you lose a lot of some of the illusions and the dreams, mythology of the old life. That seems very depressing on some occasions. I think this lesson kind of clarified how to deal with that. You are going to be depressed and it is okay.

ABRAHAM: Yes. Well said. We are in agreement. And instant gratification may not be the way to find spiritual gratification, that depression is not to be feared, but utilized to delve deeper into the spirit. Yes. Thank you. Another question?

WILLENA: Father Abraham, I am interested in some dialogue about the question I asked the other night. You asked me to talk with my Father Fragment. I have been in conversation since off and on. As I stated earlier to the group, it feels to me like I am on track, and yet, being led to an even..well I don't know how to say it, but it is like this is a chance for me, this work that I am involved in, that at some point I will be getting money from some other source, that this will be a part of a service that I just give and provide. Can you tell me if I am getting it accurately? Am I off in some places?

ABRAHAM: I for one am in awe of your dedication to a life in the spirit. You would be better to answer this than I. Your lighter countenance says it all. Your feelings of wellness speak for you. You are indeed a daughter of faith, and your willingness to be spirit led is well known. I can only say this much. You have done well by your Father, Willena. One more question.

MIRIAM: Abraham, I always thought that like someday if I had a private session with you I'd ask you this. Going with that honesty thing, I'll ask you now. Talking about depression and despair and using it as a tool, I was diagnosed as a manic-depressive in my early twenties, and told I would have to live my whole life on lithium and have a lot of experiences in this area. Some of those experiences culminated in a suicide attempt that I was in ccu for awhile. I have always wondered what that experience was about then, because when I came out I felt like I had been held. Here's my question to kinda help understand this. I love the lesson and I get it from where I am now. I know now because of my faith and where I have been and where I'm at now, I know how to reach out and use these tools, appreciate these things, but to help me understand where I have been, and help understand where people are when maybe they aren't "in action" of reaching for the tools, but they get help from Father anyway. I guess I would like your feedback on what that was. Is that making any sense?

ABRAHAM: Yes, I understand. My lesson is for you here tonight. I would not give this same particular lesson to one who was perhaps at your previous stage of development, Miriam. I would though confirm that these individuals with chemical imbalance are in need of medical attention, yes, and do indeed receive spiritual help. I would say to you that your particular experience was instrumental in training you for your particular ministry. You are a faith-filled daughter who would go to any lengths for the Kingdom, and your previous experience has taught you how to go those lengths. I would say a few words about physical help and depression. You each know that a balanced diet, exercise, rest are an important part of balancing the mind, body, and spirit.

Fresh air and sunshine are also important in being balanced. I do not say that depression is good or mandatory in order to gain spirituality, no. I mean to reduce any fear there is in depression causing individuals to be rash. Suicide, as you said, is an option for those unknowing how to dispel the darkness. Is this at all helping?

(MIRIAM: Yes Abraham. Thank you. Maybe just one quick personal question?) Yes. (What was that experience of being held?)

I can say it was direct contact with your Indwelling Father Fragment. Beyond that much information, I am uncertain.

(Thank you very much.)


You're welcome. You each do well in your attempts to bring your world to a deeper understanding of spiritual things. Your efforts are appreciated, and I can say we are each filled with affection for you, and we assist where we can. My love is growing for you each daily and I would take my leave. Until next week, shalom.