2003-07-20-Satisfaction, Magisterial Mission

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Topic: Satisfaction, Magisterial Mission

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Elyon, Monjoronson

TR: Jonathan



Elyon (Jonathan TR): Greetings, this is Elyon. It is good to be with you again. You would enjoy perceiving your luminous souls gathered as you are in this formation. It is spectacular. I can describe it as your aurora borealis. This illumination draws angels; it attracts morontia beings, for it is revelatory of the presence of a Divine Fragment and an active, growing soul. The divine light in itself is wondrous, but the addition of a soul in combination brings about a display of luminosity not found in any other form in the universe. It is unique to the human order of God's children.


Satisfaction, Attainment

I have chosen to speak about satisfaction. You have received well recent lessons wherein a reversal of time line helps to orient the mind to rearrange your goals, to see them from spirit to your outer world instead of from your outer events to a spirit goal. Therefore I have selected "satisfaction" to illustrate this same operation. Normally one receives feelings of satisfaction at the conclusion of some endeavor, when you have received enough, when you are satiated.

In your effort to attain Paradise to enter into the embrace of the Father of all, you are seeking the ultimate satisfaction any personality could ever pursue. You understand that any long- term project will not sustain temporal beings without some intermediate stages of goal attainment, reward for effort. This is why God has established unique and pivotal passages for the human ascending soul to attain, to close, an era and initiate a new stage, to feel fulfillment, and to be re-challenged and encouraged to strike out again for even higher levels and often more difficult attainment.

Divine mercy has preceded your conscious effort to attain the God of love by giving you that Divine Fragment just as you begin functioning as an independent human will. Before your hunger for divine truth has any chance to enlarge, you have been filled with spirit. Jesus spoke of the importance of being born again. This spirit birth is a transformation of the human mind and will as it is associated with personality, for spirit was born in you before you experienced a spiritual birth. This rebirth, this transformation into the awareness of your spiritual legacy, becomes the propellant for all subsequent attainment. If you are wondering how this applies to satisfaction, this spirit in-filling creates a divine connection which promotes peace in the human soul, assurance of care by the divine Parent. It gives reality to the promise of eternal life. It underlines love with forgiveness. It establishes your value in the universe. This is satisfying to the human creature. Materially you find satisfaction at the end of your project. Spiritually satisfaction begins your journey.


Few who undertake the ascent to Paradise do so in solitude, for this satisfying experience of divine in-filling stimulates the aspiring personality to minister, to be of service, from the smallest act of kindness to the greatest universe undertaking. I have informed you of my status as a Father-fused mortal. This is a goal you all hold dear to your hearts. You have wondered curiously what the feelings will be like undergoing fusion. You have pondered how more capable you will be once you are one spiritually and permanently with the Divine Fragment, no longer simply associated but truly as one; how much more you could function, how much faster you feel you would grow. I assure you it will be satisfying. But it will do one more thing; it will intensify and stimulate your drive to be in the universe presence of the God of all on Paradise. Once again, you will be charged and equipped by the Father, this time not only filled with spirit but merged, not with, but as spirit. To a hungry man a full meal brings satisfaction, contentment and rest not unlike your great predator the lion basking after the hunt. To a spirit soul receiving nourishment of truth also brings satisfaction and a contentment, but never does it make one lazy; always does it enthuse, rouse, and energize you to move higher, to move farther into the realm, for you all, the morontia realm. For me it is the pursuit of the higher realm of spirit.

Once you are born of spirit, as you each have been, you have attained a satisfaction all mortals seek, and you have begun a long journey through time and space. Trust in your moments of darkness the gift of God. Faith-accept what I have spoken to you of the light of the combination of God and your soul. It will light your way; it will dispel the darkness. Draw upon that well. Drink deep of this association. Stillness is a magnificent tool to bring about conscious sensitivity of divine presence.

I have spoken long enough. I will allow others to make their contact.


Mark: Thank you, Elyon. We've heard of the Magisterial Son speaking. I wonder if we might have contact and embrace the magisterial mission.

Elyon: He is present.

Magisterial Mission

Monjoronson: I function on this world today dedicated to the projected plans of the Michael Son. I have been entrusted with the responsibility of establishing worldwide cooperation, and I have been given to my charge many capable beings of many orders to help bring that result. You have been engaged for some time in this Correcting Time Teaching Mission. It is laying down precursory acceptance to what will be subsequently greater manifestation of spirit engagement in planetary affairs worldwide.

I assure you there is tremendous work to be done. My order of being is trained and capable of undertaking this very mission, however, never before has there been a world like Urantia to operate upon in its disarray, both in its spiritual administration and the human disharmony. We do have however a very significant foundation to work from, and that is Jesus' proclamation that you are all children of the heavenly Father. This revelation is taking hold, and with it now inoculating the minds of the human race I can be assured of my success, the attainment of my goal.

Evolution upon your world has proceeded magnificently according to the designs of the order of Life Carriers. While some agencies entrusted with the spiritual and cultural development of Urantia have missed their marks, failed, or even deliberately destroyed the processes, you have remarkably progressed. But today your progress is intermixed with great deficiencies, and, frankly, you have developed to the point of being dangerous, for your intelligence has developed great technology yet lags in the application of that spiritual truth of the heavenly family. So it becomes important now to hasten the spread of the truth and, far more importantly, to establish in each individual an active participation in that truth. To simply understand it is not enough; it must be lived. I have years of work ahead, and I could speak for hours more on the subject. However, with patience we will proceed at appropriate speeds according to the receptivity of those spirit workers who are currently likewise human creatures.

Mark: Thank you for your contact with us. I hope it is obvious to all that we are happy to count among your volunteer helpers. It is a challenge to overcome the dangerous tendencies of our race, species. I pray that this inoculation of which you speak will provide the seeds for spirituality to become a dominant force. You know our frustration when we look at the sea of our well intentioned brothers and sisters who know not their divine Parents. Whatever we can do to bring forth this spirit force of our divine Parents would be wonderful. We pray for this to come to us and through us in any way consistent with the Father's will.

Monjoronson: I receive with great appreciation your statement of dedication, your pledge to be active in promoting this cause of love everywhere. Know that love is all powerful, that there may be ebbs and swells in appearance to the human mind, but these variations are no different than the transitory clouds in your sky. The sun is never effected, only the appearance of it, and this is true of the divine love that is pouring upon your world at all times. If I may draw from your familiar teacher Lester, love is also like dust; once it's kicked in the air it does get on everyone around it. So, I encourage you to always be loving, to stir up the love dust. It will settle upon others, and they too will come to the understanding of the great value of being a loving creature.

Mark: Does your mission mandate differ much from the mandate we are under with the Melchizedek schools?

Monjoronson: No, we work in harmony. We work also in stages. The Melchizedeks have undertaken a great project and will continue to function within their project definitions. My mission, as is theirs, is for the whole world. Our methods of application will differ. My functions will be in certain circles of power upon your planet in your various agencies and institutions. The Melchizedeks have been working largely in a grassroots fashion, and I will be making efforts, to use your terminology, from a top down direction. Therefore we work in harmony, but are using different approaches. I hope I have addressed your question.

Mark: I am comforted to hear that. Our grassroots efforts don't filter up to those in charge. The missing link is what you have expressed, an attack from another quarter. I'm grateful. That's what's necessary. I lend complete support and pray you Godspeed that you bring spiritual insight and wisdom to our leaders that we may see transformation. Thank you.

Monjoronson: You are welcome.

Mary: I am devoted to child rearing at this time, future adults in training. I know others are too in the mission. Life is so short; by the time we catch on there's not much time left. The sooner we can teach kids what's happening the better. I'm open to suggestions.

Monjoronson: I recognize your dedication, and I honor your efforts. You are supported. We spoke of the heavenly family, and you are appropriately applying your dedication to planetary advancement by educating, guiding, and uplifting the next generation. This is extremely important. On no other world throughout this universe will you experience such transition in life forms, for you will have begun your eternal career, and there will not be that sense of a temporal ending as you have here. Continuity, length of life and project, will be greatly expanded compared to the human viewpoint you experience now. While it may frustrate you who are enlarging your universe perspective, cherish the fact that this is the one and only time you will function with such faith and with such limited scope. There are remarkable rewards accumulating that will be deeply established in your character for many great undertakings in universe ages to come.

Kirk: You mentioned dangerous times. Dangerous to the species? To the world? Dangerous to other worlds?

Monjoronson: It is dangerous to the progress of the human condition, for ability without direction can cause regression in the evolution of civilization. An example would be what you have come to label your Dark Ages. While you will survive, that interval of time greatly impedes progress. Each century that passes the human race becomes more powerful on its own and greatly intensifies the need to reestablish what your planetary headquarters intended to do of a spirit ideal and value, for this is the guiding influence.

Your abilities materially as a human race are admirable.

Development of technologies, of institutions, is part of the progress required to attain Light and Life. These are not wrong. Application is where they are beneficial or detrimental, and application is guided by value. Spiritual values and a sense of divine responsibility will steer this planet toward Light and Life, and along with it will come all the great developments that human beings are capable of producing. Rest assured that you will not cause harm in the near future to another world. Though you may reveal yourselves disappointingly to those who are curious how Urantia is developing. You can expect assistance and ministry from sister worlds, but you will not be harmful to them.


Mark: Thank you for being a part of this group today. Your words bring comfort that we are so well loved. You are part of the plan as well.

Monjoronson: And I thank you all as well for your dedication, for your investment of energy, and for your application of love. I will be back.