2003-05-03-Tri-Fold Personality

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Topic: Tri-Fold Personality

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. What a wonderful welcoming atmosphere we have here this evening. I am always made to express my gratitude to Father each time we meet. You have become an important part of my life and I am with ever growing love for you each. When we take a moment to ponder our status within the Kingdom, our relationship with the Father and our fellowship with one another, it surely brings us to a place of worshipful gratitude.


Last week we discussed desires and weaknesses, and learning how to grow into the person we are truly meant to be. If you could picture yourself as a tri-fold personality, you would envision that divine part of yourself as a Parent, your learning and aware humble self as a child and your ego-self representing the animal nature. Many are quick to recognize this animal nature and chastise the self without at all considering the child within.

If you could remove all those self-imposed labels you have become attached to over the years, you would see standing before you a wide-eyed child with an enthusiasm for learning and adventure. As mortal life happens the child within seems to become buried with misunderstanding. Many times one is apt to hide the child, as if it is weak and vulnerable by allowing the animal nature to be put into the forefront, as if it is the child's protector. To Father the child is not one who is weak and in need of enlightenment due to inexperience or ignorance, no.

To Father the child is a seed expected to sprout into a beautiful living part of all there is. You are each His beloved child, who He loves as if you are His only child. The child within is innocent, is apt to make mistakes, is prone to learn by experience. This is indeed your mortal self. This is a precious gift not to be covered over or stifled by making it to be something other than it is. The child-self does have weaknesses, certainly, and this is where our divine or Parent-self can help to minister.

As you grow in your spiritual careers you foster your relationship with the divine Caretakers. This is indeed the better part of you. This is the higher self. This is the Parent to your child within. The ego or animal-self would find it his place to chastise the child and cover over with non-realty. The divine Parent would find the root of any dilemma and focus on a better way, a way that causes hope and enthusiasm to rise within--not shame or guilt. As long as you dwell in the flesh the animal rebellious side will for the most part always be with you. It is part of the Father's plan. It is the lesson you must learn in order to reach the Father.

As we encourage the mature divine Parent to become one with us, we can give the child within the personal ministry it needs. Usually when weaknesses are apparent in any individual, that is simply a message that the child within is feeling an emptiness and needs to be tended to. I am not saying to indulge the self into temporary comfort, no. I am saying allow that higher-self, that is you, to minister to that child-soul within. Keep not with the tradition of self-punishment through shame. Focus more upon the divine Parent showing the child a new and better way through truth, beauty, and goodness. To feel shame is to hide. To know that you are truly understood and loved as you are is to be open to direct divine guidance.

This week reconnect with that child within. How can your Parent-self bring fulfillment and strength when those weaknesses seem to be coming forth? How can you keep the rebellious animal side from causing the child to hide and forgo learning experience? A few questions.


MARSHALL: Yes Abraham. Thank you so much for personal meeting last week. It is the first one I have had with you in over six months. Truly valuable and things I was starting to pick up, you put all them together beautifully. Since then I have made a decision based on information that wasn’t completely worked out last Thursday when we met. I have decided to go full forces ahead with this project, stepping stone toward other things, as you are aware of. Do you have any counsel that you could lend me that would allow me to more effectively accomplish this goal?

ABRAHAM: I can only say to move forward with integrity as if you are working side-by-side with the Master Himself, because indeed you are. Be aware that as you work for yourself, you are also working for the whole. Be cautious to make sure you are seeing reality and not some grand ideal. You are with intelligence and strength to move forward in a correct path. Carry on

LUKE: Abraham, my question is about how I am explaining my religion to my wife, who is becoming more conservative, bible based and solid in those beliefs that exclude any other thought like the Urantia Book. I don’t know if you are aware of how these conversations go between my wife and I, but I could use your advice on how to better explain or teach her in a better way what I am doing.

ABRAHAM: Your wife is pursuing what she believes is best and this is many times difficult to persuade toward different thinking. You can tell her in this way: ‘Look at the man that I am and the fruits produced in my life. You are not responsible for my salvation or condemnation. You are allowed free will to pursue what you truly believe, and if you are believing your gospel, than you will allow me my free will. Father will minister to His children in the way He sees fit and each child has every right to travel any path to Him.’ Ask her to allow you time to show forth more fruits in your relationship and lives to prove to her you are not on a path to hell. She is not going to be punished in any way for being with you--a different believer, nor is she going against God, the Father, for building a life with you, no. She would however have missed out on a great opportunity to have a life with you and a solid family if she should allow her regimented, inflexible beliefs to win out over the reality of the living fruits produced. Is this helping? (Very much. Thanks Abraham.) You’re welcome. One more question.

TECTRA: I have a question. I believe it says in the Urantia book that it is very difficult for humans to contact their Thought Adjuster. My question is that now with the Correcting Time happening, the re-encircuitment all about us, is it easier for mortals to do that and is it possible that people are connecting with the Thought Adjuster much more regularly?

ABRAHAM: Good question, my son. Mortals are not having so much trouble connecting with the Thought Adjuster as are they receiving from the Thought Adjuster. It is simple for mortals to send thoughts, pray or meditate, in other words, sending out. It is more difficult for mortals to receive actual direct contact, but as you said, the re-encircuitment and the Correcting Time has indeed opened a new door. Most of Father's children have personal circuits that make this communication with the Adjuster easier. Many times this communication seems to be so natural that one is likely to push it aside as wishful thinking. The Thought Adjuster communication comes in a form you are most likely to understand. You will not hear the voice of God with sounding trumpets and drama, no. As individuals are tending to their spiritual life they are becoming more skilled at recognizing the Adjuster communication. Good question Tetra.


I must take my leave. Know that I am with great joy to see you each in a harmonious place. My love goes with you. Until next time, shalom.