2002-12-01-Willing Laborers

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Topic: Willing Laborers

Group: Nashville TeaM


Teacher: Ham

TR: Rebecca



Ham: Greetings my children, I am Ham and I welcome you here this evening. Tonight, let us discuss being willing laborers for the Father's kingdom.


Spirituality, Morality

The Father asks not for material accomplishment. Rather, does he ask for spiritual work and labor. This spiritual realm is difficult for humans to be completely immersed in. So much of your lives are materially based or at best spiritually tinged material.

The material world is where the action seems to be. In this realm, you can create works which have material substance. You can build structures, or amass fortunes that seem to have a lasting value and influence. But look again. What is lasting in human experience? The only thing lasting is spiritual progress. What you gain in the spirit is never lost, squandered, or stolen and what you contribute to the spiritual stream that comprises humanity's collective consciousness, this contribution, this elevation of spiritual sensitivity, this augmentation of morality and value, this is not lost but becomes a permanent part of the progress of your world.

Buildings crumble, empires are made and lost, fortunes are squandered, but spiritual progress remains. As you live your lives pursuing goals of the spirit, so do you advance all of humanity by that measure that you can attain for yourself.

The life of the Master opened up the way for all humanity and each of you as you follow widen that way because your contribution to the spiritual economy of the planet is unique. No one else can make your contribution.

As you progress in the spirit, you bring into your lives truth and an increased responsiveness to all truth. You incorporate beauty and an increased sensitivity to all things beautiful. And lastly you incorporate goodness and as you become good yourselves you show through an increased becoming of that which is value the way to true morality and effortless dignity.

The overall spiritual state of your world is impacted as each human being opens up his or her own unique pathway following the trail blazer, the Master. As you become those things that you seek, then you can give them to others. You cannot dissect morality explaining it in all its ethical manifestations in order to pass it to another generation. This does not work. Morality is passed on only through living examples. Spirituality as well remains and is passed on only through your lives as you live them.

The spiritual world is not like the world of the mind. The mind can reproduce ideas and these ideas can be absorbed by others in that fashion. But the spiritual life can only be experienced by the whole personality. Mentally, physically, and spiritually there is no separation, all are one.

The spiritual way can only be shown by the actual walking of that way. You cannot explain spiritual growth, you must experience it, be an example of it, and live it completely with a wholehearted determination. The spiritual life cannot be separated from other aspects of living. It must color, change, and transform all aspects of life.

As you grow in the spirit, you are literally opening a spiritual pathway, a way which others can join or benefit from because this spiritual progress impacts all spirit, it opens things for every single person coming behind you. The beauty of the Father's plan is such that all spiritual progress benefits not just the one but also the whole. Once you in your life have opened up that way it will never be closed again.

In your text there is said that each person contributes to the growth of the Supreme Being and each person's contribution is unique and personal. To put it another way, think of your world as being covered by a tent and as you grow you raise that tent or your section of it a little higher and that tent is a tent of light and as you raise your section that light streams down around you touching all those below.

There is no way to teach growth. You must live it, experience it, and become it. Your churches have tried for centuries to teach morality, to teach spiritual thinking, but all of this falls way short. The most it can do is point a direction, but it cannot give you the feet and the will to walk it.

Each person must make their own decisions to incorporate more and more that which is purely spirit into your lives. As you do this, the things which are material will come into perspective and you will see their smallness compare with the great work of the spirit.

Every person must heed their own inner calling, that voice of the spirit which prompts and leads and guides. For each person has a unique pathway to God, but as you live your lives in the spirit, that drawing power of the spirit is enhanced for those around you in so far as you are an inspiring example of someone who lives the ennobling and thrilling life of the spiritual quest.

Dedication to the spirit, total sincerity in your questing, and complete honesty with yourselves and the treacheries and pitfalls of life, these are the things which do change the world. You are each quiet [[ambassadors]] of a new and better world. You have each seen this world, visited there, and know for certain of its existence.

The Father's way is not to beat drums from rooftops. Rather, the Father's way is quiet, steady, constant, spiritual progress in the lives of each one of his believers.

Be at peace my children as you toil and strive in the world for truly you are lighting the way for others. You are with your entire being lighting the way and this is a great privilege and honor to be allowed this mercy.

Think through these things. Have your spiritual feet on the ground. Do not have any fear or anxiety for the way opens before you by the measure of your dedication to it. Loving consecration to the Father and his will is all that is required. Beyond that, you must have faith and walk in the way that is open to you with faith and trust.

What are your questions?



Q: When we started this, we talked about each of us having tasks to do for the mission. Can you relate that idea to what you talked about this evening?

Ham: Certainly. It is understood that human beings want to do something even more than they want to be something and in that doing there is a measure of becoming. In this mission, there are many requirements and among them are what we have termed tasks. These assignments or requests are designed to help you fulfill your spiritual goals and also to help you learn to help others. Each person has gifts or talents that are unique and so each person contributes to the whole by using these gifts and talents. Not everyone must be another Simon Peter or another Paul. No. We are building in the spirit. We are building spiritually motivated and spiritually oriented human beings.

You each contribute to the spiritual growth of the world as a whole and as you do this, as you grow in the spirit you become more adept at giving of the spirit. Each of you do your giving in a unique way. You do it through your gifts, through your training, through your very lives as you live them. Human beings want to be given the big jobs of saving humanity. The job of savior is taken. But, you can each utilize what you have where you are to make your contribution to the Supreme Being and raise the spiritual level for all people. Human beings are not content with the role of student, but want to immediately be teachers and disseminators of spiritual wisdom. Some of you will find that path intersecting with yours. But most of you should continue in the humble way of walking with God uniquely, individually, and sincerely. The world is filled with teachers. Everyone wants to teach someone else something. What is required are living examples of real spiritual growth for this is real, this is actual spiritual movement not talking about spiritual movement. The teachers when they do their jobs best teach by example. It is not so much that the students want to know what the teacher knows, the students want to be like their teacher. This is what lasts, this is what changes reality.

Teaching Mission

Q: If we progress the planet by raising the roof of the tent one step at a time, then why aren't there more people being trained like us?

Ham: We don't need very many. The teachers are part of the overall spiritual plan but we are not the entire plan. Each of our students are part of the plan, but not the entire plan. Also, spiritual training of this sort can be somewhat destabilizing for some people. It is not so easy to work with human beings on these levels and have them remain steady, calm, and balanced in their thinking. Many people have come close to the mission and become somewhat imbalanced to the point of adopting a messianic complex or losing mental balance in some way. Then the harsh realities of life come to bare and the disillusionment causes many more to fall away from the teaching. We feel that the stable core groups which continue meeting humbly absorbing the teachings and seeking spiritual growth in a balanced and sane manner, these few will be as mustard seeds in the world growing and impacting in many unseen ways. What you see with your material eyes is not so important as what happens in the spiritual realms. We foresee this steady and constant difficult human and divine way as having far reaching impact, not through mass movements, not through human organization, but strictly through spiritual channels which are unseen. This you must each grasp with faith. Your lives impact much more than you can possibly understand.

Personal Counsel

Q: Ham, may I have a personal message please?

Ham: Certainly my son. My son, you do well. You are a person of great potential. Your abilities and strengths are many. In some ways, you are afraid of your real strengths and you work around them rather than with them. Be unafraid of who you are. Embrace your true self with complete openness. Admit your weaknesses but also admit your strengths. All these things are known to the Father. As you walk toward him, you become more of him but also you become more of yourself. Embrace this potential growing spirit. You are doing well.

Q: Do you have anything for Rebecca?

Ham: Yes, Rebecca, you do well. You are growing in the spirit and making your way in the world at the same time. These things are inseparable. Many people keep spirituality apart from their ordinary lives. But, you are very diligent in your integration of all of your life as a life of the spirit. You do very well.

Q: Jarad?

Ham: Jarad, you also are integrating your life in the spirit and you are grasping the fact that spiritual growth must come first and all else follows behind. Spiritual growth is the key to all progress. It is that which integrates the personality and all its manifestations and functions. Spiritual growth makes a person more whole, more complete, less fragmented and scattered. Love God and continue walking humbly with him. Let him open doors which should open and close those which should close. Have perfect peace in all that you do.

Q: Do you have a personal message for Keri?

Ham: Certainly. My daughter, you do very well. Let go of your preconceptions for they limit your understanding of the world. Take in all that can be absorbed, meaning allow yourself to stretch into greater realms of the spirit. The spiritual and the human must integrate together even as the Master integrated his humanity and his divinity into one perfectly balanced human being. So must each person do the same. You cannot leave behind that which is human and become some kind of perfect spirit. The human and fallible and imperfect must integrate into that which is divine and perfect and complete in itself. This integration is a key to spiritual growth. You cannot leave behind that which is human but you can leave behind the past and walk forward into that which is and will be. Embrace yourself, love yourself but move forward not backward.

Q: Do you have a personal message for Charlie B?

Ham: Yes. My son, you are progressing very well. You are someone who is very self-critical and this you must work to soften. Embrace yourself and forgive yourself as you would another person. Intellectually you know you are worthy of the Father's love, but experientially you tend to block his love by resorting to self-criticism. The Father loves you just as you are today. He does not require you to be the perfect son. The Father loves his children and all of their imperfections. He loves the way you struggle toward him like a child taking his first steps. All these things are precious in the Father's sight. Accept yourself and his love.

Q: I would greatly appreciate any feedback you have for me this week?

Ham: Yes my son, you do very well. Be at peace in all you do. You are also a person who retreats from the Father's love in self-criticism. There is something within you that is a little afraid of being completely loved and completely accepted. You hold it as more of a goal than something that is right now. But you also must come to accept the Father's love now, not in the future when you are more perfect. not in the future at all but now. It would be helpful for all of you to pray that you might accept the Father's love more fully into your hearts. Reach out for his help in these matters and his help will be forthcoming. Keep your prayers simple. Father, help me to accept your love more and more into my heart and my life. Help me to accept your loving hand both in correction and in acceptance of your gifts. Help me to put aside my small thinking so that my mind will be open to receiving your guidance. These are the kinds of prayers which greatly aid in spiritual progress. Ask and you will receive.


I understand next week is postponed, that is my lesson will be postponed to the following week and we should meet again on the 15th. My prayers, my love, my good wishes are with you each one always. I have full faith that you each will receive those things which you need on your way to the Father. Farewell.