2000-09-03-Guidance, Light

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Topic: Guidance, Light

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Elyon, Tomas, Machiventa, Aaron, Merium

TR: Jonathan, Gerdean, Mark Rogers



Elyon (Jonathan TR): Greetings to you all. I am your teacher friend Elyon. Over the course of years I have returned to the subject faith, as it is a pillar in your spiritual structures. We have linked it to trust and hope, and I have linked it to purpose. This point I wish to further address today.


Faith, Adventure

You all are sensitive and aware of the guidance about you that reaches into you, that ministers to you. This guidance does, by implication of the word, provide direction and purpose. Guidance not only inspires but it indicates. Faith that hopes and trusts is good for one seeking to receive, to become informed, to become prepared. Faith with purpose is one that proceeds. Trust always in your guidance, even though you are uncertain of your course. The very fact of your reception of direction will prove to you that subsequent delivery of direction by spirit ministers will ensue.

The course of spiritual travel to a human being is not like that of travel across a continent where you observe through your mapping systems the courses you may take to reach a destination. Know that in the spiritual journey you are traveling as the adventurers of a few centuries back did who were new to this particular continent you are on. They went forward -- I choose not to say "blindly" for they were keenly tuned in to their senses for direction, for clues, for safety, and for success. But they went forward without knowledge. The nature of the spiritual journey is that not only will you discover what is before you, but you will participate in the creation of realities that until this time were nonexistent, required your presence, your personal reality to become real.

Anyone can write a song, but the song that is written is written by that particular artist. In the spiritual ascent anyone can reach Paradise, but the manner in which you reach Paradise is unique to you. The Father relishes the experience of that unfoldment that you provide Him. When you have received direction, guidance, and purpose, grab your faith and move forward. You do know at this time what to do and you will know in subsequent times what to do then.

Thank you for receiving my words. I will be present throughout this meeting.

Courage, Action

Tomas (Gerdean): I am Tomas. I have a follow up to Elyon's words regarding the faith path. It has to do with one of your words called "gumption". In this case it is the gumption of the heart. The heart that we speak of is the heart of your spiritual nature, the seat of your soul, the divine love of the Father. This is the heart of your immortality, your infinity. In some ways perhaps it will compare to your emotional heart, but in the main it is the greater heart. It is the heart depicted in Catholicism on the breast of Christ radiating light and heat from his bosom.[1] This heart which you all hold within you is the heart that has your faith in its foundation. Your gumption is your faith in action, for, whereas you may not have the courage to act or speak in the lesser heart, you are brought to courageously hold forth with your higher heart.

The discussions this morning touched upon sacrifice. Sacrifice is interwoven into your fibers like much of your cultural conditioning, and I would give you a window to understanding your use of sacrifice in the context of our conversation. Your heart gumption is that which will act on the light of truth boldly, confidently, courageously, while that which holds you back from speaking forth that which you know to be true would be a sacrifice. For some reason you have chosen to sacrifice your opportunity to speak up, to speak out, to manifest, to reflect, to express. Some element of your anxiety has caused you to sacrifice that which you would give forth if your heart had been given the opportunity to act.

In your reflections now if you are inclined you may look to see how you are your own censor and how you often censor the spirit within you. You sacrifice it and disallow its expression not always because of fear, sometimes out of wisdom. But there is sacrifice entailed when you don't allow your heart to have that free rein over your life. The gumption of the higher heart is that which will enable you to fearlessly forge your way through the confusing maze of life into greater clarity. Following your heart is how you establish new levels of faith.

You are not alone, nor do you need to always look to find your power in your celestial companions. You may not recognize the guidance of the Adjuster, the God within, but you can feel your own impact, your own soul's response. Your heart, your higher heart, knows the Spirit of Truth. It knows value; it recognizes goodness. It sees through hypocrisy and disguise to the heart of the matter. You can recognize divinity through the eyes of your higher heart. Having faith in it allows you to walk courageously as a part of divinity, as a coworker, as a coconspirator, a co-creator. You are not walking blindly; your heart is leading.

I will let my heart lead me off the podium in gracious support of our peers who also wish to join with you today.

Light, Influence

Machiventa (Mark): I would join with you today at this powerful confluence of light on this world which is this gathering of souls inclined to shining the light of the Father out freely to the world. This is Machiventa, and I would offer you some imagery today regarding light and its importance and its effectiveness.

You are all familiar with the image of the lighthouse and the importance of this strong beam of light used by many for purposes of direction and navigation. You have expressed at your meeting this morning the oft repeated desire of how you may be effective in your lives to be about this business, the joy and the love that you have come to understand as part of your spiritual growth. I would liken each of you to the beacon located in a lighthouse and that your purpose as this shining beacon is to maintain a steady presence emulating this love light you have come to know. By serving this purpose and remaining fixed and constant in your purpose you provide many things to many other individuals. To the majority who might pass you by as a vessel sailing by on the ocean, you provide a reference point, a point of certainty in an unsure environment, an article of direction, a means from which to navigate. In this way, by your very presence standing firm on your position many individuals are helped along in their travels as they may simply pass by you. Your very presence is an assistance to them.

There is also another select group of individuals who will seek you out as those who seek out the lighthouse and desire to put the effort in and make the ascent to the top and there stand with you and gaze out upon the world as you do and see the world from your perspective and take with them the sense of power and light which you provide so that they in turn may go be a beacon of light at their posts at which they may stand firm and be guidance to others. A darkened street can be a formidable obstacle to approach, but when illuminated by a streetlight, a steady glow, they are enabled to find their way through even the mist and the fog.

When you come together as you are now assembled you are recharging your batteries that your beacons may be bolstered, that your beams may shine brighter and truer. When you return to your posts, diligent to your tasks of shining your lights, you provide this direction. You provide orientation to those around you who would see you as a fixed point in their travels and can see themselves then in relation to you. This is an example of the very roles each one of you plays in your lives and the significance you are to those around you. Some may just use your stability as their security and may never come closer to you than to pass by, using you as their reference. Others will desire to know you more intimately, will ascend the steps to your lighthouse and will commune with you there overlooking all.

I thank you for this time and appreciate each one of you and your participation in this, our classroom. I applaud your senses that you be motivated to become active in your lives and in your ministries. We will stand by you in these efforts and attempt at times such as this to illuminate a pathway for you. Thank you.

Tomas: Are there questions?



Mark: At the conference it was discussed that both TRing and healing might be jump started, helped along, with an experienced individual in conjunction with one desiring to be involved. Is it feasible to work with each other to kick start another?

Aaron (Jonathan): I greet you; I am Aaron. I jump at the opportunity to be in your company and to address your question.

I observe that each one of you is sensitive to the admonition of Jesus that you take the plank from your own eye before you remove the sliver from another. Let me manipulate this phrase and reverse it to assure you that your inquiry about jump-starting another is the revealing of your accomplishment. What you have worked toward and established in your own being is worth sharing, and I do not mean this simply in regard of "show and tell", but rather of transfer that another may also possess what you have attained. It is the plank and sliver of accomplishment. All that you gain is for giving. What I would add to this is that of caution, and that is to be rightly discerning of one's receptivity. Faint within the soul of each creature is that flicker of knowledge, that sense that there is a real connection to the divine. But that minuscule understanding seems to be in a huge room that lacks experience. All it takes is the hand of another to enlarge that sensitivity and to foster the engagement in oneself with the energies and the love of the divine.

I will let my associates continue addressing you.

Merium (Gerdean): This is Merriam. I have a few remarks about the subject. It has to do with the intended goal of your world, that plateau of God consciousness and God revelation that would allow for you to be a representation of divinity in your life. It would be and will be a time when our Father is honored and acknowledged on a constant basis and wherein your loving touch and contact with each other will instill those healing energies and vibrations that give rise to perfect health. These are our goals in the evolution of this world. The more you pursue these goals and bring them into being in your lives, the more we have realized our goal, the greater inroads we are making, the better reality has a foothold. So, of course yes, these are all wonderful contributions and ought to be upheld.

I would like to add that it is also acceptable for you all to engage in and enjoy a certain definite satisfaction as a result of your concrete faith in your relationship with our Father and His will for you that reveals itself in your life and through your associations with your fellows. There is a rightful satisfaction to be had in knowing that you are contributing to the betterment of the world and the universe. A gesture, a stroke, a smile; all of these, as elemental as they are, are the kinds of things that foster reality. In this it is not smug, it is not self aggrandizement, to accept as part of your role, part of your giving, part of your nature, part of your inheritance to realize, accept, and distribute as a common practice in your very rich lives. The sooner we begin this, the sooner it will be spread like the benign virus that love is. We advance, we ascend into greater beauty, goodness, and truth.

That is all.

Elyon (Jonathan): Elyon, once again.


Teaching and sharing can be described in multiple ways. I am going to illustrate the pattern through this TR using an analogy he is comfortable with. When a musician is struggling to learn a musical composition, there is a drive to just know how to execute a verse or a chorus. Then, upon grasping that sequence, there is the desire to be able to go through the arrangement to the end. Soon there is a stirring to play through the arrangement successfully with all feeling such that the composition is rightly portrayed. Then the desire arises that another may experience the pleasure of hearing that composition as it was intended by the author. Every musician knows the increased joy to observe the audience sing along, to want to participate, to want to be counted in as one who is delivering the song experience.

As a teacher in this mission, I am overjoyed when my student associates, yourselves, sing along. But there is an increased satisfaction when one wishes to learn how the verse and the chorus are made up and how to play the entire song. We have and are spending time doing this together. For any one of you who has taught a tune to another there is finally the supreme pleasure of sitting back and watching a student play that song you learned once and receiving the joy of another's accomplishment. This is the goal of us teachers teaching teachers. Your question patterns itself in this same manner.

That is all.