2010-03-25-Intention, Guidance, Presence

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Topic: Intention, Guidance, Presence

Group: Lightline TeaM


Teacher: Thought Adjuster

TR: Mark Rogers, Henry Z.

Session 1


Prayer: [Mark] Thank you Divine Parents for this universal principle, this truth, that if we would but seek, we will find. We witness this has been the truth, this is the beauty, this represents the goodness in our experience and once again we come to you in pursuit of your truth, goodness, and beauty. I would make formal my awareness and petition that my Inner Voice be given latitude at this time to come to full expression in this forum. It is my will that this is so. It is my desire to be pleasing to the Father. It is my purpose to act in faith that what I do pleases the Father. Let it be so.


Intention, Guidance

Voice Within: [Mark] I am privileged once again to be afforded the opportunity to greet you in this unique circumstance. I identify myself by the term used by my companion of his Voice Within. I witness with all of you present here today, the gradual but purposeful directing of the will to the exploration and experience of spirit. I witness with you today how easy a stroll it may be to go from casual conversation and light hearted exchange, step by step, deeper into the realm of spiritual contact and awareness. It is not, as we have just evidenced, a difficult process, nor a lengthy one, nor even a specific one of any kind but rather as we have just seen, it is a willful one and one done with intention and direction.

Such is the case with all that you may perceive in your lives. The steps and the processes are simple, gradual, even easy, but the choosing of and taking a certain direction is what is required to access the steps and traverse the distance necessary to go down the path of expression of not only the thought or even the word, but the deed, all so seamless, normal, and natural. The principle as we have stated before of thought, word, and deed is so basic and simple and yet with applied intention becomes so very meaningful and powerful.

I consider my participation in this forum to be a great gift granted; as was mentioned by my associate, a gift granted to his Father, to his Divine Parents, this willingness to accommodate this process, this desire to be pleasing, this readiness to extend in uncertainty and be okay with un-knowingness. This represents a great gift because what is given is the choice to proceed down this path. All the steps then may be made apparent and may be taken as they are chosen. But without the express desire to travel in this direction, the steps are uncertain and the direction may be undetermined.

This is what is so important about how you direct your intention and how you express your purpose, by choosing to proceed in a given direction, perhaps even directed by your spiritual compass. You then put into motion a grand pattern which stretches before you and provides you with the means to get from where you currently reside into the reality of your ideals. You see, there is not a difficult route between anywhere you perceive yourself to be and that distant place that you can see yourself being. It is a simple matter of taking the necessary steps in between but the important thing is to set out upon this journey and to choose to take the routes which arise before you in response to the desires of your heart.

As you have expressed, it is ever true that when you seek you shall find and when you act in faith that this is so, and in trust, then as you seek, that which comes before you will be interpreted as the universal response to your seeking. The further you seek, the more steps may be laid out before you for you to be able to traverse the apparent distance between where you are and where you would like to be.

In respect for the value of this forum, I would limit my comments to those offered here and open up the forum for the expression of others who are so spirit led to join. I stand in humble appreciation for this opportunity each time it is granted. Thank you and farewell.

Session 2

Henry: This is Henry this evening with something in the same vein of where Mark left off. I actually was using the quote several times this weekend where in the Thought Adjuster papers Urantia Book it says: "Uncertainty with security is the essence of the Paradise adventure.[1] It seems like this has been a paradigm for my life lately, that many things are uncertain, for example when we ask something of the Father, we're uncertain as to when we will get a response and we are unclear and uncertain as to how that response will be made to us yet there is a tremendous certainty associated with faith, and trusting that the answer will come in a timely manner and in a way in which we can perceive it.

So the Father's timing is an uncertainty. In a similar manner, our response to spirit is definitely an uncertainty in terms of how we are not 100% connected yet; we're not in that living stream of total connectedness with spirit which at some point will be a much greater actuality I think. I perceive that Christ was in this living stream with His Father on a continual basis and I know that I certainly strive for this. Then I notice there are times when I am reintroducing the connection into my mind on a continual basis. So that is telling me that I am periodically connected, not fully connected in terms of all the time.

I think the notion of time is of tremendous importance because when we are dealing with the Father, we are dealing with an aspect of time that is non-existent to our reference system, to our linear calculation of moment to moment, second to second, hour to hour, day to day, year to year, lifetime to lifetime. The time of the Father is always in the now, eternal present and presence, and somehow we interconnect into this present moment with the Father to commune with Him, to feel nourished, to seek guidance and wisdom, to get a confirmation that our belief is real, our faith and trust is real.

We desire this confirmation because the confirmation is a tremendously subtle confirmation. One has to really be conscious to detect the veracity of this confirmation and this is what we do here this evening. We come as children in a trusting and loving manner to be with the Father and allow the Father to touch us, to touch us with His presence, to touch us with His word, to give us something that is almost palpable that we can use throughout the time in between these sessions as a reference, a guide and a comfort. I find being in the Father's presence tremendously comforting. There is an assurance in our sonship.

So I will go into this connection willingly, trustingly, and faithfully to bring an aspect of my Inner Presence to bear within my mind.



Inner Presence: This evening is a connection for all of you in my time and in the reference of my spirit in each of you this evening that we bear witness within your present consciousness of our actuality and being-ness. It is an interesting thing to have me explain myself for I Am and you are becoming. In this reference I speak to the continuing relationship with the mortal mind, the mortal consciousness, human faith, human trust, human endeavor and the pattern of purpose which I am constantly revealing like a reverberation.

Within you my frequency of love resides, my perfect plan is beaming into your soul. I also respect the acknowledgement that you have given me through the decisions you make, through the lessons you learn, and through your ability to keep on trying, to be persistent, to continue to attempt contact, to continue to comprehend and understand my workings within you. My presence reflects through the perfect pattern of who you are inside of you. This is how I truly am within. It is necessary for you to constantly make adjustments, to keep in tempo to the eternal beat and meter of spiritual time.

On a world such as you live and I Am, there is a concerted effort by all Adjusters to coordinate an outworking of each and every one of you. We are the mechanism of full integration. Often it is difficult for the human to step aside, to slow down, to have not as much assumption and expectation but to have an open willingness to listen and perceive, to perceive life, to perceive spiritual love and it's many characteristics as they unfold within human life and to begin to perceive something in the background which is attempting to coordinate and integrate the self within your mind, within your life, within the social fabric of your society. In all of this, each and every one of you must find the way yourself, the path which leads within, the path which leads to the greater kingdom wiithin.

This can be talked about but it must be pursued willfully through human consciousness and through human endeavor, willful endeavor, to attempt to perceive reality correctly and to act upon it. It is very interesting, it is like you are on the surface of a sphere and you are attempting to access its inside. It doesn't matter where on the exterior of the sphere you penetrate it, it will always lead within, to the center. So there are no rules, only guideline references which you are to use to access my actual presence, my inner working within your mind, and your ability to perceive to get confirmation of my actuality within.

I truly desire to facilitate each and every one of you to the fullest and when you seemingly request something and are not perceiving that you are receiving it, it is because it is outworking in a different level than which you are attempting to receive it. When it is necessary to outwork on the level on which you are at you will get confirmation and you will receive. But it is I, with access to your large and perfect picture where I place these requests. Always it is necessary to attempt to try to understand, to try to perceive. It matters not whether your perception is right or wrong, correct or incorrect, perceived or not, because if you perceive incorrectly you will also become aware of your misconceptions and therefore necessarily make adjustments so that the next time you perceive correctly. As you begin to perceive correctly, more can be revealed to you.


So in this moment of now, I reside and await your attention and your [[[persistence]]] and each of you who will leave here this evening will take a little greater understanding with you to work on and digest during the week as my words will continually reverberate within your mind at different times. Go in peace, go in earnest and willful knowledge of my reality, my presence, and my love for each and every one of you. Thank you this evening.