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Topic: Forgiveness

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am Abraham. What a most excellent energy I can literally see and feel from this room. How magnificent it is to see you each interact on and through the mind circuits. You cannot imagine how your thoughts and intentions travel and create such beauty along the way. Even the most unpleasant events in your lives are made more bearable through your relationships with one another. In your relationships with one another here, makes the most use out of those things Father has made available in the universe. It is most desired by our Father that you take full advantage of any spiritual assistance He provides. The circuits, Seraphim's, the Adjutant Mind Spirits, Midwayers and Teachers are a small amount of those forces available to you to draw upon your mortal journey. With your Indwelling Father as a compass there are all things possible through Him. This includes forgiving.



Forgiving has become distorted in definition, where to forgive; one must relinquish all feelings of pain, of feeling wronged. Your Indwelling compass, your Father, would not for one moment ever deny your pain or minimize what has happened to you. Forgiving has been associated with invalidation occurrences that have hurt. Forgiveness is not invalidation no. For you to be forgiving is to not to paint a lightness over the dark. In forgiving it is necessary to work through the pain. Know that your Father validates your pain.

Know your pain is noted and recognized. Emotions following this are natural and unique, and you need not fight the process. Forgiving is for you, not the one who has wronged you. Your wrongdoer may not be cognizant of the impact they have made. The universes (administrators) see to the justice due to each person and you can know that at some point, all wrongdoing is made known. You each have experienced or delayed recognition of wrongdoing, and yes, there was regret or remorse.

I can guarantee that the Spirit of Truth is one unstoppable force that sweeps through the world today at an accelerated rate of speed. There shall be correction. The truth will be known. To hold vengeful feelings and to seek redemption from your wrongdoers is not to be your burden, no. Those spiritual forces that are available to you do not fall short on job performance. They are fully capable of creating the best meanings and values for each particular wrongdoer. Know this, that your pain is validated. The wrongdoer is in the hands of our Father. You need not put yourself in a position to seek redemption, and your Father is a compass ever pointing you in the correct direction through your internal feelings. As you progress spiritually you can begin to have trust in your spiritual feelings, your emotional feelings, and there is always a need to keep the ego in check. And I do say that Michael, your Creator/Brother/Father, is an excellent source in showing you the hard truths.

The Apostles used to claim that the man Jesus was beside himself. It did not appear to them that the Master was ‘the Master.' Jesus had such perfected communion with our Father that those unpleasant things that stem from the ego did not weigh him down. Jesus was definitely beside himself allowing Father to take full control in every situation. Jesus often found that at times it was not his place to forgive those that hurt him. It was his place to remain open for Fathers understanding. You see, that those that have wronged you intentionally or unintentionally have reason and underlying motives for their actions. There are character habits they continually act out. Jesus thus [had faith] in his fellow mortals and left the forgiveness to Father as He remained open to Fathers understanding concerning his fellows.

This week I would ask you to attempt to recognize those various spiritual forces that assist you. Know that Michael you elder Brother has indeed firsthand knowledge, of your needs and stands by ready to assist you. I would also request that you continue in your fruitful discussions each week and know that your thoughts and intentions travel outward creating much beauty.


Calvin: Do you mean that Michael will assist us as in word for word communication, like in Nancy seeking a word for word answer from Him? Or, assisting us in our day to day circumstances or both?

Abraham: Yes, assistance in mortal understanding in remaining small to allow for Father to teach. To bring the light of Truth. Yes, yes, immediate assistance. Does that answer?

Calvin: Do you have any words for Nancy? She has asked for a response concerning the Foundation and Fellowship in their relation to the Urantia Book responsibilities.

Abraham: My words are not carrying much credibility. It is my experience that the evolution of these unions is best handled with love and patience. The seeds have been planted and the accelerated rate that the Spirit of Truth travels will indeed see to their growth. That is all.

Adjutant Mind Spirits, Mother Spirit

Roland: (paraphrased) We know we have the Spirit of Truth, the Mind Spirits, our Universal Mother Spirit, and our Indwelling Father. Do we need to recognize or address each as specific entities when we make our petitions?

Abraham: Your request would not be specifically to the mind spirits, but to Christ Michael or Mother. The Adjutant Mind Spirits are not so much alive as an entity, but alive as circuits separate and distinct energy field circuits. Does this answer?

Roland: Yes it does, I would like to pursue further if I will? (Certainly). (paraphrased) I understand I think of the Seven Adjutant Mind Spirits as a marvelous assistance to us. Also, recently I have had this incredible experience in understanding and learning of the Twenty Four Sentinels (34:4.11) from my recent meditations and studies. I understand somewhat of what they do (describes his understanding). Your lessons have certainly helped me to understand more on these lines. You sometime ago, mentioned that you would explain further on the Four Directional Creatures? (34:4.12) Could you give me a little further insight as to what they do?

Abraham: Yes, you are correct in your understanding. The Directional Creatures do encompass an energy bestowed to them by our Father. Many believe the Universe to be chaotic and haphazard. I would confirm your understanding that at some point in your eternal career, there will be assistance from these beautiful creatures. These creatures are ever devoted to assisting beings in ascending in their eternal adventure. There is not one thing more important to these creatures than in helping each one to specific points in the universe that pertain to our education and spiritual growth. This is the extent of my knowledge of which I can share. Does this help?

Roland: (paraphrased) Yes very much, and to have you share that is beautiful and help us increase in our understanding. Thank you.

Abraham: Indeed. My gratitude for you also for your participation in helping to broaden our interests. Yes.

Miriam: (paraphrased) This is interesting to me this lesson. Last week, in my prayer, I made specific recognition to our Mother Spirit and I got the feedback in a real buoyed way, (that's seems to be my new word).

Abraham: Yes. It is acceptable to request Mothers aide on specific topics, such as those things that relate to groups or races. She is quite active in assisting Christ Michael in bringing Urantia closer to Light and Life. Yes. Your communication with Her is wonderful.


I would now take my leave and give to you my love and appreciation for your devotion to the cause. I will continue to communicate with you each throughout this week. Shalom.