2003-02-16-Relationships, Depth & Breadth

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Topic: 'Relationships, Depth & Breadth

Group: Rio Rancho TeaM


Teacher: Michael, Tomas

TR: Gerdean, Matthew



Music: Elena on piano playing "Holy, Holy, Holy" Prayer: (Mathew) Let us place ourselves in the presence of Jesus the Christ.

Master Teacher, We come to your presence in expectation and openness to your teachings and your unconditional love, and as we continue along in our journey, to be unconditional lovers, we ask for your grace and the grace of the Holy Spirit and our Father God to be alive and well within our increasing consciousness of all of your presences.

We ask for a resolution to the world conditions as they are for enlightenment and growth and encouragement of your presence and the will of our Father in our lives, individually, collectively, and that when that happens in and among most to all of us, we will know that the new age is here, that Life and Light has begun, and that the completion of life as we know it is being fulfilled.

The teachers that are with us today, we welcome, and ask for your direction as to their message to us, that it will continue to be, and encourage us along the way of life everlasting in love with you and our Father and the Holy Spirit forever. For all intentions in our hearts that are not spoken, we place them before you now in trust. and ask for all that has been said. Now and always, we are grateful. Amen.

Gerdean: Tomas is here.

Matthew: Welcome. Elena: Hi, Tomas.

TOMAS: Hello, child. Good afternoon, friends, loyal students of Truth, Beauty, and Goodness. It is, as always, a delight to congregate with you and to enjoy your lives as you present them to each other and to us, on high.

How charming is your home, Myra. Your loving environment is a testimony to your own beauty and the spaciousness of your heart.

"Relationship" is our topic today, if I can coordinate the relationship between my mouthpiece and myself.


The idea of 'Relationship' is something that appeals to everyone, for everyone is a part of 'Relationship.' Indeed, all things are related. No man is an island. All of us are part of the Universe and in the Universe are many compositions of other, not necessarily lesser, relationships.

The relationships you share in your grouping, is another universe -- this one rich beyond compare because of the constitution of you each and what you bring to the Relationship of the community. Within your community are yet more and separate relationships: those private relationships between couples; those one-on-one relationships, parent-child, husband-wife, friend and friend, which contain their own unique element of Truth, Beauty and Goodness. And even deeper into infinity is the I Am relationship you share with Infinity itself -- the creation to the Creator - the Source of all relationships.

That Divine Source of All-That-Is relationships in creation is the secret to successful relationships. When relationships run amuck, when families disintegrate, when communities are at odds and when countries are at war, you may be convinced there is a Disassociation from the Source. How can that happen when God is all powerful? How is it possible that relationships can turn sour, that families fall apart, or that communities become alienated and countries go to war? It would seem that, individually, everyone has a personal relationship with their God, that which they believe in, that which they hold up as being worthy of the worship of all others, and thus it would seem the conflicts are all part of the Divine Plan.

But this is only relatively true for there is free will. There is always the way of self-will, which will usurp God's will. There are many who say that God smiles on these behaviors, he sanctions them and, therefore, they are a part of his will. But I say to you, the fact that he 'sanctions' certain behaviors is not that he gives them blessing, no, but that he 'allows' them to happen so that you may learn from your own mistakes.

I am here to point out today that the 'Relationship' issue is the same issue, whether it is the conflagration taking place now in your battle lines being drawn as it is in the intimacy between lovers. The Divine will is set aside in order for the human will to experience the necessity of yielding to the Divine will. 'War' even occurs in one individual mind when he is in conflict with his own values, when he is setting aside that which was for that which could be. The process of revelation requires letting go of an old way to embrace a new way. It requires letting go of the concepts which 'were' in order for the concepts which 'may be,' to come into being.

The battlefield is bloodied, figuratively and literally, when the parties to the conflict are unable to surrender to the Divine will as a resolution of the conflicts at hand. It is in becoming indifferent to, or alienated from, the Divine vantage-point that results in those conflicts which interfere with loving relationships. The solution is to learn to understand your fellows, and yet you cannot understand them uniquely from your point-of-view, for your point-of-view is provincial and limited; it is curtailed by your own perspective. You must seek a 'farther' view, and a higher perspective.

While you can put yourself in your fellow's position and walk a mile in his moccasins to gain understanding of his or her behavior, there are those things which just cannot be understood by humankind and must be given up, surrendered, to Higher Mind. And those of you who have your heels dug in deep, who will not yield to Divine authority, will have to learn the hard way that the Most Highs Rule in the kingdoms of men. Otherwise you have alienation, you have chaos, you have disharmony. These are the exact effects of a mind set upon itself and determined to pursue its own course despite the other elements of reality which constitute the Universe in which he is a part.

Relationships sometimes require conceding to Values which are Universal, as compared to those which are Individual. The idea of 'Relationship' is vast, and yet everyone of you has a life that is enriched immeasurably because of your many, many relationships.

Myra, as a teacher, has a Relationship with each of her students, each of her classes, each of her co-workers, even with the strangers that provide the services that keep the machinery operating, in which she functions. Just as each of you in your life interact with personalities that cover a wide range of relative degrees of reality, through co-workers, your supervisors, your fellow travelers on the road to somewhere. All of this is made possible and productive as you yield to the reality that your are in this Relationship with Humanity together. You are a part of the whole. One part has no less value than the other.

This is an important point for a religionist, like yourself, to make note of. There are none lesser in God's eyes. You are all brothers and sisters. Even while, in limited perspective, there are some who are greater and many who are lesser, that is a "relative" state of being, state of reality. And the 'relativity' of that value must be factored in to comprehension. But the Divine Perspective communes alike with the great and the small, the just and the unjust. It is the choice of the mortal as to how much he invests in his relationships, if at all.

And those of you who invest in your relationships, who see the value of life outside your own-will-self, are enriched by the association of others in loving community. And this, augmented and enhanced by and through the legacy of Living Love, will benefit, and freely flow through, the mainstream of humanity such that we will, in the course of time, elevate the lack of love to fullness of love, through the mechanism of Relationship.

This is why sometimes it is that Relationships require so much work. It is, indeed, an Effort necessary to bring about, not only Peace on Earth, but Light and Life, not only in your own heart and in your own home, but in the world. Not only in this Local Universe but in the Whole of Creation. The Effort that you put forth in learning to know the Divine Source within you, relate to the Source, and allow that Source to dominate your Relationships with others, is the degree to which we will accomplish our goal, and that -- with your permission, with your willingness and your cooperation -- we will advance from war to peace, from alienation to brotherhood.

(phone rings - the brief 'pause' turns into an elongated discussion among the attendees about the current world situation regarding the advent of war in the Middle East, the politics surrounding its eventuality, those involved, peaceful solutions, prophecies, etc. etc.)

TOMAS: Yes, welcome back. I and my companions here have been eavesdropping, observing, your interim conversation -- most productive conversation -- and wish you had allowed the tape to roll. But since you did not, I will continue.

I am encouraged that you felt I had more to say! It would seem I had said it but, that you wish to hear more, would imply you seek a greater appreciation and understanding of what Relationship techniques might be employed to bring about a better condition about your relationship with your Source, and with yourself, and with your spouse, and your family and your community, your nation, your globe, your Universe. Yes, the same tools apply, although it becomes a more complex engagement as you involve other mortals, such a mix of mortals as your world provides.

I'm going to press toward progress, however, and recognize that while the current conditions are capturing your focused attention, I will state, I am excited about your awareness of what's going on, as you see it, and the calm, yet wise, acknowledgments of these factors, as you portray, in your mind's eye, what is going on in the world. But, that said, I would like to work your way -- our way -- on to the work that will be involved when we begin, as we have begun, creating the world anew.

The lessons that must be learned are not necessarily 'your' lessons, but we will need to remember the lessons that will be a part of the historical perspective of what will happen, when and as we neglect to include the Divine in the future.

Before I drift too far afield of today's topic, however, and forge ahead into realms which you are not yet ready to invade, I will, with your permission, allow my co-worker to address you…and when I say "co-worker," I am always ready to admit Anatolia, but I will also acknowledge the spontaneity of the Universe and the fact that Matthew is a TR of experience and will respond according to the 'prompts' he receives and not necessarily to the pattern I and we have established as a cultural group of students and teachers.

I relinquish the floor and will return at some point for questions and answers.

Matthew: Well, Tomas was right. I'm getting Christ Michael.

MICHAEL: There is only one Presence among you and that is the presence of the God Presence. That is the only item, consideration, factor, presence that is of, or under, consideration. I wish for you to bear in mind that your contemporary world has lost its focus. The Presence that I speak of is the Presence within you and the Presence that exists within all things and within the Universe at large and in the context of all creation. This is what needs to be reinforced, and this is what needs to be focused upon.

In all of your leanings, teachings, conversations and understanding, within your own minds and spirits, I wish for you focus upon that which I made clear in my time and presence among you. The time and the effort that was taken to bring a message of everlasting peace and worldly content has not lost its 'message,' has not lost its audience, but evermore clearly needs to be reinforced for the message that it is. Not that the simple message of peace, brotherhood, and unity of all peoples is a needless or empty message to bring; it is, nevertheless, the message that one derives from the Great Message of the Presence of God Within.

After this lesson is learned, and lived, and made a 'living presence,' the natural conclusion of the Unity of all Humankind is the Message which one gives or presents to the world. What I am saying is that in the divisive nature of philosophical viewpoints, one is not communicating with the other because there is a gulf of transitional awareness that is missing. It is in the Presence of God-made-known-within each individual, that the Living Message of the Oneness of All Life is concluded.

What I'm saying is: what I wish for you to do, in your own time alone and in your own conversations, raise the level of consciousness to reinforce the Message that God is Within Each and Every Individual and wants a truly intimate relationship that guides that person's life, being and presence. With that, all else becomes moot. Argument, persuasion, attempts to influence, are all moot because there is no other reality, no other presence, no other convincing beyond that simple and supreme truth.

It is in this light that I wish for you to hold your meetings, to hold your conversations, and to hold as the Living Presence Within. It is in this context that I wish for you to know that you are not alone and that it is for each and every individual to inculcate within themselves this Living Presence that is the Temple Within.

I leave you with this good news, that if the world were to evaporate -- move into a unknown space of reality -- that the Living Presence Within each individual would become enhanced and enabled to realize who and what you are. I am not saying that this is the end result, or what is necessary for individuals to make this transitional change, but that if the 'worst' were to happen, it will be accomplished.

Remember that my worth, my love and my efforts to invite and to inform, were not, nor will not, be a wasted effort. The Presence of God Within is the only Reality that exists. All else is its expression or its contorted message that is not becoming evident within the hearts and minds of those who act. It is within every walk of life and every nature of humankind, that the Oneness prevails.

I offer you my Peace, my sustenance, and my undying love for your improvement of conditions as you know them. I will be with you in all ways for all times and it is my desire that you know the Living Presence of our Heavenly Father, now and always. Focus on this and I will be with you, as I am in all ways at all times.

I am leaving you with this thought, that in order for the Peace that is sought to truly exist, that Peace must be Present Within All that exists. This is my Living Word: that Peace is, and shall prevail. Begin it as the sign of your presence in this world in my stead, as I am alive and well where you speak. Be at one with yourselves and with all that is. I am forever grateful. Be at One. Amen.

TOMAS: Thank you Matthew, for your service, and thank you, Master Teacher, for your encouragement and your words of wisdom that provide the Crown Jewel in the day's lesson: The Reality of the Relationship of God with His Creation that is willing to permeate everywhere into the Heart of every man, woman and child throughout the far-flung Universe, only waiting to be acknowledged and exalted in the Hearts of His children.

Bring the Divine to life in your lives and you bring it alive to your world. In this way we will pave the way for tomorrow's victories.

Well, children, where were we? You were having a most enlivened discussion during our recess, having to do with the concerns of the world today, and not including the many personal concerns you each carry around with you in your heart-of-hearts as a work-in-process for the Creator.

What can you bring to your classmates today in terms of discussion? Any questions?


Esmarelda: Tomas, [indistinguishable] the problems and the advice, is to trust in the Father and to pray that His will be done and then we will be where we should be.

TOMAS: This is true, Esmarelda, but do remember, it is a 'Living reality" and not merely an intellectual concept. Anyone can exalt a god, or an ideal, in their mind but the Living of it is another matter entirely.

Esmarelda: I agree with that.

TOMAS: Have the courage of your own convictions and live the life of a Faith child, a living-faith child. Son-kist.

Myra: Tomas, I've enjoyed listening to you talk about Relationship, and I really do believe that personal relationships, the one-on-one type, have a lot to do with the Global relationship and I think in all relationships, whether its two people or a family or a work relationship -- racial relationships, even political relationships -- that there are tensions that we probably need to address first before we address the 'global' issues and processes. Perhaps in putting our attention on the 'smaller' relationships and standing up for what we believe in might be a healthier way to build good global relationship.

TOMAS: Yes. This is certainly astute. But, your use of the word "tensions" draws me into a laboratory experiment, if you will, a Value Lesson that you are able to personally realize. There are some tensions that are helpful and some that are not helpful, but can you discern one from the other? This is sometimes the crux of any moment of conflict or growth.

Like the muscle that strains to become developed, if it felt no tension, but merely went along comfortably, it would, perhaps, weaken and eventually atrophy. Therefore, it is necessary that a certain amount of exertion be involved, a certain Effort. And perhaps extended Effort creates Tension -- you stay on the treadmill until you perspire and your face is flushed. That is a certain Visible Tension but it is a Healthy Tension. Your legs benefit from the exertion. Your cardiovascular system is exercised and strengthened as a result of your application. Even so there is a definite 'tension' since you are operating in an exertive circumstance.

Sometimes your students (Myra is a teacher) manifest this similar quality when they are contemplating a concept. They may furl their brow and stick their tongue out in concentration and work their brains very hard in order to decipher the concept of mathematics, or science, or language, that you are attempting to impress upon their brain. And this requires Effort.

In the early classes, a great many wise teachers attempt to alleviate the stress of focused attention by allowing the students a moment to rest their head in their arms on their desks in order to ease the stress, the 'tension' of learning. These are Healthy Tensions.

Even in personal relationships, when there are learning and developing situations that require something of the parties that they have not yet learned together, sometimes a little 'tension' is a necessary element in the development of the New Plateau of Functioning in the life of the couple, or in the friendship.

Sometimes these are based on previous experience, negative previous experience, and so they are established in the mind as a negative position from which they will not budge into a New Possibility. That 'tension' may be true and it may be false; it may be that it was only Negative in the paradigm of the Former relationship, or the Prior experience, whereas, Today, in the New paradigm, in the New experience with New information to support an Alternative - a Positive result may ensue.

This kind of Tension is also a stressful situation, but it does not have to be a fatal blow to the relationship. It is merely a Tension that needs to be worked through. And sometimes in these interpersonal relationships it is wise to revert to the tactics that have worked before, and that would be to rest your head on your arms on your desk and encourage your mate, your friend, your spouse, to also rest their mind in order for the learning, developing, expanding consciousness to transpire.

An element of childishness is that impatience that wants answers Now. Many answers are derived prematurely because individuals cannot withstand the Tension involved in developing the Farther View, the Higher Range, the Greater Breadth, the Broader Perspective.

Is this something like you had in mind?

Myra: Yes, but I would add that idea of the tension built up on a treadmill in which someone else is in control of the speed … and the incline. And you end up with a choice of getting off or die! That's the tension that I sometimes feel.

TOMAS: It is interesting that you would put yourself in a position where someone else is controlling the incline on your own treadmill.

Myra: And I think that is what I was addressing, that there are things in my own life that I have to take charge of, and if I do that and there's a 'universal tie' to it - so that it effects the global thing - we have to dare to take our lives back.

TOMAS: This is one of the most difficult things for you to do, you humans, you who are unaccustomed to being your own Light and depending upon your own Inner Reality. The tendency is to judge yourself by the way others do it or how they see you, rather than knowing yourself well enough to know where your limits are and what your capacities are.

Many of you tend to limit yourself unnecessarily because no one has challenged you or encouraged you to be all that you can be. We now have come to challenge you to be all that you can be. Many of you are rising to the challenge and many of you are content to stay in the status quo of the-way-things-have-always-been. The down-pull of being around constant influence of those who are content to be the-way-they've-always-been, diminishes and undermines your desire to Attain all that you can be.

This brings you back to the Essential Relationship, the Relationship you have with your own Divine Adjuster and the Relationship It has with you, in that, It is your greatest supporter, your greatest encourager. It is the Divine Voice that can and will direct you in your own attempts to Attain your own heights. It can establish for you the Tension on your Treadmill, that is best for your cardiovascular system. It is able to caution you when to rest your head on your arms on your desk.

And yet, so many of you look to your fellows to see how hard you should be working or how long you should be napping. It is a travesty that you should look to others to determine who you are and how you should be when the Light of Truth is within you. As the Master said today, THAT Presence is the Presence that Lights the World and you have access to it. You have the Light within you to Light your own path that can then Light the path of those you love, and even those you do not love, until they also recognize the Light and choose to become lovable themselves. You don't have turn up the pressure on their treadmills; you just have to shine your own Light.

But to keep your Light shining you need to stay in touch with your Source. Develop your Integrity from your own Source. Not from outside sources. Define yourself by who you are intended to be by the Master Pattern. Not by the whole bolt of cloth. I say that as a form of encouragement, not as a reprimand.

Myra: Thank you, Tomas. I'm on my way.

TOMAS: If everyone were on their way they would have enough to do that they would not have to succumb to warring with others and worrying about what others are doing, whether they are doing it fast enough, hard enough, or good enough. The Reality of Divinity is in your midst indeed. It is a Reality. As you grow in your Reality, you then conform to the Divine Reality and It then becomes a Greater Reality in which others of like mind, can, may and do assimilate themselves and their Reality, and this becomes a Power greater than the individual Parts of you who comprise the elements that make up the material of this more-than-material Reality.

Elena: Tomas, in WW II and other wars past, we often felt that if more people had spoken out, that things wouldn't have to happen the way they did. But if I understand what you're saying, that if I just live my life and my Light is shining for others to see, that's really all that I need to do, which doesn't necessarily mean that I should speak out. I'm not sure…do you see what I'm asking?

TOMAS: Yes. I see what you are saying and I encourage you to also follow your leadings and speak out when you are led to speak out. The fact of your own development is essential and foremost,but along with your development is your productivity. It is that same theme of being and doing. The more you are the more you can do. But Being is Essential - prior to Doing. And even as you Do you must maintain who you Are. And this is ongoing.

As a Tree, you grow and produce blossoms. Perhaps the next year you grow and produce a pint of fruit. The following year you can produce a peck and the next year a bushel. Perhaps in time you and the trees around which you grow, will be able to feed the community.

You don't stop being who you are while you're producing. But you cannot produce if you cannot maintain who you are. It is not an either/or situation. It is a Both situation, for you MUST produce. It is a natural product of your God-likeness that you Do something. It is a natural desire for the Bird to Sing. If it is a natural thing for you to Speak Out, that is what you must Do. If it is a natural thing for you to Paint or Write, that is what you must Do.

And remember the relativity of your individual growth. This is still a very semi-civilized planet, a very troubled world, also. And there are those who feel Destined to Fight, Destined to be Soldiers. Those, also, ought to follow through with how they feel they need to be in order to be The Best that they can be. Isn't that an advertisement for one of the branches of the military? That is in some situations, some circles, a noble calling. But everyone is not called to battle in that way.

Those of you who gather together with the Teachers are embarked on another March. You are in "Abraham's Army." You 'battle' for your Faith under the banner of Michael of Nebadon, and the Troops that you are part of and that you 'battle' with, for Truth, Beauty, and Goodness, is as magnificent a 'battle' as they come.

Elena: That helps a lot, Tomas. Thank you.

TOMAS: Any one of you, as individuals, is entitled to take part in the world in which you live. Your world will only benefit by your involvement and as you are led to Speak Out, to Act and to Do, as a result of the Leading Inside you that is the personality expression of you as directed by your God Fragment, you cannot fail. Even if, as with the astronauts, you Follow Your Star into death and resurrection, live your life triumphantly, victoriously, nobly. It is the most vital calling. And it is the only one you will live in the flesh. What an arena you have to work in and play in. What an opportunity awaits you all each day. Each relationship provides new opportunities to be all that you can be and to contribute to the reality of your World, even your Universe.

I know there are other things that are laying upon your hearts and minds but the hour has come to close our session for today. We once again embrace you all in the Spirit with which we come to conjoin with you, to help you realize your potential and to embrace your full reality -- sons and daughters of the Living God in the flesh. What an incredible composition you are, indeed. What an opportunity you are for us as well as for your world.


Well, loved ones, let us be on our way. The work of the world awaits our attention. We will see you again next week in this similar configuration, but until then, if you find it within you to yearn to speak with your mentors, we are always on the look-out for your Lights to shine that will call us to you, to companion you in your search for who you are and how you may become even more as a result of the methods of the Master in His Divine Plan.

Amen and Farewell.