2001-10-13-On 911

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Topic: On 911

Group: Arcadia TeaM


Teacher: JarEl, Corelli

TR: George B.



JarEl: TR, George. Good evening, it is I, your teacher, JarEl. It is good to see all of you again, so soon. There is great wisdom among you all. You must remember that you are all brothers and sisters and you must treat each other as such. You must forgive each other when your brother or sister errs. Take the simple lessons and learn them; appreciate them.



This is a pattern you must repeat over and over again and that pattern will be repeated on the larger scale if this pattern is begun. You must learn to come together as one and trust each other, become family. A family built on love and understanding. As you trust each other in this group, so must also trust others outside your group. It is good to pray for those who have hurt you. Perhaps they will see the error of their ways and have a change of heart. But do not expect them to come back to you and tell you that they have changed. Trust that they will change, hand them over to God and He will do the work for you. Everybody goes through bad moments in their lives. You are all prone to committing error, yet the Father has forgiven everyone of you and so you must forgive those who have hurt you as well. At this time the world needs much healing and forgiveness. Learn to forgive so you may teach others how to forgive also. You are useless if you yourself cannot be an example of what forgiveness is. Everyone of you knows better. Learn to trust one another. Learn to trust each other even if you know that person will commit another error. Still you must allow that person to feel that they are trusted. You will learn that trust is like a jewel, like a precious jewel that you give to one another. When you trust someone, it is like you giving him or her all the riches in the world. It is like you presenting to them the gates to Paradise. When you trust you give love and understanding. When you trust you give them an endless vessel of every good thing that can come out of you. God has all the intention and trust in you, which is why He gave you freewill. He does not take away this trust from you even though you continue to commit error. He doesn’t deprive you of this jewel that He so graciously endowed you with. His trust is consistent and eternal. His trust is unconditional. It is natural for Him to trust you. In the same fashion I ask you to trust one another. Be perfect as the Father in heaven is perfect. Trust one another, ask the Father in heaven to trust you. I will now allow others to speak.

911, Healing

Corelli: TR, Stella. This is Corelli, we greet you again on this lovely evening. We enjoyed listening to your discussion yesterday as we do today. Fear not those who might try to disrupt your loving union. These are individuals who are in error and are turning towards a path that is not for them. However, it is their choice, be patient and loving towards them and try to show them the error of their ways. But be not dismayed. Your planet is going through a renewing period. All hates, prejudices and jealousies will fall by the wayside. There is the necessity of creating a permanently happier world. This feeling of necessity is being replaced by sincerity in trying to find a better way of creating this better world. This process is long overdue, but a great catastrophe has befallen your nation and is a wakeup call for people to examine their motives and their way of life. Know this will garner sympathy for those less fortunate than yourselves. This must happen and these third world countries must brought into a world that will help and accept them. There is unity in diversity. As you can see the religious leaders of the world are coming together to find a mutual ground. This is good, we are happy to see this happening on your world. This feeling will grow, because we can see that it has already begun. We will be in for more additional trauma, but we are endeavoring to moderate these attacks that will come. Make no mistakes about that, but be warned. It would be well to gather food products and water for a possible emergency. As we say, we are endeavoring to stop this carnage, but cannot always succeed. We knew of the possibility of attack on the United States but even we were aghast at the planning and at the thought that went behind this attack on your country. You must look at the root causes of this hatred. Many of these people were not graced with love and they in turn are unleashing at a society which they thought had betrayed and neglected them. That’s why the healing love of Jesus Christ is so needed in this world.

It is there, his strength has fallen upon the world and it will raise civilization eventually. But before then there is the healing process and the discarding of these old racial prejudices. You can each do your part by projecting love to those less fortunate than yourselves, to those who are of a different ethnic background, to those who are of a different religious belief. Tolerance, love and patience are sorely needed on this world. We see that you are all good people with the same intent. There are many others beside you. Your love must embrace those that bear hatred towards you. Your love and consideration will change many when they see how you react. But there will be others who will harbor these hatreds. These must be watched and fought so they can no longer put into action the plans they have already made. The government is doing much to curtail these activities. They are succeeding to a certain extent but there are others that must be found. We will try to direct your government and their agencies to these particular people. Hopefully they will listen finally. But in any event do not be dismayed your world will not be shattered. Your way of life for awhile will be shattered, but the United States is strong and has withstood many unhappy incidents in its history. It is still a beacon of hope for those that are blind. In the long run you will succeed. Christ Michael is here now. He and his helpers are all seeking to moderate the war, which will come, but it too will pass. We love you, we thank you for your attention, your diligence, your love of Christ and we love you too. This is Machiventa speaking for Corelli. Thank you all for listening.


Resurrection, Sleeping Survivors

Donna: JarEl, can I ask you a question? This question came up the other night, it’s really Larry’s question, but we were thinking about the survivors. We were thinking about the victims of the World Trade Center. On how they died so quickly and so abruptly and we were thinking about Corelli’s message about how they were recovering some of them, in shock on the Mansion Worlds and Larry said that he was under the impression that not everyone was resurrected after three days. The Urantia Book says about some being sleeping survivors. I told Larry that I thought that they were now resurrected in three days since the Teaching Mission came about. Anyway, we were having this discussion and I said that this would be a good question to ask JarEL. So do you know what my question is, JarEl? Does everyone nowadays when they pass over or when they die, are they resurrected on the third day or are there still some that go into a sleeping survivor status?

JarEl: TR, George. Yes Donna everyone gets resurrected on the third day.

Donna: JarEl, was this because of a new dispensation or what was the event that came about that made it possible?

JarEl: TR, George. It was according to the dispensation that happened recently. However given the situation of September 11th, it was imperative that we resurrect everybody on the day of record. You may look forward to everyone being resurrected on the third day from now on. Does this answer your question?

Donna: Yes, thank you JarEl that answers my question, I don’t know if it answers Larry?

Steve: JarEl, adding to that question. Is the three-day resurrection due to the lifting of the quarantine? And number two: I would like to know if the restriction of not allowing departed loved ones to communicating with their loved ones back on earth has been removed or modified?

JarEl: TR, George. To answer your first question Steve. This planet is very special. The fact that Michael chose it as one of the planets where he materialized makes it even more special. So it is a special case. The quarantine is lifted at this time, you are no longer in quarantine.


However, that was not the condition that stopped people from being resurrected on the third day. With the new dispensation the third day resurrection has been implemented. As for your second question, there are still restrictions to contacting family members. However, it is possible for you to contact a family member, but you will be made aware that it will only be in limited form and in limited time. For your family members need much work on the other side and they continue to be very busy with their goings on. There has only been a relative release of these restrictions. That is why certain family members have been able to get through, but there remains a restriction none-the-less. Does this answer your question?

Steve: Yes. I have been in contact to a limited degree with my departed Father. He has been imparting to me the things he never did or was never able to teach me in his mortal life. I learn more from him now than when he was alive.

JarEl: TR, George. I can tell you this much, everybody in this room has been given permission to contact their family members for the purpose that you will understand where it is coming from and you will not be shocked. You will not treat it as supernatural. You will treat it as real for you will know it is real. Most of you here know the realities of the Mansion Worlds and beyond. You know this but you have not experienced it. So when your departed family members come and visit you, do not be shocked or surprised. Accept it only as a matter of fact.

Steve: It is very comforting to be able to resume the communication for me.


Stella: I have a question, when the hijackers and the innocent people all die together, what was their reaction when they got on the other side? Were the hijackers shocked that they were not in Paradise? Did the people who died in the plane crashes know that they had died? Can you tell us a little bit about what happened?

JarEl: TR, George. The majority of those people understood that they had passed. As far as the hijackers, some understood as well. Some quickly realized the error of their ways. They are now being instructed upon the new realities of the Universe. For those who cannot accept and for those who cannot believe that their leaders had lied to them, they continue in a state of mental agony. For their reality and the reality that they hold in their minds are not in unison so they continue in agony until they are ready to accept this new and beautiful reality that God has laid out for them. Does this answer your question?

Stella: Yes. Now the innocent people who died were they angry at the hijackers when they got on the other side? Is there a different mindset when you get on the other side?

JarEl: TR, George. A majority of them were in a state of shock. A majority of them have not yet fully understood that they have died. But there was little anger, for they realized that there was nothing really taken away from them; that their life will certainly continue. They were more afraid for the people they left behind. They are afraid of what the governments of the world are getting ready to do. They would prefer that people will not suffer. The majority of these people have now witnessed a new profound love in their lives and this love is very real. They would like to send this love to the earth. The would like to send a message: not to fight, but to love one another.

Larry: JarEl is this new profound love, love for the victims for the hijackers or is it the love of the hijackers for the victims?

JarEl: TR, George. Can you repeat your question Larry?

Larry: Well, these victims were all killed by the hijackers and they controlled them and now they are all resurrected on the other side. Isn’t there still animosity between the victims and the hijackers? Were the hijackers interned or anything? Are they held in separate areas? Or are all these people together? And aren’t there vengeful feelings in some of the peoples’ minds? Or do we automatically change and all become loving? And does everybody get resurrected? Do some people make up their minds here that they don’t want to be resurrected?

JarEl: TR, George. You ask many questions Larry, but I will attempt to answer them all. It is true everybody is an individual and there are some that do harbor hate and some who have to learn to forgive. It will be a slow process but rest assured the majority of those who have passed on will learn to forgive and will love one another. They are being counseled individually. There are many up there who are aiding in this new transition. They are learning to understand the reasons why people do this. For your last question, everybody was resurrected, regardless of the choice they made here on Urantia.

Steve: JarEl does there come a certain time when a person rejects mercy?

JarEl: TR, George. Yes Steve there is such an occasion. However, I doubt that these survivors will be facing that soon. I predict all of them will be rehabilitated in due time.

Steve: This is however not the case with Lucifer and Caligastia.

JarEl: TR, George. That is true Steve, but there is a huge difference between Lucifer and a mortal. Once a mortal arrives on a Morontia World he recognizes the authority that is presented before him. Or he soon learns to recognize this authority. Lucifer was another case. Lucifer was an authority. The mortal soon recognizes that there was confusion on the earth and that he was a part of that great confusion. He soon realizes that those in authority are there to help him and allows them to help. This presents a quick growth to recovery, so then I predict that a majority will be rehabilitated.

Steve: I wonder, even with these differences, can’t a mortal make the final decision to not survive?

JarEl: TR, George. Unfortunately that is true.

Steve: Thank you JarEl.

Lucille: JarEl, if this information could be given out to the United States and the World, it would be such a comfort to know that they were all up there. Even that the hijackers are given a chance. People don’t know that. Is there anything that we can do or say? Or will they just have to learn eventually? If the story of Lucifer and the adjudication was known and people wouldn’t blame the devil, wouldn’t this information help so many people?

JarEl: TR, George. Yes it would. But it takes a lot on your part to truly change a person’s belief after they have had it for so long. Unless that person is ready and open-minded to new ideas. Many soon will open their minds to new and better possibilities and you will be there to explain it to them. So it is important that we continue to tell them about this new gospel, this new reality. Continue to tell them that we do not die, but we do continue on and that there is a Father in heaven Who loves every single one of you and that you are brothers and sisters.

Lucille: Is it alright to tell people that we have been fortunate enough to hear from Hal? That he is in a beautiful place?

JarEl: TR, George. That is perfectly fine Lucille. However, if it does them any good, it is totally up to them.

Lucille: Well, I am meeting with a friend of mine who just lost her husband. He was in a cart just like Hal was and she is so lonesome and beside herself. Would it be alright to tell her that Hal is in a wonderful place that I know and that I have heard from him?

JarEl: TR, George. That is perfectly fine to tell her Lucille. And also remind her that her loved one is also there and perhaps is having lunch with Hal as well.

Lucille: OK thank you JarEl. I love your humor.

Steve: I can feel Hal’s presence in the room right now smiling down upon

Lucille and the rest of us.

Lucille: He says to think of him and he would be there. I think of him a lot and I feel him a lot.

Stella: How long do the people who pass over linger where they formerly lived? Or do they go on immediately?

JarEl: TR, George. It is a short period in which they linger. They soon are told that they must return to the Morontia Worlds to start their studies. But they are allowed a certain grieving time as well.

Larry: I am confused JarEl. I thought that people are resurrected on the Mansion Worlds? If you die here, is not the next thing you know being resurrected on the Mansion Worlds? Do you come back? Or is it reflectivity that they communicate with us or what?

JarEl: TR, George. Yes you are resurrected on the Mansion World.

Larry: What do you mean by lingering on the world?

JarEl: TR, George. They are given the opportunity to come back for a short period, but they must soon return to the Mansion Worlds.

Steve: Would it be safe to say in regarding to the hijackers that were killed, regardless of repentance or not, that they all went to Mansonia Number One?

JarEl: TR, George. That would be safe to assume Steve.

Larry: Isn’t everybody resurrected on Mansonia Number One?

JarEl: TR, George. Yes.

Steve: However do not some mortals graduate to the next Mansion World sooner than others?

JarEl: TR, George. They are allowed ten days of rest and then some will graduate to the next Mansion World, yes this is true. Hal did look in on this group and he wishes all of you a most beautiful day. He loves everyone of you and he loves Lucille the most, he said.

Lucille: Tell him I sure miss him.

JarEl: TR, George. I will Lucille. He urges you to continue with your Teaching Mission and your studies of The Urantia Book and he urges you all to not worry about race, religion or color. Because he is pointing out that they are all the same over there. The only difference up there is how brightly your light shines.


Steve: Discussed a personal problem of a friend and the end of his life.

JarEl: TR, George. This is a personal struggle for your friend. This is something your friend will have to face. If he is afraid, it is something that he will have to overcome. Everyone faces the end of life differently. Allow your friend to have his own personal experience. No matter how much you would prefer that he does not suffer. Ultimately it is his will that must prevail. I suggest that you comfort him in this time. That is all.

Steve: Thank you JarEl.