1998-12-11-Triune Communication

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Topic: Triune Communication

Group: Pocatello TeaM


Teacher: Daniel, Aaron, Andronason

TR: Nancy, Bob S., Bill K.



Christ Michael(Nancy): "Greetings my most beloved students. I virtually have goose bumps this evening. My delight wells up and overflows. I am so pleased with your individual willingness to confront that which you fear and shrink from and dislike the most...conflict, honesty. Honesty can seem to be so until completed. I use the word completed because honesty moves in stages.


Communication, Honesty

There is the first appearance in one's mind and emotions concerning the issue. There is the further understanding that occurs. Honesty is like a layered onion, the whole of your personal truth. It requires removal of successive layers to reach the central truth where the most basic level of honesty lies. Many wish to take the knife, slice open the onion and go directly to that central piece. Yet this is not how personal understanding occurs. It is discovered layer by layer. But discovery does not occur without communication. In order to peel the layers of this onion it is absolutely essential that communication take place.

  • [Personal Understanding Requires Triune Communication]

This communication is triune in nature.

All three are critical to discovery of personal truth which is required to be honest. We were talking about the entire onion as honesty and so the beginning is to do as you have done tonight. In speaking one's truth honestly as you know it to be at the time, it frees the space that the deeper truth, the deeper fears may surface, be known, and be that much more open.

My dearest, darling,.... children. Yes, there was initial confusion in this TR's mind. I am not your teacher in the sense that I am not Daniel. I am your Father/Brother Michael walking among you this evening; and I am SO proud of you my children and my apostles. For you are taking those steps in revealing the layers of the onion. With these my words of commendation and gratitude I step aside to allow your teachers who also are present to make their statements to you. Tonight I wanted to be first, not the last word. (Laughter) I love you all. Good evening." Group: "Good evening"

Daniel(Bob S.): "My children, this is Daniel. I, too, am overwhelmed with emotion having seen what you have been through this evening. You cannot yet fully understand the dimensions of progress that you plowed through. With time you will look back on this evening as one of those watershed moments when real spiritual progress was made. For that we are all extremely excited for you, for it is you who are those who are growing. We can only stand by and applaud your willingness to venture into this uncharted territory; if not uncharted, at least alligator infested. (Laughter) My children, my friends, please consider deeply what has transpired here this evening over the next few days for we may wish to discuss your feelings, your insights, your fears more fully at a later meeting. For tonight, I greet you, I love you. I turn the microphone over to another."


Aaron: "I am Aaron. Greetings, friends. We do indeed understand the nature of your difficulties with conflict. We have seen several instances of awareness on your part this evening as individuals of your own responses to conflict and the building of tension. These awarenesses are important for you to ponder upon, to recognize your reactions to communication. Fear is a common reaction to disagreement. You all know by now that fear can have devastating consequences to your personal life as well as your relationships to others We are impressed with your courage to proceed beyond your fears and to attempt to communicate honestly your ideas and feelings. In no small measure does this effort create soul expansion and prepare you for future interactions with diverse natures and habits of manifold creatures. Look upon times of tension and conflict as those periods when you were stretching the capabilities of your eternal being to be inclusive of the Father's far flung diversity. These interactions are positive although they can create negative feelings within you. The legacy of fear will be the topic in the near future as we discuss more in depth your individual realizations, reactions and interactions. Look forward to undergoing some analysis of various inhibitors and motivators. Again, I am quite pleased that you have been willing to take risks, as you perceive it, to interact amidst your hesitancy and your fears. That is all from me this evening, my friends. Thank you."

Andronason(Bill): "Greetings, my dear friends. This is Andronason among you observing and rejoicing with my compatriots among the celestial orders of intelligences which are present at this evening's meeting. I would comment briefly on just one concept. It is a difficult climb to scale a high mountain and yet the first step is required for the final step. Each hand hold and foot hold lifts one closer to the goal of perfection attainment; in the case of a mountain achieving the vantage point at the top where the surrounding scenery is the visual reward and the sense of accomplishment in doing something difficult is the emotional reward; in the case of the ascension career the embrace of the Trinity and the coming home to Paradise. Since fear has been foisted upon your planet and is the greatest intellectual fraud that you must confront, surmounting it is cause for great rejoicing.

Every time you face fear and move through it you accomplish much! It is one thing to intellectually think about fear; it is quite another to actually experience it and not fold up and crumble in its grip. Courage and bravery are not acts done in the absence of fear; rather they are acts of obedience to truth done in the face of one's terrors. As Michael's apostles one of your tasks is to be role models to others; not that they should put you on a pedestal and grant you guru status but that they might see that another flesh and blood person like themselves can, with the help of God, the Inner Shining, accomplish great and wonderful things. When I say that your accomplishment is major this evening, we base that statement upon our measurements of the level of fear which was palpable in this room, varying in intensity, but there from the start. Now it is gone. You have survived the honest confrontation and expression of feelings, opinions, personal truths and personal perspectives. As others have said, so I also recommend that you ponder these things this week and remember that the accomplishment attained through the baptism of fire is all the more precious because in looking back the fearful fire is diminished. Each successful overcoming of fear strengthens you for the next just as every successful move upon the face of a mountain upward, upward, strengthens the spirit to achieve the final goal. Now, my friends, I am finished as well. Your time has elapsed."


Virginia: "May we ask a question?"

Andronason: "I am a guest speaker tonight. I will defer."

Daniel(Nancy): "I am Daniel. You are most welcome to ask away."


Virginia: "The subject of the teachers, I believe Aaron and Andronason has been that fear was present here and yet commendation has been made concerning honesty. My question is, What do we fear in being honest? Is it loss of relationship. Yet the book says that relationships are really the spiritual thing that will go with us. Would you please comment on whatever my question is regarding these concepts."

Daniel(Nancy): "My dear, yes I willing...the TR is a bit more hesitant but I am sure that we will get a working relationship running smoothly here and I will gladly deliver your answer. As you are aware it has been a long time since this TR has had to set herself aside in such a complete way as is necessary in response to questions. I say this not because you need to hear it but in order to get a running start at the question.

My dear, fear is the result of separation from God. Let me immediately and quickly add, the experience of separation. This fear is a real phenomenon for all animal origin beings. But it is sadly, devastatingly pronounced on planets of rebellion where spiritual isolation has taken place. The true, (in the sense of real) legacy of separation from the rest of God's creation has occurred. Absolute isolation is the paramount fear that besets humankind, to be totally cut off from all forms of love is extinction, is terror. The isolation of this planet resulted in the feeling of having been cut off from the Source of love. This is due to the removal of the circuitry that is now renewed to this planet. Yet that legacy of thousands of years in isolation remains and intensifies natural animal fear. As an example, small children tend to fear the dark and want comfort. That is the natural animal fear. Now suppose that in that dark horrible things happened to that child. Then later the experience of fear is twofold. It is natural but reinforced and intensified by that horrible experience in the dark. Has this helped.?"

Virginia: "Yes, I am sure it has. I guess it confirms that isolation and loss of relationship is the bottom line of fear. Loss of love. Yes. Thank you, Daniel."


Daniel: "Are there further inquires this evening? My children, my friends, my students, it has been a long evening for you and the hour grows late. These next days ponder upon the events, the meanings, and your personal reactions to the occurrences here tonight. As the final representative of the entire teaching staff of Michael's group of soldiers upon this planet sent to reclaim it from darkness, may I give, reiterate, and reinforce that you are most loved. May I, again, reinforce that you have done well. Go in peace. Farewell."