1998-02-08-Status Review

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Topic: Status Review

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Elyon

TR: Mark Rogers, Jonathan



Progress, Teaching Mission

Elyon (Mark TR): My dear friends, this is your unseen friend Elyon. I must come among you this morning to state my profound joy at witnessing your diligent, loving efforts to maximize, utilize, my suggestions for your lessons. This brings me joy for which I am unable to adequately express myself. You have stated that I have brought you so much throughout our association together, and I state to you now that you, through your actions, through your intentions, through your exhibitions of faith, have brought to fruition our relationships. It is through your actions, your directions, your purpose that I realize the success of our relationship together. It is not a single deed or act that I point to but an overall trend that shows me and, indeed, is evident to all who would observe, that you are determined to pursue the higher ideals that you are made aware of, that you will not only discuss and give fleeting temporal courtesy to my lessons, but will make great attempts to internalize the teachings, resulting in enormous growth on your parts.

If I were to leave you at this point in our association, I would take from this encounter with you such immense love and a devotion which is truly awe inspiring. You have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt to many observers on high that you are not only capable, but you are indeed willing. These are characteristics required to implement great change. When this mission began we had no preconceived notions as to the outcome of our teachings, whether they would be understood. Nevertheless, you have shown us that they have been significant in your own personal spiritual growth as well as in your group growth. You have gone a step beyond what we consider the outer reaches of possibility. You have faithfully, repeatedly offered your hands to us in partnership. You have proven to us that you will act if you but know how to do so. This initiative and personal drive has made it possible for us to seed the waters and to stir the waters that have already been percolating to bring forth many noble and fine accomplishments on your parts.

We see great potential for this relationship that we share with you. You have shown this to us. For this I will remain grateful to each and every one of you, as you have opened doors and allowed us to steer this ship into uncharted waters. It takes, in the final analysis, so little as desire, but it can be so much to ask of another individual. You have all, of your own freewill, offered this desire freely and lovingly to us to work with in our association.

I bring you my thanks and my love. If I could, I would at this very moment, hold you all in a loving material embrace. As this is not possible at this time and space, bear with me as I embrace each of you with my spirit arms and hold you to me as fondly as any parent would their child.

Know that our relationship together is equally as fruitful for me as it is for you, and that I am equally as desirous as any one of you of expanding our relationship by working together both as a group and intimately with each of you. I am allowing myself to dream dreams of progress I would not have before thought possible. It remains up to you the level at which we function, however, you have proven to me to be steadfast and sincere with the longings of your hearts. This is all that is required to make this future reality so.

You all have done a marvelous job today of bringing a lesson to the group, each one an extremely valuable insight into your brethren, into your experience, into spirituality how it interfaces with your reality. Sometimes it is extraordinary to witness how some spiritual truth balls, which have been thrown out into play long ago, may be found off in a stray corner, may be picked up and played with again, and determined that they still have the bounce, the play in them that they had when they were first thrown into play by myself or many others who have done this. If you could see yourself standing on this tennis court with a ball in play, and then look behind you and see the many balls which have been previously played. They are all ready to be picked up and volleyed again. You would find that, while you were able to play with ease at one time, the same ball may present a different challenge to you at another time. Indeed, you are wealthy with these balls of opportunity around you. I know that you will make the most of these opportunities, as I witness you do that regularly. I will unfailingly offer to play with you; to replay the same ball is not a burden; it is not a disappointment in any way. because each time a new angle can be pursued, a new stroke can be employed, a new return can follow, making the same old ball a new game.

As you show yourselves ready, new balls are constantly brought forth for your enjoyment and your growth. Eventually you may determine that certain balls are so well played as to have exhausted themselves of much of their bounce. They will still remain in your library of balls to play, but you may choose to play with a more currently engaging ball at any one time. It doesn't really matter; it all is the game. And the game is what we play together and what you play when you go out and live your daily lives. Remember that you carry these balls with you. These are the gems that you carry with you to put into play at your will, at your choosing.

You are so inspiring to me today as to leave me speechless with a new ball to throw into play. I believe you have stated themes in your discussion which are worthy of your consideration, and I would welcome with great joy any one of you wishing to make a serve.


Jonathan: In competition spin foils the other player. Here the spin gives the other player a chance to see in a new light. Either the habitual reaction will change because of the spin, or our skills are enhanced by the new factor. You have enlarged our understanding of faith and helped us get over our habitual reaction of what faith means. Thank you.

Elyon: My friend, we will be engaged in this game for some time. In the entire pursuit of this endeavor, there will never be two serves that are identical. There never will be two returns that are identical. Each play of the game puts a new spin, as you say, on the ball, providing the opportunity for a new encounter, a new perspective. There are as many serves and returns as there are thoughts, ideas, individual perspectives. That is why it is beneficial to simply play the game, bat the ball, because any given serve may not be effective for a given individual, but the next may in the next moment. The next serve may be exactly for the individual to make a stunning and beautiful return. It is in the delivery that variation provides opportunity for growth. You literally cannot have too many volleys or too many balls to volley to provide ample opportunities for every individual to grasp the significance of these pearls of truth from all angles and all perspectives.

Mary: You are our buddy. Thanks for coaching us onto the new playfields that you have assisted us in reaching.

Elyon: I reciprocate with: you are also mine. I see each of you as my personal friend, an individual whose relationship I cherish and look forward to a long encounter with.

Perhaps not many people you know could boast of having an unseen friend who really exists. You all share this in common. I would point out that the difference in our relationship is that you acknowledge my presence; you acknowledge the relationship that we have openly and lovingly. Many other individuals outside this group do receive contact from outside sources. They, however, are not aware of this relationship. They do not realize that this is what has taken place. They simply attribute it to a fleeting thought or inspiration. You can go the next step by realizing this relationship and expanding on it as you desire.

Urantia, Teacher Sons, Magisterial Mission

Jonathan: I've been reading about the Paradise Sons of God. The Teaching Mission has received contact from a Trinity Teacher Son. They are assisted by Melchizedeks and Archangels. I know there have been Archangel contacts in the mission and an array of Melchizedek contacts. In my reading they mention Trinity Teacher Sons in conjunction with a Magisterial Son. It has been received that Magisterial Sons are involved with this mission, and we know our world hasn't had a magisterial visitation. How do the missions of a Magisterial Son and a Trinity Teacher Son play into our role as Teaching Mission members?

Elyon: You are quite correct when you state the observation that there is, indeed, an extensive functional relationship between many orders of beings. This is true between, as you stated, Archangels. Melchizedeks, and the orders of sons. I would say that the absence of a Trinity Son [could the TR have mistaken Trinity Son for Magisterial Son here? ed.] on your world is but another of your complicated set of consequences of the direction your planet has taken, that you should not view any such visitation as outside the realm of possibility. There are supreme mandates given as to the development of a given world or system or universe. There is also great latitude in implementation of these mandates dictated largely by the subservient heads in place to determine the proper steps to be taken at any given time. I will make no bold prophesies as to what is in your immediate future other than to say the part of your destiny over which you have control you are exercising excellently, and the parts over which you are not are being overseen by the most competent supervisors who will make determination as to the continuing steps in this Correcting Time. We know where this world will end up. We have yet to witness how we will cross over at this point. Much will be determined by the willingness of the masses to handle the opening of the circuits. This opening of the circuits provides for many potentials, and we are waiting to witness how much of this unfolds on your world, as it is so largely up to those resident here.

I would say that you should not consider any option closed in your development, that, as you have witnessed in your text, things happen; materializations occur; ages are inaugurated; steps are taken with intent and purpose. This is so even now. The mission we are engaged in is part of this opening up process of the circuits, and we shall wait to see how the movement works from the grassroots level to the general, overall level. There may be major milestones yet to be dropped upon us to deal with.

As you may have perceived, the Teaching Mission perspective has been one of personal revelation turned to group revelation, hopefully headed toward universal revelation. It has not been the way to speak aloud these words in the air so that all may hear, as this may cause more negative reaction than positive growth. Sometimes it is better to start from within and work out. Other times it may prove beneficial to provide an outward manifestation of a new level to be accepted. Your world has had both and will continue to be provided with every option deemed appropriate.

Have I danced around your question enough?

Jonathan: Thanks. I'm trying to weave together some consistency. Some planetary stages are distinct, yet we see how one builds to another. I`m not expecting a date on any new arrivals.

Elyon: Your perception is, indeed, correct that one revelation is provided to lay groundwork, foundation, for the next. That is what we are engaged in at this very hour, the laying of groundwork for the next major stage. I think each of you is aware of this role you play now in the Teaching Mission, and you also may have that faint glimmer of something impending bigger to come. This would not be misplaced in your perception.


unidentified (Jonathan): May we take one moment to focus on the Father and His presence. If you would focus with me and perceive the presence of the Father as one who is hovering about you, enshrouding you in His embrace, feel at this time being encapsulated by Him. This experience acknowledges the over-care; it acknowledges the power and the parentage that the Father holds. It reveals His benevolence, His concern for yourself. Now may we let this sense of being enshrouded collapse upon us and become so shrunk in size that you surround it. Now we understand the indwelling of the Father; now we are privileged to embrace Him with our love. We come to see how much His inner presence relies upon our choosing as to how He may once again emerge from within you to be revealed to others.

In ways beyond your abilities to comprehend, even the comprehension abilities of beings on levels that far transcend yours, the Father is in a complete embrace of all. This we all worship in Him. But it is of great interest, awe, over the spectacular beauty that we behold in the re-emergence of this same over-controller and loving Father of everything as He emerges from the relationship of human and human life. Not only does the Father filter down upon all of us, He emerges from within. May we ever be receptive and welcoming of His presence consciously. May we always be expressive and giving of this very gift of the Father that is Himself to all and for all.

Thank you for your attention. I leave this one unnamed.