2003-09-21-Nature of Living Truth

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Topic: Nature of Living Truth

Group: Nashville TeaM


Teacher: Ham

TR: Rebecca



(We began our session but forgot to run the tape right off, so Ham picked up right after announcing that tonight's lesson would be about The Nature of Living Truth).


All right. We can begin again. The subject is Truth, and our first illustration was truth as living water. Truth as the spiritual water that quenches the thirst of the searching, the parched soul. The human being who searches and searches until that thirst is relieved, that questing is at an end of finding.

Truth is more than facts. More than the correlation of facts, more than the mind itself. Truth is the living spirit of God and the representative of truth, the experience of truth in your world is the experience of the Master himself. He does not represent truth, he is truth. His spirit is living truth.

All these things are part of your growing awareness, part of your orientation toward truth and away from falsehood. Many things in life can be thought of as temporal truths, that is truth that is upheld over a period of time. The olden Greek philosophy which colored the world view of the West over many centuries was kind of a temporal truth: the earth exists as a flat plain; above the earth are the heavens, the realm of perfection; below the earth is the realm of eternal corruption and hell and damnation--man existed in the realm of choice on earth where he was a participant in his eternal future. Some of this world view holds true, other parts do not. And so, most of your thinking is conditioned by other assumptions that can be considered temporal truths, the static level of basic reality perception. But spiritual truth is growing truth, expanding truth, liberating truth.

Spiritual truth can penetrate beyond the commonly accepted realms of thought. Spiritual truths combined with faith sees a world in which God's relationship with man is ever deepening and expanding and elevating. The tender relationship of father to child that the Master expressed and embodied in his life revealed expanded truth and expanded relationship of man to God and God to man. Through faith you now feel God as your closest friend, your confidante, your lover, closer than anything imagined previously. The

Master himself, the truth, the way, and the life--opened up another link to God through his personal friendship, his spiritual closeness, his constant and unwavering upholding of truth. He is like a magnet, and your souls are ever oriented toward that magnet, that drawing power of truth. He is the living water. He is the refreshment that once you have partaken, you shall never thirst again because his truth is ever renewed within you.

For the true believer, there is no waiting for his return for he exists here now within each heart, friend to each soul, an ever-present help in times of uncertainty, travail, and the ever changing fortunes and unconstancy of life. It is said that there is nothing you can ultimately depend upon except this mighty protector, this wonderful friend. Life itself is ephemeral compared to the rock of his eternal nature. Riches take up wings and fly away. People come and go, are born and die, all the knowledge of humankind is but a grain of sand upon an eternal shoreline.

As you increasingly become more devoted to his word and appreciative of his value, then do you absorb that value and that truth and that light. And so then you become living guideposts to those who flounder in the material world, those who are lost and confused, those who are weary and downhearted. As you grow in your relationship with the living spirit of the Master who was Jesus of Nazareth, who is Michael of Nebadon, as you love him, as you adore him, as you worship him, so also do you partake of him. "I am the bread and the life," said he.

As you partake of his truth, then you become a well of living spiritual water. You become a distributor of the bread of life. You become a co-worker in the fields with Christ and there is nothing higher a person can aspire to. No higher calling. No greater work. It is not required as liberated sons and daughters of God that you should be tethered and tied to what was known as religious law. Rather, the joy and righteousness that comes in close association with him naturally breeds righteousness of behavior, naturally gives right thinking and honest intention.

This is not to say that you will not make errors, that you will not stumble, that you will not even become blinded by the light of truth from time to time, forgetting your way--no. But it should give you confidence in yourselves, confidence in your relationship to God, that you can know his will for you. That you can lead a righteous and spiritual life, that it is possible as you are, wherever you are, whatever you are doing.

The Master came to sweep away the old requirements that produced a dead righteousness, an unthinking adherence to rules. He requires instead that each act, each thought, each intention be free. And in that freedom to find truth

Humankind ever struggles with this unpredictable creative force called free will, for it is employed in the service of good, but also it is employed in the service of selfishness, in the service of personal gain and selfish aggrandizement. It is employed in the oppression of others. But mankind makes a huge error when it sees freedom itself as evil. Without freedom there is no righteousness. Without freedom, there is no faith.

And so, my children, cease to limit yourselves by guilt, and through the many and various ways you have to punish, limit, and chain yourselves to the thoughts of others. Freely create your lives in partnership with the same Jesus of Nazareth who told stories to little children, who comforted and healed the sick, who ministered to the poor and oppressed as well as the wealthy and self-satisfied.

Freely create your lives from this point on in free creativity, in free and true righteousness. Let your love of him spill out into the world without regard to where it should be channeled. Let your love for him color all your associations, let your love for him rearrange your thinking, clean out the old, and let the fresh air of freedom enter.

Live your lives free of fear, for fear is the great oppressor. Fear is the great fraud. Fear is the great holder of potential evil. Live each day to its fullest, not carrying more nor less than you are able. Fulfill your duties to other human beings to the best of your abilities and rest in peace when evening comes as you settle back into his arms in restful sleep, the sleep of the just, the sleep of the pure at heart. Are there any questions at this time?

Personal Counsel

Q: May I have a personal message, please, Ham?

A: Yes, my son, you do well. Continue to seek that total orientation toward spiritual truth. Allow yourself to be pulled more and more toward the Master's spirit. Be careful not to let your old ideas about him come between you. Human beings are still a little afraid of the power of the spirit and so Jesus, for many people, is a manageable one, he is the Jesus of childhood, the baby Jesus at Christmas time, the redeemer, the static point in history when sins were paid for, somehow. They reduce him to an intellectual concept rather than spiritual reality that he is. It is always hard to break through those old conceptions, those old colorings of what the Master's spirit is and how he relates to human beings. Keep this in mind when dealing with others who may not be ready to take that faith leap from the Jesus on the cross as the dead conception and Jesus the living spiritual friend. You, my son, are working through many things and much of this work is still the cleaning away of the old. Do this with him. Ask him to help you when you are ready. Is this helping your understanding?

Q: May I have a personal message, please?

A: Certainly. My son, you also do well. You are a man of great conviction. A person who seeks after God with a whole heart. And when you have wholehearted searching, sincere yearning for God, then surely and steadily your mind and your soul will be filled with his spirit. Do not worry or doubt yourself. Find Jesus as your spiritual companion and friend, this will open the way of the spirit. The love within you seeks after his love. Allow this consummation to take place unimpeded by the mind. And then, as always, it will be one step at a time. Is this helping?

Q: Do you have any counsel for me, Ham?

A: Certainly. My son, you are doing very very well. You are also a man of great sincerity and great spiritual longing. The Master responds to the tiniest flicker of faith. How much more must he respond to the sincere asking of his beloved son? A man of great faith and boundless courage. Your old life is gradually falling away. Your new life is gradually springing up and taking shape. Remember that you are being gradually transformed to be a spiritual rock for the Master. Like Peter, you are sometimes filled with conflicting and equally passionate desires, equally passionate motives, equally conflicting as well. And like him, you will be transformed into a rock of steadfastness--the one who is unshakable in faith as Peter was. Or became. Be at ease with yourself, know my son that you are doing your best in every way and that the Father's will shall unfold in your life. Is this helping?

Q: Yes, please. May I have a message?

A: Of course my daughter. You are going through a long journey that began with the deaths of your parents. This process of revisiting them in the mind requires many years to get through. The parental influence on each person is terribly profound and not always for the good. The love you hold for them, notwithstanding, there are many old tapes still running in the unconscious that are part of what you assume to be true about yourself. And part of gaining freedom of the spirit entails the working through of those old phantoms and the acknowledgment of them and the releasing of them. Then, when you think you are free, they come again. And reveal themselves in a deeper level of consciousness, or unconsciousness, as the case may be. Much of the burden that you place upon yourself comes from the unconscious effort to fulfill parental expectation, and for you, that expectation was beyond anything human. Your perfectionism, your dissatisfaction with various aspects of yourself, these are all stemming from these larger than life figures, towering still. As you break out these old mental patterns, you will have freedom. And you must ask yourself: "is freedom what I really want, or do I really want to fulfill that old need?" Is this making sense? Lighten up on yourself. Embrace the living spiritual friend, the ever present one who understands completely everything. Embrace him. Work with him. And the old problems will gradually of themselves be washed away in the renewing waters of living truth. That is all.

Q: Anything for Rebecca?

A: Yes, my daughter. Be at ease in all ways. Be assured of your worthiness to work alongside the Master in his fields. Allow him to guide the way. Allow his voice to come through yours, and remember that the burden does not lie with you. This is very hard for you to understand, for as a child you shouldered overwhelming burdens from the first and your childhood was lost in the assumption of responsibility at a very early age. Remember that the Master had a carefree side--a side of mirth and humor and story-telling and laughter. And as you work with him, partake of this side as well. Allow yourself now to be a child, to follow rather than lead, to depend rather than be depended upon. Work on this, for it is very important. That is all.

Q: Myself?

A: Yes my son, you are also working through old patterns, old loneliness, old isolation which still haunts you, still threatens you. But my son, you must understand that you have passed through that valley and are now not alone any more. And never will be again. Be at peace, all is well.

Q There is one further question from Norbert.

A: My son, it is good for you to continue as a gentle servant and to find yourself at ease with the world.


There is nothing further to add this evening, rather my love and my prayers go with you each, that is all. Farewell.