1999-09-26-Effects of Wisdom

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Topic: Effects of Wisdom

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Machiventa & Elyon

TR: Jonathan



Machiventa (Jonathan TR): Greetings, this is Machiventa. I have the pleasure of attending to your class today. We have addressed many concepts in the past that pertain to your triads; today I would like to take another look at worship and make some comparisons to service and wisdom.


Worship, Wisdom, Service

We have unceasingly encouraged you to practice the stillness, and you have been ever gracious in continually receiving our admonition. Though I know you all struggle with the practice, you hold it as a high value and understand the implications. Worship and service are two functions of the spiritual personality that appear to oscillate: at one point you are engaged; at another point you retire, that you may even -- not just serve and rest, serve again and rest, worship and then do other things, worship and do other things -- rather, worship and serve, then worship and serve. These two engagements of the personality aren't often seen clearly as a progressive experience. Let me draw in wisdom to illustrate how worship and service can become accumulative.

Goodness is ever contrasted with evil, beauty with ugliness, truth with error, falsehood. In the acquirement of wisdom and the undergoing of experience, ignorance is displaced by wisdom, and wisdom becomes a forever possession of your personality. Ignorance may be properly perceived as future experience. Ignorance is not just being stupid, uninformed; it is the vast range of potential ahead of you through which you have not lived. Just as evil is not a reality but rather the absence of goodness, ignorance is the absence of wisdom. Experience is at the border zone between wisdom and ignorance. When you have acquired the experience and gained the wisdom, it is never lost. It accumulates and you grow wiser, more perceptive, and more skilled at applying yourself to the new experiences coming at you from this potential realm I call "ignorance".

Trust likewise that your practice of stillness is accumulative. Every effort pushes you forward in your ability to make the Fatherly connection. Hold in your mind the view that you will never slip back from any worship experience and not be able to undergo that same encounter again and even more so with deeper sensibility.

You have shared today a few experiences about sharing with others spiritual concepts and knowing, discerning, when to cease your revelations for the benefit of the receiver, so that they gain and not be taken aback from your comments. This is a beautiful example of the cumulative effect of service. Every engagement of this nature builds your abilities to undertake another engagement that, at this point in your progress, would be over your head. So, while you realize that worship and service are always playing back and forth with each other, they accumulate in your soul warehouse just as does wisdom. They are progressive, not just an activity to undertake and set aside until another time. They are not isolated events that stand alone apart from others, but build one after the other. Wisdom is integral and so is worship and likewise service.

I hope this will bring fruit in your lives. To the mind of the mortal creature and often to many other beings near you in status, and likewise for quite a few higher yet, the discernment of the Father distinctly from the Son and the Spirit can be difficult, and that is because these triune personalities function integratedly as God. In their revelation to the universe of Themselves, they reflect this same triunity in such things as wisdom and worship and service. This is why I am able to approach the understanding of one of these with the mechanisms of another, for they all ultimately lead to a deeper experience of the Father, and that is, after all, your single purpose for existence.

Thank you for receiving my words today.

Elyon: Greetings, brothers and sisters, this is Elyon. It comes as no surprise to you that Machiventa would be here today, as you have grown accustomed to his presence and teachings. I am pleased that you regard his words with a solemnness of import, and I also am pleased that you are casual about his attendance. He is, after all, a teacher and not your Creator.

I would relate to you that we have here today ambassadors from other systems, who have been likewise affected by rebellion, who are researching methods that we employ to minister to these recuperating worlds in this system. They are assured in their tour of Urantia that things will work out in their neighborhoods as it is doing so here. I do not mean to make you feel that you are under the spotlight of scrutiny but to take you into our confidence, in a sense, to include you in some of our projects. The teachers, while most anxious to be presenting words of ministry to you, are also quite busy in such activities as this; taking these foreigners, if I may use that term, around to view our efforts. You who have chosen to cooperate with us, we elect to inform you of these activities.

That makes me desire to comment on the value of experience and on the value of observation as a form of experience, for you can study the activities of your friends, your fellows, and learn as they reflect to you what they are gaining through their process, their unfoldment. You can take these back home, that is, to yourself and enrich your own processes through this observation.

Some of those who come to view this Correcting Time effort of the Melchizedeks in Nebadon as it works out in this system of Satania come from normal realms unaffected by rebellion. They equally are as curious and interested in the process, even though there is no problem of a similar nature existing in their confines. That is because observation is a teacher. By observing another's experience with a spiritual eye you enrich yourself and better enable you to perceive with foresight what some entirely different individual may be heading into, about to experience. You can then, with a parental perspective, be of assistance. This does not mean that you may step in the way and thwart an experience that will prove good because you would know from observations in the past they proved wrong to another, but that you will be a guiding hand in easing one into the experience such that they may derive even more benefit therefrom.

So, as you plunge headlong into your experiences of the spiritual ascent to the Father, do always look about you and observe the millions of beings around who are also climbing. You will broaden your viewpoint; your perspective will become panoramic.

Though Michael lived one life and engaged in conversation with many -- though yet few -- people, he gained a thorough understanding of the nature of mankind by observing. When it comes to growth one might say it's every man for himself, for you must, you yourself, make the growth steps. But we are all in this together, and there is inevitably the overlapping and the commingling that is so essential and places great import upon fellowship.

I thank you.


Mark: To Elyon and the assembled observers and our attendant Melchizedek friends and those we are unaware of I welcome any and all participants and observers in this process.

We are engaged in this exercise together that we stretch our faith muscles to believe without seeing. We gain very much from this contact. It speaks to the lesson just delivered that we share this time, and you not only gain from observation of our floundering experiences on this plane, but that somehow we gain something in this exchange of your vastness of experience. For that we are grateful. We may seem casual, and it does become routine, but I hope we have not lost sight of the unusual and special condition that exists during these times of communication. It means a great deal to come in contact with all of you, assistants to Michael. Our lives have been uplifted by your willingness to participate in this project with us. I offer our further and continued support, that we grow together, that we glean from all the lessons you have so freely offered us, and that we may be all that we can be and perhaps assist you in this process however that may play out. Heartfelt thanks for your volunteer efforts on our world's behalf. I express this with sincerity and love for all of you whom I cannot see, but I know are there.

Elyon: I receive your words with deep gratitude. Lester tells me to tell you that, though I praise you quite often, that I must step forward and say that there are times when I feel like you are all my puppies, and I can't keep you in the box. To let me continue with that metaphor, we were trained as instructors to be alert to any symptoms that would contribute to your being like unruly puppies that need to be either tied up or run wild. This has not panned out in those who have elected to be engaged in this Correcting Time mission. You are all growing so well that you can be in the yard with the gate open and you function appropriately. I believe it is because you hold in your hearts the very truth of the words you have just conveyed.

Evelyn: Would it be possible to hear any comments or suggestions coming from these ambassadors from their experiences?

Elyon: They are impressed with the method of approach that we have undertaken with this believing without seeing, as you have stated, way of communicating with you. Normally throughout all evolutionary worlds teachers like myself are visible, are resident at headquarters on these planets, and you have better access to them with a simpler form of trust but a valuable trust. They are encouraged to witness that there is resident within mankind the apparatus for grasping without this visible guidance. The Agondonter is a species to behold. This is encouraging for those who have their own conflicts to correct in their realm. It is also a manifestation of amazement in those who have not had these conflicts, these quarantines and isolations, to deal with in being of assistance to their evolutionary brothers.


Tom: I have a question about last week's transmission. Regarding relationship, unless you are able to be intimate with the Father and with yourself you will encounter difficulty with another person. Could you explain how we can become more intimate with ourselves? I assume practicing the presence of the Father and silence would aid in establishing intimacy with Him, but being honest with yourself may be a possibility.

Elyon: That precisely would have been my first statement. Honesty is an expedient method for intimacy with oneself, that fearless facing of reality, in this case your character, your behavioral patterns, your mental inclinations. Reflectivity is a part of this honesty. Be willing to return upon actions reflectively such that you can correlate one event with another in a continuity that will bring a bigger understanding of your own self, that connectivity between all demands in your life as well as your choices. The planting of a flower in your yard and the selling of your stocks in the marketplace all tie together to one who has a spiritual viewpoint of themselves. Reflectivity will help make the associations; honesty will help you draw a conclusion or heightened perspective and will go great lengths toward you even beginning to make these associations.

Intimacy implies a deeper knowing of something or someone, and this deeper knowing is knowing more about in a broader way as well. You are far more than a laborer, a parent, a friend, or whatever other category of function you would select. You can know more about yourself in any one field, and you can know more about yourself by making the interconnection of every field with each other. So, I guess to summarize my comments, intimacy of self arises from depth and breadth, and this comes through being honest and reflective.

You all have made Michael your friend. If you make yourself your friend, your confidante, you will be more likely to frankly face your issues. How often have you been stirred at the witness of the trials and tribulations of another and wish that you could be of assistance? At times you can, and at times you understand that you must let them undergo those experiences for growth's sake. But the drive, the desire, to serve your friend is good. If you are your own friend you will be far more helpful when you perceive yourself heading into trials. You will be more likely to assist yourself rather than be only, if I may use the word, a victim. What I mean is you are letting these experiences have an effect upon you with less amount of you having a causative, active role in it. Victim is a bit strong, but it does imply this sense of absence of power in self.

Does this help?

Tom: Yes, thank you.


Elyon: I will conclude today, as I need to take my visitors to lunch. Farewell.