2000-09-18-The Creative Mind

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Topic: The Creative Mind

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Greetings friends. How wonderful it is we can meet each week to review what we have been learning, re-focus our attention and reaffirm our faith. The week's difficulties, struggles and many activities can weigh upon your soul. Our meetings are a wonderful way to shed the skin of the past worries and complications to reveal the new possibilities. Our thinking can always be in a mode of evolution if you so choose, or we can remain burdened under the debris of old ideas, habits and things that cause us to be imprisoned.


Creativity, Simplicity

I love each and every new day--to me it is a new beginning and alive with possibilities. I used to be weighed down in my old traditions and boundaries of thought. I would take life so seriously as if each day was made to do further damage to my mind and soul. My creativity was squelched and my capacity for spirituality was quite limited. After some time with my friend and mentor, Machiventa, I had learned to release my preconceived notions, my tradition bound ideas, my behaviors, in which I handled everything. I had learned my thoughts were living, changing and expanding. I learned that almost everything is in a constant state of motion, including thoughts. I was a sum total of my thoughts. I could be limited and bound, or I could be creatively liberated.

On a material planet where you must rely upon faith to see you though your divine career, there is always a tendency to hold fast to what your eyes can see and your mind can conceive. There will always be worries for the day. There are obligations and concerns to be acted upon. No doubt, you have your responsibilities, and yet these things are potentially imprisoning and strangling the creative mind. A well-balanced character is not controlled by these life burdens, but is free to receive the divine mind, which is a master organizer. An imbalanced character is controlled by their life burdens and forgets that divine mind---making these burdens more complicated.

Our celestial caretakers see to keep us in a forward momentum. They not only problem solve, but solve problems with creativity. To have faith and trust in our caretakers is to receive that divine mind, breaking those boundaries that surround us and choosing to handle all matters in a most effective manner--considering the whole.

What material ties have a hold on you and strangle your creative mind? What has you feeling that your soul is bound and your mind caught in a continual groove? What brings you into a state of peace and reception for limitless creative thinking? The feeling of personal liberation, my friends, is like no other feeling. The possibilities in human living are endless. At some point in your mortal careers, you can choose to lose everything in order to gain all that you will ever need. How can life be simplified to free up your mind for more progressive thinking and service?

We are on the cusp of momentous evolutionary changes. We require those creative minds to carry forth our work. One who is burdened by non-productive things is not a channel for the new work ahead. Find time this week to ponder these questions and ideas. How can Father better organize and simplify your daily living? How can life be made to have a creative twist? For you, what makes you feel spiritually liberated? That is all. A few questions.


Universe Broadcasts

CALVIN: Abraham, thanks for these lessons. Sometimes it seem like I am not following through--sometimes it feels like a inch a week and sometimes a couple days worth. I appreciate it very much cause it does keep me going forward. In our discussion before the lesson we talked about this Universe Mother Spirit possible broadcast message. How correct was our reception of that and is that something we should pursue and post? Do you have anything further to say on that subject? We are acknowledging we could be in error here.

ABRAHAM: I understand. The broadcast was correct, for the most part. I was happy to know it was received. This receiving has been long awaited. To view the citizens of Urantia receiving these broadcasts are likened to the elation that was felt when the first human twins comprehended worship. Things will really move fast from here. I can confirm a day has been set aside to devote attention to our Mother for her wonderful services. This day of devotion and celebration helps her to fully actualize into Her potential. Our beloved Brother\Father is heading the coordination of this day. There will be celebrations throughout Nebadon. We will pay tribute to Mother and Her direct subordinates for their service in our universe. We hope that citizens on material planets will become more fully aware of their functions and how to become actively involved with them. As for the actual day, I will not say right now, but soon. You can share this information if you like or not. It doesn't matter. Many residents of Urantia have received this broadcast, and in future days there will be better understanding of these broadcasts, and more individuals who will recognize them. Is this helping? (Yes it is.) Another question?


MIRIAM: It is kinda funny what the lesson was about tonight. I have been imprisoned for a long time, most of my life, with the relationship with my father. Whereas it has been a impetuous to grow and to learn. It has always been difficult. It has been something to make me grow, but it has always been an imprisonment. I have healed chunks, done pieces and grown, etc., along the way. I am so grateful, for recently I have had feelings of love and happiness and whole feelings about my father for the first time. It is absolutely wonderful. I feel free and I feel the distortion lifting. I am so grateful for my parents. You know, by learning how to be their daughter this other area has been so much better. I guess my question is--my father died a while back. Does he have any way of seeing or knowing the healing that is going on with me? I have wonderful feeling about him today which is such a new thing. It makes my heart full. Can you comment on this process or any information you may have about that?

ABRAHAM: Certainly. He knows. He is well informed and happy for the new understanding. I am told this was a source of pain and regret for him. And as time and understanding have influenced this dilemma, he has grown in soul and love for you and others he had hurt. You, Miriam, my daughter, have handled this situation like an expert, almost viewing it from a scientific point of view, where you have gathered facts, weighed them out, done your own experiments, and come to a logical conclusion. Well done. This has been a source of pain, but also a source of growth and your happiness is the fruits therefrom. Well done. Another question.

HARRISON: Abraham, I want to thank you for the message you sent to my mother. She seems to be in much better spirits today. My question is two parts, one--is it possible to know my father's spiritual name, and two--would you be up for saying a few words to my father?

ABRAHAM: I would be happy to speak to him, but I feel he is not quite ready for me. (I agree, Abraham.) I can give the name at a later time. Your Father must be allowed time to become used to this method of spirituality. Sir, I find you to be a man who is somewhat gentle in spirit, but not always have you been this way. I am familiar with your regrets, and I tell you these regrets do not serve you or anyone you love. Allow them to be swept away with the winds of change. Hold fast to what you have today, and see not the injury in each moment, but the victory in how you have survived. You are meeting up with a crossroads in you life and your head may tell you to go in one direction, while your heart may say another. Look well, my son, to the Father of all father's for guidance. He is closer than you think. You need not worry. You do well. Is this helping, Harrison? (Yes. Thank you.) You're welcome. One more question.

SIMON: Abraham, I felt your presence at a healing session today. I was wondering if you would like to comment on what you saw there?

ABRAHAM: Certainly. I understand there to be quite sincere hearts and minds at work. You are a son of great faith and this faith will carry you far. Forget not to be balanced also with logic and know that Father knows of those empty places you have that you so much need to be relieved from. While you have such an open mind, there are inner issues you need to still look at to have resolution, to have those empty places inside filled with divine love. Worry not. These things move at a natural pace and will be healing, not overburdening. I can assist you in this if you wish. I can be more specific at another time. Is this helping? (Yes. I thank you and my Universal Father for your love and lessons.) Certainly, my son, and mine to you. I thank you also.


I am growing in affection for all of you, my dear friends and devoted students. You assist me in my spiritual liberation with your faith and love. I thank you. My love goes with you. Until next week, shalom.