2002-12-01-Revelation: Epochal & Personal

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Topic: Revelation: Epochal & Personal

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Elyon

TR: Jonathan



Elyon (Jonathan TR): Greetings to you, this is Elyon. Again I come to you as a brother to share, to fellowship under Michael’s loving care, to rejoice in our discoveries of the Supreme qualities of universe life.

You at this point have some consciousness of the extent of the universe, not simply its physical breadth, but the depth of personal experience that may be acquired while traversing this universe. Let us speak about the search for truth for a while.



To some seeking truth is an exercise of discerning what is true from what is false. The endeavor is a discipline of separating one from the other as you would separate curds from whey, juice from pulp, discarding what does not conform to the goal of the search and retaining that which applies. This undertaking is a method of discernment useful to the intellect of the human mind. Sorting and sifting is a function of mind that enjoys categorical understanding. It is a process that you will continue to use over the course of many lifetimes ascending many worlds. Each episode of discernment, while contributing to the organization of your mind; and each episode, while contributing to additional mind capacity, also contributes significantly to soul enlargement. This enlargement of soul is another level of truth discernment. I do not seek to downplay the value of truth discernment to the mind, for it is quite important in your search for cosmic understanding. I wish, however, to focus upon the soul level, for it is a little less tangible to you at this time.

I mention separating curds from whey. To the discerning mind these distinctions are clear based on qualities of manifestation of the two products derived from the same source, in this case, milk. When the mind clearly discerns these distinctions it quickly can apply these distinct products to uses beneficial to the mind. The soul does not discern the truth qualities as does the mind. The mind will contact, observe, analyze, verify, accept, and reject truth elements.

The soul -- perhaps at a risk of crude comparison -- rather feels, experiences, a living quality at each phase of the discernment process. It will in a sense appreciate milk as milk, curds as curds, and whey as whey. It will appreciate the process of separation as well as the process of homogenization. It overviews all of the elements. The mind will discern use and non use; the soul accepts both usefulness and non- usefulness as an integrated oneness. So, the mind seeks for truth resulting in meaning. The soul finds truth that results in value. The greater the ability of the mind, the keener it is to sort truth from the erroneous. The greater the development of the soul, the larger its encompassment of all things real. In time and space, reality must contain the unreal, for this is the duality that energies life, that stimulates the mind and inspires the soul.

The mature mind will not fight the assertions of error by another but will discern the level of understanding and patiently pursue an opportunity for the offering of elimination and correction. A mature soul likewise discerns the context wherein an erroneous assumption lies. A soul which has grown for a significant period of time perceives the appropriateness of an erroneous assumption based upon the growth level of the personality pursuing truth. While the mind may wish to correct error, the soul embraces the one in error knowing through its own experience that this other individual will grow and shed what was useful for experience that is of greater use. The context will shift.

Sometimes a personality becomes confused when not discerning the difference between mind and soul. One may be perplexed or embarrassed over earlier conceptual beliefs that are no longer possessed as truthful. But his soul does not discard these now outdated understandings; it incorporates them into the field of wisdom, that broadened viewpoint.

Michael while on this world admonished his apostles to speak to the soul and spirit of man, not to challenge the beliefs, to confront error -- for this is the innate ability of mind to do so -- rather to approach in the awareness of the presence of soul, to react to another as a father would to his child or a mother would to her child, understanding their age or maturity or growth, not condescendingly, rather supportively. The wise parent has undergone the same growth.

I come to you as one who has been through training worlds, extensive undertakings in the enlargement of soul and of the sharpening of personality. I address you as a friend, not as a superior. As minds I could present to you many factors that would place you as far lesser than me, but as a soul I embrace you as one, a brother and a sister. Your level of spiritual unfoldment is as important today as any other developmental level prior to or subsequent to this hour. There is no better position to be in than your present state of soul unfoldment.

Discernment of truth to the mind is the taking things apart for understanding. Discernment of truth to the soul is the ability to interconnect, to synthesize and enlarge the context. Both are extremely valuable in your ascension. Each one provides the Indwelling Spirit the opportunity to reveal new truth. To use another example, for you to make bread you often take whole ingredients, break them down to smaller forms, extract what you want, discard the rest, reassemble it. This is the function of mind. The soul sees and experiences bread from the gathering of the wheat to the slicing of the loaf.

Even the enemies of Jesus loved him because he approached his relationships applying his soul experience as well as his mental discernment. All of you who have read of his trial before his execution have felt angst over the unfoldment of events, perhaps wished that Jesus could have out-argued his accusers and proved his point. And this he could have done expertly with his mind. No. Instead he stood before his fellows loving them, recognizing the Father’s indwelling presence in each of them, grasping fully their current levels of spiritual growth. It did not matter to him to demonstrate his superiority in spiritual unfoldment. It mattered to him that his children who were his accusers had an opportunity to receive divine benevolence, acceptance, and love. This is the manifestation of a mature soul and one who does not fight for truth but lives as truth.

I wish now to receive your input.


Light and Life

Kirk: The beginnings of Light and Life would be for more individuals on the planet to accept all individuals for where they are and what they are doing. The wrongs and pathways against going back to the Father would fall away because you are accepting them for who they are, not for what they are doing. Help me with some words here.

Elyon: You are perceiving correctly. Let’s take an example of a young child. The child needs shoes. Today, given the state of affairs on your world, the confusion involved, one would mistakenly say, “This adult-sized shoe is the shoe you must wear when you are like me, a mature adult. You must therefore begin wearing them now.” Quickly you discern that this is not the truth. This child must be fitted with a sequence of sizes until it has grown to the point where it can wear that adult shoe. In the stages prior to Light and Life you go to war over which shoe is the appropriate shoe to wear. In Light and Life, as you have said, you discern the infant, the toddler, the child, the adolescent, and the adult and accept the appropriateness of each level. This is easy to see in this example. Applying it to your politics, your social structures, your industry and economies, your religions, is far more difficult to do.

It has been revealed to you that Light and Life entails one language, one religion. It is not that you are standardized to one tongue, one orthodoxy. You are one in your acceptance of your differences, one in your understanding of your origins, united in the commonality of the divine overcare, your source and origin. You may speak with differing sounds, but you communicate. And this is the one language you must reach for there to be Light and Life.

Harold: When you were speaking about the difference between mind and soul I imagined workers building, working on a scaffolding. Each worker was like mind on its particular level of the scaffolding, whereas soul is more like the production manager who can see what previous scaffolding you have been on, also what scaffolding you will progress to as you build higher. Also he has access to the blueprints of what the final building will look like. Is that somewhat accurate?

Elyon: Well said, my friend, for this production manager even sees the roof of the building before it exists. The mind in the discernment of truth may not find a tangible, discernible quality and therefore dismiss it as untrue. The soul, however, as you have exemplified, tends to look to the end as well as throughout the process and can verify truth yet un- manifest. I applaud you for your example.


Harold: There’s a danger in accepting everyone for where they are in that there would be no challenge to help them progress. If someone is seen doing something wrong or that doesn’t make sense even in their own definition, isn’t it our responsibility either by example or otherwise to explain that they need to change what they are doing?

Elyon: Yes, this is quite true. This is why the universe is designed as an educational system, each one teaching to the level from which they have just emerged. Because of this process those in need of correction, realignment, or adjustment to higher levels are better receptive to one so near in experience. The one so near in experience offering a revelation of a higher way is more understanding of that particular orientation that is being corrected.

Much that drives the mortal creature that is so important and all consuming in your life today I have long lost sensitivity to, for it has been far too long since I have been in mortal form. So, your fellows are far more capable of uplifting you to the next level than I can be.


I am glad that you pointed out that acceptance does not imply complacency or condoning of behavior that is disruptive to spiritual harmony. With this understanding and the application of compassion you then become led to minister rather than condemn, to display an alternate and perhaps progressing position for another. To turn this around, each one of you is likewise at a stage of error, and someone will come your way to offer advancement. Discern with your soul the acceptance of the Father of where you are now, the grace of His offering through a fellow of that which you can attain immediately.

In a world that is structured with penalty for wrong action, it breeds in a sense of guilt, a protection from punishment, a shrinking from facing reality. As your lives unfold over the mansion worlds you will discover that there is great delight by the morontia personalities each time one finds something to correct in themselves. It is joyful to discover these elements to fix, to discover that which is lacking and provide the substance required to become a mature morontia being. There is no judgment.

While you understand from your Urantia Papers that there is a vast structure and order of beings, we do not pass greater worth and lesser worth upon any one of them. This is the acceptance I speak of. However, each order of being is always willing to express the divine qualities they manifest to others, knowing that uplifting another is part of the universe-wide process that is coming to them, too.


Kirk: Do the angels or other celestials put others in our pathway who are either going to help us or who we can help with their problem to evolve?

Elyon: They take great delight in this undertaking and will do what they can, acknowledging the sanctity of freewill sovereignty. Not to devalue their work, it is a thrilling game for them. Important as it is each of these humans you speak of bringing you lessons or you to them, is of vital importance to the growth of souls. This is of great value in the efforts of the angels. If you could see the joy the angels have as they make their efforts to bring about these opportunities, you would see a group of beings who are having a wonderful time. Just as you may undertake a game on earth such as your game of tennis and take delight in a score and likewise laugh at a misplaced ball, these angels do enjoy even the failures, for every undertaking improves their skills and reveals to them the nature of mankind.

Kirk: We could improve the whole process if we had faith in the angels, faith in the process, faith in whatever is happening in our lives; that we are being helped.

Elyon: Yes, and particularly when you feel resistance to stop yourself and say, “This is an opportunity brought my way perhaps by the angels themselves that I best listen and discern.” While you might not recognize it, you may trust the angels will try again.

Kirk: Sometimes the human way is to fear that the angels will try again!

Elyon: Yes, along with the feeling that if you did not discover it the first time you have been thrown off the team.


Harold: There’s personal revelation tailored to the individual, and there’s group revelation such as The Urantia Papers which is for the individual and for the entire group. Is there an organization overseeing group revelation? If so, have there been other revelations that might be pointed out as helpful for our growth?

Elyon: There are numerous collectives of celestial beings who undertake revelation processes. It has been portrayed in The Urantia Papers those of epochal consequence, significance. Yet these are the revelations intended for global impact. But revelation does occur with smaller focal points to benefit a region or a population for their intermediate upliftment, regardless of the understanding and illumination of peoples elsewhere. These do diminish in size down to smaller and smaller groups. However these encounter increased danger of a fanatical reaction, because the base of receptivity, the narrower it becomes, has less ability to balance itself, to have that corrective counter balance among its members.

Those revelations projected on an epochal level unfold with adaptations from the input of many individuals, human and celestial, as you have witnessed with the unfolding of Christianity subsequent to Michael’s bestowal. While these may alter the initial presentation, it adapts itself to mankind. A small group likewise adapts revelation. If one personality . .. that individual runs the risk of being the adaptor for the others . .. and herein enters the danger of a cult, of a charismatic leader who will make the mistake of wavering, wandering away from the initial input into human agendas.

When a revelation is intended of global significance, much research is done on a world to discern the best timing and location for it to unfold. These revelations of such scope have specific agendas or curricula to present. Modifications are made to adapt to the world, but the world does not dictate what it will teach, only how it will be taught. There are great commissions involved on each world assessing the timing and location of these undertakings.

When it comes to personal revelation there is only one single great entity involved, and that is the Divine Presence dwelling within you. It needs no counsel; it needs no committee, for the Presence of God knows fully what the individual needs to have bestowed upon them for greater insight and for spiritual unfoldment.

Since these revelatory commissions are not of the caliber of God they must undertake studies, do tests, and run trials in order to discern the when and the where of a revelation. There have been times when these trials have failed or needed to be halted, for they were unfolding in a detrimental manner. These commissions will wait, will undertake these smaller group revelations you speak of, to greater prepare the world for the larger presentation.

Harold: I wonder if the LDS represented one of those preparatory steps or trials of revelation.

Elyon: Yes.

Harold: There was some revelation somewhere in the core that got lost or superseded by others.

Elyon: It was one element in the testing phase for an epochal revelation. It is among numerous similar endeavors of that time and before. Each one of these tests, while benefitting from the reception of celestial input, was not necessarily intended to be the point of epochal presentation. They were what you might call dry runs. But any dry run is compensated with truth and light. You are never taken advantage of; always will you be given some reward for being part of the process of bringing a greater revelation of God to the world.

Harold: Always the personal presentation is involved, right?

Elyon: Yes. Personal revelation never ends. The periodicity of such revelation is up to the discerning ear of the human personality. However, when this interworking interfaces with an epochal undertaking therein enters uncertainty as to reaction by that individual in relation to the broader project.

Harold: Could you explain that a little more?

Elyon: Let us return to the example of a child needing shoes. As revelators attempt to locate time and place for revelation, they must test to see if a receptive individual or individuals are capable of processing, managing, a revelation. Personal revelation is the efforts of the Divine Indweller to help you grow out of your current pair of shoes to get you ready to put on a larger size. Epochal revelation attempts to provide a rack of shoe sizes so that many people may fit. So, one receiving such contact may mistake the variability of shoe sizes for their own particular size, confuse the two, and disrupt the process. A religion may begin that says all size five shoes are the right shoes. This is where a personal revelation can interrupt or halt an epochal undertaking.

You know from our studies that several sites were selected for the Garden of Eden, and several families were chosen to be the family wherein Jesus would be raised. These unselected options were not condemned.

Do you wish more clarification?

Harold: I think you hit it.

Tom: When I read that truth itself is a revelation it brings to mind both personal and epochal revelation. Truth is like jewels, treasures, spread everywhere. A person’s willingness is required to follow that truth and something to maintain your equilibrium in pursuit of that like stillness. That would apply to personal truth or even to The Urantia Book as an epochal revelation. You still must open it and embrace it. Is that what we are talking about?

Elyon: Yes, you have encapsulated my lesson of today. Well done. One may look at milk and see milk, to look at curds and see curds, and likewise for whey, but one also sees the others while observing the one. This all-embracing quality is that string of truth you speak of. It is the experiencing of this interrelatedness that is also truth, the living undertaking. Revelation in an outward form is truly only a presentation. It becomes revelation when it awakens the soul. That will happen all over over the course of time in many individuals. Therefore is the term applied “epochal”, not that it happened once to mark an epoch, but that it is presented once and continually is being revealed throughout an epoch.

Harold: Thank you, Elyon. That was very enlightening.



Elyon: You are welcome. I will withdraw. However, I wish to make one last comment.

You have spoken of stillness, and while I was present during your discussions, you discussed baptism. I would like to emphasize that stillness is a baptism. Submerging yourself in the presence of God, bringing about a marked point of transformation between an earlier moment to a moment that follows, to become infused with spirit, to let the water of life pour upon you, this exercise allows you to begin anew, to rededicate, to gather strength to try again.

Take care.