2003-01-22-New Energy For Communication, Prep for Magisterial Son

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Topic: New Energy For Communication, Prep for Magisterial Son

Group: Arcadia TeaM


Teacher: JarEl, Floreena, Machiventa, Monjoronson, Corelli

TR: George B., Stella



Prayer: Larry: Dear Father thank you for this gathering this evening. We love you very much Father, Michael we love you, Nebadonia we love you. We are so grateful for our creation and the personality which you have endowed each one of us and the fact that you indwell each one of us. Open our minds and our hearts and our eyes to the wisdom which you would have us to know and as we now go into the stillness, let those who would hear the words you would want us to hear so speak them. In Christ Michael’s name Amen.

JarEl: TR George. Good evening. It is I, your teacher JarEl. I welcome all of you who have come to this special meeting tonight. The proclamation that you are about to hear is intended for those who are willing to listen and willing to see the new light. We have come very far in the Teaching Mission. Many of you have advanced to a superior level of understanding and spirituality. We are very pleased with our students and their progress.


Communication, Transmitting

The Teaching Mission, however, needs to be taken up a notch. Up until this point all of you have been prepared in mind, body and soul to receive the messages that we are about to dispel on you. In order for you to fully understand our clear message that we send to you, we must open up new channels of communication so that you may fully understand and realize the concepts and values that we send to you. Over the next couple of months you will notice that the messages that come through will be taken up a notch, will come through with clearer and sharper imagery to which everyone can relate. Our goal is to facilitate the process between the teacher and the transmitter. Thus far, each transmitter has volunteered his or her time to participate in TRing and we greatly appreciate this effort. However, from now on participation will only be part of the experience. For the channels that we shall open from now on will allow you, the TR, and those who are willing to TR as well, to not only visualize concepts mentally, but you will also experience these concepts emotionally and intellectually. This experiential level will allow you to describe the imagery that you are experiencing to your fellow Urantians. This experiential level shall also be dispersed to the entire group. So when a communication comes through a certain concept is put forth the TR will act as a conduit which will allow all others in the same room to instantly visualize and recognize this concept.

We are speeding up our efforts in this emergency Teaching Mission for the purpose of the coming of the Magisterial Son. It is perfectly clear that his coming will be sometime soon. Therefore we urgently need all of you to prepare for such an event and we urgently need all of you to practice the silence and allow for the communication to come through into your hearts and minds. I shall stress it again that it is all up to you to create changes. We are only here to help you and to make your transition easier. But, ultimately, it is your participation in this whole historic event that will bring changes to this world. Our efforts in the Teaching Mission have been very successful but we are aware that there is a need to further this Teaching Mission. Therefore, the decision was handed down by the Most Highs that new channels of communication shall be opened to your planet. You have proven yourselves worthy and therefore the channels shall be opened to all who are willing to communicate and who are ready to receive messages. These channels shall not be limited to those who are involved in the Teaching Mission, but shall be there for all who are willing to listen. Anyone with the Thought Adjuster shall receive new insight into his or her life. Your job will become much easier from now on for there shall be open ears and open hearts ready and willing to receive your message of love. If we are to open these new channels, it is for one purpose and one purpose alone, and that is to expand communication throughout and that includes you participating in this communication and allowing this information to flow through you. It is time to share this message with the whole world. For too long have you guarded The Urantia Book. It is time to allow it to free itself and to go freely through the hearts and minds of everyone. But the focus is not the book itself, it is in the words and ideas that you spread forward.

This world has reached its all time low of decadence. It is at an apex in which it is about to turn a new leaf (?) in which the next page shall be the return and renaissance of a new age in which all of you will participate. If for your whole life you have felt that you have been prepared, it is for this moment. You have all been chosen and you have all been prepared to receive this information and to disseminate it and to pass it on through and allow others to view it. There is a great thirst in which all of you will bring forth urns of water to the population and give them the water of life that flows through the universe. Do not worry about where this spring shall come forth, for it is already flowing in you. There is a great rush of water about to come forth in which all of you shall be stewards. I shall open it up for others to transmit now.

Magisterial Mission, Materialization

Floreena: TR Stella. This is Floreena, one of the assistants to the Most Highs. We have been anxious to contact you Stella and we have good news. As you have heard JarEl say, the Magisterial Son will arrive soon soon in your terms does not mean tomorrow, next month, but soon in celestial terms, which could be a year, two years and even ten. But you are all being prepared with this news so that you can arrange your lives to be ready when that great day comes. The change will be instantly observed. The world will be breathless with all the wonder of what this means. The Magisterial Son will appear on your TV. We have long waited for the day when we can use your technology for public appearances. Your world is ready technologically but it is not ready spiritually. Because of things lagging spiritually, the Most Highs feel that something must be done to bring about a change in human hearts and to know that there is a God who is working for you and with you. Your wars have been a terrible hindrance to the dissemination of this news. However, because you have lagged spiritually, your growth needs this help more than ever.

When he comes there will be a new spirit in the world which will urge the human spirit to be open to this new force. We look forward to this change in your world and we sincerely hope that all of you will be prepared to explain to the people what is happening. This is the most profound event in the history of your world. Nothing like it has been seen throughout the other worlds. Your world has been chosen as it was chosen by Jesus, by Michael, to bring about the Spirit of Truth throughout the world. The spirit that the Magisterial Son will bring will be something like the Spirit of Truth, however, it will be more. The change will be so profound that it will affect the rulers of the country as well as the rulers of other countries, who will no longer be able to oppress their people, because the power of God in the Magisterial Son is much stronger than the feeble plans of mortal men. We welcome this change because we know you will also.

So be not discouraged if you think you see no progress for the moment. But there is progress that we see from the other side. This, of course, for spiritual effect, will be most pronounced on those who are in power in your world and will also raise the hopes and desires of millions of people on your planet. Your planet has been in the dark ages, so to speak. However, that is about to change.

We greet you all with great love and great admiration for the fact that you have been so faithful to the Teaching Mission. We see your progress and we rejoice. You are not alone in your small group. We are reaching all of the people in the Teaching Missions throughout the world. Many are stunned that this could be happening in a time of their lives but indeed it is so.

Michael sends his greetings and urges you to wait for the coming of the Magisterial Son as the prophets had predicted Jesus’ arrival. This time has been short by all reckoning but we will be here to help as much as we can. (I see your technology has interrupted our discourse cell phone was ringing.) But nevertheless, we are happy that you all came tonight to accept our greetings and our great news. Goodbye for now. There may be other people who may want to reach you but for me, Floreena, I bid you goodnight. Thank you.

Machiventa: TR George. Good evening, I am Machiventa and I bring you greetings. I wish you peace and I am very pleased with what I see and hear. We are very busy organizing this event and we greatly appreciate any assistance that you can offer. I am very enthusiastic and looking forward to the coming months where I can foresee that there will be great change on your world. And this change will be good. I have been involved in your world for many years and have seen much change and, overall, I am very pleased. However, in the coming months I foresee a great change one that has never been seen on this world and one that should rightly be so. My heart is filled with joy when I preview this era and I know how greatly all of you will benefit. I know because I have seen it. The reason I communicate with you is to remind you that we aren’t (?) here at your disposal. We are willing and able to aid you in whatever means necessary. Allow us to know your intentions and help you realize your goals and dreams. Many of you have noticed recently that you have been urged in certain directions. Many of you have already been prepared to realize a particular project that you’ve had in mind for quite sometime. Many of you are beginning to barely receive ideas and concepts and ways that can help you help others. For all of you, everyone has different means of communication and expression, and we are here to facilitate your forms of expression. We are here to energize your love, your arts and your dialogue. So be aware of these new opportunities that are available to you and when you feel that urge to go a particular way or to do something particular, know that it is partly due to this new energy that is flowing through the universe and is coming here to Urantia. I so greatly look forward to this new day and age.

Monjoronson: TR, George. Thank you for coming tonight. Hopefully this new energy that will spring forth from the universe allows you to communicate with God more peacefully, more fully. Hopefully this energy allows you to communicate with your brothers and sisters and to communicate to them with love and the utmost respect. Hopefully this new energy will allow your world to heal and the healing process is already on the way. We love you and more than anything we wish for all of you the love that you deserve. We hurt just as you hurt and we know that once you realize what love really is, it shall embellish you and surround you forever, always creating a deeper and more worthwhile sense.

This entire Teaching Mission has been commissioned because of the love of not only Michael, but that the entire universe has for you. There is a time when it was realized that you greatly and truly needed us to guide you; whereas our guidance was an answer, perhaps, that your deepest, most horrible nightmare, would not come true. But we are here to guide you and to protect you and to love you. We are here to hold your hand and take you out of this adolescence. We hold you truly and deeply in our hearts and we shall avail ourselves to guide you.

So fear not and do not allow others to instill fear in you. We do not bring to you any fear or doubt for it is not our intention to do so. In all our thoughts and intentions our number one priority is to show you that we love you and we deeply care for you. We would never try to scare you into anything. If we have called this meeting, it is to announce to you that something urgent and exciting is about to happen. It was never our intention to scare you into anything. And, no, the world is not coming to an end.

The world will change into something more beautiful and powerful. The world will bring new hope to those who have not. Those of you in this room have been very fortunate in the lives that you lead with many opportunities having convinced you (?) There is a reason why and that reason you shall find on your own time when you begin to take action in what you were destined to be. There are no accidents in this universe and every opportunity that has been handed to you was purposeful and had some long term effect.

We are all part of an orchestra in which God is our conductor. We all create a unique tune and when we organize ourselves we begin to create a beautiful melody. This is a moment of reorganization in which strains are being corrected and put into place. This is a moment in which great change shall come to the world, but it is not to be feared. It is an exciting time, a beautiful time, in which you will see many beautiful and extraordinary people rise and then their voices and the messages that we bring here tonight were all intended to facilitate and help you lend your voice and your thoughts.

For ultimately that is our goal, to bring the message to you personally and to invite you to participate in this great adventure. Ultimately it will always be personal and it will always come down to us asking you and by all means this, perhaps, is the greatest opportunity ever offered to any one generation and for you to be a part of will make your lives rich and extraordinary. If ever you’ve felt your lives filled with mediocrity, this is the opportunity to climb out of that mediocrity and join the ranks in bringing this new age of Life and Light. The world is ready and we are willing and we thank you all for coming here tonight and allowing us to communicate this message to you. We know that you lead busy lives. Thank you, goodnight.

Corelli: TR Stella. I have a message from Corelli: This is Corelli, you have been wondering who Floreena is. She is of a much higher order than I. She is a created being on the staff of the Most Highs who has been trying to reach you. She is glad that you were able to receive her message, which is valid, and I also concur with her message that the Magisterial Son will arrive. There will be great changes in your world. We hope we can communicate again as we tell you of the progress that you are making and that the world is making. We love you all. We send greetings from all of us. We will talk again soon. Goodnight and we love you.


JarEl: TR George. This is JarEl. For those of you who just listen to the messages, I would like to clarify who is speaking through the TR named George. Immediately after Machiaventa it was the Magisterial Son who spoke to you giving you his beautiful message. It was not made clear for he did not introduce himself and it was a beautiful message and I thank you all for coming here tonight.

This will allow you to talk to the leader and those that see someone leading them will always follow no matter what decision they’re in and you are a natural leader. Do not let the doubts and fears strip away this gift. Be decisive and be courageous and allow yourselves to make mistakes. Those are the qualities of a good leader. Does that help?

Tonight’s message that I brought to you had a lot to do with encouragement and reassurance. This is something that you can give to one another and it is not hard to do. In fact it is very easy to encourage one another and to reassure one another. So I will leave you with that and allow you to take that into your hearts. Until next time, good night.

All: Thank you, good night.