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Topic: Pain

Group: Arcadia TeaM


Teacher: JarEl

TR: George B.



Donna: Dear heavenly Father thank you for this evening and our friends here gathered. Please be with those people who need your extra help Lord, especially with their health and their lives. We are thinking of our sister Nel Benjamins and of our brother Norman Ingram and we also have a request for Donna Jean’s father who is in the hospital and is suffering from some internal bleeding. Father please be with them, please let your angels surround these people and we ask, hope and pray that your will be done in their lives and that they will be healed according to your will dear Lord. Please open our minds and our hearts as we listen to the teachers, that we may be instructed as to how we can best serve you, in Michael’s name, amen.

JarEl: TR, George. Good evening, it is I, your teacher, JarEl. It is good to see all of you once again. Welcome to this new year, to this new opportunity for you to grow in the grace of God and teach others to love themselves.


Human Condition, Agondonters

Your prayers have been acknowledged and there is much compassion for those who are in pain and suffering. Remember this, my brothers and sisters, all in God’s Universe heal at some point in time and this pain and suffering will be relatively short in the grand scheme of things. We are, understanding of your somewhat limited point of view. I and my celestial brothers and sisters are most optimistic. We look forward to the time when all life will be in harmony, where all life will be in sync with the true Source and Center. Be reassured that none will suffer when this new age comes, when the world is in complete Light and Life. The world will be harmonious and pain will only be a memory of the past for your world, as it will in your own memories, when you journey onto the Morontia worlds and upwards towards Paradise. To you life in the flesh will only be like a dream where you once experienced something called pain. Trust me there will be memories that you will be grateful to forget.

Perhaps you look at the world in its state at this moment and fear the worst; that you have become more violent, that the world is plunging itself into chaos and destruction. Try to look at the positive, try to look at the enormous advancements that are being made on your world. Even now, with the rumors of war, there is hope, there is light, there are people that are committed to changing this world for the better. There are people who risk their lives so that you can benefit from their efforts. You shall benefit from their seed planting. All of you in this room are seed planters. You go about your lives planting seeds of truth, beauty, and goodness and you support the brotherhood of man. This is what distinguishes you from those who are so willing to separate you, to start wars. This distinguishes you in such a way that you are called peace makers. Remember the name ‘peace makers’ for it will often be referred to. One day you shall be glad that people called you such, for you shall bring great change in the world, great harmony. Those that know you will one day speak highly of you, for it is their lives that you effected, it is their lives that you inspired. It is in their lives that you manage to bring about change for the better. Be conscious who surrounds you, be conscious of who you meet. Be conscious of who you talk to and be conscious of who you are and what your purpose in this life is. It is this consciousness; this commitment to be true to yourself, to be true to whom you really are that will distinguish you from others and set you apart. I speak in a sense that you will inspire others and that they will see your courage and your conviction towards peace for tomorrow.

You are too important to die and to Michael that they would let you destroy yourselves. Even if it did come to that, which I doubt very much, you have no reason to be afraid. For your faith lies in Paradise, your soul lies within the bosom of the Everlasting Father and you shall never die. Why should you fear death? The Father and we have told you countless times that you shall never die. Why should you fear death? Is it still a mystery to you? It is still unknown? God is still mystery to you, yet you do not fear him. Death is a far lesser mystery to solve. Death is insignificant to the power of God. Death is period and transient. Your soul has a potentiality of permanent residence in the Eternal Universe. So you see what I am trying to explain to you, whereas your soul is so transient in your mortal body, it is effected only once in your entire lifetime by death. It only happens once. Once you have lived a hundred thousand years you will hardly remember it, for it happened such a long time ago. By then you will truly value your soul more than you value the temporal short life you had here on earth. I do understand your pain and your suffering.

Come to this: appreciate one another while you are still here, make others feel loved and appreciated. Give them the best of your understanding. For whatever they take from you, your friendship with them shall be everlasting and eternal. Don’t let misunderstandings come between you and your eternal friends. It is not worth it. You will find that it is better to receive the clear connection you will have with all of your friends, relatives and loved ones This connection will be more evident once you have traversed to the Mansion worlds. This connection will hold you all together; will give you a sense of purpose and a sense of community. This connection shall be more valuable that all the gold here on Urantia. In some ways this connection that you had with others will be most coveted on the First Mansion World. For there will be many there that still are not able to make this connection, although they tried, they must learn, they must grow.

You can share this connection with others. You have learned how to live with yourself all these years here on Urantia. You have learned how to grow. You have learned how to be at peace with your fellows, with your family and with your neighbors. You have learned how to love them and how to respect them. You have learned how to teach others and you have learned how to make peace with others. You did all of this while you were here, while others sought other divergences. You did your homework, you studied, you planned and you acted.

Perhaps deep in your mind and soul you knew that someday you would be rewarded. Someday all of this work and effort shall be rewarded in heaven, in more ways than you can imagine. You have grown in such a way that when you arrive on the first Mansion world you will be required to teach others. Many will look to you for comfort, solace and education. You have earned this status for your whole life you have been dedicated to doing the will of God and to bringing his kingdom to the land of men. Continue in your life’s work and continue sharing this gift with others. Be reassured that all your gifts shall be repaid. I shall now step aside so others may speak.



Stella: I can’t imagine being repaid and in what form or whether it is necessary but that is not my question. I had an interesting telephone call tonight, about death. The Urantia Book says the dead are not allowed to talk to this world at the present time. Now, by dead, do they mean those who have refused to go on or do they mean those who have passed over (but they’re really not dead but alive)? So these psychics like this Van Praagh who claims to be able to talk to the dead and come back with information from people who have passed on, I am puzzled, if the dead are not allowed to communicate, who are these people who are supposedly communicating? Do I make myself clear?

JarEl: TR, George. You make yourself clear Stella and I will answer your questions.

Stella: O.K. The Urantia Book says the dead are not allowed to communicate, so when these psychics like Van Praagh answer questions regarding the dead, are they dead? So why is this phenomenon taking place on this world where it is not supposed to take place?

JarEl: TR, George. Nothing is supposed to happen but yet everything does. Perhaps when The Urantia Book was written back in the twenties and thirties it wasn’t able to happen then, only in limited terms, exceptions if you will, but lately many circuits have been opening. Much information has been pouring back and forth. Although many people are unaware of this, there are those few who are tapped into the circuits who are able to receive such messages from deceased loved ones. There are those who have a more powerful connection and through meditation they achieve this connection. The sole purpose for this is so those who are left behind may find some comfort in knowing their loved ones are O.K. and there is another world where they go, where they will find happiness and everlasting life. So this phenomenon has been authorized by the Melchizedeks in order to provide this world, which is so full of pain, a glimmer of hope, a revelation. It is my belief that this phenomenon does more good than harm. Therefore I fully support such communication, albeit, it is contradictory to what was written. Keep in mind that beliefs are constantly changing and you must not crystallize your beliefs, or you will be locked in and remaining in the past rather than the present. So allow your beliefs to change and constantly reevaluate them. In this way you will be learning and growing. Did I answer your question?

Stella: Yes you did, thank you very much. I suspected it was because the circuits were being opened and this is a confirmation. It is very loving for the Melchizedeks to allow this contact for the benefit for humanity. Thank you.

JarEl: TR, George. You are welcome.

Death, Pain

Lucille: It was a great comfort to hear from Hal and to know that he was on the Mansion Worlds. You have no idea how reassuring this is. So I thank JarEl for mentioning that he has seen him there and that everything is going along great. Do you feel and pain or anything when you die or pass on? Do you feel any kind of emotion? Or is it a happy glowing experience?

JarEl: TR, George. I will not lie to you Lucille. You do feel pain.

Lucille: There is pain? Huh?

JarEl: TR, George. It will be the last pain that you feel. The Midwayers are capable of disconnecting your pain circuits so that you will not feel any pain when you die. This is done to those who are in excruciating pain when they are dying. It is the Midwayers overwhelming compassion that drives them to do such things, but if you can endure the pain that you feel when you die they will not interfere. Are there any more questions?

Donna Jean: JarEl, you talked about pain, is that more about physical pain? Will there be emotional pain or spiritual pain?

JarEl: TR, George. Your emotional pain goes with you as well. That is something that you must deal with when you arrive on the Mansion worlds. There are many capable guides ready and at your disposal to help you with any and all such matters, so do not be afraid if you are carrying baggage of emotional pain when you arrive on the Mansion worlds. It will all be dealt with accordingly and most lovingly. I know at times you have trouble dealing with others or even understanding yourself. It will all be made perfectly clear once you get to the Mansion worlds.

Donna: JarEl, speaking of death and making the transition and speaking of pain, people die under such different and varied circumstances. For instance some people might die in their sleep or some people might pass from a coma, other people of course do die from a violent death, but they all experience some physical pain during the transition? Or does that vary?

JarEl: TR, George. As I said before it is varied. There are instances where the Midwayers interfere and disconnect all pain. When your physical body is harmed there is pain associated with such harm. The going away or the expiration of life from your physical body is most excruciating. When Michael was on his cross, no Midwayer interfered, for he would not have it so. Michael experienced every and all pain; and he understands all that we go through and his compassion is so enormous that he allows such actions to be taken by the Midwayers. For he understands the pain that you go through when you die, for he himself went through it. Did you have more questions Donna?

Stella: Can people who have passed over, hear or feel how we feel about them? Suppose there is hatred here for someone who died or love for someone who died. Would that person on the other side catch these feelings; recognize them?

JarEl: TR, George. Certainly they would recognize any and all feelings expressed towards them. Although they will be more understanding than you. For they have at their disposal great counselors who are able to help them to cope with such feelings.

Stella: Do people on the other side regret what they have done on earth? Is this what the counselors deal with?

JarEl: TR, George. This is the process that they go through when they are grieving and in the transition. They very much know what they once were and maybe they still are, but they have at their disposal great tools that enable them to change and to grow. Perhaps they do look back on a situation or a relationship that went sour and they do have regret, but they know in their hearts and in their minds that everything in the Universe can be healed. Perhaps one day they will confront such a situation and make it better and perhaps in their hearts they have already forgiven you for what you have done to them or what they have done to you and there is no animosity on their part. Although you may feel hatred they are at one with you and wish you all the happiness in the world and they understand the folly and error. They are working hard to repair all the damages that they have caused in their own lives and in the lives of others. That is why I say that it is great work on a grand scale, for there is much learning to do, but the counselors that they have are great and very knowledgeable and wise; and most loving. For the first time in their lives they know what it is to have a friend, a real and true friend. For they experience first hand with the Morontia Companions, Spirit Guides and the Counselors at their disposal.


Do not worry for friends who have left this earth, perhaps they left on a sour note. Because one day you will be able to speak to that person and settle your differences. Although by that time you would have completely forgotten that you hated that person and you will only feel love and tenderness. Even with your greatest enemies you will find that you will have some sort of nostalgic feelings towards them, for you once knew them here on earth and you will be meeting them once again on the Mansion world. You will change and they will change and it will all be quite different. It will all be much better, more peaceful. Imagine that your worst enemy here on earth was on the Mansion worlds and you are having a cup of tea with them or enjoying a lecture together. Do not be so quick to make enemies, for your enemies will soon dwindle to nothing and your only enemy left will be yourself. Be more quick to make friends for your friends will always multiply. The greatest friend that you will have will be yourself, for inside of you shall be the oneness with God and the connection with the True and All-powerful Father. This is what shall enable you to connect with others, so your friendship with others shall only be an extension of who you are; a natural extension. It shall overflow like crystal clear water and it will envelop others with your grace and beauty. If you have enemies, be weary, for your own worst enemy is within you, but if you have friends be happy, for you have learned how to make friends with yourself.


That is all for tonight, I wish you good night.

All: Thank you JarEl, good night JarEl.