2002-12-12-Prayer, Part 3

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Topic: Prayer, Part 3

Group: Unknown


Teacher: Welmek

TR: Unknown



Good evening. This is your friend and teacher, Welmek. Tonight I would like to continue our discourse on prayer, as we go further into this exploration of what it means to be in this prayerful, spiritual communication throughout the universe as you grow in your ability to be of service. Tonight I would like to ask you: What does it mean to you to be prayerful?


We have spoken of the idea of fullness for several weeks. And I would like you to take this idea into the nature of prayer. Spend a few moments, go within, ask your Thought Adjusters to begin to illuminate your mind with this idea of prayerfulness. And then when you are ready, share with me what has come to mind about this idea. (Pause)


Student: Welmek, I have a sense of contradistinction between fullness I'm trying to associate with worship, kind of a bubbling over so you can't hold it anymore. You just have to be thankful. . we were directed to think of our friends who might need prayer, those who are lacking a kind of conscious fullness. Sometimes we are so richly blessed with the idea of giving some of our fullness to them; showing some generosity of spirit, and directing our intention and our love to them.

Welmek: This is precisely the spirit of the exercise: to be so full of love for another person, that there is an almost automatic response on your part to want to serve them through prayer. With outpouring of your love comes the prayerful desire of your heart, and thereby you bring this attitude into the actual formation of the words of the petition. And that, combined with the essence or the spirit of the prayer, becomes a mighty tool.

We will look more closely into this experiential fullness as we progress through this evening's discussion. Are there any other ideas or comments?

Student: I find, many times when I pray, that I don't feel fulfilled, or the prayer isn't complete unless I ask that I do God's will. I have my desires, and wants and thoughts, but somehow it does not feel complete without desiring to know what to do God's will. And then my prayer feels, I feel good about the prayer.

Welmek: As we look more closely into the nature of prayer, we begin to assemble its components. One of the fundamental components of prayer is that the Father's will prevail in the situation or in the life of the individual for whom the prayer is rendered. Prayer is asking for the manifestation of spiritual reality. Prayer, then, is never effective, and as you say, does not feel complete, when the human expectations and ideas are dominating it. This is when prayer is the least effective. And, if you want to derive the greatest benefit from prayer, then find that place within you that knows the ideal, that can see the higher perspective. And then when you feel that in your heart, ask that the Father's will prevail in this situation, or in this individual's life, or in your own life.

This is breathing the spiritual life into your request. And even though you may not always know what the Father's will is, when you are coming from that place within your heart of an attitude of desiring the highest manifestation that you can realize and feel - that opens the door to being in that desire for the Father's will to prevail. And this is what will make your prayer effective. Does this help?

Student: Yes, it does.

Student: Welmek, somebody mentioned last week that a wonderful byproduct or consequence of prayer is worship itself. The prayer leads you to a wonderful feeling, like P. just mentioned. A side effect I'm beginning to notice, too, is that prayer sometimes leaks the insights into the situation and the person you are praying for. It is a wonderful thing. It gives you new, it feels new, a new understanding of what's happening.

Welmek: My dear friends, you are all becoming more attuned with spiritized thinking. And these spiritual thoughts are leading you into a deeper appreciation of prayer and worship and service. This is quite distinct from the ideas of self-fullness and being mired in your own thoughts and your own well-being.

You are being taken from this realm into the realm of altruism and service and true love for your Creator and one's fellows. You are using your mind in a new and heightened way. And there are distinct forms of spiritual communication that are now becoming more crystallized within your awareness.

This is, indeed, a great time of discovery and birth. And, as you use your exquisite mind in these new ways, you will find a depth and a clarity in your thinking that you have not experienced before. And it will fill you with great anticipation and excitement. For, as you learn to use your mind in this spiritized way, you will see all new facets of information come into view, and give you a glimpse of what life is like out there in the cosmos.

What a wondrous journey you are embarking upon! It is as if the portals of your eyes are opening to the spiritual realm, and you are seeing all the beauty and the goodness and the joy and the wonder that is yours to partake of as children of the spirit. This is one small byproduct of prayer. Is it, indeed not a glorious byproduct, indeed? (Amen. Yes.)

Student: Welmek, I've noticed over the last few weeks, starting when you introduced the topic of prayer, a pretty radical transformation in how I am experiencing life. It's a distillation process that has let go of a lot of irrelevant things. And remaining is, essentially, the fatherhood of God, the brotherhood of man, and loving service to my brothers and sisters in a manner in which Michael, or Jesus, and the Mother Spirit, would provide.

And, in that sense of awareness, what's come through is a recollection about what you said of prayer as being a communication, a connection, and an activation of the energies in the entire universe that can be brought to bear on whatever situation is on the screen at that time. And in that, the successful-ness and the activation of the will of the Father is most likely to happen, because the technique or the thinking process is strictly from the purest place.

And the other part regarding worship is very interesting. Last week, when you hinted and affirmed about prayer and worship being 50/50, I've been experiencing worship more lately. And worship, as you described it, I recall, being the recognition and the celebration of the presence of God in our life. So there's a combination there, where I'm beginning to feel that the entire day is just going back and forth 50/50, more and more now, between those two polarities. And they are very closely connected. And nothing else seems to be able to stay present anymore.

Welmek: This is, indeed, the spiritualizing of your mind, of your thought patterns. You are yielding the currents in your mind to the influence of the spirit. You are allowing the highest knowledge and truth and ways of God to prevail in your mind. And that, coupled with the sincere desire of your heart to learn of God's ways - and to love God - is what is motivating your growth and triggering your awareness to the highest-most levels of universe living.

We have long prepared for those of you who were willing to follow us in this program of spiritualized thinking. And now you are ready for more in-depth study of the workings of the universe, and how you can, through your prayerful efforts, commingle your thoughts with ours to evoke great changes on your planet.

But as you have said in your answers this evening that you needed to be prepared for this. Your mind needed to develop and to mature, and it is still unfolding. We are going into this in-depth discussion of prayer so that you can engage in this form of communication in conjunction with the celestial workers who are so actively pouring forth all of their love and energy into the salvation of this world.

Do you fathom how important your contribution is through prayer? Do you appreciate how important it is for your minds to be so spiritized as to engage in this level of undertaking? Do you understand how important your faith is, as you grow, as you love, as you serve?

These new awarenesses within you are, indeed, beginning to reveal these new ideas in your mind. We who have watched over you and taught you are very excited about what we see happening. And you should be very proud of your efforts. For, as we have said before, you are the ones who are so richly blessed. You are the wealthy ones on your planet. And you are the ones who are healing your world. As you grow more spiritual in your thoughts, through prayer and through worship, you will find in time that these two states of being are the only possible places that you could ever operate from.

Student: Welmek, if I may be so bold, I would like to do a communications check at this time. This afternoon, I called upon you to join me in prayer for a dear friend, and had the experience that you did join me. We said this prayer together. I would like to know now if that was your experience.

Welmek: I am not going to give you a direct answer on this question, my friend. And I know this may be a difficult response to receive. But I ask you to be in that place in your heart where you sense the communication, and where you felt the blending of our minds, and to just reiterate what you experienced within as your validation of the actual moment of prayer between us.

These inner sensings within you are primarily a faith-based reality experience. Grow more confident in your own ability to sense this. Seek the validation in your own experience, through the leadings of your Thought Adjuster. This will give you more of your own spiritual dynamism and make you a stronger faith son. Will this answer suffice for now, my friend?

Student: Yes, your words ring very true in my heart. I understand your answer. Thank you for that. (You are most welcome).

Student: Welmek, I'd like to add something to this process, based on what you said a couple of minutes ago. I'm remembering that it's only very, very recently that this state of spiritizing is part of me as much as it is. And that the process I had to go through was a very long and drawn out letting go of everything I had done in the past - focusing on developing myself. And basically detoxing from that approach, while starting all over again at the bottom of the faith in God as the Father, and all of the variations of that, through Michael and Jesus and Mother and the teachers, and so forth. I noticed that.

And the other part that I noticed was that the recommendations and the habit of a lot of people and the beings that I have been hearing have been around loving the Father and the Mother Spirit. I noticed during quite a bit of this period of time I didn't really feel that. I recognized intellectually how important it was to feel it. So I kept on practicing it, as if I felt it. And I would like to report that it's just a very, very short time that I've begun to be able to truly feel that love. And that the love is activated through the power of this process of prayer and worship.

The experience I had last week in the monastery, I think, was part of that breakthrough. I am very grateful for having had that opportunity. So I am very thankful now to you, and all the supporting team that's involved in this whole process, for the remarkable efforts and the remarkable results that are going on.

Welmek: Each soul is so precious and valuable to us, that we - and I use this term as a collective unit of all of the spiritual divinities and agencies that hover around you - will do everything in our power to minister to you, and to bring you into the fullness of this most exquisite and loving of all relationships: the divine parent with the human child.

Michael's correcting plan has within it a very pervasive and dominant component of helping you feel the love for your Creator and your Creator's love for you. You are being taken into the realm of coming to understand this personality in a very real sense, in a relationship, just as you would share a relationship with another person.

To know and to love God requires that you first begin to understand the nature, and to sense the presence, and to feel the love God has for you. And then when you begin to sense this, your faith can grow, and your love for this Divine Being can begin to blossom.

Your prayers to know God are answered. Your prayers for help in your life are answered. You see, my friends, all you need to do is to ask. And, if what you are asking for are the things of spirit, then you are given it freely and lavishly and in a way that is palpable and experienceable by you.

And now that you have all sensed this within you, you are being drawn into the family of God, the family where we all love and nurture one another, and help one another. Now you are being asked to help your younger brothers and sisters - to help them find ways to experience the love that you are receiving.

This prayerfulness of being in the awareness that the help that you desire is achievable is there for the asking. It is so fundamental for your continued growth, and for the growth of others. Be the prayer for those people close to you, that they cannot say for themselves, for they do not have the faith that you have. Be in that place - the fullness of appreciation of what you have been given. And say a prayer for these people that they experience this as well.

You will not know how this will unfold in their lives. You will not know the environment of their mind, and how this prayerful seed will be implanted and emerge within their conscious mind. But that is not your responsibility. You are the spiritual workers in the field. And it is your job to lay the seeds in the soil. After you have planted the seed, call on the Father's love to nurture this each time you think of this individual or situation, and ask for more love and more truth and more of the Father's will to grow within the environment of this individual or this situation.

Ask for those spiritual agencies that can assist this individual or situation to bring their energy into this circumstance, and to be the spiritual drawing power and essence that the Father's will can be manifest.

I would like to lead you now in a prayer for those individuals within your life that are very spiritually wanting. We will spend a few moments in a prayer for these individuals. And then we will go into more general prayers for circumstances on this planet.

Center yourselves now in this attitude of loving service. Find that place within your heart that is so full of a desire to serve. (Pause) When you have sensed this desire within you, find that place of intention that the Father's will prevail. Be of that trusting nature that the Father's will is the only and best possible outcome - and be in this place of sensing this intention. (Pause)

Now, what I ask you to do is to bring into your mind those individuals who you know to be spiritually wanting. As you bring them into your mind, place them visually in the center of the room, where the energy ball is located; and as you place them in there, we will offer a collective prayer that I will lead you in, once we have finished bringing everyone into the center. Spend a few moments now, and we will continue in just a moment or so. (long pause)

Now lift your hearts with me, as we offer these individuals to our Creator Father Michael and Creative Mother Nebadonia. "Oh divine Mother and Father, we offer these, your children, to you as needing of your ministry and salvation in their lives. We ask for them to be encircuited in your presence. We ask that your Spirit of Truth take deeper root in them, and that their minds be opened to your mercy ministry. Guide them with your celestial presences. Nurture them in ways of spirit. Open their hearts to comfort and peace, forgiveness and understanding. We pray this for each child presented before you, as we celebrate their spiritual rebirth in the love that you so freely bestow to them. And so it is. Amen." (Students: Amen)

Now, as you recall these individuals throughout the day, focus on them in spirit. You may not know the environment of their mind, the quality or the nature of the thoughts that they think. But you can align with them in your spirit, and feel the love that you have for them and ask that the Father's love flow more fully through them. Bring them into the presence of our Father and Mother. Present them before our parents, and ask that their love flow into this individual. Raise them up, let them be uplifted in spirit, and you will have performed a wonderful service for them.

I would now like each of you to think of a particular situation on your planet that you find to be distressing to you, and in want of spiritual correction. When you have thought of this situation, spend a few moments asking the Father: "What is the highest truth of this situation I can pray for?" When you have received your answer, place the situation into the energy ball in the center of the room, and we will pray for all of the situations when everyone is finished. (long pause)

Draw this situation now into the very healing hands of Michael. Place this in front of him, and ask that the situation be brought into his bosom. (Pause) "Creator Father, we ask that you take all of these situations and draw them into your presence. We ask that you heal these situations through your love, through your truth. We ask our dear devoted Mother to encircuit these situations within Michael's actual being, to open the environment of the situation, to release all the spiritual negativity and error and sin and rebelliousness and pour forth your cleansing action on the situation, and make it whole and righteous in your being. Release the repression of truth in the years of this situation. Establish within it a new foundation, a new revelation of goodness, of beauty, of righteousness, of truth. Send forth your angels of ministry into the very fray, the very center of this situation. As you re-encircuit this within Michael's being, we begin a new era of spirit reality that is the Father's will. This we ask as your children. And so it is. Amen." (Students: Amen)

My friends, do not underestimate the power of your thoughts, as you add more spiritual pressure to bear on any situation on this planet. The years have taken a heavy toll. And the spiritual fabric of all of the social conditions, all of the environmental conditions, on your planet must be corrected, as part of the rehabilitation plan. Your prayers add more spiritual pressure, and actually begin to reestablish that fabric within the lives and the situations itself.

This spiritual fabric is a living and dynamic fabric. It is very real. It is the foundation of your new social institutions, and it must be tightly woven in order for it to make its mark in the material lives on this planet. You are creating a new identity for your world, and it is this foundation of spirit that is the new creation. For each time you pray, you are adding more threads to this fabric, when you are bringing it into the realm of the material, as it begins to integrate within the nature and fabric of your society.

I say this to stress the importance to you in your own awareness of the effectiveness of your prayers, and to encourage you to be more prayerful - that what you are doing is of vital importance now. Are there any questions that I may clarify for you on this nature of being in the state of prayer fullness?

Student: Welmek, the question that comes to mind: All the love and power of the universe, I know it can change things here in an instant. Yet it seems only our prayers can really bring about this change. I am having a difficult time understanding this concept. In my heart I do know the answer. I would like you to speak about it, if you would.

Welmek: You well know the evolutionary nature of the growth of spiritual awareness for a planet and for the individual. This is part of the Father's plan for the worlds of time and space. And while it is true the Creators could step in and instantaneously change this world; you, my friends, are given a great opportunity to participate in the outworking of the evolutionary plan, both on an individual and collective basis. While it may seem to be a struggle, and even be discouraging at times because you do not see progress, that is not the point. The validity of the exercise comes in building this deep, strong, flexible, spiritual foundation that grows very slowly over time and gives each individual the opportunity to participate, as they grow more in spirit accordance with the plans and the over-workings of the Supreme Being.

So, as you ponder this answer, I encourage you to think about the evolving Supreme, and reread in your text the function and the overcontrol and the reason for this to be so. And you will see more of the divine wisdom as to why this evolutionary plan is so important. Does this answer your question?

Student: Yes, it does. Thank you very much.

Student: Welmek, I'm in this echo of R.'s quandary, because center most in my mind for the last two weeks, because prayer seemed in one way so new, the nature of the spirit you are revealing to us, at times, strikes me as really, really strange. And I pondered it, what is this mechanism that enables Michael, in any way, shape or form, love someone more. And I came to that same conclusion that enables me to participate. And I accept on faith what both you and Michael have told us, that it does work - because, as you say, the results in an objective sense are not there. That I trust further what the text says that the nature of divinity is something called sharing, which is maybe why God has this whole universe, to begin with.

Welmek: My dear friend, you are emerging from the shadow of your basic evolutionary nature. You are coming into the reality of life in the spirit; and as you say, it is new. It is different, challenging, and strange and an yet exciting and wonderful experience all at once. You are being acclimated to a new reality. And so it is quite understandable that it would all seem to be somewhat disorienting, strange, foreign, at first.

But as your faith grows, and as you begin to see more with the eyes of the spirit, you will see more of the subtleties of the workings of the spirit. Your spiritual vision will become more finely tuned, your senses more richly honed to the subtleties of the spirit. You will find your senses to be magnified, as it were, to these subtle impressions that grow and weave through you.

You are in a time of transition and integration of the new, with that which you have experienced. This is a great time of discovery. And it is even, I would say, more compelling, because it is happening at the level of the material realm, whereas some of your brothers and sisters must awaken on the morontia spheres to experience what you are now partaking of as you live your life in the spirit.

Enjoy this time in your life, my friend. It will be unique in the whole universal career that awaits you, this being awakening. The spiritual rebirth in a mortal of time of space is the most wonderful awakening there is.

I honor that which you have accomplished, and look forward to that which you will see unfolding within you. (Pause) Are there any more comments or questions before we conclude this evening?

Student: Welmek, do you have any suggestions on introducing this wonderful thing called prayer, any suggestions to introduce it to members of family or friends - people who are, essentially, unaware or in some cases skeptical and maybe non-believing. I want so much to share this with folks that are close to me, and find it very difficult to do that; although I pray for that, whether they know it or not. And sometimes I just want so much for them to have this wonderful gift and tool to use in their daily lives. Do you have anything to suggest on this?

Welmek: When you engage in conversation with them, before speaking with them, bring in prayer an idea that you would appreciate an opportunity to share these ideas of spirit with them. Make an appeal, and then begin to talk with them as you would normally do - being mindful in your speaking of being led by your spirit. And practice this many times, and wait and see how the conversation meanders; and when you feel so inspired, then the time will be to share more of what you have experienced on your own with them.

This may take several attempts, and I do not want you to be discouraged when, after the first, second or third or fourth time, it does not seem to work. All the time that you hold this focus in all of your conversations will you be adding that spiritual connection from your mind into theirs. And you can make an appeal to their inner spirit before you engage in conversation with them; that your spirit and their spirit can communicate one with the other. And allow some time to elapse before you speak, and thereby be assured that more of this spiritual connection is well grounded.

At this level of your engagement with them at the spirit, you will find that what you say will flow more effortlessly, and you will not be so concerned about trying to convince them about the validity of what you speak. They will sense a dynamism within you of the spirit - at some level - and in time their conscious mind will respond. So I ask that you be patient as you try this; and see it emerge over the course of several weeks, as opposed to the course of several conversations. Do you understand? (Yes, thank you.) Does this help? (Yes, it does.)


My friends, what we are embarked upon is a very enriched course of study. You are using your mind in new and improved ways. And so I encourage you to be not discouraged if your attempts to be prayerful are not as optimal as you would like. There are still many habits of the past that are still to be weeded out of your being.

And so be patient with yourselves, and try to be in this state of prayer fullness as much as possible. Do not be discouraged if your other thoughts get the better of you. Simply acknowledge them and return your focus as best you can to the realm of spirit. In time, you will feel this environment of prayerfulness grow within you. All we ask is that you try. Your spirit will guide you. It will lead you more assuredly into deeper realms of spiritual communication. Know that any attempt you make is honored and accepted and loved and appreciated. Good evening.