2002-07-07-Diversity, Custodianship

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Topic: Diversity, Custodianship

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Lester, Elyon

TR: Ginny, Jonathan




Lester (Ginny TR): Greetings, this is Lester. I heard my name mentioned, and, you know, our kind can't resist a gathering of such beings as are having a good time. Yes, my adjustment to the morontia life was indeed interesting but also very exciting and of course filled with lessons for growth and understanding, as I rubbed elbows with many varieties of personalities, a lesson which was so valuable to me as it is indeed to you here present. We mortals tend to get immersed in our own self-righteousness, in our own viewpoints, to the point of not allowing enough space and time for the lessons that others who are not like ourselves can give us. It has been a wild ride but a very fruitful one.

I am a bit more subdued at this point, but I still try to be influential in lightening the hearts and minds of those who are on this journey with us. Diversity, of course, has been a huge boondoggle in your experience as it is [for] all evolutionary creatures. We have choices; we have variety; we have blues and greens and purples, and we have colds and hots and love and hate. We have meditators; we have party animals. We have traitors; we have murderers. They are all part of the grand, wonderful universe. It has become a lesson to you mortals especially of late, as you are beginning to have more opportunity to view the rest of the world, to view those who are unlike you, to view and maybe try to understand what might be labeled evil, to take more time with God, more willingness to understand the big picture, so to speak, to open up your lenses to bring out a better view. Urantia is on the brink, indeed, and part of that lesson involves tolerance and understanding and learning about souls unlike ourselves.

So, I am happy to greet you this morning and would encourage you to include in your journey enough play time where you can allow your silly selves to radiate. It is a good tonic, and it helps others also. It is a pleasure for me to be among your company, and I wish you well on your journey.

Discipleship, Apostleship, Trust

Elyon (Jonathan): Greetings, friends, this is Elyon again with you, enjoying your conversation as always. Because it is a delight to share, this meeting of ours will remain strong, for it encourages bonding and support by people who have a commonality and, in your case, one that is an uncommon commonality. In your exchanges you bring support and confirmation of one another's experiences. By sharing you have the opportunity to discover how another has undergone similar encounters with truth and living experience. The result is that you become more naturally capable of expressing, what you may at one time have held in reserve, to more of your kinfolk, even toward a stranger. These meetings remove any sense that you are experiencing a rarity. You each confirm that your growth experiences are also a possession of another. I bring this up for I wish to address you on the topic of trusteeship and custodianship. In the past you have received instruction regarding the roles of discipleship and apostleship. We have endeavored to encourage you to accept either role. You are at all times a disciple, given your dedication to Michael, and you are at times functioning apostolically, as the opportunity arises and your personality is engaged in ministry for Michael. Both these designations refer to the Sovereign Son and your relationship to his mission of reaching hungry souls. These designations are about personality in relation to personality, yours and our universe Creator Son. A trustee, a custodian, both are in possession of something for good keeping. You are trustees, you are custodians of the gospel. Where you have personally experienced the presence of Michael and know him, you are also experienced and in possession of his message. No one will ever be Michael.

Each one is their own being, although there are a few on your world at times who think they are Michael. So, you always will have relationship to him and with him. However, when it comes to his message, that you can be just as easily as he could. You are entrusted with his message; you are given custody of the gospel.

It is yours. Naturally, trusteeship and custodianship imply preservation of a meaningful thing for another, but in this case, with the truths that have been taught throughout Nebadon, your possession is for you to keep as well as to preserve, and you are encouraged to give it away.

The simple truths that Jesus taught bring delight to the soul when the luminosity of enlightenment dawns upon a personality, the comfort and joy from the profound simplicity of his message of love. He taught simple truths because, when it comes to relationship with God, it is simple. Your endeavor to understand the universe will unfold great complexity, but your experience in relationship with God will increasingly unfold its simplicity. Implied in trusteeship is responsibility. One who is entrusted receives a sense of obligation to be in watchcare to prevent harm to what has been entrusted to you. Be unconcerned that what you have to offer to another hungry soul is too simplistic, not meaningful enough.

Michael, when upon this world could teach to the youngest child, to a mind that has been hampered by physical ailment, to the unlearned, the frail and aged. It didn't entail complexity; it entailed straightforward, simple truth of love, of care, of spiritual illumination. Most human beings who admire Michael and seek to follow in his footsteps readily accept being a disciple, are cautious regarding themselves as apostles, but I encourage you all to accept being trustees and custodians, possessors of his message, for you do understand it already. There is no more profundity to be applied to it. You know and you know now. It is the framework upon which your future universe career will be built. Your universe career as time unfolds will build for you quite a resume, full of adventure, full of episodes wherein you undertook great struggle to attain, through times of great joy in discovering the obvious as well as unfolding the mysterious. Every creature in this life that you meet will also undergo this great unfoldment. But the skeleton, the initial framework from which all of you will experience much in the ages to come, is Michael's message of the love of the Father and the love for one another. That is the message to begin speaking, exemplifying, now. When you discern in another that this understanding is rooted, you have the opportunity to develop deeper cosmic perspectives.

When Michael bestowed upon you this trusteeship it was a light burden, and those of you who have witnessed the birth in another of the truths that Michael teaches and have seen that spiritual flame illuminate know that there is no gravity. It is all light.

We who have undergone the training of the Melchizedeks have witnessed the expertise of the Melchizedek teachers who can fathom the intricacies of the workings of Nebadon and yet keenly perceive the one missing lesson of their student, guide them to its realization, and do so focused primarily on that individual's needs without distracting that person with far more than they are capable of absorbing. This does not discount that broad expanse of enlightenment. Keep in mind ever that this expanse of enlightenment will take ages to acquire, and its perspective is vast and inexplicable in any one instant.

You will perceive it in eternity. Its time development from your birth world here to Paradise will be a great legacy for you. At any step a child of God has a single lesson to acquire, be it now, be it millennia from now. Each lesson will have relationship to the past acquirements and to your future attainments, but the answer is relevant at the moment. And this is how you can teach: relevant to the stage of the individual's progress today, this hour, knowing full well that all that is intertwined in the beautiful fabric of universe reality will eventually be comprehended. You are the custodians. You are entrusted. You are qualified.

These are my words. I wish to receive your questions or comments.


Evelyn: You mentioned discipleship and apostleship, then trusteeship and custodianship. I was anticipating your drawing a distinction between trustee and custodian. I never heard that. Are you treating the two as synonymous?

Elyon: Yes, I chose both words because trustee means you are entrusted, something has been given to you. Custodian implies you are in custody of, that you possess it.

Evelyn: We think of custodians as hardworking caretakers. We not only possess this but we take care of it.

Elyon: My intention also today is to distinguish between your personal relationship with Michael and your possession of his gospel message. One is between personalities; the other is truth.

Ginny: Kirk mentioned TRing is a prelude to receiving information about other creatures in the universe, and helping people understand. It would behoove us to get out and do more of it. Would you please comment on that?

Extraterrestrial, Transmitting

Elyon: Yes, indeed. You have grown as a world in your understanding of some phases of the astronomical picture, and you know that your neighborhood of planets entails great distances. Physically you have limited abilities to travel and to reach any inhabited destination with any life left. You are taught that the system of worlds is to be settled in its own right in Light and Life, not simply a planet but all worlds as one. Much will unfold on this planet which will enable greater physical displacement of peoples from world to world, however, the practical form of the exchange of cultures is through the inner world. Just as you this day use your telephone networks to talk with others afar, you will do so from planet to planet. It is impractical to fly halfway around the world for a small conversation. Far easier it is to reach for your telephone. And this is true interplanetarily.

The circuits are in place and strong. This method of receiving and transmitting is developing well and will evolve into a clear form of contact. At this time it is associated with practices of the past that have risen from the evolution of your understanding of spiritual beings, your attempts to contact the worlds beyond, those of the departed, and there is some stigma attached to this effort to receive contact. I can report that those in the Teaching Mission have done well to shirk the trappings of past methods, to make more common, more readily available to all, this undertaking of bringing into your mind spirit focused meanings.

Inner Life

It is not for one individual to speak for spirit for all the rest of you; it is for every one of you to undertake. Those over the centuries who have had the best and clearest contact often did so without conscious effort. It was second nature. The hurdle to overcome in mankind today is the one that fosters a break in communication. It is our hope to develop that naturalness, that effortless reception of contact, so naturally as are your commonplace conversations with one another. The mystery, the overboard theatrics of spirit contact, will be dispelled. Yes, I do encourage everyone in any level of engagement to foster your abilities to receive. You need not speak to another. You need not distribute your message to anyone. But that intuitive receptivity will be necessary as the world swings fully into contact with other worlds. I hope this has helped.

Ginny: Yes, thank you. How do we dispel the fear that it's the work of the devil?

Elyon: First by dispelling that the devil works. Second, by seeking the Father. When you understand the strength of your connection with the Father within, you will know with great assurance He would not drop you into the hands of peril, that He would give you the guidance of His trusted minister.

Ginny: Movies and novels are ways of getting the message across. Hopefully it will become more direct communication.

Elyon: For a culture that has spent much time externally focused, these methods are useful in bringing across new meanings. It is odd and a curiosity to me to note that, in light of the rebellion and its effect on this planet, many people fear the inner experience. As you have said, they tend to place it in the realm wherein the devil may travel, and cling to external authorities; when in reality the upheaval on this world from the fall of the spiritual administration was to have turned the focus too much to the external worldly things and to forget the beautiful, divine, inner connection.


When mankind shifts from the fear of the inner life, withdraws its investment in the comfort of the external life, then these contact messages will be more commonplace, and your movies might get more interesting. Lester nudges me. He says, "tell them to go play so that we may get out of here." I thank you for your attention. I give you my love. So does Lester.