2000-02-10-Merium Sitting In For Tomas

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Topic: Merium Sitting In For Tomas

Group: Butler TeaM


Teacher: Merium, Tomas

TR: Gerdean



MERIUM: Guess who! Merium is here to fluff up your pillows.

GROUP: Hi, Merium!

MERIUM: Hi yourself. Haven't seen you in a long time.

RACHEL: Long time. Last February, in fact.

MERIUM: And there's been a lot of water under the bridge since then. I've been very busy. I have been around a lot of modern women and we have been having a great time. We always do. You are kind of stuck in your climate, I see. I appreciate the fact that the Thought Adjusters are "imprisoned" in your mind, for I can compare it to yourself when you feel imprisoned in an environment or a lifestyle or a circumstance or a moment in time that is restricting.

Well, you have gotten all thoughtful and ponderous. I've been telling Tomas for years he must be more gentle, but he testifies innocence, and so I let him be, as he is his own person and I am me. I haven't had a chance to tell you any stories in awhile. My transmitter is unwilling. She doesn't trust me.

THOROAH: We've got turn over this tape, Merium. Maybe we could talk the transmitter into doing that.

MERIUM: Let's give it a try. [Tape turned]

I have a story, and it's one you've heard before, and it's about the little train that set out to climb a hill. And he said, "I think I can. I think I can." And in the end our little train reached the top because he thought he could.

Now my friend here is no fun, in that she only would aquiesce to get the moral of the story and would not let me take her into the woods or show her any pretty colors or flowers, but the fact that she is expanding her DNA to allow for a newer, greater reality and letting go of that which no longer serves, is to her benefit, for her rigidity no longer serves. And it doesn't make for a pretty story at all!

GROUP: (Laughing) No, it doesn't!


MERIUM: But I love her anyway and am glad that she will let me come in and say hello on occasion. I do think she reaches for me when she herself needs her pillows fluffed and it is always my pleasure to be of service.

I enjoy my children, my babies. I even like to see them fussing, for it means that they need me, and my desire to serve them is served. Those of you who have been compelled to serve as caretakers when you didn't feel like it, when you had already exhausted yourself in service, are to be cuddled and commended for being such a beautiful baby. Nobody ever said babies have to be smart. They never said they had to have a good vocabulary or a high fashion sense. Babies are beautiful by any standard, just because of their innocence, and this is where I find my attitude beneficial.

You always will be my babies, for if I looked at you as grown-ups, I would expect something from you and I would probably be disappointed, as often as not. In expecting you only to be who you are, I am often delighted by your countenance and your attempts to learn to stand up and walk, your garbled attempts to say "Dada" and "Mama" but you are disinclined to be receptive to the caretaking of those of us who are your elder brothers and sisters, your cosmic babysitters who love you.

When you can think of yourselves as innocent babies and as newcomers on the scene of reality, you can recognize where your cries will be heard, if you really have something to cry about, and you will be loved and tolerated if you do not. You can enjoy your life much more.

The fact is when you wander into your life each day you have wandered into another story, one which will introduce you to new and mystical characters, acting in adventurous and instructive ways. Your appreciation for the conflicts of growth can become the plot of the tale and your ending is always happy.

Your little fat feet are waving in the air, stretching, and I can hear you gurling and babbling in your delight to have your loving sister look down upon you in adoration and in appreciation for your very being. And this is the true and pure essence of a story, to be able to capture you and take you away to a mystical place which gives you good feelings of adaptability to your world, wherein you find yourself at peace and in the company of those you would choose to know.


Well, I have sung my lullaby and I have gotten to spend time here and also assuage Gerdean and so I will go back to work and see you later when we have another opportunity to visit. Be good. Good night.

GROUP: Good night, Merium.

TOMAS: I will use this moment to express my appreciation to Our Father for the variations in personality and to remind you all to also appreciate the variation in personality as you see it and encounter it in your relationships with others. There are some personalities which fulfill certain yearnings in you and some which cause you to have to exert yourself; there are those who entertain and those who teach; those who serve and those who need service. It is such an immense universe and there are no two personalities alike. It is just astounding.

I encourage you all to be yourself, to the extent that you know the self, in order that you may express your Self freely in service to each other and to Our Father.

Are there any other questions on your mind this evening?

I'm going to sign off and leave you to your own interests and exercises. Until next time, then. Good night.

GROUP: Good night, Tomas. Thank you.