2010-01-10-Spirit Charity

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Topic: Spirit Charity

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Monjoronson, Elyon, Michael

TR: Cathy Morris, Jonathan, Mark Rogers




Monjoronson: [Cathy] In an attempt to expand on my comments about compassion, I have a further illustration about right action that will lead to progress in the future. On the world of Urantia are many groups of peoples that have been denied free access to knowledge and resources. For many reasons, greed among them, the stronger and more advanced industrial nations have taken resources needed for their activities leaving the native peoples in a distressed state and a less developed level of community. These mostly tribal groups have not had the knowledge to develop the resources in their lands. They have sought to advance by allowing nations with the knowledge and the machinery to take the raw products and enhance them, turning raw products into technological tools.

As compassion is increased on the planet, many will feel prompted to reach out to aid in the development of manufacturing capabilities in far away locations where resources are located. Eventually the capability will enable the production and consumption of goods and services by those who are now considered poor and backward. Increased communication will augment this compassionate action by making information readily available in all parts of the globe. This is part of the grand plan to uplift all on the planet so that the necessities of life are available broadly.

Once this has been achieved, the development of souls and spiritual concepts will be greatly advanced. All this action will lead to a correcting and advancement toward Light and Life. This is part of the grand correcting plan and each individual is able to help by seeding, by sending resources or knowledge to those who are making ready to advance. I am most encouraged by the present level of spiritual growth throughout Urantia. Your intention to lend a hand when the circumstances seem fertile will be most effective and appreciated.


As the Father pours His compassion and abundance to you, you are able to spread this abundance to help your brother in need. This is not a handout as much as an investment in the planet and a return of the abundance enjoyed by many in this world. What may seem a small gesture by you may be the needed help for great advances by developing groups. Look inward and you will find compassion and right action when the circumstances are right. It is my earnest hope that the small seeds planted will cover the planet with flowers and fruit.

I am most [grateful] for any help and intention you provide. As we journey together through these tumultuous times, unity of purpose is our greatest tool and love, the overlying principle. I am with you always.

Elyon (Jonathan TR): Greetings, this is Elyon. When Jesus stood before the ruler of his day and they were weighing the future of his life on Earth, he stood before one who had much in his position. He had power and riches, and yet he did not hunger for truth, he did not savor the delights of goodness. So Michael understood that this fellow asked not for those rewards that come with spiritual advancement.

You know that it was Jesus’ nature to minister to all who were in need, and that he gave freely to all those who came to him for his ministry. But he understood well that the individual who sought not would receive not. He knew that though he was destined to be sovereign ruler of Nebadon, the human being he stood in front of was sovereign ruler of self. So Jesus would humbly serve when they expressed need and give them the freedom to be themselves when they were self satisfied.

You have a saying, “Give one a fish and he eats for a day. Teach him to fish, and he eats for the rest of his life”. This encapsulates the model of the garden project of Adam and Eve. The best form of ministry to those who do not seek is to be an example, to live your life representing the light and the truth you have come to attain. This will stir the curiosity of the other and motivate them to attain for themselves what they see exemplified in yourself. Then the soul ground has become fertile, and you may plant the seeds of truth.

Jesus also often said, “He who has ears to hear, let him hear.” This speaks also to the receptivity of the soul. It is the model I choose as well when I come to be with you in fellowship to monitor and understand your needs and longings as my brothers and sisters and to provide you what I can that you truly want. When I gaze across this beautiful creation of Michael there is much I would love to show you and tell you about but it would be of no service, for what you need is the next step in your ascension, and for me to give away of your own discovery by telling you of the splendors that abound would rob you of such delights.

I will provide room for others and I remain in your company. Thank you for receiving my comments.

Charity, Investment

Monjoronson: [Mark] Greetings once again my friends, I am glad for the opportunity to be with you and address you with a few comments relating to some threads we may have fun playing with this morning, I am Monjoronson. I would like to "cherry pick" some ideas that have been offered and go back a few steps and weave a few things together starting with this notion of investment.

On your world it is perceived that there is a great set of concepts around the idea of charity and charitable giving and that many are moved to act in charitable ways with the noblest of thoughts and ideas that this acting in charity is in fact one of the best possible avenues or approaches to be used to address the needs that are discernible on this world. So a pattern arises where people are asked to give of their resources, of themselves, with an idea that they are committing a charitable act and that this charitable act is what is needed or required to mitigate the circumstances of others who are in need and clearly are in a position to need assistance.

If the family of man could swing their desire to be useful and helpful from an attitude of strict charity, which implies with it selfless giving with no expectation or return, but which also carries with it this idea of those who are privileged somehow, providing for those who are not. If this whole idea could be substituted for the concept of making an investment, an investment in the future and the overall well being of not only the individuals in question you are currently engaged in assisting, but rather the overall goodness of the collective, then one might feel as though their act of giving had more purpose and more significance than the short lived act of providing a meal or some medical assistance.

Drawing on the phrase; "Give a man a fish, feed him for a day, teach him to fish, feed him for a lifetime," one recognizes that it takes much less effort to simply give a man a fish which represents the bounty of your wealth distributed thusly. It takes much more effort to, with intention, set about to help another in a long term understanding of how to care for them-self by teaching him to fish but the latter choice is an investment in the mans future and an investment in the well being of a planet. Likewise it is noble to send medical experts afar to address the immediate needs of those who lack medical care but it is a short lived act of charity compared to establishing a means where those in need could learn the skills to provide this service for themselves.

There are of course, short term needs which need to be met when natural disasters occur but earthquakes and similar situations require immediate attention and aid which is proper to bestow upon those in need. But mankind needs to embrace that there is a greater step that can be taken rather than to simply ship bags of food. Those individuals in those places need to have the knowledge and the resources to provide for themselves because this chain of charity only frees those who give and those who receive; whereas this desire to help in a greater sense by the establishment of the mechanism for those to help themselves implies a greater investment but this greater effort brings with it long term results, truly a payoff for the investment.

I make this illustration in attempt to differentiate these two concepts; the one of the charitable giving and expecting nothing and the other of making the more challenging and difficult long term investment that one can foretaste the dividends paid on such an investment in the long term health of those they are seeking to help. It is not always possible to teach a man to fish if he simply refuses to learn. This speaks to the concept of "Let those who have ears to hear, hear," but wherever possible, wherever those in need are willing to help themselves it is a far greater act of charity to provide the knowledge, the tools, and the skills necessary for them to be in charge of their own destiny and not reliant upon any other for an act of charity.

Thank you for the opportunity to discourse further on this subject. I will allow for others and step back.

Michael: [Jonathan] This is Michael and I too greet you. A man came to me once and said, “Lord, I believe. Help my unbelief.” He illustrated the frustration that a hungry soul goes through. I witnessed all about me many who felt isolated from their Creator; they felt impoverished. They perceived the divine source of their lives as like their human rulers who hoarded the resources and took advantage of the people. I tried to teach them that the ruler of the universe was as kind and loving as their own parents who sought for their well-being, who wanted them to grow and to stand on their own two feet in a spiritual sense as a whole person that he would not take away.

The civilization that exists on Urantia today has many worldly comforts that were not present when I was on your world. It is easy to feel fulfilled, to lose that hunger for more, to be self satisfied. It is also a peril to others to be caught up in continual gratification, comfort seeking, and the elevation of the importance of self, to feel that one can do it on one’s own. I am gladdened by the many who are developing their approach to spirit with the understanding and the feeling of unity with God, of identity, of sameness with our Father, for now my children can feel the warmth of such close connection. But I admonish all to retain within you hunger and thirst for righteousness, to take yourself to your knees and to ask once again, “How, Father, how may I live? How may I do Your will?” This recognition of separation of creature from Creator is a powerful force to catapult you forward, for you open your heart and you receive from the most powerful being there is.


I am gladdened that you look with concern towards the needs of your fellows. Charity is love in action. But I ask you also to be needy and ask, for our loving heavenly Father is ever present to comfort and to feed you and to lift you up. In your up-liftment you are that much better prepared to give that same to others.

I embrace each of you and express once again my love.