2000-09-15-The Magisterial Son Is Here

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Topic: Magisterial Son is Here

Group: Pocatello TeaM


Teacher: Andronasen

TR: Bill K.



Opening Prayer(Ken): Our God, our Father, our Parent, we gather this evening together with love in our hearts, questions on our minds. We gather here collectively as five as we join with those in attendance to express our love and our gratitude for You; for all that You have given us and all that You will give us. We ask that as we partake of your dinner that it may strengthen us and give us the courage to step forth as true children. It is in Your name that we gather. It is Your love that we seek and honor. Amen.



Andronason (Bill): My friends, I am with you tonight. I am Andronason. Minearisa is also in attendance. Though you be few in numbers you are not lesser in quality but rather the safety of your trust of each other has enabled you to share at a deeper level than is often possible in more capacious settings. We are about the business of quality education as there can be no significant increase in spiritual growth among people at large unless there is great depth of spiritual growth in individuals and small groups.

I am aware that you have given thought to Ham's exhortations, that you have been looking for the opportunities that he promised would be forthcoming this past week. We can see evidence of serious grappling on your part with these issues and as was intimated and stated to some degree last week, we are not anticipating enormous jumps in your effectiveness as righteousness recommenders, but we do see that you have been taking steps in your minds and souls to become more aware of the guidance that does, indeed, surround you.

It is never the intention of the members of the staff of this Teaching Mission to supplant your faith with certainty of knowledge for this would be premature and contrary to the requirement that you walk by faith. However, we do permit and encourage "faith boosters" at times so that the mood of doubt, hesitation, and shyness that comes upon all mortals who are faith sons, does not enshroud you or hamper you unduly. It is a different procedure on this planet than on a "normal" planet where there would be no question of the reality of the spiritual administration and ultimate overcare of such a sphere. However difficult it may be to your understanding, it is a fact that your status as Agondonters, those who believe without seeing and trust nevertheless, is a supremely cherished possession. I realize it gives you cheer when you share those experiences with each other which are most personal and intimate and I feel honored to be a part of the recipient audience to hear your discussion along these lines this evening.

Magisterial Mission, Attunement

Indeed, is our Magisterial Son here as has been indicated on a number of occasions. Many things are astir, as Ham said last week, which you do not understand as of this moment.

What I desire to leave with you this evening in terms of my take on the planetary wide situation is for you to adopt the alertness of the friends of the bridegroom in the story which Michael told. Remember that his point was to always be ready for the coming of divine intervention. This intervention can be as dramatic as the beginning of epochal revelation. It can be as commonplace as the continual whisperings of your Mystery Monitor within. But if you are not tuned in, you will miss the broadcast, whether that broadcast be large or small. I know this is "old stuff", but it is, before fusion, the absolute necessity of Adjuster attunement that you do two things constantly: number one, choose to do the will of God as presented to you through your Indweller; and second, be alert for guidance which comes to you in the refinement of the choosing of that doing of God's will. This has been discussed many times in the past, in different settings, by many different teachers. But I would emphasize this side of this whole concept, and that is this: when you understand at a deep and profound level that the will of God for your life is without question the most joyful, the most satisfying, the most easy, flowing choice which you can make; then, although you may experience adversity, you will never lack for that perfect peace which turns the bitterness of adversity into the sweetness of spiritual growth.

It is a long, long road to Paradise. We Melchizedeks are not on this journey with you. In some ways you could characterize us as "envious" although that word has too onerous a connotation. But you, my dear friends, are faith sons and daughters, destined to grow and change from animal origins, through morontia progression to spirit status of ultimate perfection. Yours is a career totally beyond your comprehension at this point. So these words I say to you bear repeating because they are true, not just for today and tomorrow, but because they become truer and more real as you move forward and move upward. Your purpose is to love God and to desire to become like Him, and this perfection attainment is your ultimate destiny. You shall become perfect in your realm as God is perfect in His and you shall be part of the stupendous achievement of the actualization of the Almighty Supreme.

Take your days one at a time. Start your days with dedication. Take some time to be grateful, for gratitude will lead you naturally into worship and into prayer. Take some time to meditate, to experience the stillness of mind, relaxation of body and follow the advice of the apostle Paul that you not think and dwell on things which are of lower importance but rather fill your minds and thoughts with higher thoughts and concepts.

Thank you for listening to me this evening and I now turn this time over to Daniel and Minearisa.


Ken: Thank you, Andronason for those thoughtful and kind words, full of encouragement. It is always our pleasure to listen to you. Thank you.

Andronason: Yes, Ken, I thank you for your feedback. One moment please.

Daniel: Hello, my friends, I am Daniel, your teacher, your guide, and your companion on the ascension journey. I thank my instructor, Andronason, for this most thought provoking address to us all. He bears the name of Melchizedek for good reasons, for in addition to his creation status he is a most esteemed teacher. I desire to be in the role of moderator for we don't intend for you to be excluded this evening as we sometimes do in our format. Therefor, I take this moment to offer you any other questions, comments, that you have. They can be related to topic which was presented or they can be on other concerns. The floor is open at this time.


Gwen: Daniel, this is Gwen. I was wondering if you thought it would be beneficial for me to know my spiritual name?

Daniel: Yes, my dear, it will be beneficial for you to discover that name in due time. I can feel the strong desire in your heart to hear it. I am not appraised to give you that information at this time. It is preferred that you seek within for a while longer. If you are not successful with that project it will be negotiable as to another method for satisfying your request. The beneficial aspect of knowing your name is thought at this time to consist in the effort that you have to make as the means to achieve what you desire, so that in saying no, I cannot give you this information at this time, I am saying yes, there is benefit in this direction. This TR is not happy with these words on the one side, but he is complaint, despite his faces. Can you accept this answer or do you wish to converse further?

Gwen: I accept the answer and thank you very much for that thought. I knew the answer when I was asking (laughter) but I tried anyway. I know to me it would be helpful to know my spiritual name or the name of my teacher so I can make a connection to my teacher and the spirituality within myself. A name helps me make that connection for me. So I would like to know both the name of my teacher and my spiritual name.

Daniel: Understood. One moment please.

[At this point a conversation occurred between Gwen and Bill in which he gave a name but expressed doubt about its accuracy. Gwen feels she has two teachers and has heard one name but not the other one clearly. Bill does say that he "hears" that Tanare is the name of one of Gwen's teachers.]

Daniel: My friends, let us continue. I am Daniel. You see, TRING is no different than any other stretch of faith, for you take the risk each time you open your mouth of being in error. The same holds true for any decision you make when you trust the leading of the Spirit. If you insist on a errorless path your future will be dismal indeed, for it cannot unfold. This is an evolutionary universe where mistakes and incomplete knowledge make it impossible for us to make perfect decisions. It is always the growth attendant upon the willingness to risk one's faith and trust in the overcare of God that brings about evolutionary progress.

What is important about a teacher's name is not the name itself so much as the sense of presence which a name attaches to any personality. It is the "Tanareness" of Tanare that is important just as it is the "Danielness" of Daniel that is important. Certainly, Gwen, there is no doubt in anyone's mind that you have teachers..no doubt. So, try that name and see if it connects for you to a personal presence of the loving being who is one of your two assigned companions. Has this assisted you?

Gwen: Thank you very much.

Daniel: But, my dear, your name....(laughter)....is still for you to work out.

One brief comment on "spiritual names"....

Virginia: Thank you, you read my mind.

Daniel: . ....they can be overly emphasized and valued for the wrong reasons. They can acquire a mystique of superiority in the minds of some whose egos are still dominant. But their intention is nothing of this sort. They are, in fact, designations given to you by which you are known to those of us who live in this morontial and spiritual realm outside of your sensory experience. They represent your soul. They are more like "soul names" as well as spiritual names for your true reality is now in embryonic form, however, with this upliftment the embryos are coming to full birth in this mortal life, rather than waiting for the morontial worlds. Therefore your "spiritual names" which represent your true identity, have that importance and value. They are not to be understood as secret names such as secret societies use, but they are designations of your true essence. Has this clarified this subject somewhat, Leetah, my dear?

Morontia, Body

Virginia: Thank you. That was definitely my question, what was the purpose and why do we use them. I thank you for answering before I even asked. I do have another curiosity question that I was reminded of this week and that is the wonderful experience that Debbie and I had listening to Rebecca. I don't believe I have ever asked because I assumed that the lighted silhouettes that I saw that night were you and Ham. If so, is Ham indeed, a head taller than you, with you, Daniel, being shorter? And does that carry on into the morontia realm?

Daniel: My friend, you know that you saw our forms as lighted shapes of morontial energy. Morontial bodies are not identical, as is true, also, for mortal bodies. Each personality vehicle is fashioned to more and more accurately reflect that individual's identity. Size as you perceived it does not correlate with physical and mortal size. It has no meaning of that sort. It merely is one aspect of the differences which the personality vehicles express.

Do not misconstrue my words to mean that the larger the morontia personality vehicle the greater the spiritual status of that individual, for that is not true either. Morontia forms are transformed in many changes which occur from the different ratio of material and spiritual which comprises morontial, beginning with mostly material and moving to the conclusion of mostly spiritual until that stage when morontial is transformed into purely spiritual. These are matters which have little relevance for you now because it would be in error for you to conclude that there are physical measurements which measure spiritual growth. Do you understand this point?

Virginia: Yes, Daniel, and I hadn't thought that. I had thought in terms of the lighted forms being an indication of the former mortal physical size. I did not think in terms of spiritual ability or qualifications.

Daniel: So your question might be: Was Daniel smaller in mortal life than Ham was?

Virginia: Yes. That's what I was trying to see and obviously you are not from Urantia so their bodies were not like ours, of course.

Daniel: Nor are we from the same planet therefor we did not look alike as mortals either.

Virginia: I believe that, thank you.

Daniel: The size of mortals is determined by many things, one of them being the size of the planet of nativity, you see. That is a general rule. Differences among mortals on the same planet are the result of genetic variations which the Life Carriers bring about. I can say this much.. Urantia being a life experimental planet, the variation is much greater than standard planets. There is much more variety on purpose in the experimental planets. However, I think this question has exhausted its value...and I am aware that we are past our usual time.


Again, I thank Andronason for his stirring message and I tell you, my dear friends, that it is my heartfelt pleasure to be able to converse with you in this setting and whenever I am able to get through to your consciousness as individuals. I wish you would now stand and once again join your hands.

Let us worship. Oh Paradise Trinity, God in three Persons, as your love streams down upon us, merciful, loving, great, holy, beyond our understanding, we join with the angels and the superangels of Paradise in our thanksgiving, in our praise. As you have created this incredible universe which we are privileged to be a part of, as you have made us to love and to share with all will creatures, all personalities of will dignity and that we don't work in isolation but with all the family of your creation, I thank you for these my friends, my mortal associates who have valued this experience enough to be here tonight, coming back faithfully week after week. Bring to us all that You desire, Father, in terms of spiritual growth opportunities and make us mindful ever of the service which You desire that we show each other and all others day by day. Send these home with joyful hearts, I pray. In the name of Michael, our Sovereign Master. Amen.