2001-01-06-Self Empowerment

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Topic: Self Empowerment

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Sorry for the delay, and yet it is another good reason to take care of the mortal vehicle that you possess. With physical discomforts it is difficult to find spirit connection. As we begin in this new year with all our high hopes and expectations, lets remember to tend to the wellness of the physical body. Physical wellness and mental stability are linked, and to promote well-being in one aids the other.


As we discuss intentional living we can't forget to touch upon the aspects of self-empowerment. In being caught up in being regretful our focus is distorted. We find that we are always attempting to atone for our past mistakes. We never really catch up to the present to partake of the new because we are still chewing on the past.

Children, what do you really have control over? Do you live this mortal life as if you are being forced to gain your eternal experience or are you desiring to live this mortal life because you really want to? Many in today's world feel forced to do this or that, live this way or that way, indebted to one thing or another. "I am forced to work so that I may fund my living expenses. I am forced to parent because I chose to have kids. I am forced to care for my elderly parents because they cared for me as a child." This is not intentional living. There is no measure of joy in this. Where is the satisfaction in paying your dues to attain this or that?

There are many cycles of life you must experience, but Father does not want you to drag yourself through them halfheartedly, no. The perspective of these life cycles are distorted because the focus is all about end results. "What will this get me? Where will this take me?" There is not joy in the learning. There is no satisfaction found in the effort. A great many human acts should be perceived as sacred, as acts to glorifying Father. In the present moment awareness you find Father. In finding Father we find purpose, purpose for carrying out even the most mundane of duties.

A farmer, who had solely focused on money, took a great many shortcuts in running his farm. He used the lowest quality grain to feed his animals, which produced lower quality product. He shorted the hired hands, who worked for him, their fair share. His drive for money was understandable, because that is what showed him how successful he was as a farmer and a man.

Needless to say his lower quality products did not fare well in the marketplace. His employees did not give their best work. He made no profit and found no joy in daily living. As the farmer grew in spirit and wisdom, which by the way did not come easy, yes, he was literally brought to his knees through experience. He found that his focus on money kept him further reaching, always in a state of desire without true everyday living satisfaction. He began to run his farm fairly, using good quality grain, treating his animals with a sacred attitude, giving his employee's the respect and a sort of a nurturing that only a father could give.

This certainly did create a wonderful family atmosphere, which made the employee's look forward to going to work every day. They looked forward to this family connection. They gave their best effort to the overall success of the farmer. What was good for one was good for all. The farmer found great satisfaction in this loyalty and comfort he received from his employee's. He found Father in these connections with his employee's. He found happiness and real meaning, yes, real satisfaction that money cannot buy.

The money came. The farmer hardly took notice at his material wealth because his spiritual wealth was fulfilling and joy producing and always continuing to strengthen him. His own success was of no importance as compared to the success of all he had come into contact with. He lived intentionally with spiritual purpose and power from On High. He did not go about his day with drudgery because he was forced, no. He was not victim of mortal life, no. He was not controlled by a superior being, no.

He was in control. He was in control of the only thing he could be in control of and that was himself, his perspective, his outlook on the world in the flesh and beyond. He found meaning , and therefore he found joy. He lived not to only pass the time, but to use time to get the most out of time, and it was all measured by the meaning received and the joy produced. I do not say there was not difficulties that the farmer experienced, of course there was, but in his wanting to live life to the fullest, he felt as though he was a co-creator, not so much being forced, controlled or pressured into experiencing, no.

You are free will children of the loving First Source and Center. You are not forced to live the mortal life. Many actually opt out. You definitely have control in how you perceive this mortal life and your place in it. You have control over your actions, over your own spiritual destiny. You have control over how you influenced others lives. You really do have great responsibility in this life. Do not live as though you must conform to the divine plan or suffer the consequences. Live as though you are part of a magnificent spiritual team, who is planning and experiencing destiny.

What is the measure of your joy? What really has control over you? Are you controlled by guilt or regret? Are you controlled by spouses, parents or children? Perhaps you are controlled by what you think others are thinking about you. Perhaps you are controlled by your own weaknesses. To feel out of control is to feel victimized by this life. It is to feel forced into living each and every grueling day as if your desires do not matter.

You are empowered from On High to experience this great adventure in the flesh. You have control over the direction of your life. Your desires are known and all a part of the grand design. Your happiness is important, very much desired by your Father. Ponder these words. Take your lives and live them with intention and be spiritually empowered to move through the world as if you really desire to, not as if you are forced, no. Father did not design this grand adventure to force His free will creatures to experience it. Know that everyday tasks are truly sacred activities to be savored, not suffered through.


Journal those actions you may be driven towards from feeling dis-empowered or out of control. No questions this evening. Know, my friends, that you are empowered to receive all the answers you will ever need. I am with ever increasing love for you each. I am honored and with full desire to experience this adventure with you. Until next week, shalom