2009-12-22-Monjoronson Q and A Session 80

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Topic: Monjoronson Q & A Session 80

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Henry Z.


  • Moderator-Philip


Prayer: Father, thank you for this opportunity to come together in the circle of spirit, the energy of love and the presence of the universe administrators. Thank you for this connection, thank you for the opportunity to be of service in this capacity, to attempt to reach out in faith and trust, our touch, our connection to spirit and trust the impulse we receive. Thank you Monjoronson for participating and mediating these question and answer sessions. We ask for your presence this evening, for that part of you which is on duty, the official Monjoronson, thank you.

Monjoronson: Greetings, it is good to be here this evening once again to take part in this human/spirit partnership in which you share concerns, which we share information. Again, thank you for this.


The Body, Urantia, Planetary Supreme

Physicality and Residual Selves:

Question #1: The midwayer Bzutu recently discussed humans have "residual" selves, something he refers to as "physicality." What is the concept behind the idea of "residual" selves, and are they true?

Monjoronson: First off, it is tremendously difficult to tell a human what is true and what is not true. It seems humans still have difficulty deciphering the truths which have already been given to your world. The term residual selves refers to a greater phenomenon of the Planetary Supreme. As part of the Planetary Supreme, the greater the light a person reveals in his or her life ads to the greater light of the Planetary Supreme. This light is your residual self, it is that which you have realized. Whether it is real or not is for you to discern. Thank you for this question.

Question #2: Do residual selves disappear when the physical aspect dies or is removed? [Philip]: I believe you mentioned that it [[[light]]] becomes the property of the Supreme so that means it does not disappear correct?

Monjoronson: This is correct in terms of the accumulation of the light within the Supreme. The concept of physical self is not some kind of holographic after image. It is a quality of light which has been attained through a small proportion of your population. True, all humans have a greater potential in accumulating this light yet very few actually grasp and produce such light. Thank you for this question.

Question #3: Is there a hidden component to residual selves; for example, the involvement of the eternal patterns?

Monjoronson: There is no hidden component. The residual self, what has been achieved in light on the planet remains on the planet and grows into a Planetary Supreme which grows into a greater revelation and aspect of divinity. So yes, it does attain parts of eternal pattern. Of course the greatest light of all is fusion on the planet of nativity. As of yet there is no measurable frequency of this phenomenon as yet on your world, another indication that the social human evolution has not kept up with its scientific and industrial counterparts. Thank you for this question.


Question #1: All celestial beings are telling us that we should rid ourselves of fear although at times fear can prevent painful experiences. Should we rid ourselves of all forms of mental fear as we approach each situation in life regardless of consequences?

Monjoronson: Thank you for this question. Mortals should learn to balance fear. True, a certain amount of fear is tremendously important. It is a tremendous motivational tool and at certain times in the human evolution in society as we experience now, a modicum of fear is healthy, but the entrapment by fear, the controlling of fear, and the stagnation and morbidity which fear produces, becomes like a leaden coat in which one is encapsulated. You are not in touch with social human behavior or even in touch with your own true inner feelings if you are surrounded by fear energies. So yes, if you are a person who is in a constant fear-space it will be tremendously difficult to experience the lightness and fluidity which such a space of non fear provides such as in your soul with your Divine Self. Again things to think about, thank you.

Paradox, Fusion

Paradox about The Part and The Whole:

Question #1: We grow spiritually greater as we age, but however great we do grow as spirits, how do we yet remain as small as a grain of sand in the totality of creation?

Monjoronson: Getting a little past yourself aren't you? What makes you think you are any more than a grain of sand? True, man doesn't age spiritually, man grows spiritually anew always. It is not something that is stagnant and reserved like a library reference book. Spirit is ever alive, ever present within the now, it is never old or antiquated, tarnished, dusty, shelved. As you grow in your awareness of spirit in the life you are given now, you will grow into the beginning of a spiritual being.

The beginnings of a spiritual being grow through intention and action. It is possible to grow into a full stage spirit and this certainly may be your intention. It has already been shown that a man can reach Adjuster fusion in a matter of a few years as your Creator Son showed in his human Jesus life on Urantia, yet even people who have lived two, three and even four times as long as it took Michael to reach the point of what would be Adjuster fusion, are having difficulty even realizing that there "Is Something' to contact."

Again, if humans really concentrated and focused on what they were doing and how they were treating the Father, also in a short while would humans be fusing. But be aware that there is a dimensional aspect to spiritualization.

There is the mind part, then there is the internal part, the physical body part, then there is the external part, what you do for another which makes you who you are. Then there is the self, the person you are, the person you are becoming and growing. God wants greatness, greatness is as subtle as God is. It is not dramatic, it is not overpowering and forceful, yet the ability to extract perfection from a human animal is great, it is tremendously and eternally great and you will become eternally grateful for the chance to become perfected, for the enduring and sustaining life of adventure in the dawn ages of your own eternal life.

But as a human it is not until you enter the shores of Havona do you truly begin to sense the awareness of the presence of eternity as an earned situation. It is true, a part does contain the whole and a whole is a large sum of parts. Thank you.

Spacetime, Architects of the Master Universe

Space and Universe Design:

Question #1: Who among the entities revealed to us actually takes the responsibility to design space and space objects and the mechanical apparatus that makes it work?

Monjoronson: You take all the juice out of adventure, you will have to wait till all of this information is presented to you in your future life. There are accounts in the Urantia Book which account for the Master Architects and the personality of the Third Person which condition space as it comes from Paradise and Havona. Thank you for this question.


Pesky Thoughts:

Question #1: In the attempt to use the mind to contact the presence of Deity, unwanted thoughts come out of nowhere as though attempting to block the effort. How can these unwanted thoughts get blocked?

Monjoronson: Mind control, practice, begin to discover the many clever ways to quiet the mind. For example consider this; stand within your mind and imagine you are watching the mind and all of its activity. Then you step outside of it, outside of this bubble where you are in a quiet still space, where you can observe the mind but you can also observe nothingness. Observe this nothingness. Find a way in which to determine for yourself where in your mind is a place where there is no chatter.

I am not sure about the words pesky thoughts, it sounds personal. But yes, the mind, because it is fluid in tissue, there is no airspace in mind, it is all fluid and tissue. Fluid has to do with chemistry, it has to do with what you put in your body, how your body uses it and how the body compromises itself to use the things that it doesn't need that you also put into your body. Begin to understand who you are and how you work. Begin to discover new ways to become a human being in consciousness. Yes, definitely sit in the quiet presence of nothingness. Learn to master control of your mind, of the things that the mind does. It tricks you into reacting, it creates 'saboteur' for yourself. It does all kinds of things as a result of it being loaned to the particular human who has it.

Yet never forget the tremendous capacity when physical chemistry produces a system of organized components to perceive thought, to act upon thought and to intelligently move forward. So practice, practice and again practice. Learn how to focus and to control or use what many people have discovered as humans who control their mind by watching the breath, in and out. Releasing all thought on the exhale, taking in all clarity and quietness on the inhale. This is a purely human endeavor, the ability to control ones mind. It actually is your responsibility as a son of God. To be able to grow spiritually demands control and responsibility.

The universe is an unbelievably run tidy ship. All have been trained perfectly how to synchronize their tasks. There is very little freedom to do what you feel as a spirit being. You do what you must. You do what you are ordered to do. You perform that [for] which you have been designed. Yes the universe is methodical and meticulous about protocol and synchronicity. Begin to see how out of synchronization Urantia is from the rest of the universe, where life on your planet has been turned into a joke, where taking responsibility has to do with choosing what you have to eat and wear. True, as individuals, greatness abounds. As a visible whole you still have a long ways to go. Thank you for this question.


Philip: Thank you Monjoronson and your staff and our t/r as well. We'd like to offer you the floor if there are any additional comments your would care to make on the subject of your choice.


Monjoronson: LIfe will continue to blossom on Urantia for ages to come. The stages you are going through now are temporary yet in time you must walk them. The quick jumps comes through progressive synchronization on a social level. For the most part, social, mental and spiritual evolution must be walked. The universe certainly does beg to come and be of assistance to Urantia and it is true that spirit awaits to help all who ask. Spirit can only do so much. A whole universe stands by and watches this spectacle called life on Urantia. Not long are the days when these times will shift. Your planet has been given every opportunity available short of a vast materialization on the planet. Thank you for this session this evening.

Philip: As well we thank you and the entire crew and we'll call this meeting to a close. Thank you and good evening.