2002-07-04-Scope of This Planetary Intervention

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Topic: Scope of This Planetary Intervention

Group: IC 02 TeaM


Teacher: Daniel

TR: Bill K.



Dear Friends, I am Daniel. Welcome Cosmic Citizens to this celebration of Truth, Beauty, and Goodness. Indeed are you all becoming more and more aware of the wondrous, Celestial Realms, not only the starry heavens, but most importantly, the vast family of Cosmic Citizens of "Free will Status," all sons and daughters, and therefore brothers and sisters, of the Living God. Your understanding of life is expanding, for you have reached the point where you see both the origins and the destinies of your choices, based upon your natures as both animal origin creatures and Adjuster indwelt mortals.


Your time in history is crucial. We are indeed, the first wave of the invasion of Light and Life, which is coming to the shores of Urantia. The tide is rising; the tide, which will raise all boats, and this tide of divine and human progress is unstoppable! I, Daniel, am a Teacher in the Corps of Emergency Intervention under the auspices of our Planetary Prince, Machiventa Melchizedek. I have served for almost ten and a half years in the Southeast corner of Idaho. I am a volunteer, as all of the Teachers are; I was once a mortal on a planet in the early stages of Light and Life; I was married, I had children, I was a Physician/Psychiatrist, as you would understand it. It has been my great joy to be one of the Teachers to this group of mortals, which has been my assignment.

But today, you gather in understanding of the scope of this planetary intervention, this emergency mission, in that the circuitry, which is now re-connecting, provides a sense of communion and connection, which is at a level unique in the history of Urantia. You are losing your sense of orphan- hood, and gaining your sense of place at the table of the universe. We have been giving lessons on learning to live as Morontia Beings, while yet in the mortal realms. These lessons are the same in many ways, as what a normal planet would receive from its Spiritual Administration of Adam and Eve. It is not without solace that Urantia is the focus of the eyes of Nebadon. This planet, has indeed been more stressed by the Caligastia Betrayal than any others, but its misfortunes became its greatest blessing, for Christ Michael, our now Universe Sovereign, chose this place because of its misfortunes and darkness, to manifest the reality of the Love of God, in human flesh.

My "budding Cosmic Citizens," my true brothers and sisters, lift up your eyes so that you see through and past the mortal level, to perceive the souls of your brothers and sisters. Arouse your senses that are of Morontial origin, so that you can be forgiving of the greatest harm, and hurts, so that you can see beauty in the most despicable of human situations, so that you can hear the bells of truth ring from the strangest corners and most unexpected of places. Just as we are coming as the first wave of this invasion of spiritual pressure, so are you also the first wave. You who have the Fifth Epochal Revelation, you who know that in your heart there is a piece of eternity, the very God who organizes this vast, glorious universe, you who walk behind our Master and follow in His footsteps, yes, you all are the invasion of light into the darkness. Now, I know some of you look at world events, and you see no evidence that the Adjudication is here and completed, it appears perhaps that the Lucifer Rebellion continues to triumph in the hearts of men and women. We are trying to tell you, "Question your perception, challenge your understanding, don’t be seduced into believing that good is only white spots on a great, black background. Don’t let your attention be controlled by the sensation seeking of profit- based news reporting. Realize that Jesus, our Master, identified the major sickness of His time, which has now become a virtual epidemic, the sickness of materialism, the distortion of values, so that the worship of the "bottom line" as profit replaces the worship of God, who is, after- all, the First Source and Center of all things and beings.

You who are American citizens celebrating your Independence Holiday, need to remember your origins tonight, and every night, you desired freedom from tyranny, the choice of your own leadership. That is the privilege of developing a form of government and a way of life, so that you would be free of the tyranny of another nation, and now you are enslaved by materialism. It is time for another "independence day" experience. Break out! Break out of this materialism, my friends. Not only for yourselves, for you for the most part understand what I am saying, bring this issue up to your friends. Show them how it is destroying the culture of this great country, and its Twin Towers, which represent the very "gods of materialism" themselves in the minds of many, have been shattered at great human loss and cost. You have far more of the wealth of the world than you should keep. Be free from your shackles of materialism and share with the rest of this world. Let your democracy, your Union of States under a sovereignty of the Federal over- control, be what the Urantia Book says it can be, a model for the "true democracy" of humankind, world- wide.

Finely now, as you look up to the stars, and you behold the heavens that Michael has created, and you look beyond this to the Superuniverses, and you go beyond that with your telescopes and your instruments of detection to the outer space realms, and as you ponder the Central Universe on the other side of the Milky Way, feel that you a part of this whole. You are a Cosmic Citizen! You are a citizen of the United States, or some other country, you are working toward becoming a world citizen and this vision of cosmic citizenry will keep you stable. There is much to be grateful for, indeed. Every thing that comes to you, when you have offered your life to God, to be in His guidance, everything that comes to you, is a gift. It is your gift to transform those circumstances by your decisions at higher and higher levels of integration, so that your life becomes a significant addition to the expression and completion of the Supreme Being.


This conference is united. Spiritual Truth is flowing like a river. Service opportunities abound. [Man (?)] can be plucked from the tree, just as an apple hangs there, ripe and ready. Rejoice my friends, for you are all doing well. The love of God is in you. My peace, farewell.