2004-02-15-Age of Magisterial Son

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Topic: Age of Magisterial Son

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Elyon & Nebadonia

TR: Mark Rogers



Elyon (Mark TR): I greet you once again, this is your assigned teacher and your personal friend Elyon.


Teaching Mission, Skepticism

I cannot adequately express the depths of pleasure I derive from having accepted this commission, this assignment to be a part of your group development and to be associated with all of you on an individual basis. I call to witness that we have over this time period developed more than a working relationship, in fact, I am so pleased to count each one of you among my circle of friends. I seek to expand the awareness of friendship beyond this temporal plane of your world to include the astral plane and myself and all the others who you have chosen to become associated with, even involved with, even friends with. Truly on your world it is a real treat for those of your nature and those of my nature to be so involved as to arrive at a level of familiarity and comfort that we both may come to express as friendship. Yet, the challenge of your world looms so large as to promote even this most basic of what we have come to know as facts. Your brethren around you do not welcome the idea of becoming friends with those that cannot be seen, and it remains an obstacle for us to submit to their way of thinking this slice of reality. As you know the certainty, just because they are unaware of our reality circumstance, it does in no way impact the fact of its reality. The relationship we share even now is a matter of universal fact and record. There would be a great number of your brethren who would most earnestly argue with you regarding the validity of such a relationship, but their arguments would in no way influence you away from what you know to be real, what we experience even now. But just because you are aware of, even thoroughly familiar with, this circumstance of reality, those around you may not be. Their viewpoint, their circumstances of reality, are equally as valid to them, having no experience with our slice of reality, and they may therefore most earnestly and steadfastly and honestly declare that by all the experience they have come to accumulate the reality we know to be real must not be. Therein is the challenge of this vast undertaking before us.

The many who have not experienced a relationship with any other than one of their own kind will be initially resistant to accepting the fact of being a universe citizen and having brothers and sisters not of this world. They will not be able to see them with their eyes or have a debate forum with them to establish their validity. They must rely on the Spirit of Truth and their internal guide to foster an understanding and an acceptance of another dimension of reality with which they are unfamiliar.

At one point in time you all in this group were unfamiliar with this slice of reality we share even now. Time has passed and you have grown accustomed to these visits. Now you are comfortable and take them in stride. At first you may remember initial uncertainty, inquisitiveness, which was a natural part of the process of this acceptance, and you were fortunate enough to develop the necessary faith to extend the boundaries of your vision, as it were, from the eyes of material to the eyes of the spirit, letting your spirit see for you and make observation and make contact. This new onset of an overlay of reality pattern to your world will naturally expand the boundaries of all those by means of the mind circuit and will touch all individuals on your world with a sense of curiosity and wonder about the many aspects of this current reality yet undefined for many mortals. You now are familiar with looking at your life and looking at this existence and your residency as cosmic citizens from your seats of spirit, from your spirit eyes. But many of your brethren are still relying on their animal senses to supply the necessary information and fill in the missing pieces in their interpretation of the reality laid out before them. We must never let the curiosity and natural skepticism inherent in this process of discovery be an insurmountable obstacle in this process. We must realize these are natural and inherent parts of this process, even healthy, for certain skepticism in any developing individual provides the necessary inquisitiveness to ask the questions. We must always be sound and secure in our spirit response to their inquiries. We must attempt to answer their question in spiritual terms, even though their question may be formulated in material terms. In this way will they become familiar with this realm outside their zone of comfort, and they will eventually come to include this in their comfort zone and at that point become open to embracing this slice of reality we have come to enjoy over these years together. For you as individuals the freshness and newness of this journey is exhilarating to behold. The positive attitude with which you hold your next spiritual discoveries is truly heartwarming. For one of my nature it provides great joy to have been selected to be attached to you throughout this, your discovery process. I count each one of you and this group as one of my greatest blessings and thank the Father in my prayers for the opportunity in time and in space to be attached to you at this time, even to become friends with you. These friendships of spirit are of an enduring nature, and I look forward to a great many future exchanges with each of you. I step aside to allow for others.


Magisterial Mission

Jonathan: Elyon, we've been talking about the Magisterial Son and his approach to work on this world. It was said he will work from the top down, and we here are working at the grassroots level effecting from the bottom up. A friend got the message that Monjoronson will be working with systems. Individuals involved with those systems would then be working on the Magisterial mission. Do you have more to say on what our place is in this?

Elyon: I would put each of you in your place in the tool box of the Father, ready and honed and willing at all times to be of assistance in this new and exciting challenge before us. I will take the opportunity to string the last lesson together with this one and perhaps tweak slightly the imagery of the function of Monjoronson and his upcoming mission. We spoke last week of pattern and how pattern is pervasive throughout the many changes that may come about. The role of Monjoronson will be similar to our concept of the overlay of a new pattern for the reality of your world.

Creatures such as yourselves analyze, look around, determine their environment and their standings, formulate their opinions, and go about their actions all based upon the perception of the pattern of reality existent to them. When this pattern of reality is shifted, then individuals involved naturally reorient themselves to this new overlay of pattern and determine their new function within this new pattern of reality. The boundaries may shift; the definitions may adjust; the functions may alter, and yet the pattern overlay will provide the necessary guidance and limitations of adjustment. This will be a new reality for all the world; even your leaders will not escape the effects of this pattern overlay. You as individuals who are remaining aware will quickly establish your new identities within this pattern and formulate your new roles as you come to understand them. It is a matter of adaptation of the old to the new, of the upstepment of the current ways of thinking to the embracing of the expanded viewpoint. It is the expansion of the previous horizon of mankind. It is truly the dawning of a new age wherein a new reality will reign supreme. It is merely the growing pains and the adjustment of that which is into that which will be.

Jonathan: The Urantia Book says that when physical conditions are ripe it's prime for sudden mental changes. When mental conditions are fortuitous, there can be sudden spiritual transformation. Sudden genetic changes happen in life. The Supreme we're told is more like the gentle wearing action of a stream than the cataclysm of an earthquake. Between these two extremes, how can we apply these perspectives to the coming Magisterial mission? Can you give us a gauge like from one to ten, shock to gradual emergence, where do we fall on that line?

Elyon: Having the benefit of your reference text you have gained some sense of the many times in your planet's history when major events occurred and all aspects subsequent to that were thus effected by these events. However, on some occasions the initial event itself was not necessarily a wholesale event of great magnitude, but rather the lasting effects from such an event have proved throughout time to be great in their effect. This day of which we are so pleased to witness brings about one of those pendulum swings on your world wherein spirit will take one giant leap for its recognition. Yet for mankind this is but one more small step in your journey. The magnitude of this change will register on many different levels. Your individual, personal levels will register the change of the awareness of this age. Your planet will register as having encountered this event of an age. Your system will register similar effects from such a wholesale event onto your world.

So, to answer your question -- is this a small event or a large event? -- in the scope of your growth from a planetary perspective this will be an age; this will mark the passing from one age to another age. You each and I will be here to witness it.

Individually this may or may not prove to be a passing of one of your internal ages. That, my friends, is up to you. It does not take such a magnificent event as is scheduled to transpire on your world for you to individually have a dawning of a new spiritual age within yourselves. But the overall event scheduled for your world will, in fact, come to be known as the Age of the Magisterial Son. In that regard it may come to be another significant chapter in your text, but that chapter may not be written for hundreds of years, as the effects transpire on your world and the changes take place gradually yet thoroughly. It may take some perspective to look back at even this day and recognize the changes accomplished between now and then. But it is fair to say that it is a fairly large event on the radar screen of your planet's history.

Kirk: If I had your vocabulary and way of thinking I would be able to convince my family and friends that there is even a First Source and Center. That's how primitive we are.

Elyon: But in the end it is not up to you or anyone else to convince anyone else of anything. Rather is it the soul's posture, the willingness to look at this experience through the eyes of spirit which brings people to this understanding. No amount of intellectual armor can be presented to win over this task. These are individual decisions of faith and of spirit which cannot be formulated by another individual, although your desire to attempt to effect this change was well noted as your sincere desire to be of service to these individuals.


Jonathan: I love that, "soul posture".

Elyon: That is a good phrase to bring to mind about how it is that you are able to interact with spirit at these times, even now. It is by the very fact of your soul posture, your willingness to let your soul do the searching, the finding, the seeing, and the understanding. It is the posture of your soul which allows you to even comprehend this slice of reality which many have had no direct personal experience with. This is not their fault, their shortcoming for being a human being on your world, but rather they have not had in their life experiences such opportunities as you now enjoy. Therein you find your desire to be of service as to your family members, to bring them into this circle so that they may enjoy what you enjoy now as a result of your spiritual posture. But I tell you, if you brought many into this circle and sat them there having not this spiritual posture, they would not see what you see in this circumstance. They would not feel what you embrace about this time of spirit scene. Rather would they be unawares as if one of their senses was not able to be reliably used to determine this new circumstance.

Kirk: Like landing on Paradise and seeing an empty planet.

Elyon: Much like that. The eyes of spirit are required for this type of viewing, yet how do you come to these eyes of spirit? How do you attain this extra sense to add to your arsenal of senses? The obvious answer we all know, one of which is stillness. I think we are beginning to get the message about stillness, as we are witness to more and more of you taking seriously this recommendation.


Tom: Is that why the gospel is best lived rather than preached?

Elyon: It is the normal operating mode of humans to live rather than preach. Therefore it is often most effective.

Tom: We were talking earlier about training our youth. Perhaps that's the way to go about it, demonstrate with our own actions.

Elyon: There is no question that young individuals learn far more from observing, once again, patterns of their intellectual superiors and their adults, models, they have to reference. Far more is communicated in what gets done in the priorities of life in the understanding of situations, subsequent actions taken, than can be told using any given form of communication. If you had to choose one over the other certainly you would be more effective on your world doing rather than saying and even more effective still at being what you are trying to do.


Nebadonia (Jonathan): Greetings to you all, this is your Mother Spirit. I draw you to my side with love. I am here to address you regarding these transformations taking place throughout your system and particularly as it pertains to your world and your personal responsibilities.

You are informed regarding reasons for the decision to quarantine many of the worlds as well as your system. While you may have wondered why the isolation?, you have grown to know that, as I love you, I love all my children. I have many who were threatened in their spiritual welfare from the rapid spread of the sophistries of Lucifer's philosophy.

Knowledge spreads quickly, but wisdom grows at a slower pace. It was in love that we slowed the pace, that wisdom may reveal the inherent flaws of that teaching. Now it is recognized throughout Nebadon the errors. The condition of this day is that quarantine has grown into, not a safety for the welfare of those beyond your system, it has become a sanction preventing you within this boundary from receiving greater aid. This is why we have made the changes in Satania that we have. You are no longer sheltered. You are being greeted by many who wish to foster your upliftment. I cannot reveal to you the hustle and bustle that is transpiring on levels beyond your sensibilities. You are ones who have the ears that hear and are coming to understand the transformation that is underway. It will emerge more recognizably to the human eye in time, but these visitations are preceded by one simple effort -- which lies on your shoulders. You are the connecting link between the celestial hosts and your terrestrial brethren.


While many look to the stars and wonder of life beyond your little world, you are those who look back to your world and say, "Yes, it is so". Your responsibility is to live in a universe context, to make your decisions with a perspective like that of your Master Son Michael. The gate is opening, and I ask you to be the helpers in swinging that gate open.

My love always.