2001-05-27-World Is Ready To Receive Contact

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Topic: World Is Ready To Receive Contact

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Machiventa, Elyon

TR: Jonathan



Machiventa (Jonathan TR): greetings to you. I am Machiventa. I visit bringing you the peace of Michael, sharing in his concern, his love for your well-being and for the welfare of this planet which he oversees.


Extraterrestrial, Correcting Time

My intention today is to continue supporting you in your efforts to assist this mission of bringing greater awareness to this world of its inter-planetary connection, enlarging the scope of mankind. That it will realize its position in a broad universe scheme is important to the future of this world and the decisions that mankind will be making as the future unfolds which will bring advancement or delays to the goal of Light and Life.

This world is ready to receive contact. Your sciences are diligently seeking life beyond earth, attempting to make contact with intelligent forms of communication, and your religions are actively seeking daily interface, not only with deity, but with angelic and other forms of spirit ministers. The time is ripe; the hour is here.

You have been practicing and experiencing our teachings and our contact for some time. Your faith is a faith that has been built upon genuine experience. You are able to coordinate with us without the hesitancy that results from the inability to verify our presence. You have come to know that we are engaged, for you have witnessed the coordination and the wonderful results from such cooperation.

Though as yet mankind seeks through the senses and instruments to discern intelligent life that did not originate on this world, you and ones like yourselves are beginning to discern through the interface of personality to personality independent of form. To biologic encased personalities, intelligence without form seems to be impossible. In order to discern the presence of celestials who do not register in your sensory range, you must rely upon observing our effects. What is done indicates who is near. If an invisible man were to have paint poured over him, would he then be discernible? You would witness paint in his shape. The man would yet remain invisible. You would witness the effect of an action and still not see that person. It is through your trust in our overcare and your hopes and desires to be enlisted and engaged in our activities that you discern our form. An Agondonter can function without seeing, but an Agondonter need not continue without knowing. You who know are given the opportunity to bear witness that others may likewise come to know. You will not be able to tell all, to say all, to reveal all at any given time. You must satisfy yourselves in your efforts by giving little and ceasing when little is enough before it is too much. It takes patience, but you can please yourself in knowing that you are working with a large collection of individuals who have contented themselves with such long term results as they have patiently worked with this planet century after century after century. Since we know beyond any doubt that the universe is here to stay, we can be patient; we can work today knowing the destiny of tomorrow will arrive, and it will arrive through our diligent, careful, and sufficient application at each hour.

You are my colleagues; you are my friends. Welcome all who seek just as we have always welcomed you. I now depart.


Mark: You may have just answered my question, but we are about to be engaged with Rob Crickett, and I sense that this might be an occasion to be more inclusive to others besides our devoted Teaching Mission students. Could you affirm if that would be a good direction to go?

Machiventa: I support this wholeheartedly. The intention of your visitor is to reach beyond boundaries to bring a blending of one organized body of believers with another to reveal the universal quality of belonging in God's family. To invite to the audience, as an audience, people of different walks, of different orientations, will be of benefit to your visitor and will reward him with a fulfillment of mission.

I hope I have made my support clear.

Mark: You have. You are aware that we do function under this sense that you are in our corner supporting us, which we lean on. I want to express my gratitude to you and the others in the Teaching Mission.

Truth, Dissemination

Elyon: Needless to say, I am with you. This is Elyon, happy again to be in contact. It is enjoyable for me to have Machiventa visiting us in this classroom. A guest speaker is enjoyable from my perspective in that I am not left as the one who must always present a lesson, though, do not get me wrong, I do enjoy presenting you with thoughts to ponder, with insights you may acquire.

We can grow so comfortable with one another in our weekly endeavors that we lose enthusiasm toward increasing momentum. I ask you to study Machiventa's statements to consider and to create avenues wherein this troop, the Elyon clan, may engage in ministry and outreach. I do not expect you to undertake activities that are not congruent with your personality tendencies. I hope that we can take our studies into the lab and from the lab into the workplace and from the workplace benefit those you encounter.

You have wisely and rightly discerned that our messages are timeless. The reality and nature of God is timeless. The truth that radiates from His being is timeless. We have indicated to you that from our summation you are prepared, for you understand and accept these timeless truths, though you may not find opportunity in the one day that follows to pass your insights to another, in some day that follows the opportunity will be there, and the message will not be old. It will be relevant and appropriate at that time. Be not concerned that you may forget the significance and meaning of a message you have received from us, for it is on a deeper level that you understand the spiritual quality, and that is what will be forthcoming at the hour that you are in service. My metaphors may escape you; our unique slants and presentations may be forgotten. But you will have the kernel; you will possess the gist of what needs to be revealed when you are engaged. This is the reason I have encouraged you to find your modern parables, the ones that are derived from your life and the arena in which you live it.

I ask you for your comments at this time.


Mark: I'm challenged to reconcile this situation when spreading these kernels: On one hand time feels short and opportunities limited. What am I doing using my time as I do? Making a living. My heart would have me forsake all to spread the gospel and rely on faith that I would be taken care of. Part of me is frightened by that prospect of severing ties. I don't want to jeopardize my family, but I feel called. How can that change be made? I feel others share that question, the call to service vs. putting bread on the table.

Elyon: You have aided me in drawing a more specific request from you all that I have just today generally tried to instill in you, to be looking toward avenues of service. The specific I request is that you each, with the intention of sharing it with each other, note, literally write down, avenues that you would find personally interesting that can be used in service. This will give you exposure to the talents and the desires and the skills that you already possess. The drive that you have will be sustained if applied in that direction that you are interested in personally, rather than to seek out a form of work for the Father that you feel is good but you do not passionately pursue.

Now I wish to take a broader look at your question. It is natural for all who are in the arms of Michael, dwell in the house of Nebadonia, to be enthusiastic in carrying out the plans and the purposes of our local universe parents. His gospel message is of great need to be actively used constantly on this world, on worlds in the same condition and position as this world. His message also is useful that have not been thrown in turmoil. But as you are desirous of tending to the chores of Nebadon, there is still a primary purpose to your existence, and that is the attainment of Paradise, the acquirement of a perfected Supreme status. This goes beyond your local universe and has implications greater than, though not excluding, what good you do here on this world. These temporal engagements: maintaining your livelihood, the bread on the table, meeting your weekly schedule, can appear to be thwarting of the desire to be engaged in ministry for Michael. But the conditions of life on an evolutionary world were designed by him specifically to raise children for the Father who are capable of traversing Havona and standing in His presence on Paradise. These annoying temporal activities are contributing to your ascension. They likewise are part of Michael's plans.

When you are feeling idle in outreach, be engaged actively in in-reach, the perfecting of the soul for its adventures in the ages to come. Every new attainment makes you that much better equipped a minister to your fellows.

Let me return to my first comment and encourage again that you itemize your fields of interest and seek creative means whereby you may pursue those avenues for ministry. You will find the time available; the opportunities will arrive. You will not need to drop everything to be about the Father's business; you will more rather be taking everything to go about the Father's business.

I hope this has been helpful.

Mark: You talked in lessons past about talents we all possess. Some are refined enough to be in the showroom. Others are in the warehouse in development. We should identify the ones in the showroom and actualize those. I appreciate that. Those things in the comfort zone have more capacity to grow to fruition.

I have a sense of walking up to the edge of an abyss, feeling that if I had faith I could step off, immersing myself in the Father's will. I appreciate your words, that it is the Father's will that I am at work and play and rearing my children.

Elyon: You are welcome, and your insights are a joy to perceive. Your showroom is full. There are many vehicles ready for a road test. I perceive that you have by faith leaped, and you are in the Father's arms. He has caught you. You have not fallen. You are being upheld and sustained by His loving care.

Mark: Thank you. Elyon: The hour draws on. I would close our meeting unless you have other things to interject.


Apostleship, Discipleship

Tom: In reminiscing about a past lesson on apostleship and discipleship, I remember that we function as disciples all the time, and in moments of real need we have a dual role, and we pick up in that function. When that job is done we resume our discipleship. Does that fit into what we are talking about?

Elyon: Expertly. Yes, and I could take your comments and parallel them to my comments of working for Michael as being an apostolic activity, where ascending to the Father is the activity of the disciple. You always are a disciple; you are always ascending. You will not always be working for Michael. But when he does engage you in loving service toward your fellows, you are apostolic in your actions. I thank you greatly for drawing this comparison with my comments.