2009-12-29-Mystics Circle Meditation Groups

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Topic: Mystics Circle Meditation Groups

Group: N. Colorado TeaM


Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Daniel Raphael



MONJORONSON: Good morning, this is Monjoronson. (Group welcome.) Thank you for your hospitality and your greeting. In some ways, closing out this calendar year, which is significant for many people on your planet, is a significant time, a time of taking a total, a summation of the year, its progress, its lull times and its activities. For us, this has been an extraordinary developmental year, a time of executive decisions among Christ Michael, myself, Machiventa and the Most Highs. It has been a year of preparation for all that follows; it is a year of closing out the beginnings, and beginning some new, start(l?)ing elements of the Correcting Time.


Teaching Mission

The missions that we have begun—Christ Michael began decades ago—continue. There will always be a need, a place and necessity for the Teaching Mission, as it is aptly named, as its function is to teach, to bring the moral, social, ethical and spiritual lessons to individuals who are awakening; to bring those who are preparing to receive their Thought Adjuster, their Mystery Monitor more directly, more intimately, more personally.

Magisterial Mission

We have seen a development of the Magisterial Mission, as it begins to get its footing on your world, in pragmatic terms. It is much more of a social activist role than the Teaching Mission. It is much more engaged with individuals and groups of individuals to bring about the positive and constructive changes in your societies that will enable and empower them to become sustainable. This year has seen a development of a very close, working relationship between myself and Machiventa, and this, as we have reported previously, comes at the conclusion of the agreements between Christ Michael, myself, Machiventa and the Most Highs, for the development of the Magisterial Mission on your world, and the missions that will subsequently come into existence.

The executive plans of the three of us have been drawn up and now Machiventa and I have been given charge to execute these plans, to put them in place and empower them, so that they become fulfilled. All the things that we have planned and are now executing, work in and with those elements that work against us, work against the peace of your world. We are weaving and growing the tendrils of peace and sustainability around your world. In an era in the future, when your cultural groups are much more coordinated with each other, where there is greater, widespread commonalities and communication, you would look back and see all of the elements around the world where we are busy engaging and implementing the Magisterial Mission, as well as the Teaching Mission. You do not see these, but you will begin to know of them in the near future.

Stillness, Groups

One element of the plans that is now being executed is the development of meditation groups around the world, in all God centered religions that you know of and do not know of. The bedrock of all that we do, now and in the future, the bedrock that has always existed in the revelation of the Creator God to you individually, has been that relationship between God and yourself. Whereas once it was between God and societies, now it is between God and each of you individually.

It is time for you to meet in groups that support each other, groups where you find community of like intentions and purposes, community of like feelings and heart energies; communities of like-minded endeavors. We have asked this one to begin establishing what he calls, “the mystics circle,” where mystics come together in a locale and endeavor to deepen their relationship with the God presence within them, as well as to do this as a community. Just as you, individually, can only grow so far in understanding and deepening of your personality in relationship with the divine alone, you come to appreciate the growth others have achieved through their struggles to know the God presence within themselves.

You can only grow so much in isolation; the rest must be done in your social environment, your social relationships. This is where you can practice forgiveness, and be reminded at the same time, where you have not forgiven. We have spoken of this many times in the past through various teachers. Likewise, your mystical relationship with the God presence within can only be developed so far by yourself, and then it needs your participation in a group of like-minded, like-hearted, like energized individuals in an intentional group that meets regularly to practice this activity.

Just as members of this Northern Colorado Teaching Mission group have been asked to come together as a group, and they have been asked to support the presence of spirit in this meeting place to support the activities of TRing, so too you will be called upon to support the mutual activities in the mystics circle, so that each of you has a much more empowered environment in which to feel the presence of God within you.

This endeavor is one of the first executive actions that Christ Michael, Machiventa and myself, and the Most Highs seek to emplace globally on your world. All activities of the workshops and design teams and working teams, and all other activities, come second and pale in comparison to the importance of your individual relationship with the God presence within you. First must come the relationship with the Divine that you will always have in your long, infinite sojourn to Paradise, at which time you will personally experience the presence of the Creator, as you are embraced by It in Paradise. All else is “doing.” All else is activity, which must only exist to augment, supplement, empower and support your individual relationship with the Divine.

Many of you have already begun to see the beginning phase of establishing meditation groups. Sometimes these groups form without understanding or knowing why they are doing so, and few understand how they support the larger global efforts of us to establish millions of circles of mystics to meditate and to empower and develop their relationship with the Divine.

In many ways, the original Teaching Mission groups, where you had a TR, a celestial teacher, participants, and a syllabus of lessons is the embryonic state of a mystic circle. Now, the mystic circle is there to assist you to become more God centered, much more in communion with the Divine within yourself. It is there to assist you in actually hearing and dialoging with the God presence within you. All that you have seen through the beginnings since Pentecost has been to bring you to this state, where you are openly in relationship with the Divine, where you are openly in communication with your Thought Adjuster or Mystery Monitor, that God fragment within you of the God presence everywhere.

These circles are not so much a “doing” group, as a “being” group. You are in the group to become more than you are, to develop the relationship with the Divine in you, so it becomes more, so that your divine companion can speak with you throughout the day, so that you live in divine dialog throughout every day of the remainder of your life. This is a conscious and obvious direct relationship that has been in the gestation stages of becoming more.

[In] these circles of mystics you will find that [some] individuals will attend and opt out while others will remain. It is not a community for everyone; many are unprepared for this development in their life. Being a part of a mystic circle does not impart any special status to anyone; you are not privileged; there are no attendant rights to it. This is a very individual relationship that the circle’s support. It is an environment where the intention is to practice the presence within you, where you practice the stillness, where you have a supportive environment that empowers you to commune with the Divine within you.

Many of you meditate, and this is wonderful. Your individual meditation is something that will help you all through your infinite ascendant career. Your individual time of devotion, of loving engagement with the God presence within you, will always continue. And yes, you will come together in groups in this lifetime, the next and the thereafter, to practice the presence and be supportive for each of you. You surely do not live in a perfect world on Urantia, on earth. Neither will your lives in the future—the afterlife—be perfect. Perfection will not be yours until you attain Paradise and the embrace of the Creator. Until then, there will be an angst, a chafing, an urge, a spiritual pressure that you will feel to grow, to become more. These mystic circles are intended to assist you, to help you attain growth of your superconscious mind, where you can touch the lower levels of the morontial life, of morontial existence, to aspire to the practicing [of] the morontia mota in your lives. Do not be anxious about these levels of attainment; they will not come to you through angst or being anxious—or through worry. They will only come to you through being at peace, to experiencing love and all its attendant traits and behaviors and thoughts that support love. These mystic circles have the intention to assist you to be at peace.

How these circles are organized is completely up to you, but I will tell you that your celestial teachers and your guardians, who will be attending you, will assist you in that environment for growth. You can only use your minded energy so much, and take it so far, to assist you in the functions of the mystic circles. After that you must use your heart energy to connect and to support the circle and your relationship with the Divine. In the heart energy, you will find the oneness, the oneness that you seek in your life, where all aspects of your selves are integral, where there is oneness and unity of your being.

It will be a natural and attendant development that within these mystic circles, there will be individuals who will feel the urge to speak, the urge to TR, to practice the conscious clairaudient communication that allows spirit to speak through you, to address the group. This is a natural and obvious development of these circles. The purpose of the circles is first to enlarge, deepen, and broaden the quality of your relationship with your Divine relationship, within yourself. And second, to produce a group of individuals who become conscious clairaudient TRs, who will eventually reach a capacity and capability to fill the position of team TR, within co-creative design teams and co-creative working teams. This is how that we are moving forward by developing the sustainable characteristics of your societies, of your nations, of your world, your communities, your families and you individually. This is how we begin.

Correcting Time

Now, some of you may be curious to know why we have engaged the “doing” aspect of the Correcting Time, before developing the “being” part of the Correcting Time. First of all, you are conscious, material beings, who are also very kinetic—you like to “do” things; you like to engage your hands; you like to have a connection between your hands and your mind, your mind and others, your mind and your societies. The best way for us to have you opt into this larger program is to engage you in these “doing” activities, and then assist you in “becoming” more than you are. So the “being” aspect was always latent and an active part of your meditation and the preparations for these Teaching Mission groups. Now we are engaging in the larger “being” aspect of your communities, your societies. You already have “being” societies and “being” parts of your various religions. These are wonderful; these are tremendous supports for what we are doing. The mystic traditions go back centuries, even millennia. Now it is time to bring them forward as an active, every day part of your social life, your community.


Many of you have also found that you are led forward by your teachers and by your guardians into doing something, and then this activity stops, you take several steps backwards, and then you begin the other development of your work. You will see this pattern repeat itself in your life, individually and in the communities, socially and in your world, as we bring you forward into the “doing” and then we engage the “being” aspects of the work. These two realms are not equal in your world; you are far too much in engaged in the “doing” aspects of life, and in the materialism that emanates from doing. It is now time to consciously and deliberately bring you and your societies forward as “being” entities, to become more in spirit than you are; to become more and deeper in development of your individual personalities and the social personality of your cultures. You will find too, that our efforts to bring you into the “being” sphere are long, long term, as this is the bedrock, the commonality of each individual in every society and every individual throughout your world and your global civilization. This commonality is paramount to understand the Fatherhood-Motherhood of all individuals; then you can begin to slowly integrate the concept of the Brotherhood of Mankind.

Again, I caution you about developing biases about your membership of these meditation groups, these mystic circles. You will begin to find meditation groups beginning to develop spontaneously in your world, locally and globally. Do not disparage those who begin in simpler terms. We call upon you to be their big brothers, their big sisters, their aunts or uncles, so to speak, to assist them in developing their skills for deepening the quality of their relationship with the Divine within themselves. Any arrogance, condescension, “better than” or “lesser than” attitudes really will prove that you are not prepared for what is to come; not prepared to deliver all of yourself to this divine relationship, and you will have greater difficulty being of service to Christ Michael, myself (Monjoronson), Machiventa and the Most Highs. You will see that you have work to do. It is obvious that you will have work to do, for this is the nature of your ascendant journey, but when it belittles others, when you put yourself as the first, you will become last, which you know so well.

I am open to questions, first immediately about this topic, and when those are expired, you are most welcome to ask other questions of a diverse range. Let us begin with the most immediate questions, please.


Student: Monjoronson, this is the first time that I’ve heard you or any of the other celestial teachers, use the term “mystic.” What all is included in that?


MONJORONSON: A mystic is an individual who seeks more than their religion can give them. Religions can educate you, teach you, and help you practice the relationship between yourself and the religion in a worshipful manner, either privately or as in a fellowship with others. The mystic is the individual who seeks to have more than a social or religious relationship, but wishes to have a personal, immediate and intimate relationship with the God presence within them. The practicing mystic is one who does KNOW (and please put that in capital letters,) the presence of God within themselves. The practicing mystic KNOWS that this is a capability within themselves and everyone else.

The more mature mystic has an operational existent conversation with the Divine. They are able to be conversant with their Thought Adjuster, with their Mystery Monitor, with the God presence within them: To speak and to be heard; to hear and to understand. This is not beyond you. Yes, the Urantia Book does say that many of you would be mistaken if you heard this voice, and we give you one simple guideline to assist you in understanding this communication. Many of you will hear your guardian angel first and mistake it for your Thought Adjuster. Many of you will hear your celestial teacher speak to you and you will mistake it for your Thought Adjuster. We tell you this: Do not worry or concern yourself about this, for you will eventually be able to discern the difference between these individuals and the God presence within you.

There is one simple rule of discernment, which will aid you tremendously to move forward in this operational relationship, and that is this: When you hear the voice speak to you, accept it in the moment. If you were to deny it in the moment, saying, “Oh, this cannot be God; this cannot be my Thought Adjuster/Mystery Monitor; this cannot be my guardian angel—I am unworthy of this,” then my friends, you will not be able to hear. You will be effectively cutting off that communication link due to your denial, due to your lack of worthiness.

We ask you to do this: Listen and dialog with this being, then discern later. The first question of discernment is this: Do the statements of the spiritual being lead you into integration, or separation, between yourself and God? This primary question of discernment is based upon the primary duty of all spiritual beings of light: To bring oneness, wholeness, and integrity to the universe. All of the work of the Creator’s vast hierarchy of light is to aid this one end of all time.


[An interruption of long duration occurred, which interfered with the TRing process, so Daniel requested an intermission. The tape recorder was paused during this time and I forgot to turn it back on for the remainder of the question and answer period.]