1999-11-28-Arena of Will

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Topic: Arena of Will

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Elyon

TR: Jonathan



Free will

Elyon (Jonathan TR): Greetings. Once again I join you and share in our unity, our commonness as a universal family. It is among friends that I visit. Though you are ever receptive to my communication and regard these lessons as given from teacher to student, in reality, I share what I know to my equals. Though there be great distances of ascension experience between myself and the level whereon I am learning and growing, we are essentially the same, for, to look ahead in my career, the distance is great, and the distance between myself and your level of growth becomes quite small.

We all live not only in a universe of whirling planets and burning suns and spinning galaxies, but we also live within an arena of will, of volition, the power to create and direct. Much across this great universe is at the mercy of the forces that hold all matter and all energy together in a great dynamic, but we who are personalities have been given a degree of latitude, and this is our creative potential. No one individual has any less of this potential; all have the same grace-bestowed power to choose. Even what you choose, you are free to do.

The Father of us all, the Creator of everything, certainly has what we would call hope for our beneficial unfoldment and longs deeply for that perfected communion that each will find on the Isle of Paradise in the divine embrace. But there is no rule book wherein you must have placed a checkmark in the right "yes" or "no" column in order to get there, for the Father's plan is that you co-create this unfoldment, this evolutionary attainment, along with Him. We are not about this grand ascension merely to mimic the desires and actions of the Father or even of His bestowal sons, the Creator Sons. The Father has chosen to create will creatures with the single purpose that in their unfoldment they become fully maximized of their potentials just as He has always and eternally been the omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient being He is. But it falls back upon us to be purposeful in our lives, directed to choose consciously our course.


It has been taught the value of surrender, in the context of your religions, to submit to the desires of the Creator. Though this teaching has value, in reality it is the longing of God to be one with you in your experience of life, for the Father Himself has already submitted to you, has already surrendered to your directive actions.

Michael, when he lived here on this world, lived his life ever alert to the will of the Father and ever sensitive to when his hour would arrive for appropriate action. Yet you do note in your studies, he spent much time mulling over his course of action, his life project. His waiting upon the will of the Father was never a passive endeavor. Always was he actively involved in developing both the understanding of the Father's purposes in his own abilities to reveal the Father as well as grasping the context of the culture and civilization and the people he was involved with. He became the hinge between the creator and creature, and each of you are likewise a hinge between creature and creator. It all resides in the arena of will. No door swings but that purpose has directed it to do so. Force is applied. Choice is made.

When you wait upon the will of the Father, you are acknowledging that the Father is waiting upon your will, as well. This is partnership, our growth. The question, "what is the will of the Father?" should no longer be a perplexing question in this life. Yes, one must place watch upon the selfish desires and even maleficent intention. But when we each acknowledge this partnership, acknowledge the divine presence, we can be assured that the error or evil tendency has been blocked.

Let us picture our arena of will as like a https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Corral corral] and in it is a bucking bronco and upon it is you. Incessantly arise desire and longing; thoughts, ideas, drives. These keep you constantly attentive. Any good rider of such a bronco is not simply over-lording himself upon the creature but is skillfully working alongside -- though in reality on top of -- this creature. The cooperative work is how the task is completed and thereby is how you can work in harmony with your desires and your dreams, with your impulses and your longings. They are not to be fought with but to be arranged.

On Paradise the divine will acted and a universe of experience ensued. Within your bodies your will has acted, and a universe career of experience is unfolding. The Father has created you like Himself in pattern and in purpose. Each of us at our station of life may not feel as powerful, as all-knowing, and as grace-filled, but we have replicated within us in our personality construction the very essence of the Divine Mover. Each day there is an expectancy, an excited expectancy, that your Creator has for you, observing -- even in a sense wondering -- how the partnership will develop, what course will be taken, what new potentials will unfold.

Imagine yourself in the place of Deity. In the eternal stretches and infinite expanses all things potential and actual are known inside and out thoroughly. Perfection reigns supreme. Now imagine the delight of the Divine Parent as it witnesses and partakes in each one of our creature unfoldments. The discoveries of all our trials, tribulations, lessons, awakenings, our errors, our corrections, our longings, our regrets: these are the factors that deity is longing to experience. You are the means; you are the gift to the Father. This is why choice, free will, is so important.

Thank you for listening to my presentation today. I would receive questions if you have them.



Tom: Earlier we discussed devotion, that it springs from willingness. Perhaps this forms a triangle with diligence and action, and endurance and loyalty.

Perhaps these triangles, as they exponentially increase, eventually interconnect. After the tree of triangles is three or four layers deep it goes into a root structure which fills out the circle. Could you comment?

Elyon: Firstly, yes, there is a connection between willingness and devotion. I have attempted in my lesson today to provide further substance for study. Second, let me say that you know that God is love and that love is the crown of our triangle tree. The ground whereon this tree is growing is the Supreme. From the Father at the apex of love and in the context of truth and goodness and beauty, it is discretely clear the relationships of what has been expressed to you in these triangles, but further down the tree, or rather further out into the potentials of the experience of creatures in the universe, it is less distinct. I would confirm for you that your observation is true. It is in this blurred or blending of all the possibilities that the new, creative expressions emerge.

The Father is absolute volition. Where you have been taught that God is love and these triads have sprung forth from that, we could invent an entirely new tree of triangles from volition itself. But that would be a lengthy discourse today. For that matter, it is possible to develop a universe philosophy wherein love, will, and another element become itself a triad. So, we could compound these trees into a veritable forest. This is the beauty of creation, and it is the mystery of mind, that longing for understanding, that search for comprehension, that ever drives us forward to discover and to attain, to possess, this understanding, comprehension, this knowledge -- rather, knowingness.

Does this help you?

Tom: It certainly expands the possibilities. Thank you.

Kirk: Thank you for putting in my mind that, when I am going through my difficulties, I am going through it for God's experience. Instead of, "God, take these difficulties away," maybe I can look at it as, "I'm experiencing for You."

Elyon: You are welcome. Yes, it does take the sting out of our calamities, for, though I would be the last to condone plunging headlong into error, error the Father knows nothing thereof. Every corrective turn you make in your experiential adventure, your investigation of reality, reveals to a perfect being a dimension of himself that is inaccessible to perfection.

If I may draw a comparison to the revelation you have about Paradise, few of any creatures know what is on the nether side of Paradise. In some ways the Father knows nothing of experience. Just as many beings have stood upon the Eternal Isle and wondered what takes place in the nether region of power and energy, so do many creators wonder what takes place in a creature and wait and work expectantly for the revelation to unfold through you.

Remember, the Master taught that we are a family, and the family works together and contributes to one another. This isn't a kingdom, as Jesus strove to teach, where an overlord dictates what we can do and cannot do. In a family there is love. In a kingdom there may be order, but that element of love forever elevates the concept of the kingdom of God to the family of a loving Father.


Evelyn: Being Thanksgiving, I offer all you teachers a hearty "thank you" for all your efforts and patience.

Elyon: It is received and it is already passed among my associates. Let us go about our week joyfully and expectantly, not only on the lookout for what will come to each of us in our experiences, but what will come from each of us as we experience.

I will now take my leave. Take care.